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Eight Roosters Eight Roosters sells farm fresh, free-range eggs. Started by an eight year old girl who wanted to raise chickens for eggs. In 2012, she got a dozen chicks that she carefully raised.

As it turned out, eight of the dozen chicks grew to become roosters. The four hens were well cared for and became free range. In 2013, she bought 18 more chicks that should start laying eggs this summer. Currently, the four Rhode Island Reds lay brown eggs. In her next batch there are more Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, and Araucana chicks. The Araucana chicks will lay blue, green, or brown. We will wait to see.

No worries. You can get $3 a dozen local eggs from us.
For Bakers And Restaurants, Egg Supply Is Getting Ugly

No worries. You can get $3 a dozen local eggs from us.

Commercial bakers and restaurants use liquid egg in dozens of foods, from cakes to mayonnaise. But the price has shot up 240 percent since May, as U.S. poultry farms reel from an avian flu outbreak.


The owner of the chicken farm, my 9 year old girl, wanted to let the hen who was trying to lay on eggs be allowed to lay on her eggs so we could have some chicks. I, as caretaker, was not letting her keep her eggs. But owner wins. Today I moved the hen into the screen porch so she could do her laying in peace and not next to the AC unit. Time will tell as to what will happen with her eggs.


The possum or raccoon problem may have finally been resolved! The flock is hanging out on the covered patio to escape the heat and digging holes all over the field to keep cool! Hope everyone is keeping cool.


Eggs are in shorter supply with the possum invasion but Anna does have some if anyone needs any.


Day 1: Possum Relocation. Plans are underway. There may be quite a family feasting on chicken eggs.

Don't you wish to try Alton Brown's highest rated egg dish on foodnetwork.com?Eight Roosters has a wonderful abundance o...
French Toast

Don't you wish to try Alton Brown's highest rated egg dish on foodnetwork.com?

Eight Roosters has a wonderful abundance of eggs so you can try!

Let us know and we would be happy to deliver you local, free range eggs.

Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Food Network French Toast recipe from Alton Brown.


The young hens have not exactly figured out how helpful it would be (to me) if they laid their eggs in the henhouse nests. Retrieving eggs definitely resembles an Easter Egg Hunt. This morning I saw one near the fenced in AC unit. Reached down to get it and I saw 14 eggs right behind the fence near a small opening. I have been getting about five eggs a day. It appears we may be headed toward full production of laying hens. Eggs anyone?


Eggs are back to being laid. 6 today. 5 yesterday. Some are tiny eggs but we, here, find them fun anyway.

This is great. ~ J.
Want To Be A Chicken Farmer? Try It Before You Commit : NPR

This is great. ~ J.

The idea of raising backyard chickens has become very popular. But people who follow through on the idea don't always know what they are getting into. So a few companies are letting would-be chicken farmers try out the experience — for a fee.


We have a dozen eggs if anyone wants them. My mom will deliver. Thanks, A


Aiken, SC


(803) 295-8725


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