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We are feeling the end of the long, hot, and dry summer. We have had rain coming in periodically. This has been a huge help to our pasture grass and to refill the stock ponds, but our hay is still really short. Hay will be hard to come by this year.
We are having someone clear the land north of our hay field and that will help in the future, but it won’t do us much good this winter. Throughout all of this, cattle prices remain high. This is a national trend so the drought in Texas and people dumping stock hasn’t negatively affected prices. I will likely go to the sale with a bunch of cows pretty soon. We have a herd that is 30% old and maybe 20% young stuff that hasn’t come in yet. This may be a good opportunity to reduce the amount of hay we will need while lowering the average age of our herd. We can also avoid losing stock due to death.
To sell cows, we need a good solid ranch truck. My father is more than happy to come down and haul for us, but our search for a good deal on a reliable, if not fancy, diesel continues. I would like to make the next trip to the sale in our own vehicle.
On the horse front, I am still discouraged by my inability to maintain a decent cow pony. Patriot was doing really well, but the last time I rode him we were trying to pen cows and he just flat out refused to do what I asked him. If I was younger, I might have fought him through it, but the last bucking fight I lost, put me down for several months. I can’t afford to do that. I am researching some ground work activities that will help him obey me and some other things to do that will help me to convince him to do what I ask and when.
That’s the news from the Crow Ranch. I will try to give more regular updates. Hopefully, I can throw in some entertaining stories along the way.
Hold a Strain on it!


Just got back from the pens. We had the stock trailer hooked up and ready to go to the sale with some, but most of the calves just refused to come into the pens when we called them. Nonetheless, we did get three calves and an old lead cow separated. We will wean two of them for replacement heifers and sell the beef calf when we get some of his buddies penned.

Cubing cows into the pens is sure easier than penning them, but it is also a lot less reliable. It is also not nearly as fun. I just got Patriot back from a trainer. I just wanted to make sure that he was more or less safe to ride after all my experiences with Silver. I rode him twice over our break last week. Not as much as I wanted, but enough for me to get a better feel for him.

On Saturday morning, I rode him through the woods to check some fences. That's good training for a horse who is learning to neck reign. It also teaches them patience and to pay attention to the rider. He did really well and didn't get flustered once. Then, I took him out to the Old Field with the cows. Molly bayed the cows up real nice, so I started to try ease Patriot into position. I got the cows moving, but I didn't have enough saddle time with Patriot to really push the cows into the pens. Either way, he got some experience.

Like anything for anybody, learning something is often easier in a group with experienced people around you. The long line of good Crow cow ponies has been broken and Patriot needs someone to show him how it's done. I can show him a lot, but to have another experienced horse and rider around would go a long way. That's why horses can pick up cavalry so quickly sometimes. There is a whole regiment of horses to give the green horse confidence.

In other news, I got the alternator on the tractor put in, but for some reason the correct alternator didn't fit the two mounting points. Fortunately, I had a lot of washers in the house so I was able to make spacers for the tension arm.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, we can get the other calves in the pens, wean some more replacements and take a few more to the sale.


Just came back from doing some repairs in the pens. It was a short trip, because my drill was not charged, but I did manage to put a wheel on the crowding pen gate. The post for that gate is still broken, but with the wheel, I can put that repair off a bit longer.

Either this afternoon, or tomorrow, or next week, I will put up some boards in the loading chute, and also put some boards between the gate post we sunk last week for the gate to the Old Field and the corner.

Hope to sell some calves next week. It's a little late in the year, but not too bad.


Batson, TX



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