Foodie Adventurers of the Illawarra

Foodie Adventurers of the Illawarra We talk about the places we have dined at and new foodie ideas we will dine at next time.

Operating as usual


We will be CLOSED today Monday 28th.
ReOpening tomorrow Tuesday 29th.

We need to get some water issues resolved after leaks in the restaurant over the weekend.
See you tomorrow x


This is the best thing I have ever made 😆

Cinnamon Escargot Danish with cinnamon vanilla bean glaze

Gluten and Dairy Free 😋


Sun’s out. Bread’s out!
For this recipe you don’t even have to preheat your oven !


½ tsp dried yeast
550 g strong (bread) “00” flour
50 g semola (finely-ground semolina), plus extra for dusting
1-1½ tsp salt


You will need to begin this recipe 1 day in advance.

1. Place the yeast and 500 ml (2 cups) in a jug and stir to dissolve. Place the flours in a large bowl. Add the yeasted water and mix to combine. Add the salt and mix roughly (use a spoon or a chopstick). Cover and allow to prove at room temperature for 12-18 hours (depending on the climate) or until doubled in size. If it’s really hot, try to find a cooler spot in the house, otherwise, it will rise too fast and you’ll miss out on the fermented flavour. I normally start this process at night before bed and bake the next day.

2. Lift the risen dough out of the bowl and onto a floured bench. Give it a quick knead to bring it together. Stretch into a rectangle, then fold the dough onto itself in a ball. Place the dough, seam-side down in a cast iron pot lined with baking paper and dust the top with semola. Cover with a lid and stand at room temperature for 1-2 hours or until risen by two thirds.

3. To test if the dough is ready, poke it gently with a finger. If the indent is deep and doesn’t spring back at all, it has risen too much. You can still bake it but handle it with care or it will deflate. Don’t score an over proved dough. If it springs back straight away it needs a little longer. If the finger leaves a little indent but the dough almost completely springs back, then it’s ready to bake.

4. Sprinkle the top with semola, slash with a knife and put the lid back on. Place the pot into the oven and turn on to 250°C. Bake for 40 minutes, then remove lid. Bake for another 10-15 minutes or until the bread has a burnt caramel colour. Remove the pot from the oven, tip the bread onto a wire rack and cool for at least 1 hour before slicing. (The crumb keeps cooking while the bread is cooling down)


The only thing that tastes better than that first sip of Oliver's coffee in the morning? The first sip of a FREE Oliver's coffee in the morning.

For the next 30 days we're giving one customer per day 10 Oliver's coffees on the house. That's 30 winners, and we're starting from TODAY, 22nd February.

To enter, simply:
✅ Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram
✅ Post a photo of your recent Oliver's purchase on your feed or Stories and tag us at

We'll be announcing new winners every day on our Facebook and Instagram Stories.


Turns out Monday wasn’t so bad after all…


Another event for EAT Festival. Friday 11th March will be the 3rd year running for the 3 Chefs Dinner at Merimbula Wharf. In 2022, it's amazing local ingredients, amazing local views and 8, yes 8, amazing courses with matched wines. This one is going to be big! Find out more at the website


The menus are coming in thick and fast as we count down to EAT. Talented locals, A Pinch Of Yum will serve up Middle eastern spiced lamb crostini, whipped Tilba feta, harissa, cumin nut crumb and fresh greens. Or, a trio of signature dips with Wild Rye's bread:, including Spinach, caramelised onion, chilli & cream cheese | Roasted sweet potato, cashew and parmesan | Eden Smokehouse salmon, dill and caper pate. Pinch us so we know we're not dreaming!! March 13th...5 weeks to go.


Dear valued guests,

Mylan Restaurant will remain open on Australia Day, the 26th of January.

We will be closed for 2 days on the 31st and the 1st of February to celebrate Lunar New Year 🥳 and reopen for trading on the Wednesday the 2nd of February.

Happy Lunar New Year from us,
The Mylan Team 🥰🥰🥰


A simple experiment with a profound message, measuring the temperature of exposed soil, cut grass and uncut grass in summer. The results speak for themselves, a reading from the hedge would have been interesting to include.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Festive Classic with a truffle twist! Black Truffle Festive Glazed Ham...
'Dick's son James once bought Dick & Angel a Truffle Hunter set for Christmas...and they've been in love ever since! The Strawbridge family are huge fans of truffles, even Arthur has become a bit of a connoisseur and they have even planted their own truffle trees at The Chateau!

Truffle Hunter's delicious Black Truffle Festive Glazed Ham recipe will be a treat for any Christmas table.'
If you'd like to try this yourself, you can find the recipe on our online magazine The Trésorerie


Happy Solstice to all as we farewell another challenging year.

Stay safe and we look forward to sharing our future plans with you in February

‘New Year bring feasts anew’ exciting times ahead




Hunting for a Christmas gift that is a little different? Join us to uncover the treasures hidden beneath our trees. Bookings now open at Gift vouchers also available. Ph 0411525454

Photos from Visit Shoalhaven's post

Photos from Visit Shoalhaven's post


"My people are not threatened by silence. They are completely at home in it. They have lived for thousands of years with Nature’s quietness. My people today, recognize and experience in this quietness, the great Life-Giving Spirit, the Father of us all. It is easy for me to experience God’s presence.

When I am out hunting, when I am in the bush, among the trees, on a hill, or by a billabong; these are the times when I can simply be in God’s presence. My people have been so aware of Nature. It is natural that we will feel close to the Creator.

Our Aboriginal culture has taught us to be still and to wait. We do not try to hurry things up. We let them follow their natural course – like the seasons. We watch the moon in each of its phases. We wait for the rain to fill our rivers and water the thirsty earth…
When twilight comes, we prepare for the night. At dawn, we rise with the sun.

We watch the bush foods and wait for them to ripen before we gather them. We wait for our young people as they grow, stage by stage, through their initiation ceremonies. When a relation dies, we wait a long time with the sorrow. We own our grief and allow it to heal slowly.

We wait for the right time for our ceremonies and our meetings. The right people must be present. Everything must be done in the proper way. Careful preparations must be made. We don’t mind waiting, because we want things to be done with care.
We don’t like to hurry. There is nothing more important than what we are attending to. There is nothing more urgent that we must hurry away for.

We wait on God, too. His time is the right time. We wait for him to make his Word clear to us. We don’t worry. We know that in time and in the spirit of dadirri (that deep listening and quiet stillness) his way will be clear.

We are River people. We cannot hurry the river. We have to move with its current and understand its ways.

We hope that the people of Australia will wait. Not so much waiting for us – to catch up – but waiting with us, as we find our pace in this world. ......

If you stay closely united, you are like a tree, standing in the middle of a bushfire sweeping through the timber. The leaves are scorched and the tough bark is scarred and burnt, but inside the tree, the sap is still flowing, and under the ground, the roots are still strong. Like that tree, you have endured the flames, and you still have the power to be reborn.

Our culture is different. We are asking our fellow Australians to take time to know us; to be still and to listen to us…"

Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann

2021 Senior Australian of the year, is a renowned Aboriginal Artist and Educator who is dedicated to creating bright and fulfilling futures for Aboriginal children and youth. She was the first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher in the Northern Territory and is the founder of the Miriam Rose Foundation. Miriam Rose speaks five local languages along with English and is responsible for establishing the highly successful Merrepen Arts Centre in Nauiyu.

Photos from Taste Of Asia Shellharbour's post

Photos from Taste Of Asia Shellharbour's post


We are seeking experienced Chefs at all levels to join our brand new boutique establishment located in The Waterfront, Shell Cove. This venue is a highly creative, fun and contemporary space!

We are looking for a passionate, creative & reliable individuals, who will work closely with the head chef and contribute to our vibrant work culture.

Georgia Rose is a unique venue, set above the rest in the area. With waterfront views of Shellharbour Marina, we are offering a menu ranging from modern breakfast, to quirky tapas and pizzas.

Creative freedom is abundant for the right individual and we offer positions with the opportunity for growth within the company and the Waterfront Dining Precinct itself.

Georgia Rose is calling all kitchen legends-
Chefs, Cooks, Kitchen hands!

Your responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
-Bringing a skillset and personal touch to the team in a hands on manner that is consistent with our energetic and friendly work culture
-Producing a consistent, high quality dining experience for clientele
-Maintaining excellent food safety/food hygiene procedures
-Exceptional communication with kitchen staff, management and customers
-Constantly improving the customer experience
-Showing passion and creativity and adding flare to the kitchen team
-Being able to work autonomously, under pressure in a fast paced environment

If you are well suited to any of these roles and are looking to make a positive change in your career within a brand new, waterfront establishment, please email your CV to [email protected]


Sage Hotel Wollongong is getting ready to re open its Restaurant and is looking for the next Restaurant superstars to join their team. We are looking for team players with restaurant and Bar skills, positive vibes and ready to work, let us know. Send through your resume to [email protected]. Casual, Part time and full time hours available.


I ❤️ this Greek baklava - layers of buttery phyllo pastry are filled with chopped walnuts and soaked in a fragrant honey syrup. The recipe comes from The Essential Jewish Baking Cookbook by Beth A. Lee of - a wonderful new cookbook.


"Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be"
- Unknown 💐


A bit of trivia via the internet.

Air fryers actually don't fry a damn thing, but instead bake food instead of frying it. They are a healthier option than frying in oil, but they don't fry. They are a gimmick. If you really want an air fryer regardless, get an air fryer toaster oven.17 Sept 2019.

Feel free to do your own research.


Start your weekend with us. Coffee, bacon & egg rolls, fresh sweet treats, we have got it covered, great crew with loads of smiles through those masks. Open till 2pm kitchen closes at 1pm ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️💕


Call us on 0405 541 024 to place your takeaway order.

All our meals will be freshly made & refrigerated so ready for you to reheat & enjoy at your convenience or freeze to enjoy later.

Minestrone Soup $12

Loaf of Altamura Bread $8

Two Arancini balls stuffed with mushrooms & mozzarella $15

Tray of beef lasagna - 4 serves $50

Homemade Gnocchi with tomato & mozzarella $22
Homemade Gnocchi with 4 cheeses $24
Homemade Gnocchi with beef bolognese $22

Risotto with mushrooms $22
Risotto with sausages & mushrooms $25
Risotto with seafood $28

Spinach & ricotta ravioli with tomato & basil sauce $21
Homemade pappardelle with lamb and mushroom ragu $28
Spaghetti marinara $25

Penne or Spaghetti with Arrabbiata sauce $18
Penne or Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce $18
Penne or Spaghetti with Boscaiola sauce $18
Penne or Spaghetti with Puttanesca sauce $18

Beef Ossobuco $30
John Dory fillet w capers, tomatoes & olives $28

Chicken Parmigiana $24
Chicken Scaloppine w mushroom sauce $24
Chicken Scaloppine w prawns & mushrooms $28

Tray of roast vegetables (potatoes, carrots & broccoli) 2 serves $12 & 4 serves $20
Buffalo caprese salad - 2 serves $20

Homemade Tiramisu $10

Selection of Italian red & white wine from $25 a bottle.

Thank you for your ongoing support.
Enrico & Fabio


❤️ Father’s Day packs now available! ❤️

Simply DM to secure, LIMITED AVAILABLE!



The best rolls ever! Also the easiest!! No-knead dough, risen overnight, then shaped into a log and cut into rolls. I made a cluster of 7, placed then close together in a 20 cm pie dish lined with baking paper and baked in a preheated 200 C oven (conventional) them for 30 min. Amazing and
Recipe for the dough below, then proceed to shape and bake as mentioned above .


450 g 00 flour
350 ml (1 -1/4 cups) filtered water, at room temperature
1/2 scant teaspoon dry yeast
2 teaspoons of salt
How to
1. Mix flour, water and yeast together with a wooden spoon until combined.

2. Add salt and mix again. Your mixture will look and feel quite sticky. Cover the bowl with cling wrap and let it prove for 10/14 hours, or until it’s grown three times bigger and looks bubbly.

3. Dust your cooking bench and your hands with flour and try to shape the sticky mix into a log. Let it rest for 45 min , covered with a kitchen towel generously dusted with semolina flour.
Cut into 7 pieces, roll into balls and proceed as explained at the top of this post. 🥯 🍞 🥖 💕💕💕

Photos from Bull & Bear Cafe - Bar - Restaurant's post

Photos from Bull & Bear Cafe - Bar - Restaurant's post

Photos from Bull & Bear Cafe - Bar - Restaurant's post

Photos from Bull & Bear Cafe - Bar - Restaurant's post

Photos from Highlands Foodie Connection's post

Photos from Highlands Foodie Connection's post


Crown Street
Wollongong, NSW



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