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Update!  Please check out!No horses, but very much inspired by the work you all requested i...

Update! Please check out!
No horses, but very much inspired by the work you all requested in the 3R days. It is finally coming to fruition! Thanks for your continued support!

Sage Intent CollectiveIntentionality Coaching Become Yourself Build an Intentional LifeSage Intent Collective is a dynamic group of coaches with a variety of professional specialties and personal experiences.  These coaches help cultivate a lived path for their clients that supports transformation ...


Today #aspengrowthcoaching had a full team meeting in preparation for our New Years Day launch! With all coaches present, we discussed our company values: Trust, Service, Whole Person & Intersectionality. We will share a bit about each value in the coming weeks and are so excited to be starting a company that, from the start, will represent values we are passionate about.

#trust #service #wholeperson #intersectionality #therapeuticconsulting #parentcoach #transitioncoach #parent #teen #therapy #support #treatment #healing

Time flies! Five years ago today I closed up the 3R Three Forks barn and headed North (and then west, then south, then e...

Time flies! Five years ago today I closed up the 3R Three Forks barn and headed North (and then west, then south, then east, and then north again). I’ve seen a few of you here and there over the last five years, but for those of you who don’t know, I’ve spent this time transforming myself into a clinical social worker through a masters degree, field placement and supervised residency. I am one exam away from being insurance billable, which I spoke with many of you about dreaming of being one day!

In 2021, I will be launching 3 new business that reflect my new professional identity. The first launches in January! Please follow Aspen Growth Coaching on Facebook or @aspengrowthcoaching on Instagram for more updates.

Thank you 3R family. You taught me more than you know and it was your idea for me to become a therapist and coach, a process and identity I now value tremendously in my life.

Looking for the right horse, pony, donkey or mule (gentle llama or cow?) to add to an animal therapy program. Open to se...

Looking for the right horse, pony, donkey or mule (gentle llama or cow?) to add to an animal therapy program. Open to senior animals in good health, safety is the priority. This animal must also be able to live with other horses and tolerate some summer grass. Also must be able to be trimmed barefoot with the rest of the herd. This animal would receive a ton of attention, great health care, have very limited work in their life and be well loved! Safe to ride for beginners is a bonus, though riding would be light. Donation appreciated, or reasonable adoption fee may be considered.


It is National Animal Therapy Day! Some of the young women I work with were interviewed to celebrate 🙂

Paws For Insight

Hi everyone! While I will keep the 3R page active and post here from time to time, I'm actually starting a new side project called Paws For Insight. ( I'm really excited!

It's very much in the infancy stages of a business, but I do have a fb page and a basic website up and running. I will be offering therapy (I can offer this via Skype, so distance is no issue!) with and without the support of animals, so whether you are interested in more traditional talk therapy or Animal Centered Therapy, it can happen!

I will be collaborating with some really amazing people (nurses, massage therapists, dieticians and bodywork specialists) in the future to create treatment plans that support the whole person, and this is going to grow in all sorts of directions. Please follow so we can all keep in touch, as this will be a more active page moving forward!

Medical & Health


Hi everyone! As the sun starts shining I'm beginning to get calls about spring and summer riding. I am no longer taking horses into training as I am very happily continuing to work in a clinical setting, both as a therapist and running an Animal Centered therapy program! However, many of you remember Bree, who worked for me in 2013 and 2014. Bree has continued to pursue her horsemanship and is able to take horses in for work this summer. She often can provide horses experience in big country, which is a unique offering and I totally support the work that she does! Please email her directly at [email protected] to see if your horse is a fit for what she is doing this year. Take care!


Hi everyone! I have a very talented teen student looking for horse opportunities near Salt Lake City. She does not care if she rides, just wants access to horses. She would caretake, horse sit, just hang out at the barn, anything! Even if you just want someone to pay attention to a retired horse, she would do it. Spread the word!


Hi everyone! I know this page has been inactive but I have a great opportunity to share. My former intern, Bree, is able to take 4 lucky horses in for August/September near Alder, MT. Horses will be ridden in the hills, in the woods, in the pasture, in the arena, around cows, and more. This is an opportunity for a broke horse (green broke is fine but must be already riding and safe enough to immediately get started on these types of activities) to have the experience of a lifetime and take their confidence to the next level. I trust Bree to ride my own horses and know she will be thoughtful and caring. She will price competitively and whatever she charges I'm sure you will be getting a steal for all she does with your horse! Call and leave her a message at 406 214-1805 for more info.

I had the pleasure of stopping by the Tom Miner Basin to check on my former intern Bree and my little mare Lyla.  It fel...

I had the pleasure of stopping by the Tom Miner Basin to check on my former intern Bree and my little mare Lyla. It felt really good to see the two of them working well together! I like to think I got them both started, but now they will take each other to the next level without me, which is the greatest result as a teacher! I'm thankful to Bree for giving Lyla this thoughtful life experience!

I've been in Billings judging the horses at the fair for the last few days. My favorite moment was when one of the most ...

I've been in Billings judging the horses at the fair for the last few days. My favorite moment was when one of the most advanced level riders, who was in the midst of a complicated pattern and doing well, got off his horse because the horse felt lame to him. He came over to tell me he was scratching for the rest of the day. I shook his hand and told him how much I respected that. These are horses, not objects, and this young man knew that.

My August trip is shaping up. Last call for interest before I finalize each of my stops! Please email alex@threeriversho...

My August trip is shaping up. Last call for interest before I finalize each of my stops! Please email [email protected].


Travel update: I will be available to teach in the Bozeman area for a day or two around August 5 and the Billings area a day or two around August 9. I will be judging the fair in Billings August 10-12. I may have a couple other event announcements to come. If you are interested in a lesson during this time, please let me know and I will add you to my itinerary as I build my schedule.

The trip has a few purposes for me so I will not be booking 10+ lessons a day like the old days, so time will be limited. If you would like to grab a spot please let me know ASAP :)

I'm excited to be making a Montana loop in August! I will be judging the Billings fair August 10-12 and have some stops ...

I'm excited to be making a Montana loop in August! I will be judging the Billings fair August 10-12 and have some stops planned along the way down (8/5-8/9). If you are in Missoula, Bozeman or Billings areas and would like to plan something, please let me know! Horses and dogs. More specific events are in the works and I will keep you all posted!

Since I am deeply entrenched in developing this new Animal Centered Therapy program and completing my masters, I have le...
Touching the Wild | Full Episode | Nature | PBS

Since I am deeply entrenched in developing this new Animal Centered Therapy program and completing my masters, I have less "clinic life" to post on this page. You have probably noticed I am trying to share thoughtful posts that challenge the status quo about human-animal relationships. This documentary is one of the most thought provoking I've seen recently and this man offers a unique approach to understanding another species' experience, without exerting his own human privilege. Please let me know what you think!

Joe Hutto’s idea of research is anything but normal, dedicating seven years of his life to becoming a wild mule deer.

I think constantly about the state of horses in our world.  I feel endlessly conflicted about so many aspects of equine ...

I think constantly about the state of horses in our world. I feel endlessly conflicted about so many aspects of equine domestication, which in many respects is why I'm not taking horses into training anymore.

Today I was watching a documentary on Orcas in captivity ( available on Netflix). It is a shocking and disturbing movie about whales at Seaworld and other places like it. Just considering the whales alone and the immense suffering is staggering and worth the watch.

But what struck me the most as I watched the film was how the most shocking parts of it are standard in the horse industry. Young whales ripped from their screaming mothers to be shipped away. Whales being captured from the ocean and brought to live in stalls, only coming out (to a slightly larger area) to perform. Whales attacking trainers, sometimes killing them. People rationalizing what they were doing, despite what the whales and their conscience told them, and even regurgitating false information to the public without question.

There was not one part of this film (other than the sheer size difference between horses and whales) that has not been a part of MY personal experience with horses. There was nothing in the film that is not every day in the horse industry. Yet horses are not held captive like this by the dozens.

They are held by the millions.

I hope we can do better.

Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity. Along the way, director-producer Gabriela Cowperthwaite compiles shocking footage and emotional interviews to explore the creature’s extraordinary nature, the species’ cruel treatme

I've been quiet on this page lately, but not for lack of activity! Today was graduation day for my two dog classes in Eu...

I've been quiet on this page lately, but not for lack of activity! Today was graduation day for my two dog classes in Eureka. Pictured below are the graduates of our big dog companionship class! Minus one Great Dane, who couldn't make it today :) In six weeks of classes, we didn't teach ANY commands, but saw huge changes in all of the dogs.


I was just made aware of two Balance saddles, Felix 8x. These are awesome saddles. $1800 each. If you are looking to upgrade, it might be worth checking out! I can put you in touch. Those of you with wintecs that have an adjustable gullet and you are at the white gullet or greater, this would potentially work for an upgrade to a fancier saddle.


Dog class update! Date change. Class starts February 11 and runs for 6 Saturdays.
Thanks for all of the interest! I believe I have responded to everyone via email, facebook msg or email, but drop ins are welcome. I would really appreciate a note prior to coming if possible, so I can get a sense of numbers.
The first class will be some basic ground rules, discussion of equipment, socialization and evaluations of each dog to get a feel for what we are working with.
Puppies 8 months and younger and small dogs, 9am.
Adult dogs 9 months and older, 10:15am.
If you have a human or dog aggressive dog please contact me before the class to decide if this is appropriate. We want to keep the group safe! I do offer private aggressive dog work and if that is more appropriate we can schedule.
Location is the church gym at 1275 2nd Ave E. Eureka.


While it is too cold and snowy to work your horses...
Dog classes! Saturdays beginning February 4.
Planning a 6 week dog class, HEATED indoor location in Eureka! If there is enough interest, I will offer one for small dogs/pups under 8 months, and an adult (9 months and older) class. These are lifestyle classes, and will focus on socialization and real life skills, rather than a traditional obedience class (but, we will do some basic obedience in there!). Saturday mornings (time tba) starting February 4 and running 6 weeks. $75 for the six weeks. Must have 4 dogs or more in each class to make it happen, otherwise we will combine classes into one. PM me with questions or to reserve a spot! Visit my website for more info about me (there is a Dogs tab).

Another New YearAs the calendar shifts to a new year, I decided to revisit what I wrote on this blog last year and the y...
3R Blog

Another New Year

As the calendar shifts to a new year, I decided to revisit what I wrote on this blog last year and the year before, and reflect on what has changed and what has stayed the same. (You can read what I published on this night exactly one year ago here: I write this entry today both for those of you who will read it, but also for my future self, who will hopefully read this again on this night in 2017.

I covered a lot of ground in 2016. I started the year in Bozeman, MT, having recently closed the Three Forks facility and moved my husband to Eureka, MT. I helped him move with two of our horses, turned the rest of the horses out elsewhere and hit the road. I took a quick trip to Portland, OR and the coast, but soon after that I rushed down to Arizona with a sick dog hoping for a medical miracle, but instead just got a month of sunshine and walks before she left this world on Valentine’s Day ( From Hawaiian beaches to a Chicago trip full of babies to New York City conversation, I tried to soak up inspiration. One final stop in Phoenix and my truck packed with dogs (some old friends, and some new to the journey), I headed back north.

Home in Montana I taught between Bozeman and Billings, and acclimated to Eureka, now our home. My husband and I moved in June to our new property, selling the Whitehall home we thought we would be forever but turned out just to be a stop for my horses, and purchasing what is as close to a fantasy as I ever thought could come true for us.

In April I started working at a therapeutic boarding school, discovering a love for working with teenaged girls I could never have predicted. Staggering was how comfortable and right the work felt—and so quickly. Some of this work involves horses and dogs, some without, but finding new inspiration in these young women has been a surprise and a gift that cannot be overstated.

When I read my blog on this day last year, what strikes me is that my inner turmoil about the “right” way to occupy space in the horse industry is just as great now as it was a year ago. I’m no less confused about how to work responsibly with animals that have no choice as to if they are in your life or not. What I have experienced, though, is the gift of working with young humans in a similar predicament. The girls I work with now are stuck at this school, without the autonomy to leave. In fact, strangers, who then transported them to treatment, surprised many of the girls in the middle of the night. The fear and trauma of this event preferable to the possibility that they run away or hurt themselves because they know they are being sent to treatment.

There are so few of us that are not equines who know what it must feel like to have our kidnapping endorsed by our guardians, for our own good. These girls know what it feels like to be a horse taken to training. I may be a kind and helpful trainer or horse owner (or, in the case of the girls, therapist), but the horse still did not choose me, and that power inequity must never be forgotten. I still do not know how to best manage and respect this dynamic, but now I have humans that can articulate an experience I never thought I would hear described in the English language, trying to help me understand how domesticated horses must feel every day. While I do not have concrete answers, I do know that the power of this shared experience between the girls and the horses at school has been incredible to behold.

I also have not taken any horses into training in 2016. I don’t yet know what my plans are for 2017 in that regard. For now, I am without an indoor arena and under plenty of snow, so it is nonissue! I have immersed myself working at the therapeutic school and plan to continue this learning as I wrap up my Masters degree and build what I am calling the Animal Centered Therapy program (a divergence from Animal Assisted Therapy that I will elaborate on in later blogs) at the school. I will still teach private lessons and clinics throughout the state on a limited basis as I did this year.

I have dog classes in the works in Eureka that should begin in the next month, and I am excited to try a new aspect of teaching (group lessons with dogs and puppies). I am spending time at the animal shelter here, which I find really fun and rejuvenating, because I get to work with types of animals I don’t normally have access to and get creative (my most recent project is a ten month old, intact male purebred Plott Hound with minimal socialization…certainly not my normal “type” of dog and therefore really intriguing to work with and fall in love with!).

As always, I bring in the New Year thankful for all of your continued support and guidance. I have learned more through this business than I ever thought possible, and even though the majority of my time lately has been spent working in a different setting, 3R proves to be a never-ending teacher. I can easily say I have learned more from animals and my business than I have anywhere else in my life and I quote and use these lessons daily. For this, I am endlessly grateful.

Happy New Year.

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Hi all.Hope winter has been treating you gently. I was a range rider last year in the Tom Miner Basin. Which meant I rode at dawn and dusk to count and gather cows together and haze wolves out if they seemed to be there. The main objective is to be a human presence. Allowing wolves and cows to stay alive. This summer I was asked again to continue but this time in the Centennial Valley. I need 3 horses to rotate for a 4 month period. I was wondering if any of you had or knew someone who might want their horses to gain experience and or confidence or just regular exercise. Feed and shoes are provided. If you or know someone who might be interested could you private message me? Or email me at [email protected].
Just a reminder that Ross Jacobs will be at my barn at 1435 Barrett Rd, Billings, Oct 15-18. 15th is private lessons if anyone wants one and the clinic is 16th- 18th. Look forward to having auditors. Most on this list know about the work he does as it follows a similar philosophy that we have seen with Alex. Just different experiences that he has that shapes his training.
For Sale - $15.00 -Super Christmas Idea for your young adult: Order from the Author direct for your Personal Signed Copy or Go online to Amazon for additional media format availability - Either way - Sit back and enjoy: More than anything in her young world, Georgie Chapman had always wanted a horse of her own. When a neglected, half-starved c**t inexplicably wanders on to her family's Montana ranch, the ponytailed teen becomes the palomino's caregiver, trainer, and best friend. Together, they discover their property is haunted by eerie spirits. Ghosts. At first, only unnerving nuisances moved in the barn, equipment tampered with, sightings of a spooky shadow figure. Georgie's dog, Joey, and horse, Freedom, are too often on edge...tormented and scared. Her parents are oblivious to the evil that lurks, blowing off the strange events as harmless coincidences or their daughter's overactive imagination. Georgie's problems don't end there. She encounters more suspense with high school peers---some good friends with high moral principles to be admired...some overly-entitled bullies you'll root against. Grant Bishop, a hard working son of a cattle rancher lives several miles up the road. The young cowboy falls hard for the petite tomboy. He gladly volunteers, along with her best friend, Tana, to assist with training her horse that summer. Georgie recognizes that the dark entities are growing more powerful, ramping up their danger. It falls on the three teenagers to rescue her beloved family and innocent animals from the wicked paranormal assaults
Hello is there anyway to send me pictures of the 3R bitless bridle that's actually on a horse. The ones that I have found are not very clear. And I would like your opinion on if you think this bridle will be good for any horse. Thank you
I have a halflinger mare and was wondering if the 3R sidepull will fit her?
Western Dressage schooling show: Helena MT
“You’re late!” Alex called as I asked Chloe to stop. I heard her say it in the back of my brain when we walked off, too, but it hadn’t penetrated my conscious. In my mind, Chloe was “with me” when I led her off and when we came to halt. Her feet moved off and stopped exactly when mine did. When I questioned Alex, she said, “Is Chloe’s mind in her feet?!” Where is her nose when you stopped? Is that where it was when you started? No, in fact. Chloe was walking several steps behind me, If her feet stopped the minute mine did, how did she get so close to me? “Her mind is not in her feet" (or bum, or any other place; not the first time I’ve heard this!). She wasn’t “ready". Her mind wasn’t thinking about starting or stopping--she was late. And I was late in recognizing it. Just because she kept slack in the rope didn’t mean she was thinking about going/stopping. I asked Alex to demonstrate, and the difference in Chloe’s demeanor was striking. Within a minute or so, the horse was floating along waiting for Alex’s next request. Clarity. Being “late” muddles clarity. You don’t see it until you see it. Then you can’t not see it. I understood a new level of "late". Thanks Alex!
We enjoyed auditing your classes today in Billings. I sure come Spring, Promise our TWH will be experiencing life at Three Rivers Tom & Kalyn Tyre
Excited to be on my way to engage in 3 days of training with Alex. See you soon!!
OK Alex, I guess even old dogs absorb some new tricks.. saddled the mule, and decided to walk out away from the house, after all if we pack out an elk, we will be walking and leading him. After an hour and a half, and 2.5 miles...he looked at me maybe three times. I never got on him...someone said if they don't pay attention on the ground, they aren't paying attention when your in the saddle...I essentially walked him like the most basic obedience class for dogs...changed directions when he got ahead of me...but..I think I need some lessons on getting his attention!!! Are you up for stubborn and stubborner???
You know your horse missed you when, after being gone for a few days you pull into the drive way and he sees you and takes off running with head up and tail in the air and waits for you by the pasture fence next to the garage. What a great feeling!! Thanks for helping me build a better relationship with my horse Alex!!