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Louie's Pickles We sell the best pickles you'll ever eat. Our super fresh flavors will satisfy any pickle lover. We know you can buy a pickle anywhere but when you taste Louie's you know it!

There's just nothing like them.

Operating as usual


Good Morning Everyone!!!! We just wanted to give a quick update. We won't be shipping for the next few weeks because this is our busiest season of the year. Its SHOW time! For the following (2) weekends we will be at the 50th Annual Apple Festival in Ellijay, GA. The weekend following, we will be at the 54th Annual Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville, GA and then on to the 77th Annual National Peanut Festival in Dothan,AL Nov 5th thru the 14th. Y'all make sure If your out and about to come see us. These are our biggest shows of the year, and because of Covid they were cancelled last year. We are beyond EXCITED to be back this year!!!


Good Morning Y'all!!!! Just wanted to give y all a HUGE shout out this morning for keeping is so busy!!! You ALL rock!!! Just a quick reminder (and for those who don't know) we do not have a physical location for local pick up. We are currently only shipping online. Now...lets get to shipping some orders on this incredibly rainy Tuesday morning. Who wants pickles?


Happy Independence Day!! Hope everyone is enjoying their day!!!


Thank you all for the 4th of July orders. Enjoy with friends and family this weekend. Be sure to share. We know its hard but you can do it. Orders are shipping today and tomorrow. Thanks again.

Any body interested in a great pickle dip recipe?

What a BEAUTIFUL day it is going to be!!! We will be filling all the weekend orders today so they can ship out tomorrow!...
Louie's Pickles

What a BEAUTIFUL day it is going to be!!! We will be filling all the weekend orders today so they can ship out tomorrow! Y'all have been keeping us busy!!! seems our saurkraut has become a fan favorite! Lots of hot dog/hamburger grilling going on, I'm assuming. We hope you all have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED Sunday!!

Louie's Pickles


Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone!


Did everyone survive the storms and crazy amounts of rain yesterday? That rain was insane!!! How much did y'all get? We are spending today getting all of your pickle orders shipped, just blessed that the rain has moved on for the day!!


Good Morning Everyone!!! The weather outside is going to be very unstable and unapologetic today. Quick question for everyone. How many of you all have a storm shelter? I want one!! Y'all stay safe today!!


Happy Friday everyone!!! We hope you all have a WONDERFUL day and an even better weekend!! Y'all stay safe and BE BLESSED!!!


Y'all truly are the BEST!! I have one more order to fill and then they will ALL be ready to ship. We truly appreciate you all so very much!!! BTW...our customers in GA is running a close race with our Dothan customers on orders! Keep them coming! We have another surprise coming soon! πŸ˜€


Good Morning Loves!!! Who is LOVING this warmer weather?? It makes me think of grilling and get togethers!!! And of course, PICKLES are ALWAYS appreciated at get togethers. If you are going to need any pickles this week, get those orders in...PLEASE πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž


What a GREAT weekend!!! Lou said he truly appreciates all the wonderful birthday wishes!! We truly do have the BEST group of pickle loving friends ANYWHERE!!! OUR day got started super early this morning, so we can make sure we get everyone's order filled!!! I will be picking the winners TODAY so make sure you follow along today!! Remember keep sharing our page and invite your pickle loving friends to join us!!! We are at around 8900 now...When we reach 10,000 we will be doing something BIG!!! Y'all have a BLESSED day and we are going to get back to filling all of these orders!!!


Y'all help me wish Lou and Happy Birthday today. God knows I wouldn't want to do this crazy life without him.

Reminder...the contest is ongoing thru out the weekend. 3 chances to win...see post below!!!


Update: We are adding to this contest!! Go to and under your favorite variety leave us a review so others will be able to see what our fan favorites are!! We will also choose a reviewer for a free pint of pickles as well!! So you all now have 3 separate chances to win!! Good luck EVERYONE!!!

Good Morning Sunshine!! We are getting this day started in full swing!!! Filling your orders as we speak (or type in this case). We've been so busy my days are running together, but I'm pretty sure today is Wednesday!!!! about a contest??? Lets do a "Like...Comment...Share" contest!!! Step 1. Like our page. Step 2. Comment on THIS post. Step 3. Share our page and invite your friends to do the same!! I will do a random winner for a free pint of pickles!!! And here's a BONUS...whoever has the most friends accept YOUR invite to like our page you will get a free pint of pickles as well. Have your friends comment on THIS post who invited them. That's it!!! Y'all have a WONDERFUL day, while I get back to filling orders!!! Oh...and good luck to you all!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž


We are filling all weekend orders this morning. WOW!! You guys are AWESOME!!! Looks like some grill out days this week! Who else needs pickles for those burgers? We got you covered!!!


All orders have been filled and shipped!!! You all have kept us BUSY this week!!! Thank you ALL for your AMAZING support!!! We are beyond appreciative of you all!!!


We hope you all had a very HAPPY Easter celebration today!! And hopefully, unlike ourselves, you didn't eat way to much!! Lol


So I'm pretty sure yesterday, we became even more convinced that the top 2 fan favorites are Garlic and Double Dill. So my next question you just sit and snack on pickles or do you use them in certain dishes? Personally, I can just sit and snack on them. But one example that I do is I like to chop the hot and add to my potato salad and my deviled eggs. I also like the sweet ginger chopped in my chicken salad, and sweet horseradish in my tuna salad. What about you? What's your number one thing you like your pickles in/with or do you eat them by themselves??


Good Morning Y'all!!! Just out of curiosity, which flavor of Louie's Pickles is YOUR favorite?? Personally, mine is sweet horseradish. πŸ˜€


Good Morning Everyone!!! How is everyone on this beautiful day??? We have been SUPER busy filling orders!!! You all are the absolute BEST!!! We are sooo THANKFUL for you all!!! PLEASE keep sharing our page and inviting your pickle loving friends!! We have some exciting things in the works as well!!!


Good Morning Everyone!!! Thank you to all those who have reached out to check on us!!! We are good. No damage, just flooded. We hope you all were safe thru the tornadoes and storms yesterday! Did you have any damage?


What are you all doing to enjoy this beautiful Sunday? We are spending our day getting orders ready to ship out tomorrow!! We sincerely THANK YOU all for your continuous love and support!


With Alabama now being a 5/5 on the severity scale for severe weather, including long range tornados, we pray for everyone's safety. PLEASE stay weather alert and prepare for your safe place. Our sincere thoughts, prayers, love and appreciation are with you all. Please be safe!!


Good Sunday Morning Everyone!!! Here is a fun fact to get your day started!!!

Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci was once a ship chandler, supplying merchants and sailors with supplies for their voyages, including preserved meats and vegetables. His nickname, the pickle merchant, likely arose from his former trade, although writer Ralph Waldo Emerson derisively referred to Vespucci as a β€œpickle-dealer”


Hey guys just letting everyone know all orders will be shipped on Monday. We will be shipping Monday thru Wednesday only because we don't want them sitting in a warehouse. Thank you all for your support. We truly appreciate you all.


Good Morning Everyone!!! We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your incredible "welcome back" yesterday. You all really are amazing!!! I had a quick thought (nothing is ever really quick with my thinking, just ask Lou πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) I wanted to share with you this morning. We had several really LARGE orders yesterday, I was curious how someone could eat that many pickles?? Groups...that was the response...GROUPS. I felt so dumb!!! πŸ˜‰ Office, friends, family..."GROUPS". Placing a large "group" order, getting discounts and FREE SHIPPING! Makes perfect sense (another thank you to the one who actually explained this to me, you know who you are!). Anyway, that was my "thought" of the morning, that I wanted to share. We hope you guys all have a "pickilicious" day!!! And PLEASE share our page and invite your pickle loving friends!!!! We truly appreciate you all!!!


Ashville, AL


Double Dill, Garlic, Garlic Hot, Garlic ### Hot, Bread & Butter, Sweet Horseradish, Sweet Ginger, Sweet Heats, Garlic Baby Dills, Garlic Hot Baby Dills, Old Fashion Barrel Pickles, Louie's Famous Su***de (ghost pepper) Pickle and much much more!

Garlic Green Tomatoes, Garlic Hot Green Tomatoes, Barrel Aged Sauerkraut, Pickled Okra, Italian Olives, Olive Oils & Vinegar, Hot & Sweet Peppers, Hot Sauces, Louie's Famous Honey Mustard Horseradish Sauce, Relish, Pickled Veggies, Frozen Pickles Pops & Shots, Chocolate covered Pickles and much much more!


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