BMR's Signature Rabbitry

BMR's Signature Rabbitry Raising Pedigreed Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs in New York. All rabbits are pedigreed and most are registered through the A.R.B.A. Breeding Pedigreed Holland Lops & Netherland Dwarfs in NY.

Colors we work on in NDs is Chocolate, Black, Lilac, Blue and REW in Selfs, Otter and Broken. Colors we work with in our Holland Lops is Tort, Blue Tort, Black and Sable Point, in Solids and Brokens.

Operating as usual

It's probably no big surprise to some but I am excited to announce the addition of Rex to my breeding programs! I'll soo...

It's probably no big surprise to some but I am excited to announce the addition of Rex to my breeding programs! I'll soon be adding their pictures to my website but to say I am excited for this new journey would be an understatement!

Picture: Sandy Pine's Blue Lace - Broken Blue Jr Rex Doe


Super excited for an upcoming announcement! Stay tuned! 🥰

Meant to share this February 28th to the page. Lol. I have since added Amber too. So... I did a thing over the weekend.....

Meant to share this February 28th to the page. Lol. I have since added Amber too.

So... I did a thing over the weekend... Lol!

Everyone meet Lucy! One of my Rex does that have been added to the rabbitry! As some know, I've been on a manhunt for nice Rex for over a year now. I came across an amazing family over the weekend who just happened to have two Rex does they were looking to rehome. I am meeting them soon for Amber, my blue tort Rex doe. Now the search begins for a nice Pedigreed Rex buck!

Excuse the photo, it doesn't do her any justice!


**UPDATE: We are beginning to compile a list of veterinarians who are approved to administer the RHDV2 vaccine. This list is voluntary and therefore not comprehensive.

Rabbit Disease Confirmed in Tennessee

NASHVILLE – The State Veterinarian confirmed today that Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Type 2 (RHDV2) was detected in two domesticated rabbits in one East Tennessee location. There are no other rabbits on the premises and no other confirmed cases in other counties.

“This detection is an isolated incident with no known exposure to any other rabbits, domestic or wild,” State Veterinarian Dr. Samantha Beaty said. “RHDV2 is not transmissible to humans, but it is highly infectious and fatal to domestic rabbits. We want to remind rabbit owners that practicing good biosecurity is the best defense.”

Link to full press release in comments.

All rabbits in this album have been rehomed. Congrats to all the new owners!

All rabbits in this album have been rehomed. Congrats to all the new owners!

BMR's BMR151

BMR's BMR151

Proud Ear's Lolita

Proud Ear's Lolita

All rabbits in this album have been rehomed. Congrats to all the new owners!

All rabbits in this album have been rehomed. Congrats to all the new owners!

Updated photos of BMR's BMR151

Updated photos of BMR's BMR151

BMR's Astrid is looking for a special pet home only. This doe unfortunately can NOT be used for breeding. She would howe...

BMR's Astrid is looking for a special pet home only. This doe unfortunately can NOT be used for breeding. She would however make someone a fantastic pet or show animal. Astrid is a year old, super friend and absolutely adorable. It breaks my heart that she cannot be used in a breeding program but after 4 failed tries, 3 with severe stuck kits, it is best that she relocate to a loving pet home.


To all of our friends traveling to Convention, I wish you the best, safe travels and have fun! We will see y'all at Convention 2023 if not before then!


Due to being under the weather, I will not be doing a live this week. I hope I will be feeling better next week to do a live regarding what Medications, supplements and more that I keep on hand for my rabbitry.


Important notice to rabbit owners: Two Ramsey Co. pet rabbits died suddenly earlier this month from a highly contagious rabbit disease detected for the first time in MN: Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2). They were indoor pets & had no contact with other rabbits. There is no known risk to humans. Watch our Facebook Live on Wednesday, September 29th at 3:30pm to get the latest information on this developing situation & highly contagious disease from Dr. Andrew Bean, board-certified in exotic companion mammal practice.


We are going live!
When: Sunday, September 12th at 2pm ET
Where: On our Facebook Group!

Please join me as I talk about some topics and answer questions live! You must be a member of our group in order to see the live.

Topics that can possibly be discussed:
*Taking pictures
*Picking grow outs
*And more!


I've added more junior Holland lops to the list. Will update the website later this evening.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!In regards to RHDv2 being on the East Coast, I have decided that IF/WHEN RHDv2 comes within 200 m...


In regards to RHDv2 being on the East Coast, I have decided that IF/WHEN RHDv2 comes within 200 miles of my barn and is confirmed, I will be on full lock down to protect my herd. That means no rabbits going in or out. I really hope it doesn't come to this. I will be installing more biosecurity now as well.

As many know, I run a very small breeding program. The health and wellbeing of my herd is my main priority. I really hope it does not continue to reside on the east coast.


What a successful day it was for us and the two rabbits I decided to show!

Show A: Corey H.
*BMR's Jack Sparrow - 1st, BOV & BOG
*BMR's Shadowfax - 2nd

Show B: Paul K.
*BMR's Jack Sparrow - 1st & BOV
*BMR's Shadowfax - 1st & BOV

I absolutely loved seeing all of our friends! Cannot wait to see everyone at the next show!

Super excited to add Brocks Fallen Ear's Champ to the breeding program today! Can't wait to see what we get out of this ...

Super excited to add Brocks Fallen Ear's Champ to the breeding program today! Can't wait to see what we get out of this boy!

Photos from BMR's Signature Rabbitry's post

Photos from BMR's Signature Rabbitry's post




I have received more messages this past two weeks than I have in years of people complaining that their rabbits have passed away. When asking to describe what happened and how old the rabbits were, they were anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks old. This is TOO Young! It is ILLEGAL in NY to sell anything under 8 weeks of age! Do better! Stop supporting crap pet breeders who only want your money and don't care about the well being or health of the animals! If you see someone advertising newborn kits to 6 week olds, who are ready to send them home, RUN! This is just asking for problems. Find a reputable breeder! A rabbit should never leave a breeders care before they hit 8 weeks old!

Excited to add these two girls to the barn!Proud Ear's LouLouProud Ear's Rue

Excited to add these two girls to the barn!

Proud Ear's LouLou
Proud Ear's Rue


Some of you may have seen the updated "For Sale" page on our website. Many have asked, "why are you no longer offering pets?" In order to avoid repeating myself over and over again, it's time I posted on here. First I want to note that those of you that have gotten pets from me, most of you have been AMAZING and I personally want to thank you for being amazing owners to rabbits produced here that did not make the cut for breeding or show programs. Without you guys, offering pets would not have lasted this long! This message is in no way, shape or form, directed at you guys, I will forever be thankful, truly and will always stand behind that if you have questions or need help, do not hesitate to ask. Sadly, I have decided to cancel offering pets due to the bad experiences I have seen since last year. I rarely offer pets but it seems like when I do lately, it has been biting me in the butt. I have seen rabbits come back extremely malnourished, neglected, dying and even those who THINK they can breed them, throw my name out there and get the prices I do out of my breeding and show stock. I am 100% aware that I cannot control what happens to a rabbit outside of my care however, when I have people blowing up my email and phone demanding I give them a pedigree on a rabbit that you produced out of pets or the lack of care, that is where I draw the line! In the last two years, I have only had maybe six good encounters and enough is enough. I have decided that there is a better option for my program at this time to ensure that "pets" no longer ever end up in another situation as previously stated. Thank you again to those who have made it a wonderful experience.


lol good luck!


I will be having a herd reduction around March. With that being said, I will be making a list and only sending it privately. This list will include proven bucks and does, juniors, registered rabbits, etc. At this time, I will only be listing Netherland Dwarfs. I will be letting go some of my excellent mom's this year after they wean either their current litters or next litters.

*NOT FOR SALE*BMR's Jack SparrowBlack Jr ND BuckUnderhill Equinox x BMR's RebaAbsolutely love this little buck coming up...


BMR's Jack Sparrow
Black Jr ND Buck
Underhill Equinox x BMR's Reba

Absolutely love this little buck coming up!


We are receiving a lot of member request for our group. I just want to remind people that if you fail to answer the questions and read the rules, you will be automatically denied. All of the questions must be answered.


Corning, NY

General information

"BMR's Signature Rabbitry" was formerly known as "Brittany's Funny Bunny Farm". All copyrights are reserved. Please do not remove photos unless the rabbitry is credited. Located in Corning, NY 14830. We offer pedigreed Holland Lops for Show and Breeding purposes. We are a small non-profit rabbitry that only does this for the enjoyment of the hobby. All rabbits are pedigreed and most are registered with A.R.B.A. We are an exhibitor in Open of A.R.B.A.

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm


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About Us

My parents were farmers so it comes to no surprise when I say that some of us kids quickly got bit by the show bug and started showing animals in 4-H. My sister was the first to start showing; she showed sheep and rabbits. I remember going out to her rabbit barn and watching her with her French Lops, Oreo being the one I remember the most because she was an absolute terror. I remember going to Ashley's 4-H meetings and watching her leader talk to everyone and discuss projects. That woman, she was an absolute angel. She was absolutely amazing with the kids, kind, generous and full of knowledge regarding every animal and detail you needed to know. I remember when she talked, she had this charm about her that you couldn't help but adore and was completely mesmerized by her. She was absolutely fascinating. I remember begging my parents to allow me to join her group but sadly I wasn't old enough. I remember going to the 4-H grounds and watching my sister show and helped prepare. I remember the smell, the excitement, being anxious and the fair food.

After we moved to New York, our parents had us join the local 4-H. I'm sad to say it was nothing like what we were use to at all. It was all a competition to kids, it was all money and politics. My sister quickly lost interests completely in the animals and soon moved onto her new found interests. I lost complete interests in the 4-H program as well. The way people treated us, the way parents and kids alike sneered and made jokes about us because of our accents and where we came from. It was too much and all the fun out of it was lost; I missed Ms Gail more than anything then.

In 2001, I was sitting outside my grandfather's farm house; we heard several rabbits screaming down below the house at the trailer across the street, a fox had entered the pens and began killing the rabbits. Next thing I know, I seen this black booted Mini Lop come hopping up the driveway. My dad rushed over to the rabbit, checked for injuries and gave the buck to me. His name was Lucky and he was the restart to my rabbit addiction. Six months later, I added Spot, a broken black Netherland Dwarf, far from show quality. Next thing I know, I'm up to 200 holes and a full fledged breeding rabbitry; that was the start to Brittany's Funny Bunny Farm. I was already showing horses in 4-H during that time and decided to give the rabbits a whirl along with a couple cavies. The rabbitry quickly again expanded and started concentrating on show rabbits. By 2003, I had 400 holes that were occupied by mostly show rabbits, all pedigreed, including in the following breeds: American Chinchillas, American Fuzzy Lops, Californians, Dutch, Flemish Giants, Florida Whites, French Lops, Giant Chinchillas, Harlequins, Havanas, Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies, Lionheads, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands, Polish, Rex, and Tans. I also had over 40 holes of Pedigreed American Cavies.

In 2008, I joined the American Rabbit Breeders Association. For the first couple of years, I tried showing all my breeds and upgrading the quality of my herds; I quickly learned that I just had too many to concentrate on so one by one, I ended up selling out of several breeds. In 2011, I sold the last of my Tans, Californians, Lionheads and New Zealands to move my concentration to just the Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. Now with just forcing my concentration on two breeds, I slowly began the climb up. I earned several legs, wins and even placed on a national level in my district. Sadly, once 2015 hit, I was forced to sell my entire herd of Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops and what was then my thought of the end completely of my rabbit hobby.

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Hey guys! I am currently locked out of my rabbitry page. I have sent some of you who have messaged me a friends request and a response. Please be sure to check your other folders in your messages.
The website has been updated!