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You are doing great Jordyn

You are doing great Jordyn


Get your tickets before they are gone! It’s going to be a great night supporting a fantastic cause

Come help us celebrate our local veterans! Stock the Barn fundraiser is a favorite of the season and tickets are almost ...

Come help us celebrate our local veterans!
Stock the Barn fundraiser is a favorite of the season and tickets are almost sold out!
See more information at Summit Equestrian Center!

Get your tickets before they are gone! It’s going to be a great night supporting a fantastic cause


Partnerships built of trust.


Honor Veterans Day with Summit Equestrian Center

Love the spring showers and white horses!!!🥴

Love the spring showers and white horses!!!🥴


Always a student of the horse.


Happy !

Our planet is certainly blessed with lots of incredible species, but let’s not forget that not all of them mix successfully. For example, did you know that the plants listed below (many of which are extremely common) are toxic to horses?

The good news is that a 1,000-pound horse has to consume significantly higher quantities of a toxic plant than a smaller animal to be affected clinically. However, some plants are cause for concern since even a curious nibble or repeated browsing over several weeks or months can lead to serious illness or even death. Therefore, it’s in your horse’s best interest that you learn to recognize poisonous plants so they can be promptly removed from your horse-keeping areas.

If you suspect your horse has ingested a poisonous plant:
• Remove the horse from the source.
• Contact your veterinarian immediately.
• Attempt to determine how much of the toxic plant was eaten and when it was eaten.

Pro tip: another commonly overlooked reason a horse may become poisoned, is allowing horses to graze a pasture after it has been sprayed with herbicide but before the weeds have died and disappeared.

As always, contact your veterinarian for more information and guidance!


One of the important lessons I learned from Ian Francis ... learn to recognize when a horse is giving you his individual best. - Clinton


Your donation gets us in the saddle There are Veterans in our community struggling with physical and emotional baggage from their time in the service. Transitioning back to civilian life can be challenging and support can be hard to find. At Summit Equestrian Center we provide a ...


Pluto TV - Drop in. Watch Free. Watch 250+ channels of free TV and 1000's of on-demand movies and TV shows.


Road to the Horse 2023 tickets are on sale now. Don't miss the World Championship of C**t Starting on March 23-26 at the Kentucky Horse Park. **tStarting



Spring has sprung and so has fresh grass! ☀️ Be sure to introduce your horse to spring pasture gradually. 🐴



Congratulations to the 2022 Road To The Horse World Champion C**t Starter Mike Major Horsemanship & his horse Yellowhouse Canyon!!

Another geat day!!!!

Another geat day!!!!


It is Magic everyday

Ready for round 1

Ready for round 1


Road to the Horse 2022 will be streamed, free of charge via PBR Ridepass Only On Pluto TV. All Road to the Horse 2022 Clinics and Championship Competition Rounds will be aired on March 24-27, 2022. Viewers can watch the footage live or on demand at a later time. Domestic Viewers: Download the Plut...


LIVESTREAM INFO: Domestic viewers may download the Pluto TV app on your smart TV or favorite device to watch all rounds of Road to the Horse 2022, or click directly on the link to go directly to the LIVE PBR RIDEPASS Channel 720 on Pluto TV. Drop In. Watch Free. International viewers will have a separate link to follow.

Coverage will include all the clinics including Thursday and all the round pen action!



Road to the Horse 2022 Livestream Information: Download the Pluto TV app on your smart TV or favorite device to watch all rounds of Road to the Horse 2022, or click directly on the link here to go directly to the LIVE PBR RidePass Channel 720 on Pluto TV. Drop In. Watch Free. International viewers will have a separate link to follow. This link will be available shortly.


How cold is too cold to ride?

Let’s start with your horse’s respiratory tract. The horse’s respiratory tract is designed to warm and humidify air by the time air reaches the lungs. Intense exercise (anything more than a walk) speeds up and deepens breaths so that air is not as warm or humid when it reaches the lungs which can cause damage to the lower respiratory tracts. It has been discovered in multiple studies that respiratory tracts in horses can become damaged by breathing cold air starting around 23 degrees Fahrenheit, damage to lower respiratory tracts was found 48 hours after exercise, including elevated white blood cell counts and inflammatory proteins as well as narrowing of the tracts.

Moving on to your horse’s cardiovascular system (heart). The cardiovascular system react to cold by increasing the blood pressure and heart rate. It also reduces the amount of blood that flows closest to the skin in order to preserve core body temperature. The reduced blood flow to the skin can lead to frostbite. This lack of blood leads to the eventual freezing and death of skin tissue in the affected areas. Again, it is probably wise to reduce the intensity of your ride so that your horse’s heart does not have to work so hard.

And last but not least your horse’s muscles and joints. Muscles take longer to warm up in the cold weather and arthritic joints may ache and need more time to loosen up. During exercise in the cold, your horse’s muscles require more energy at a faster rate in order for them to function as they would under less extreme conditions. The cold temperature effects the temperature of your horse’s muscles greatly affecting the muscles’ ability to contract. This can leave muscles more vulnerable to fatigue and strains, as cold muscles are less elastic and don’t absorb shock or impact as well as warm muscles. Cold muscles are also less responsive to signals from the nervous system so movements are less coordinated.

So in conclusion it is best to avoid exercise (trotting, cantering and jumping) when temperatures are under 20 degrees F, stick with walking and make sure to properly cool your horse down.


Interested in joining us for an outside the box approach to therapy?
We’re combining horses with a tactical creation to show how all of our stories intertwine & spark conversation.
This is an event for our veteran community & we need you to rsvp so we know how many people to expect.
**no artist ability or horse experience is required ** 😉
Go to to register

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.


Visit Summit Equestrian to discover how working with our horses can have an impact on your life. From children to teens to adults to veteran-specific programs, we tailor each session to the client, making the experience uniquely impactful for each rider.


“Since starting with this program I have begun to pray again.”
These horses give our veterans hope for the future. The time they spend with other veterans at the barn helps them to find purpose & connection.
Building community through genuine connection gives meaning beyond the everyday routine. We meet people where they are & help them know they are not alone in their battles.
We want to reach more veterans in our community & look forward to partnering with you to make that happen.
Stock the Barn is our annual effort to fill the hay barn, acquire the grain, stock up on all the things we need to serve our veterans. Please join us in making our programs available to our veterans at no cost.
Thank you, Allison


Just like that we’re done with our ride! Horses are on their way home & our veterans are appreciating sitting on something that is not moving 😅.
We have lots of great things to share, more to come.
Thank you to our village who have helped us get the horses & equipment clean, in good shape & in the right places. Thank you to for letting us join you.
Thank you to our veterans that rode today. Way to step up & take on a serious challenge


Come see us Saturday!
Trail to Zero


Are you interested in learning more about our veterans program, equine therapy or Trail to Zero? Friday October 8, 3:00-5:00 is your chance!
We’ll be hanging around with the horses & Bravehearts team, answering questions & introducing people to our horses.
Come to the Allen Co Fairgrounds, bring your family, learn how you can get involved


Just a couple weeks until Fort Wayne’s Trail to Zero.
When I learned about this opportunity in March we had 2 adult size Western saddles that didn’t really fit our horses, our horses were out of shape & not super ambitious. I pictured myself walking the 20 miles with the Bravehearts team.
Now, 6 months later, this event has given purpose to our practice. I’m so impressed by how our veterans have embraced the cause & the work required. I’m grateful to our community for your support, we now have 8 horses with fitting tack & the financial support to get what we need. Plus our horses are really enjoying their expanded role.
This sense of purpose, to know you matter, it’s a game changer. As we bring awareness of the veteran su***de crisis to the streets of Fort Wayne, we lead by example.
Thank you for your support of our mission


With the help of the Chicago Police Mounted Unit 15 BraveHearts horses, veterans and support riders have begun the 20-mile trek on Trail to Zero to raise awareness and prevention for the 20 military veterans and service members who die by su***de every day. We are proud to ride in our hometown city in efforts to end military su***de and help reach more veterans 🇺🇸


Fort Wayne’s first Trail to Zero ride this fall draws attention to the role equine therapy can play in preventing veteran su***de.


It’s HOT & humid. Drink a lot of water & take breaks. Horses physically have less surface area than people do so it’s harder for them to stay cool in the heat. Lots of water, access to salts & minerals, shade & a breeze help


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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.