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Black Sapphire Poultry We promote sustainable breeding efforts and promote the enjoyment of poultry for all generations current and future. Quality Chicks and Chickens.

We are a small, family run farm in north Alabama . We pride ourselves in maintaining poultry breeds with no real focus on profiting from such majestic creatures. We enjoy showing birds and doing what we can to progress interest in poultry. We breed for standard or utilitarian birds. This is our Zen zone in life. We find our peace among the beautiful birds we rear.

Operating as usual


Anyone near Collinsville looking for some chain link dog kennels to use for chickens hit us up. We are tremendously downsizing and have some that are practically new. Also if you want birds just let us know we are getting rid of everything except cemanis lamonas and barnevelders. Local only no shipping. Pheasants, turkeys, ducks, quail, chickens, and guineas


Picked up some lamonas today. From the guy that spent many years recreating the breed. It's such an honor to be intrusted with the future of these birds.


3 years we have probably only sold a dozen birds and give away probably 1500. We really don't like selling birds and we just want people to enjoy chickens. So with that said we will continue to be here to help we will just not be shipping or selling. We want to just enjoy our birds and keep trying to breed the best possible birds. Thanks to everyone for your support. We will still sell locally from time to time.


Getting our quail propagation and producers license. So very soon we will be legal to get our bobwhite quails going.

Wayne Farms in Albertville Confirms Coronavirus Outbreak Among Workers
Wayne Farms in Albertville Confirms Coronavirus Outbreak Among Workers

Wayne Farms in Albertville Confirms Coronavirus Outbreak Among Workers

A spokesman for Wayne Farms in Albertville has confirmed that 75 employees of the plant have tested positive for coronavirus, and one has died; furthermore, an additional 250 may have been exposed …


Who raises bobwhites and would part with some eggs or anything lol. Northern, Tennessee reds, or snow flakes it doesn't matter.


It took a virus for America to get back to what makes it so great. People helping people. A spirit of helping. We want to thank all essential workers on the front lines who are keeping our nation moving. Without the farmers,utilities workers,grocery clerks, gas station attendants, food service, truck drivers, distribution employees, manufacturing of essential goods,health care, and public service workers doing their job our country would have collapsed for sure. We would like to give y'all a big THANK YOU . Remember next time you see these people give them some encouraging words because they are putting their families at risk so we can get groceries and other supplies we need for life.


Let us know if you are interested in any of these so we can get them in the incubator. Pm for price and details.

Available april -may
Large fowl
Heritage Rhode Island Reds
Blue laced red Wyandottes
Blue Andalusians

Black Wyandotte

Quail (coturnix assorted colors)

Turkeys will be pairs or males only starting fall 2020 .



We are still doing if anyone local is interested in getting some of our excess eggs in the next couple of weeks. You can let us know also if you're interested in quail eggs. We might make some of them available. Remember this is absolutely FREE we are offering this to help out and maybe make it easier for social distancing. Let us know also if you or someone you know is doing something similar in your area. Comment below..


We have way to many eggs to hatch. Anyone local want to take a chance on trying to hatch some eggs? The best part is these are FREE.


Collinsville, AL


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Our friends at Chick N Stuff got flooded out with all the rains. :( y'all keep them in your hearts and minds as they deal with the flooding.
We would like to wish everyone a happy New year. We have some great things in the works for 2019 but we can't spill the beans just yet. We actually got our first egg today so we are getting ready to fire up the incubators for a few months of hopeful hatching with some optimism of getting more candidates for the 2019 fall shows. Last year we had some hit and miss with some experiments in crossing well established lines with some newer blood to maintain vigor in our lines. We knew it would be hit and miss but we also knew we needed new vigor in some of the show lines. Hopefully this year we will have all the kinks worked out of the lines. We tripled the number of andalusians we had too bad half of them are cockerals. :( ... Our buff Orpington flock has also tripled in size and all are young pullets :) we will not be selling any ayam cemanis this year we have been having horrible luck trying to get pullet numbers up in the cemanis. No barred rock bantams this year something got the cockeral we had one day while free ranging. We will try to keep everyone posted on how we are doing at the shows this year but its so hard to remember to take pics.
Getting 2 new rhode island red cockerals from one of the country's top breeders. Can't wait to see what these guys will do for our rhode island reds. 2 years we have been trying to get more legnth to no avail. With these new birds we should have the missing piece to give us what we need.
Do you happen to have any Marans for sale
My pair of cemani’s! Thanks again for such beautiful birds!

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