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It’s Almost Fall Yal! 🍂🍁🪵 These little guys photos turned out great with our first leaf fall! They are ready for fall s...

It’s Almost Fall Yal! 🍂🍁🪵
These little guys photos turned out great with our first leaf fall! They are ready for fall snuggles and trick or treating strolls with their new families!
🍁They will be getting their vet checks this week.
🍁There is Only Two Boys (Black & White Pieds) & Three Girls (Red Dapple Half Glass Eye, Black and Tan & A Silver Dapple Pied 😲)
🍁They will only be discussed for Pet Homes Only No Papers provided.
🍁Vet record for each babe along with some food to take home for them!
🍁Will meet publicly in Cullman/West Point AL Area!
🐶If your ready for your new baby very soon Feel Free to PM Me for more information on these sweet little babies 🐶


New page name coming, still the same owner. I also have a Facebook under the same name, for me it’s a little easier than this page to run 🤷🏼‍♀️ Soni am changing the name of this page to match the FB I created and maybe I can cross share/post from fb to page on what is available! Thank you for all of the sweet reviews, Updates, and recommendations!

Things that have changed;
💵Prices have changed a lot over the last few years just like everything else has changed, vet bills go up, I have a family now to tend to, dog food and other things have went up just like all otheir things of inflation. I’m sorry if that’s not what you need to hear. My prices are close but not quite as high as I have seen some top breeders out of state.

📑 CKC Registration Papers, Most of my recent customers did not need or want papers they just wanted a pet, so I do not order papers for my puppies anymore in advance, if you want your puppy registered for any reason whether it’s “just to have them” or “to breed” later that is fine, I can still order papers upon request BUT for those that want the papers handed to them at the day of purchase you will either have to put a deposit down on your puppy and tell me 100% that “You want your puppy to be registered” so that gives me time to get the papers in the mail. Or Purchase your puppy and go home and I will send your papers to You to Your mailbox when I Recieve them myself. Which can take 1-3 weeks depending on processing and mailing pace.
Which brings me to my next change

💵📑 Prices and Paperwork. Each litter will have two options “Pet Home Pricing” & “Registration Pricing” there will be a bit of a difference in the pricing.
🐶Pet Homes Only- Perfect for someone that does not care about doing paperwork and will be a bit cheaper than Registered.
🐶📑Registration Pricing- Perfect for someone that has to have papers to breed to register their puppies later and wants the rights to my blood in their puppies.

🐶Now if you purchase your puppy without papers at the time and then later on decide you want your puppy registered then I will have to charge prior to ordering papers the rest of the cost it would be for a Registered Puppy. The cost difference between the two options are still the same no matter the timing of the Decision.

😁This helps both types of buyers. And it also helps me with unnecessary paperwork that I may not have to do. Paperwork can be a nightmare for anyone, But I still have that option when it’s needed from the buyer! Again I appreciate all of my customers and I hope to be able to help more people find their new family companions!

These guys are available!!! You can read all of their “About Info” on the original Ad on AL.Com
Miniature Dachshund Puppies $1200 - Puppies and Dogs For Sale Pets Classified Ad -

These guys are available!!! You can read all of their “About Info” on the original Ad on AL.Com

I Do Not Have Other Puppies Available. I will not hold for anyone without a deposit. If you do not want to place a deposit then feel free to just check availability The Day You Plan To Take One Home! I do not meet just to play with puppies, I meet only if the puppy is going WITH the new owner sorry....


The page has been down for quite some time! So I did a little updating lastnight and made some major changes. I still raise Miniature Dachshunds, Their Fees have change drastically in the last couple years but they are still the same nice quality❤️ But since we also have a farm I will use this page for other types of animals also instead of creating a secondary page to keep up with!

With that being said I would love to see how your Little Wieners are doing that you purchased from me in the past! Drop pics in the comments below so everyone, myself included can see😁

Updates!; Only the Three Black and Tan Females Are Left! 💲Adjusted, these cute little girls need families! These guys ar...

Updates!; Only the Three Black and Tan Females Are Left! 💲Adjusted, these cute little girls need families!

These guys are available now!
Miniature Dachshunds
CKC Registered
Ready Now
Meet In Cullman AL Only
10-12 pounds grown
All smooth coats!
3 Black and Tan Girls
Serious Inquires Ready For A New Companion Now Can PM


Going Live on this page within 5 Minutes to show everyone the puppies!!! You don’t want to miss seeing them and hearing all of their information!!! 😱😁


‼️Attention People Messaging About Puppies‼️

Would yal like to watch a Live Video of the Puppies I have available and that are ready to go right now?! I can give all info in the video about these guys and I can show each individual puppy also in this video!!! For those of you that have messaged me about puppies over the past few weeks (and there are several of you) how about a Live to show you what exactly I have available at this time, their prices and all other info?!
Comment “Video” for those that want to watch and participate


I have two little boy puppies still available they are now 10 weeks old. They were vet checked at 7 weeks and have had age appropriate shots and Deworming, One Black and Tan and one Blue and Tan! Meet in Cullman AL! $500 Each CKC Registered along with vet papers!


This message is to any of my past customers! Feel free to post updates of your puppies you've purchased from me! I am going to try and make an album for the past dogs I have sold and I'd like to put their photos in that album for future references!!! Thank you❤️


Hope yal are ready for all this excitement at one time I know i am! Here We Go!

Isabella Male Puppy Smooth Coat he's ready to go now! He's had two parvo vacs and has been updated on his Deworming, he will be CKC Registered and all his paperwork will come with him I was going to keep him for future litters but decided to go a different route so he is up for quick grabs he's a very special rare color if you know anything about the Isabellas they are quite different than your regular Blue and Tans! He will be $700 Cash Absolutely cannot go any lower than that he's at a steal, he's so beautiful and is perfect for anyone that wants that rare find, he's very playful and outgoing!

Then I have Two 5 Week Old Male Puppies they'll be ready in about a week or so. They are also CKC Registered and will have all of their paperwork as well. They will be vaccinated, and they've been up dated on Deworming. They Will Be Long Haired!!! And boy are they gorgeous! These little guys are $500 Cash.
All puppies will be expected to be 10-12 pounds when they are grown they will not be standard size these are Minis! Pickup will either be in Falkville/ Cullman AL! I meet in public places no exceptions I'm sorry.
Please be responsible in looking for a new furbaby and give them a 100% permanent home these babies have had and deserve to continue to have the very best❤️ pass this along to your friends and family!!! Yal have a great day 😁👍🏼


Hey guys! Hope all my Doxie friends are doing well! I've got some super exciting news three beautiful babies That are Available!!!! One is ready Now he's had two Parvo Vaccs and been up to date on Deworming of course, He's is A Smooth Coat True Isabella he will have all of his paperwork with him, and I have Two Long Hair Boys that are 5 Weeks Old rightnow One is Chocolate And Tan and One is Black and Tan and boy are they pretty handsome!!!! 😍 I will be posting all three on here together after while when I take their pictures! Tell your friends and family share this post get them out there and let people be on watch for these guys on my page!!! 😁


I'm proud to announce Candace McBride is the winner of the Gift card!!! We finally reached our goal plus a few extra! Congrats Candace and thank you for all the shares! Your pick of Tractor Supply, Pet Smart, or Pet Depo! Message me your preferred choice and address and I will get that sent to you ASAP!!!


Hey guys been a while since I've posted just started a new job which is taking up even more of my time! I just recently posted three new available puppies though so if anyone needs another addition to add or know of anyone looking for a great companion send them my direction!!! Let's gets these babies a home! I would also like to Add and apologize I have NOT announced a winner for a gift card of your choice we haven't reached our goal yet and I just haven't had time to keep the page up as much as I'd like to but as soon as we reach our first page goal for likes I will announce a winner I promise just might take a bit! Thank you for understanding and baring with me ❤️❤️


CKC Registered
6 1/2 weeks old
Has had vaccines and been updated on deworming on a regular basis!
Expected to be 10-12 pounds full grown
All Are Short Hairs!
One Blue and Tan Female
One Red Male
One Black and Tan Male
This is all the Dachshunds I have and will have for a little while!
Located in Cullman I will Meet In Cullman or Falkville AL Only depending on your location!
Message If Serious to Buy
Please talk it over with spouse or family before contacting me. Thank You


These two little girls are now available for new homes! 6 weeks old this week and will come with their CKC Puppy Papers! $500 each both are girls! Are expected to be 8-10 pounds full grown!


This little girl is still up for grabs! Can't believe she's still here! She's beautiful and has a great friendly personality to go along with it Super sweet girl! She's 7 1/2 weeks now CKC Registered and expected to be about 8-10 pounds When Grown! $700 for this little girl and she's well worth it 😍 Share this post get her out there for people to see let's get her a loving permanent home! Located in Cullman AL Pick up Only No Delivery Available


Little Red Dapple Female looking vibrant in the sunshine!!! See original post for details on both of these little girls!!!


Red and White Piebald Female with heavy Ticking on her legs and body!! She is a Beauty for sure! Can't believe she's still up for Availability!!! Wow!


Hey guys I know it's been a while and I apologize it's been super crazy at the new job I started back in October I'm only supposed to be part time but have been working full time hours since I've been there which has left me little personal time let alone time for The Book of Many Faces LOL but if I remember correctly I started a game where you all help me get to 200 likes and I will give out a gift card for whoever likes and shares that post the most! Well we do have a winner and I AM keeping my word I will announce the winner Next week when I get back in town and will send him/her the gift card of their choice!
Also Puppy Updates
I do have some puppies getting ready to have new homes for Valentines Day! So let everyone know they are about to become available and I will post pictures and prices when that time arrives! Thank Yal For your Patience and Understanding! Talk to Yal Soon 😁


For more photos of the three babies available Now go to "Puppies Available" album I apologize it's not letting me post the info of the puppies along with multiple pictures at one time but there is a second post with one picture and it does have the info about the puppies along with it😁😉


Sorry guys I haven't been able to take pics of the next up coming litter I've been sick all weekend and all day today with a bad sinus infection I'm going to take pics this week for sure I just don't feel up to it today also it is still raining here. Hope everyone understands and just bares with me this week I wanna make each of you happy with a new addition to your family I will get those pics sent out asap! Thank you 😁


Hey guys!
Just a quick update on the newest babies!
I have one Black and Tan little girl that's ready to go now! The rest of my sweet babies should be ready Before, During and probably after Christmas! I have Black and Tans, My First Solid Blacks, Silver Dapples, and I believe Only One Chocolate Dapple! Males and Females available $400-$500 are the price ranges all will be vaccinated and registered with CKC Registration! Pictures will be coming soon and also more details! Stay Tuned Follow the page and let your friends know about them! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a Safe Black Friday 😉

P.S. Don't forget to share the last post that was made on my page and Comment "Done" to have more chances at winning your gift card!!! Goal is 200 Likes on the page the most shares with comments "Done" on that particular post will be the winner! Commenting on this post is not counted! Happy Sharing😁


Hey Guys! Hope all of our friends are doing well!
I will be doing a give away soon!
We need to get up to 200 likes on this page and I need some help from my fellow doxie lovers! So to sweeten the pot I will be giving away a $25 Gift Card for Your choice of either Tractor Supply, Pet Depo, or Pet Smart! This will go to the person that Likes this post, Shares My Page the Most, and comments Done when sharing & when we reach the goal The Winner will be announced and be Given/Sent their gift card 😁 Happy Sharing and have a Great Day! ❤️


Hey guys I apologize for not being able to keep everyone up to date on here lately I started a new job and it's taken up most of my time lately learning the ropes and working some over time but I'm fixing to post the new litter ready to go now and I also still have the Copper red boy left from the last litter his price is still the same and I have recent pics of him as well and boy has he got the wrinkles and nice face going for him he is so beautiful! They will all be posted in the "Puppies Available" album!


Hey guys it's been a couple weeks since I've posted anything but I've been under the weather for the past week but I am so glad that it is cooling off and I am feeling better today! I do have some puppies that will be ready in about two weeks and more that will be ready in about 4-5 weeks! I will be posting pictures soon of the ones available
Thanks for Reading 😁


Hello Doxie lovers! It's been a crazy hectic month I haven't had the chance to post any information on the new litters that just arrived! Black and Tans, Blue Dapples and An Odd Copper and Tan!!! There are girls and boys two puppies will be ready in about 4-5 weeks I will post pics of them next week and the Black and Tans and blue dapples will be ready in about 6-7 weeks I will post pics of those guys a little bit later on!!! Wow so much love in one month 😍😍 cannot wait for you to see them I'll try and sneak a video In on them during play time when they are closer to being ready to go! Stay up dated keep a check on the page and share share share!!!! Also let me know what YOU think about a small give away for our friends sharing our page and getting us to 150 likes! Me and my Doxie babies would love to read your opinions on this matter 😁


Litter of Boys Ready To Go Now!
They are 7 Weeks Old
Have had their first Vaccines and up to date on their deworming
They Will Come with CKC Registration and records for deworming schedule and vaccine they have had!
Very Healthy, Very Playful, they have wonderful sweet personalities!
They will be 7-10 pounds full grown
Mother is Blue Dapple & Father is Solid Red
They are $400 Each Cash Only Price is Very Firm!
I will meet in Cullman AL or Falkville AL
Pics have been placed in "Puppies Available" album!


I'm just going to put this out there in advance for new customers or potential customers in general so you'll know me a little better! 😀
I try my best to keep this page up dated as often as I can (I do have a day job as a farm hand), I strive my hardest to please every new customer I have the pleasure to meet, and do my best to do the same with my lovely returning customers, I am polite to everyone and like to try to avoid conflict if at all possible I do not like for things to get ugly by no means, all in all for an independent breeder I give my best "customer service" as best as I know how although sometimes I do not have all of the answers! However with this being said I understand that you just simply can't make every individual person happy! This page was NOT made for anyone to cause drama, to make demands, to get ugly with me and make rude remarks about me, my business and about the homes these babies go to! This sort of thing will not be tolerated and will result in being permanently banned from the page! That may not be a big deal to most people but I do not like to argue and I don't like trouble or threats. I take this page, my dogs and puppies and my customers very seriously and will take care of what needs to be taken care of in this situation! If you have an issue that does not involve a puppy that has been purchased from me please do not message me with a complaint or start being ugly to me just because I've decline the entire sale, or do not agree with the meeting place etc. I take strong precautions when meeting people and yes I do meet them in local public places near me. It's for my safety and others safety as well. I have the right to refuse a sale at any time. With this being said I am a very understanding person and very easy to talk with and will be glad to answer any questions you may have! Let's be Kind and Friendly and leave the ugly things for other people!😀 Thank You for Reading


The English Creme female babies are no longer available! I wanna say a huge THANK YOU to those that gave these sweet girls a fantastic home!!!! I have a litter of Boys I will be posting up soon visit the page to stay updated and Share Share Share lol!!! Please and Thank You 😀😀


Okay guys the new available litter has pics uploaded in a new photo album "Puppies Available" on this page! Here are the details about these girls in this post!
6 Weeks and a few days
They will come with CKC Registration
Vaccine and Deworming Records
Fully Weaned now and ready to find a loving new home!
They are miniatures so they will weight around 8-12 pounds full grown!
Mother and Father were both English Creme
They are played with and spoiled daily they have great personalities and very smart!
These girls are $500 Each No Checks Accepted
They will be cross posted its first come first serve I can only hold the puppy of your choice with a minimum of $100 deposit that is non refundable!
If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask! Thank You😉


I apologize for the delay in the litter that's ready to go now. Been super busy and it's also been raining so haven't been able to get good outside pics of them like I wanted. I will get these posted asap


Stay updated with my page! Today is the day for my next available litter this week! I do take deposits to hold the puppy of your choice! If none are on hold with deposits its first come first serve! Very excited for these girls that are ready they are beautiful and very rare!!!!


I'm very excited that I'm getting closer to updating everyone on the newest litter of doxies I have! They are almost ready to go I will post info and pics about them as soon as I feel like they are ready!!! They are very rare to come across they'll also be alil more expensive than my regular prices but will be well worth it if your looking for that one specific rare color! 🐾🐾♥️ 😉


Thank you for all the kind words about my babies and all the likes and shares! I Apologize to the people that have private messaged me about future puppies messenger has been sending an automatic reply for me as soon as I receive a new message! Let me know what you think about that I can leave it as automatic reply or can possibly figure out how to remove it!😀


Falkville, AL


(256) 339-5201



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Our baby Rusty Penny is down for a nap in his favorite sleeping spot.He will be 3 months old soon. Thanks Southern Comfort Doxies....
One year today. Lucy! Best ans sweetest!
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