Ackley Farmers Market

Ackley Farmers Market Every Monday, 5-6pm, starting June 1, 2015, at triangle behind city hall in Ackley, Iowa. If you have any questions please feel free to ask Stephanie.

The Ackley Farmers Market page is meant to inform buyers and sellers of the happenings of the Farmers Market. The page and the market is managed by Stephanie Buhman with support from many in the community.


Farmers market tonight. 5-6. There will be eggs and banana bars and more.


There is farmers market tonight. Going right now and ends at 6.


There will be a farmers market tonight 5-6 pm.


There will be a farmers market tonight. 5-6 pm.


Billie Jo Shahan will be at the farmers market from 5-6 pm with caramel Chex mix, almond bark pretzels, banana chocolate chip muffins and rhubarb.
Puffer farms will also be there with asparagus and eggs.


Stan will be behind city hall tomorrow selling his tomatoes. 5-6pm Monday.


Farmers market tonight. I have been told there will be a lemonade stand there along with produce. Come out and support the young entrepreneurs in our community.


There will be produce at the market tonight!


Come on down to the farmers market 5-6. Maggie Allen will be there with homemade cookies to sell. If there are other vendors who would like to post what they will have please do so in the comments. Thank you!


I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Sauerkraut days and are looking forward to a great 4th of July! Weather permitting, we will have the market tonight, 5-6. If you have produce, eggs, or baked goods to sell please let us know if you are coming tonight. Thank you!


Really hoping to have the market today. As long as the weather cooperates we will see you at 5.


Going to try to have the Farmers Market tonight but we will need to watch the weather. If at 5 it is not raining, even if rain is on its way, we will still have the market. If you are planning on coming as a vendor can you please share some of what you will be bringing so buyers have an idea of what will be there. Thank you!


There will be no farmers market tonight.


Hello all, today is a beautiful day. I would like to have a farmers market today as scheduled but I need to know what vendors will be coming. If we have none I will be cancelling it.


It is officially the start of farmers market for the summer. If you are a vendor please post in the comments some of what you will be bringing tonight. See you in downtown Ackley, 5-6!
Just a weather reminder. A little bit of rain doesn’t stop us, but wind and lightening will. I will post if we decide to cancel the market ASAP if the weather turns rotten.


On Monday May 20th Deborah Kay Tjabring will be downtown with asparagus, ruhbarb, onions, radishes. She will also have the special jellies she makes and walnut meats. If there are any other vendors who have produce now please feel free to join Deb on Monday.


The start of the 2019 Farmers market is in about a month. The first one will be on the first Monday of June. If you are planning on being a vendor please let me know! I need an idea of who all will be there. Thank you.


The farmers market is officially done for the season. Thank you to all the vendors who participated this year and thank you to all the people who came out to support local farmers and businesses!


Just wondering if Deborah Kay Tjabring and the Puffers will be at the farmers market tonight.


We will continue to have farmers market until the end of September as long as we have vendors. If you are going to be selling please post a comment on here. Thank you. Deborah Kay Tjabring Lonya Puffer Mary Tyler


It is storming but we are open for business.


Will anyone have sweet corn available?


This is probably the last monday I, Stephanie Jo Buhman, will be down at the market. I will be bringing meat pasties along with my usual breads and caramel corn. If you have been requesting the the pasties all summer, than Monday will be the day to come and get them. If you can't for some reason, than you can always contact me and make an order. See you Monday!


We do have a vendor who has green beans and tomatoes along with her usual stuff to sell tonight, and they are willing to stick it out in the rain. Look for them tonight in downtown Ackley, 5-6.


It is another beautiful day for the farmers market. If the vendors could, please list some of what you will be bringing. Also, if you are a vendor, and you accept EBT, could you please post that you do. Thank you!!


The sun is shining!! Get out to the market tonight 5-6 pm.

A little bit of of what we have at the market tonight.

A little bit of of what we have at the market tonight.


You will be disappointed if you miss tonight's market. We have a huge variety of fruits and veggies. Also David Buhman is here with his photos. Most of which have been taken in or around Ackley. Come on down 5-6 pm


Just a reminder. If it is storming and raining at the time of the market we will have to cancel. Hopefully this isn't the case.

David Buhman will be at the farmers market this Monday. Stop on by to see his amazing landscape photos. He has several d...

David Buhman will be at the farmers market this Monday. Stop on by to see his amazing landscape photos. He has several different formats to choose from: magnets, cards, prints, and canvas.


Thank you to all who came out tonight. For those who weren't able to make it here is a list of things we had tonight. Raspberries, zucchini, yellow squash, several different types and sizes of cucumbers and potatoes, beets, cherry bars, honey wheat bread, and so much more. Hope to see you next week on Monday, 5-6 pm.


Another beautiful day for the farmers market! If you are a vendor and know you will be at the market today please comment below. Thank you!


It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day for the farmers market. The vendors would sure love to see you there tonight in downtown Ackley, 5-6 pm. Have a great day!


If you like clouds and the chance of rain, than it's a beautiful day. The market is still on as long as we don't have severe weather at the time of opening. See you in downtown Ackley, 5-6 pm.


With the storms closing in I want everyone to be safe and think it better to call off the market. For those who ordered caramel corn, bread, or cinnamon rolls from me, or you want some, feel free to contact me.


Ackley, IA



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I am looking for a 5200 habaneros does anybody have any
Does anybody have 5200 habaneros I can get making help Panera jelly with those
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Puffer roske farms will be there with asparagus and eggs.
In addition to planting and tending to his garden, 10-year-old Levi harvests the vegetables, transports them to the Ackley Farmers Market in a trailer behind his bicycle, and sells them. And he's already making plans for next year's garden.

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New Vendor! 🤗
*cherry bars *cupcakes *banana bread *scotharoos *strawberry rhubarb muffins *cookies *fresh rhubarb
Will there be a market on Monday since it's labor day? Thank you
Will there be a market today?
Does anyone know when the city wide garage sale is? thank you
What is the cost to be a vendor?

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