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Frenchie teaches cocktails Hi guys, I'm a french guy who spent the last 9 years bartending in Taipei, Taiwan. On this Page, I'm

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Not all houses can make their own Sidecar, Merlet has both cognac and a triple sec for a one of a kind Sidecar. As their Asia brand ambassador I had no choice but to try it for myself. Merlet VSOP cognac has a lot of aroma, fruity and floral notes and a mellow wood, combined with Merlet Trois Citrus which is very aromatic as well and low in sugar, it makes for a unique Sidecar, that feels lighter will being delightfully fragrant.

45 ml Merlet VSOP
22.5 ml Lemon
22.5 ml Merlet Trois Citrus
7.5 ml Simple (optional)
2 ml saline
1 ml Angostura
2 ml Lemon Bitters next one up is not about a new layer of flavor, yet it is a very importan...
6 How to make a silver fizz. 怎麼調一杯金菲士.
The next one up is not about a new layer of flavor, yet it is a very important part of the flavor experience: Texture. The use of egg whites as a texturant in cocktails is classic. It creates a lovely silky foam on top of the cocktail that coats the palate. Otherwise, egg whites should be entirely neutral, however, they do add a bit of astringency (dryness) to the drink which usually requires a light sweetness adjustment.

In this episode of our classic cocktail series, we learn about texturants and more specifically about egg whites in cocktails. We learn the flavor impact of ... up, the Moscow mule, with it a new layer, but this time, it's not a...
How to make a Moscow Mule. 怎麼調一杯莫斯科骡子.

Next up, the Moscow mule, with it a new layer, but this time, it's not a layer of taste but rather a sensation "spicy"! The difference between taste and sensation is that taste receptors only exist on your tongue, sensation receptors such as hot or cold are everywhere on your skin and tissues. However if sensations such as spicy is not a taste, it's still a great contributor to the flavor experience. That ginger "kick" is what makes a great Moscow Mule.

In this 5th episode of our classic cocktail series, we introduce a few new aspects of cocktail making, we introduce a new layer of flavor: spiciness, which i... Sourness as a new cocktail layer. Unlike sweetness and bitte...
How to make a Daiquiri. 怎麼調一杯德貴麗類.

Introducing Sourness as a new cocktail layer. Unlike sweetness and bitterness that are developing and long-lasting tastes, sourness is immediate, as soon as the liquid hits your tongue your brain registers sourness, sweetness follows and bitterness provides depth. On top of that, there is nothing that can "cut" through a spirit as well as a sharp citrus note.
A Daiquiri is one of the most simple drinks there is and yet one of the most delightful.

With episode 4 of our cocktail 101 series, we introduce our first shaken cocktail, the Daiquiri. In this video, you'll discover why a powerful shake is so im... the Negroni, it's not about the spirit anymore, it's all about tha...
3 How to make a Negroni. 怎麼調一杯尼格罗尼.

With the Negroni, it's not about the spirit anymore, it's all about that bitter-sweet play. On the nose, you got citrus, followed by the gin's aromatics, then you dive into the sweet herbal complexity of the vermouth and land in the bitter depth of the Campari. If an Old Fashioned was a simple seasoned steak, and a Manhattan, that same steak with a jus, a Negroni would be more of a stew, sure, the spirit is a part of it, but it's mostly about that depth of flavors.

Check it out on my Youtube Channel, like, comment & subscribe :-)

We continue on our journey of classic cocktails and introduce the iconic Negroni. And with it, we get to focus on a new cocktail layer, the bitter layer. Spi... an Old fashion is a bit like a steak, where you just cook it and spr...
2 How to make a Manhattan. 怎麼調一杯曼哈頓.

If an Old fashion is a bit like a steak, where you just cook it and sprinkle salt & pepper, a Manhattan would be that same steak served with a "jus". It's still about the steak, we just add a layer of deliciousness.
In a Manhattan, the "jus" would be the vermouth. You are still drinking a spirited drink and the whiskey is the star of the show, but there is that delicious sweet layer of complexity.
Whiskey and Sweet Vermouth is a match made in heaven and a Manhattan is an iconic classic cocktail for a reason.
Bonus video on how to make your own Cherries (link in the comments).

On this second episode of Frenchie Teaches Cocktails, we introduce the Manhattan, our first stirred cocktail and NYC's most iconic drink. That new cocktail c...

What makes cocktails unique is that a cocktail is layered. Spirit, Water, Sugar & Bitters, the Old Fashioned is the simp...

What makes cocktails unique is that a cocktail is layered. Spirit, Water, Sugar & Bitters, the Old Fashioned is the simplest expression of a cocktail, yet it has complexity, an Aromatic nose, a powerful Spirit body, then a hint of sweetness & a bitter finish.

On my youtube Channel, I'm going over cocktail basics on a series of classic cocktails that will get you started with the craft. Follow, Like & share. :-)

Little cocktail video we shot with Fabio Grangeon for his gentleman's series on Youtube. Introducing some classics and a...
像個紳士一樣,並一起與成功乾杯! 紳士之旅第三集 調酒

Little cocktail video we shot with Fabio Grangeon for his gentleman's series on Youtube. Introducing some classics and a bit of cocktail history.

很開心終於可以跟大家一起分享我YouTube 頻道新的“紳士之旅系列”去年2021年底開始籌劃這個系列,開始有著渴望想要採訪在各行各業的專業領域人士分想他們對於紳士的定義跟意見。在以前時代,“紳士”的稱號指稱來自富有...

Absinthe Mocha

Absinthe Mocha

Analog to the classic Chartreuse chocolat of the French Alpes, here is an Absinthe Mocha. Maison fontaine Absinthe Chocolat, a freshly brewed double espresso shot, dark chocolate and a squeeze of sweet condensed milk for a breakfast of champions!

Photos from Studio 9 The Lounge's post

Photos from Studio 9 The Lounge's post


For the season, I've partnered up with Vavin and came up with this mulled wine kit.
It features 2 bottles of Bordeaux 2016 wine alongside 2 bags of mulled wine syrup and 2 bags of spices.
The syrup is made with a ton of winter spices, a mix of citrus and obviously more wine. The advantage of a syrup instead of all dry ingredients, is that the mulling has been done for you.
Just combine all the ingredients together in a pan, add a couple of slices of orange. It's ready to drink as soon as it is warm with an incredible depth and aromatic complexity.
Quality guaranted with minimum efforts on your part.
If interested, you can go visit the Vavin website in the comment below, or contact me directly.
Happy holidays to all of you.
Plus for this little video, I got the best model ever Qurina Guéroult.


Vin d'agrumes

Available at this Saturday, October the 16th.

I'll be behind Haku's bar this Saturday mixing up some very french drinks.

The one featured in the video is an old french technique that aims at turning wine into an aperitif, the idea is to raise the ABV, lower the PH to make the wine shelf-stable, with a bit of sweetness and bitterness for complexity. It drinks like a wine base Aperol, and it's ideal for a spritz.

However, this won't be the only drink I'll be making, I've planned a couple more, both are french inspired as well.

So come thirsty 😜


Third in our classic cocktail series is the Negroni. And with it we introduce more complexity through the bitter layer.
In a Negroni, the star of the show is not the spirit anymore, it is the Campari. The bitter sweet Italian amaro brings incredible depth and complexity. Bitterness, for the initiated is highly addictive and a favorite of many bartenders.

The Negroni has a fantastic history, and I invite you to discover it on my YouTube channel Frenchie Teaches Cocktails, link in Bio.

Meanwhile, the ratio I'm using here (2:1:1) is by no means traditional, but it's a modern take on the classic recipe where we refocus the drink on the spirit as to lower the syrupy feel the 1:1:1 ratio has.

Classic (modern) Negroni
• 45 ml gin
• 22,5 ml Italian sweet vermouth
• 22,5 ml Campari
Stir to dilution in a Yarai, pour over a large piece of ice in a DOF
Express Orange oils.
Remove the pith and drop the peel in.


This is the 2nd entry for my classic cocktail series. After the Old Fashioned, we introduce the Manhattan, and with it, the sweet layer.
American whiskeys and vermouth are a match made in heaven. The spirit provides body, an edge, and a lot of woodiness, while the vermouth brings caramel sweetness, fruity notes, and a spiced complexity. Then, the traditional garnish, the maraschino cherry deepens the vermouth's qualities. A few dashes of bitters season the drinks, and lastly, expressed orange oils cover the ethyl smell making it an exceptionally smooth libation.

Classic Manhattan
• 60 ml Bourbon or Rye
• 22,5 ml sweet vermouth
• 5 ml cherry juice
• 2 ml Angostura bitters
• 1 ml Orange bitters
Stir to dilution, pour into a coupe over a Maraschino cherry.
Express Orange oils over the glass.


My entry for video contest.
The theme is la familia reunited, but as an expat in a foreign land, for me family is about starting one, luckily she recently said yes.

The drink is designed as a tribute to tequila through 3 plays:

--- The Vegetal play ---
• Aloe Vera to echo the agave
• cucumber for its refreshing quality
• cilantro

--- The Mineral play ---
• this is the work of the mortar and pestle that echoes the stone wheel used to crush the agave.
• the salt brings out these qualities
• the peppery kick of Yuzu Kosho

--- The Aromatic play ---
• the cilantro, the herb of choice.
• the yuzu that delivers a powerful citrus aroma.

The ties it all together.

La familia reunited
• 50 g Aloe Vera flesh
• 4 slices Japanese cucumber
• 1 bs white sugar
• 1 pinch Yuzu Kosho
Grind in a stone mortar & pestle, add to your tin.
• 22,5 ml lime juice
• 50 ml Tequila Ocho
• 2 ml Saline
• Cilantro leaves
Shake, double strain.


Ocho Mate Mate

Mate Mate is an energy drink based on a South American tea of the same name. The tea is known to be high in caffeine and full of anti-oxidants. Here it's packaged in an energy drink with low sugar and light carbonation, its vegetal profile echoes the Tequila nicely, it just needed something to bring them together. Hence the ginseng bitters. High mountain ginseng root, licorice, lime peel, and coriander, brewed in both neutral grain spirit and bitters for complete extraction. Finally, half a calamansi squeezed in the drink for a touch of brightness. The drink has a lovely vegetal play and is packed with energy, it's like an adult vodka RedBull.

Ginseng bitters
• 30 g ginseng slices
• 30 g licorice root
• 15 g lime peel
• 10 g coriander seeds
300 ml 80% neutral grain spirit
Infuse 2 weeks at room temperature
Filter and brew the spent botanicals in 300 ml water
• 30 g brown sugar
Homogenize and coffee filter.

Ocho Mate Mate
• 45 ml
• 6 ml ginseng bitters
• 250 ml .tw
• 1/2 a calamansi
Build into a pint glass over plenty of ice.


After making all kinds of creative drinks through the summer, it's time to get back to basics and explore the classics.
And one should start with an Old Fashioned. It is the father of all cocktails, the embodiment of spirit, water, bitters, and sugar, the simplest expression of a cocktail.
An Old Fashioned is all about the spirit, we are just there to soften its edges. A hint of brown sugar, a few dashes of bitters, give the spirit depth, ice chills and dilutes, smoothing out the burn, finally expressed orange oil, cover the ethyl smell, and tricks your brain into thinking it's not about to pound two ounces of almost straight spirit.

An Old Fashioned makes spirits surprisingly easy to drink.

And with that first classic cocktail post, I am launching my YouTube channel:
Frenchie teaches cocktail
And a first blog post on a website of the same name. Link in bio.

• 5 ml 1:1 Demerara syrup
• 5 ml Angostura bitters
• 2 ml Orange bitters
• 60 ml bourbon or rye
Build over a large ice cube in a DOF
Express orange oil


Green tea Pomelo

Pomelos are in season and they are always synonymous with the mid-autumn festival. A perfect way to celebrate the end of the summer with friends and BBQs, and this is the drink to go with it.
Lots of green tea to provide body and a bit of astringency, a splash of gin for aromatics, a dash of lime for brightness, and pomelo sugar for pleasure.
You might run out of garnishes.

Green tea
• 6 g of cheap green tea
• 500 ml hot water
Let it infuse for 10 mins, let it cool before use.

Pomelo sugar
• 250 g of pomelo flesh
• 125 g of white sugar
Muddle to help along with the osmosis and break apart the pomelo flesh.
Let it sit at least 30 minutes for complete osmosis.

Green tea / Pomelo
• 45 ml dry gin
• 15 ml lime
• 90 ml green tea
• 2 bar spoon pomelo sugar
Roll it or built in a pint with ample amounts of ice.


Pink Guava / Hibiscus

This is a fairly simple yet delicious cocktail.
Pink guava and hibiscus are meant to go together, the hibiscus provides acidity with a hint of astringency, while the guava provides aroma and a fruity body. Lime and rum and you got a winner.

Hibiscus syrup
• 30 g dry Roselle
• 150 g of white sugar powder
• 300nl hot water
Let it chill and infuse overnight.

Pink Guava / Hibiscus
• half a Pink guava
• 22,5 ml hibiscus syrup
• 2 ml Saline
• 22,5 ml lime juice
• 60 ml white rum
Shake, double strain into a large wine glass over ice.
Garnish with a Guava wedge.


Here, I am making a mocktail, a Cascara Hibiscus tea.
Cascara, also known as coffee cherry tea is an underappreciated byproduct of coffee production.
It is the husk and flesh of the coffee bean, and it can be brewed into a tea. It has all of the fruity qualities of coffee but none of the bitterness. It's sour, full of antioxidant,s and has low caffeine content, just enough to get you going in the morning.

I used equal part Cascara to Hibiscus, brew with hot water, let it cool and refrigerate overnight. A bar spoon of longyan honey and a quick shake for that lovely frothy foam on top.

Great morning routine. Thanks, with .coffee for the hookup. The cascara will definitely find its way in a cocktail next.
I had fun using the .brew device, a great way to go at it and very easy to clean


Acerola greyhound

Acerola is a fruit, a drupe native from South America, it grows on a shrub in the tropics or subtropics, it is praised to be the highest vitamin C content fruit in the world and is loaded with anti-oxidants. The taste is similar to cherry, just a tad more sour.
As it is in season right now in my garden, I'm using it to twist a classic greyhound (gin + grapefruit). The drink doesn't have sharp citruses such as lemon or lime, the sourness comes mostly from the Acerola, less sourness means less sugar is needed so just a bar spoon of longyan honey to balance the drink.
By lowering the sweet-sour contrast, the gin is a bit more prominent, but the grapefruit soften nicely its edge with its lovely bitterness.

• 5 to 6 acerolas
• 5 ml longyan honey
• 2 ml Saline
• 100 ml grapefruit
• 60 ml London Dry gin
Shake, double strain into a coupe


Bee pollen tonic.
Just stumbled upon bee pollen in a shop. I had heard about it but never tried, so I obviously bought some. The flavor is obviously floral, lightly sweet and surprisingly umami.
Bee gather the pollen and mix it with their saliva to form these little pellets for storage purposes. It dissolve readily in alcohol, so I'm going for a simple gin & tonic. I went for an old Tom gin as I wanted a softer edge of the spirit to let the pollen shine. Couple of dashes of saline to cut the bitterness and a squeeze of lemon juice for acidity and brightness. Then quality tonic water with a soft intensity. To finish fresh honeysuckle as a garnish to give the pollen an aromatic dimension.

Bee pollen tonic

• 1 bar spoon bee pollen
• 60 ml old Tom gin
• 2 ml Saline
• 7,5 ml lemon juice
Top up tonic
Garnish with an aromatic flower.


Tiki-inspired cocktail, with a classic combination of rum, tropical fruit, and spices.
Here I'm using Szechuan peppercorn to give depth to this gorgeous purple dragon fruit.
And to give the drink a bit more body and complexity I've added a bit of dry Curacao.
It's fresh, well balanced, and delightfully tropical and it's garnished with a gorgeous freshly harvested hibiscus flower.

Szechuan peppercorn syrup
• 10 g Szechuan peppercorn (red)
• 50 g white sugar powder
• 50 ml water
Bring to a boil & filter

Dragon tiki
• 100 g fresh purple dragon fruit
• 7,5 ml Szechuan peppercorn syrup
• 15 ml dry Curacao
• 2 ml Saline
• juice of 1/2 a lime
• 45 ml white rum
Shake, double strain


Starfruit Margarita

It's the beginning of starfruit season here in Taiwan.
Back home always thought the fruit was tasteless, but here they are actually lovely. They have that vegetal quality so going for tequila is a no-brainer.

• 4 slices ripe starfruit
• 1 whole green chili
• 15 ml simple syrup
• 4 ml saline
• 22,5 ml lime juice
• 60 ml Ocho Tequila
Shake, double strain into a coupe
Garnish with a starfruit cross-section.

Lovely summery drink, with a nice vegetal play through the tequila starfruit and green chili.


Not the most appealing color, but a fantastic drink nevertheless. The goal is to highlight the savory quality of fig.
So dark rhum for body, pink peppercorn for a sweet-spicy note, and balsamic vinegar for acidity and umami depth.
We keep both the simple and the vinegar at a 1/4 oz (7,5 ml) so the sweet-sour balance doesn't overpower the fig.
A splash of soda to open everything up and bring that drink into summer.
I'd totally drink that paired with some nice goat cheese.

Pink peppercorn simple
• 5 g pink peppercorn
• 50 g white sugar
• 50 ml hot water

Fig shrub
• 1 whole fig
• 7,5 ml pink peppercorn syrup
• 7,5 ml balsamic vinegar
• 2 ml Saline
• 60 ml dark rhum
Shake, double strain into a Collins over 3 ice cubes.
Too up soda water


A cocktail in a coconut, f**k yeah!

Didn't want to do a basic Pina colada, so instead, I went for fresh ginger, kefir lime leaf, and a muddled lime for the extra citrus oil. Here, with its coconut and vanilla notes is the perfect fit.

Grab a coconut, drill three holes in it, filter the water out.

In a shaker:
• 3 slices fresh ginger (smash it, chop it)
• 1 kefir Lime Leaf
• 15 ml simple
• 2 ml saline
• 1/2 a lime
• 45 ml coconut water
• 60 ml beach bum rum

Shake, double strain, and refill your coconut.
Add a straw and a couple of garnishes.

That was thirst-quenching!


Last born of Frenchie's productions I am happy to present the Cherry sour.
A simple bourbon sour with fresh cherries, a hint of vanilla, and some fresh bay leaves from the garden.

It's elegant, well balanced with a full body while still being an homage to summer.

Vanilla golden sugar
• 50 g golden sugar
• 50 ml water
• 1 drop vanilla extract

The Cherry Sour
• 5 pitted cherries
• 15 ml vanilla golden simple
• 2 dashes Saline
• 3 dashes Angostura bitters
• 15 ml lemon juice
• 60 ml bourbon
• 5 fresh bay leaves

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Asian pear gimlet

Asian pear is one of my favorite fruit, it's crisp, super refreshing, however, its flavors are subtle and have trouble shining in a cocktail. So to give it a backbone I just add a little bit of ginger and some plum powder. Plum powder is the ultimate fruit seasoning, it's a bit sour and salty and simply brings flavors out of fruits, perfect for my cocktail here.

• half an Asian pear (skinned and cored)
• 3 slices of ginger (chopped up)
• 2 pinches of plum powder
• 7,5 ml simple syrup
• 22,5 ml lime
• 60 ml gin
Shake, double strain into a coupe.

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Mint Aloe cooler

Summer in Taipei is hot, especially if you live in a 頂樓加蓋(rooftop). And there is nothing more cooling than that Aloe Vera mint combo, with a bit of cucumber to reinforce the vegetal notes of the drink.

• Fresh Aloe Vera
• 4-5 slices cucumber
• 2 ml saline
• 15 ml simple syrup
Muddle well
• half a lime worth of juice
• 60 ml premium vodka
• 8-10 mint leaves
Shake it well
Top up soda water.


I call it the love birds. The drink is a big jungle bird build served inside a cored pineapple and it's meant to be shared. The jungle bird is an interesting Tiki cocktail as it is one of the few that includes an amaro, this lends this tropical drink a delightful bittersweet finish.

• 60 ml aged Rhum
• 22,5 ml lime juice
• 90 ml pineapple juice
• 15 ml Campari
• 7,5 ml Demerara syrup
• 2 ml saline
Shake and dump into a cored pineapple.
• 22,5 ml Goslings
As a floater.


Yuzu pepper cucumber basil smash

It's all in the name, this is actually quite a classic combination of cucumber and basil. But here the yuzu pepper takes it to a whole new level. I love peppercorn in drinks and yuzu is such a unique citrus. That little pinch transforms that otherwise overly simple drink into something that has character.

• 5 to 6 slices of Japanese cucumber
• 15 ml simple syrup
• 2 dashes Saline
• 1 pinch of yuzu pepper
Muddle well
• 22,5 ml lime juice
• 60 ml dry gin
• 4 to 5 basil leaves
Shake it like you mean it
Double strain into a coupe

It's fresh, vegetal with a spicy kick at the end.


The guava

Unimaginative name for a great drink, a play on guava and kefir lime leaf.

It's fresh, it's green, it's delicious.

• 1/2 a guava
• 1 kefir lime leave
• 15 ml simple syrup
• 1/2 a lime worth of juice
• 60 ml white rum

Shake it like you meant it and double strain in a wine glass just to be fancy.


Stumbled over some lovely clementines at the market, so I decided to make a Garibaldi twist.

It's a simple low abv drink but it's wonderfully balanced and has a delightful long-lasting bitterness.

The traditional recipe calls for blending orange juice to "fluff it up" and campari.

Here I'm switching to clementines, simply because they are fantastic and I'll be shaking the juice with a couple of muddled clementines for chilling and aeration.

• 2 clementines (muddled)
• 2 ml Saline
• 90 ml clementine juice
Shake it up, and double strain over
• 3 ice cubes
• 60 ml Campari
In a Collins.


Another summery cocktail, the "Blueniper"!

This one is a play on blueberry and juniper with just a few cracks of rainbow peppercorn for depth.

It's tart, refreshing, with powerful aromatics and subtle depth.

Juniper syrup (1 to 2):
• 50g white sugar
• 30g juniper berry (dry)
• 2g rainbow peppercorn
• 100ml water
Bring it to a low boil, strain, let it cool before use.

The Blueniper
• 1 handful of blueberries
• 22,5 ml juniper syrup
• 2 ml saline
• half a lime
• 60 ml gin
Ice, shake, double strain into a Collins over 3 ice cubes.


Peach ice tea

It's is a wonderful summer combo, peach and Earl grey tea. And once again nothing beats fresh.
It's a little bit of a process but it's definitely worthwhile.

Earl grey tea:
• 2 Earl grey tea
• 500 ml hot water
Let it cool, put in the fridge overnight

Peach ice tea
• half a lemon
• 1,5 bar spoon white sugar
• 2 dashes saline
• 1 whole peach
• 60 ml dark rum
• 120 ml Earl grey tea

Shake, single strain into a pint.

The drink is light, super refreshing, one of those thirst quencher.


Morning booster or hangover cure I present the Rum latte, otherwise known as I've been told: "coffee with love".

Step 1 make strong coffee, cold brew works great as well.
Step 2 freeze it into ice cubes.
Step 3 Start your day right with the following

• 6 coffee ice cubes
• 60 ml dark rum works great
• 90 ml milk
• 15 ml Demerara syrup.

Shake & Dump into a pint or large coffee mug.
Enjoyed an energized buzz.


The ultimate garden summery drink.
Mojito inspired but with gin instead of rum, calamansis instead of lime and lemongrass + lemonverbena instead of mint .
All freshly harvested from the garden.

• 5 calamansis
• 15 ml lemongrass syrup
• 2 ml saline
• 1 ml orange bitters
Muddle well
• 60 ml gin
• crushed ice
• top un soda water
Garnish with lemon verbena

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• 60 ml gin
• 15 ml lemon juice
• 1 whole .tw
• 10 ml sweet condensed milk
• 2 dashes saline solution
• 2 ml orange blossom water
• 1 egg whites
• 30 ml soda water

Dry shake, wet shake, and double strain into a Collins.

#養樂多 #多多 #煉乳 #氣泡 #金菲士


La Linnault Terrasse


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