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Buzzing Bee At Buzzing Bee, we believe that it is essential to keep yourself safe from unexpectedly getting stung by your bee friends so that you can continue enjoy working on your hobby as a bee keeper.

We carry a thorough line of Bee suit, beekeeper jacket, beekeeping gloves, veils, and also some on demand items like hive kits and hives along with beekeeping tools, tracheal mite controls and queen rearing equipment’s . Equipment’s for honey extraction and supplies used during hygienic bottling of honey are also accessible by our company that are essential items to enhance the experience while beekeeping which would provide nontoxic breeding grounds for the bees.

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We carry a thorough line of Bee suit, beekeeper jacket, beekeeping gloves, veils, and also some on demand items like hive kits and hives along with beekeeping tools, tracheal mite controls and queen rearing equipment’s . Equipment’s for honey extraction and supplies used during hygienic bottling of honey are also accessible by our company that are essential items to enhance the experience while beek..#Buzzingbee #beekeepersuit #ultrabreezebeesuit #stingproofbeesuit #beesuitforsale #goldenbeesuit

HOW TO EXTRACT HONEY – FOR NEWBIESWhen it comes to beekeeping most new beekeepers are asking concerns, particularly rega...


When it comes to beekeeping most new beekeepers are asking concerns, particularly regarding honey. The most frequent question we get is "When will I get honey and what do I need to extract it from the hive?" Typically it isn't going to happen in the first year you start beekeeping because the bees require the entire honey supply to get through the first winter. After your first year, you should be able to collect your honey during the fall, in late summer, or even early fall. For that, we've put together an essential list of equipment you'll need to harvest honey.

This delicate honeycomb brush featuring long bristles of yellow works great to gently clean bees from frames and hives for inspection and harvesting.

The bees are able to cap every cell of honey with wax, and you'll have to take off those caps to let the honey flow out. For removing your frames' caps make use of a bottle pail and gain together with a capper for combs. The capper is compatible with any regular 5-gallon bucket. The underside has an arch with a recessive that offers stability. This lets you turn five-gallon buckets into an uncapping tub.

The process of uncapping the entire frame is done easily using the Ice Knife as well as the scratcher that allows you to cap your frame in a cost-effective manner.

An 2 Frame stainless steel extractoris is the ideal extractor for beginners. The hand-cranked extractor made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. The tangential extractor can be utilized with two deep frames frame, two medium or four frames. It includes honey legs, cover, and gate.

You'll also need to make certain that you have a bottling pail that has a gates along with filters below the extractor. The bottling kit is 5-gallon buckets that have lids and gate, as well as two filters: one small filter and one coarse filter. The filters are designed to remove pollen particles and wax caps that have remained.

Are you ready to bottle?

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HOW TO KEEP YOUR HONEY BEES HEALTHYThe health of your honeybees is crucial. Bees are capable of managing and protect the...


The health of your honeybees is crucial. Bees are capable of managing and protect their hives however, it's not a bad idea to assist them. Honey bees are exposed to a variety of threats in their daily lives which include disease, pests made by humans, pesticides that are manufactured, and other toxic substances. It is, however, possible to implement some practices and safeguards to ensure the safety that your colonies. For a greater yielding honey crop and happy honey bees at your apiary here's how you can ensure that your honey bees are well-nourished.

One of the main health issues honey bees have to deal with are diseases and pests. Because many pests bring dangerous illnesses into the hive it's essential to ensure that your beehives. Make use of a stand for your hives to ensure that your hives are off the ground as well as any pests or predators that may attempt to enter. In addition, you should ensure that you keep the grass and vegetation surrounding your hive well-trimmed to ensure that mites, ants and other tiny insects can't access the bottom or even the entry point to your beehive. When conducting inspections of your hives and inspections, be on the lookout for Varroa mites as well as other pests. In this way, you will be able to detect the issue early and correct it before your bees are seriously damaged.

Hygiene is the key in preventing any disease or illness. If you are working with your hives, be sure your equipment is well-maintained. Remove propolis, wax or honey buildup around your instruments, extraction equipment as well as honey storage containers. If you buy hives or equipment from a second-hand vendor, ensure the beekeeper that you're purchasing at regular intervals cleans and examines their equipment for any pests or diseases. Also, keep your hives free of honey spills, or remnants of beeswax.

Many pesticides and other garden chemicals can do serious damage to local bee populations. When honey bees gather pollen or nectar from a flower-covered in pesticide, they then carry that chemical back to their hives and to the colony’s food supply. This is how toxins and the resulting health issues can spread throughout an entire honey bee colony. One of the most important parts of how to keep your honey bees healthy is to make sure their natural food sources are chemical-free. Use only natural pesticides or herbicides on any vegetation you keep and ask your neighbors and local farmers to do the same.

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THE DIFFERENT USES FOR HONEY BEE PRODUCTSIt’s smooth to associate honey bees with the honey they make—after all, it’s pr...


It’s smooth to associate honey bees with the honey they make—after all, it’s proper there withinside the name. Honey has usually been a valuable substance, however, it’s now no longer the handiest awesome issue we get from honey bees. Beekeepers could make cash with the aid of using harvesting all styles of hive products. From the bee bread and royal jelly that the bees consume to the wax and propolis that function as hive-constructing materials, a beehive carries a whole lot of precise and useful substances. Humans have determined many methods to place those products to use—honey bee products have fee withinside the meals industry, clinical field, cosmetics industry, and extra. Whether you’re seeking out a jar of candy local honey on the farmers’ marketplace or coming across the clinical makes use of bee venom, there’s something so one can respect approximately honey bees and their work.


Honey is the most common honey bee product. It’s always been a part of the human diet. In fact, the first alcoholic drink humans invented was mead—a beverage made from honey. We all know honey’s use as a delicious natural sweetener, but that’s not all it can do. Many people also use honey for its health benefits and cosmetic purposes:


Raw honey is full of enzymes, antioxidants, and other nutrients that act as natural wellness boosters. The antibacterial properties of honey make it a natural antiseptic. This is one of the reasons why people like to put honey in their tea when they’re sick—it works to fight off bacteria and shorten the lifespan of your cold. Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that prove useful in relieving sore throats. Additionally, eating local honey can help you build a resistance to seasonal allergies. Because honey bees make their honey from local flowers, your local honey contains microdoses of the allergens that cause you trouble every spring. A spoonful of local honey is similar to an allergy shot—it gives you a small, harmless dose of allergens to help your body build immunity to them.


The nutrients in raw honey also prove beneficial in natural beauty remedies. They’re particularly useful in skin care—honey’s antibacterial properties are useful for acne treatments, and honey can also unclog pores to freshen your skin. The antioxidants in raw honey work as an anti-aging treatment as well. On top of that, honey is great as a moisturizer, soothing your skin and giving it a healthy, natural glow.


When honey bees visit flowers in search of nectar, they collect pollen in the hairs of their bodies. This is how they pollinate local flowers and crops. However, they also take a lot of pollen back to their hives, where they use it to make food for the brood. As they carry the pollen, honey bees enrich it with various natural hormones and antibiotic substances. These—along with the protein, amino acids, and vitamins that naturally exist in the pollen—make honey bee pollen an extremely beneficial product. Beekeepers can harvest excess pollen from the hive and sell it, usually as a health supplement. Pollen from beehives rejuvenates and refreshes the body, boosting your energy and improving healing processes.


Honey bees make bee bread via way of means of blending pollen with nectar and their very own natural substances. The end result is a meals supply that’s full of vital amino acids, vitamins, and different nutrients. This is a critical meals supply for the brood, however, beekeepers can extract any extra bee bread from their hives. This is a rarer honey bee product, however, it’s very useful as a fitness supplement. Some humans use it to deal with insomnia, stress, excessive cholesterol, and more.


Most honey bees withinside the hive dinner party on bee bread at some stage in maximum in their lives, however the queen bee receives unique remedy withinside the shape of royal jelly. This is a unique secretion that worker bees make to feed the queen. All new child larvae devour royal jelly for the primary couple days in their lives, however best the queen feasts completely on it. This nutritional distinction makes a queen bee one of a kind than each different member of the hive—quite extraordinary, right?

Consumers are looking for out royal jelly for its particular blessings and properties. Royal jelly acts as a rejuvenating, anti-aging substance, selling tissue boom and muscle regeneration. This makes it a famous nutritional complement many of the elderly. It’s additionally beneficial for enhancing mind feature and general well-being.

Bee stings are almost as famous as honey. Worker bees use their stingers to defend the hive when they feel threatened. When they sting something, they inject it with a venom known as apitoxin. This venom causes inflammation—or, in some cases, a severe allergic reaction. This is why many people fear bees—however, the apitoxin can actually be extremely useful in the right hands. Medical professionals have developed ways to use bee venom to desensitize people who are allergic to it. Scientists are also exploring its potential benefits as a treatment for arthritis and other forms of chronic pain. On top of that, bee venom has recently made its way into the cosmetics industry with other bee products. Some companies use it in skin creams and serums, considering it to be a natural alternative to Botox.


Many of the specific makes use of for honey bee products ought to do with beeswax. Worker bees use the wax they make to construct their honeycombs and different hive structures. When beekeepers harvest wax from their hives, the opportunities are almost limitless. Many beekeepers and different hobbyists have discovered to craft substances including candles and varnish from beeswax. The splendor enterprise additionally places this wax to correct use, turning it into soaps, lip balms, creams, and more. Like honey, beeswax has antibiotic properties, and it could clean, moisturize, and melt skin.

Do you put products from your honey bees’ hives to good use? Do you want to start?

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Our firm Buzzing Bee provide supplies that are required during beekeeping and could easily be used for beginners that have recently started beekeeping as a hobby or professionals that are working in beekeeping industries. Our beekeeping suits generally consist of heavy duty material pants, a protective jacket, wrist length gloves, a hat attached with a mesh veil along with ankle length boots.


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