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5 Things You Didn't Know About Honey
5 Things You Didn't Know About Honey

5 Things You Didn't Know About Honey

Honey isn't just a sweet treat; it has powerful medicinal uses so make sure you choose raw, unfiltered honey.


I need feedback! Please take a moment to comment. I am gathering information to launch our plant nursery business (hopefully for 2018.) I do not plan on doing annual garden plants (tomatoes, peppers etc) more of the herbal/edible/unique types. What kind of plants do you/ would you like to buy? Edible landscaping bushes and trees, Annual flowers, Perennial flowers, shade trees, house plants. Would you buy online and have them shipped or do you prefer plant fairs and farmers markets? Final question - would you be more interested in young inexpensive plants (5-15$) or more mature fruit bearing plants/trees? Thanks in advance!


Went out today and all the bees are buzzing right along. So far so good.

Geezer Ridge Farm

Geezer Ridge Farm

Unfortunately with this evenings weather after-school activities have been cancelled with our school system. That means for us the facility we use for our lecture series is no longer available. We will be pushing tonight's lecture with the University of Maryland to next month. If anyone has any questions feel free to give us a call and drive safe on your way home tonight. Will post a date when confirmed, what we posted late this afternoon looks like a wash due to the holiday .

Geezer Ridge Farm

Great local resource :-)



The University of Maryland vanENGELSDORP Bee Laboratory is in the process of developing a new way to examine management survey data on their website. The new version will be easy to navigate and will include all of the management data (like mite treatments, feeding type, etc). The director or the Lab, Karen Rennich will be rolling out the the new program at our January meeting. We will be meeting on the 4th Monday this month Jan 23rd due to the holiday on the 16th
As always the lecture is FREE AND OPEN TO ALL regardless of club affiliation or state or residence. The Geezer Ridge Bee Group is affiliated with and supports the West Virgina Beekeepers Association.
if you have any questions please call 304-702-3848 or email [email protected]
James Rumsey Technical Institute is located at 3274 Hedgesville Rd Martinsburg WV


I would like to put some feelers out to my Facebook friends and family to see if there are any local berkeley springs folks that would like to have some of my hives on their property. We would write up a contract, I would do the inspections maintenance etc... you get the pollination and if you want to learn beekeeping you can help with inspections and feeding etc... then if you want to take over we can work something out (discounted price for the hive, portions of the honey production etc...) Let me know :-)


Calling all tech minded friends. I need info on Raspberry Pi, here is my idea- I want to be able to record the humidity and temp. inside my Beehives, once I can do that I would like to expand to recording weight information and possibly put a motion sensor at entrance. With this Data I can record trends and identify problems earlier this will hopefully put me more in tune with my Bee girls and help me to develop better local real time management for me. Here is the catch- I am not tech savvy, I can run windows and navigate the internet but I know very little about writing code. So tips to sources or suggestions on the model to use or if you are local and can do this with me for a fee let me know. If you are already doing this and have advice please let me know how it is working for you. I am not real confident I can learn this on my own just from you tube so any help would be greatly appreciated. Everything I do will be open source Feel free to share - Thank you!


I couldn't find the original post, I think it might have been on my own page however I wanted to give an update on fermenting chicken feed.

Fermenting chicken feed works extremely well. But it does have one an unintended consequence. Now I can't get the birds back in their tractor because they're not hungry they ignore all the treats. I let them go without feed for a whole day hoping to call them in tonight and it's worse then herding cats. Now let's rewind to before fermenting feed. I used to Feed an area blend of seeds and grains "scratch" type feed if you will. The girls loved it but it had corn and soy gmo so we switched to nongmo pellets. The girls eat it but aren't in love with it. Oddly the feed also seemed to make them hungrier. Then I began fermenting. The pellets turn to slop. I have to admit that I felt bad feeding it to the birds. Although they seem to love it and I like how it gives them extra water in their feed so I know they're well hydrated in heat. Now I mix my own scratch grain with some pellets thrown in for good measure. So let's talk numbers so my flock is two sets of 18 birds so that's 36 Birds Total 1 set is almost 3 months old the other is adult laying hens. Now depending on whether you go with the school thought of one quarter pound of feed per bird or a third pound of feed per bird how many birds should eat about between 9 and 12 pounds of feed a day. Which to be honest my Birds free range and so they are probably on the lower end of that number I can say that I have been experimenting with four to 5 pounds of my own seed blend fermented and it's too much food it is looking like my summer number may be very low indeed. I think that summer is skewing the numbers in favor of fermenting due to supplemental bugs and plants. However I am not complaining less feed is less feed. The maintenance- figuring out how much food I need to feed per day is going to go a long way into setting up a system that can be maintained easily unfortunately figuring this out means experimenting with different numbers I'll let you know how it works out. TTFN


Ok got the laundry soap done made 2 loaves of bread. Stored yesterdays chocolate chip zucchini bread. Pulled out and ate some pretzel bites that I froze to see if it would work. And started some beans for soaking for chilli. Going to change how I post to make things easier. Basically I will post a string of related pics with instructions on how to do what I did .


Can you say ccccccold. Time to do some baking, now I have been slacking on the picture taking lately. To be honest I just forgot soooo I'll try to take some today to update. To let you know what I have been up to... I moved my apple banana wine from the fermentation bucket to a glass carboy. Found out the best way (for me) to make pizza dough. Made English muffins and figured out it is better to bake them a few min then pan fry, made loaf bread started setting up the fodder system. You know it's cold out when the eggs in the coop are frozen :-/ on today's agenda is baking bread, making pizza dough, and whipping up another batch of laundry soap :-) Oh and follow up on the infused vodka, it was delish as a mixed drink with OJ mmm mm however next time I infuse I am going to use edible forms of fruits so I can eat them too. Raw cranberry just isn't tasty. I will try to tinker with the fodder system too trying to get it automated to make watering easy peasy


Berkeley Springs, WV


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