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Olive Crest Farm Olive Crest Farm is a local vegetable and cut flower producer.It is our goal to grow the highest and

Olive Crest Farm is a high quality produce provider for local restaurants that participate in a farm to table lifestyle. Help us grow our farm by asking your favorite restaurant to purchase local and purchase Olive Crest Farm products

Billy Woodson at DG Funding

Billy Woodson at DG Funding

These past few weeks have been amazing for interest rates. Currently rates are the lowest they have been in 4 years. I would highly recommend everyone take a look at their rates. If you are not currently at 4.5 % or below, lets talk and see how we can get you a lower rate and save you some money. This is the best time to get things locked in and possibly pull some cash out if you are looking to consolidate revolving debt or complete some summer projects.

I can take a look at your current loan today for no cost and often times complete the refinance with no cost to you. Its a win win situation. Give me a call or send me a message and lets save you some money

Billy Woodson | DG Funding
Mobile 760-473-0032 | Direct 760-227-7878 | Fax 760-452-7574
7040 Avenida Encinas, STE 201, Carlsbad, CA 92011
BRE 01912017 | NMLS 270548


It has been a little over two years since I shut things down on the farm and decided to change course for the next chapter of my life. I wanted to give a brief update and let everyone know what I am up to these days.
My wife Georgia and I made the decision to move to the coast and now live 200 steps from the beach and I can honestly say that I have not felt this calm and stress free in the past 10 years. For those of you that know me well you know that I cant stay calm for too long and I needed to find a new drive and passion.
Since moving, I created a new company and got my contractors license. My business, Legacy Surface Technologies, specializes in hard surface preparation and restoration as well as general contracting. We focus on sandblasting and industrial/residential coatings.
This business is just one component in the journey toward my all time ultimate goal of real estate development and land stewardship. Each component supports and magnifies my goal of creating long lasting legacy real estate properties.
If any of you are in need of home painting, hard surface cleaning, general contracting or property maintenance please don't hesitate to reach out and discuss your project.

Thank you all for your support on my new ventures.
Find my contact info on our Legacy Surface Tech page


FREE!!! Nursery tables,potting tables, green house tables. Call them what you want. They are free for the taking. Come and get them please. I have six miscellaneous sizes. FREE!!!


Happy Post Thanksgiving.
I have much to be thankful for this season and I wanted to finally share with you what I have been working on.
Many of you know that last year I made the tough decision to close down the farm and move in a different direction. Although the decision was hard, I do not count any of the past four years as loss or waste. I grew so much in my personal life and gained knowledge and skills I never would have learned had I not stepped out to put my hand to the plow. I look at every chance I was given as a complete blessing and I cherish every success and every trial and every failure.
Since making the decision to move in a different direction I have been met with amazing hope and opportunity. For the past 8 months I have been quietly preparing for this next step.
I am very pleased and excited to announce my new business,
Legacy Surface Technologies.
I have taken my past years experience and training from my time in the aerospace industry many years ago, learning many different methods of surface preparation on composites and metals, and I am applying it to a new technology of dustless blasting surface preparation and cleaning.
I will be offering a fully mobile surface cleaning and preparation service for both residential and commercial applications. If it is coated, painted, rusted or just filthy dirty I can handle it.
Please take a moment to like my new page and feel free to call for a quote or onsite visit and demo.

I am very excited to serve Southern California and I look forward to doing my part to clean up, restore and revive what ever project you are working on.

I am so excited to finally be able to announce my new business. I introduce to you Legacy Surface Technologies.
Legacy offers fully mobile, environmentally friendly surface cleaning and preparation technologies using world renown dustless blasting equipment.
If its painted, coated, rusted, or just filthy dirty, my mobile service will provide you with state of the art onsite assistance and will have you back in business within the day.
I look forward to serving all of Southern California.
Please contact me for a quote or onsite visit.


1978 Kubota L245DT Tractor For Sale
4x4 Manual with a 4 speed Hi/LOw
Front loader with half yard bucket
PTO 3 point rear with hydraulic top tilt
Super Low Hours 384

Includes the following implements
Land Pride RCR1260 5' Deck Mower with 15 hours on it
Land Pride RTR1550 48" Rototiller 3 point PTO driven
Little Rhino 52" adjustable grading blade



Miscellaneous lumber available.
Free for the taking.
4'x8' sheets of structural sheathing. 3/8"
Half pallets worth
Great for recycle wood projects or building a chicken coop or animal enclosure


Greetings farm friends. I have some equipment that still needs to get moved and I could use the help of anyone who might know people in the farm or agriculture community. Please share the following post and attached list with anyone who you feel might be able to use some really great equipment.
• 24,000 Sqft of Commercial galvanized hoop houses 21 ft width 8 feet high.
• Mechanical Transplanter Model 6000 Seedling/Cell Tray transplanter. Perfect row crop planter
• Small propagation greenhouse 21x 40 6 Mil plastic covering. Galvanized metal hoops. 3 Foot high, screened sidewalls for ventilation.
• Stainless Steel Sink
• Stainless Steel wash table 10 ft long
• Wooden propagation tables
• 35 2” Thick 4x 8 foam panels for creating a walk in cooler or insulating a packing shed or barn
• Dositron Fertigation system
• 1978 Kubota 45 HP Tractor 4x4 with bucket and powered top tilt 3 point
• Land Pride 5 foot Deck mower
• Land Pride 48” Tiller
• 52” Little Rhino Adjustable grading blade
• Jang Precision Push/Pull Seeder 5 Row Seeder
• Berry Vacuum Seeder

Serious Inquiries Only Please
For details and pricing please contact Billy Woodson

760 473-0032


FOR SALE!!!! 2- dual sided stainless steel sinks. 14" wide. Deep sink bays. $20 each
1 - commercial prep sink. 16"x16"x 12" deep. $75
1- 10 foot x 24" all stainless prep table.


FOR SALE!!! Berry Seeder Company vacuum seeder with 5 machined plates for Dillon 288/TLC 72/ Dillon 50 cell trays.
With vacuum $900


FOR SALE!!! Jang Jp-3 seeder with 3 point took bar.
All seed size rollers for basic vegetable production.
$900. Amazing time saver with precision placement.

What nobody told me about small farming: I can’t make a living

This is so very true. As a struggling small farm, it has been so hard to make it over the proverbial hill to profitability.
After many attempts and much consulting with friends and other farmers we have canceled our lease and will be seeking our income from other avenues until we can find a model that works for us . As the author of this article says, I hope to make enough money to one day farm again.
It's in our blood, it's who I am, It's my gift.
I just can't figure out how to make a living at it by following the rules and being honest and upright.

P.s. Our farm land will be going up for sale if there are any angel investors who wish to purchase it and let us farm it.

Thanks for the good run

People say we're "rich in other ways," but that doesn't fix the ugly fact that most farms are unsustainable


Great weekend destination! Friends, please go support a local farmer by purchasing your vegetable garden plants directly from the farmer. It doesn't get any more local than this.
Farmer Tim from Connelly Gardens is the real deal

Our Grow Your Own Food plant sale starts this weekend! April 8th and 9th and April 15th and 16th . 2 weekends only.
Come out to the farm and see what is growing on. Please help us share the word


Quick poll!!
Trying to gauge interest in on farm dinners for the very near future. Please respond YES or NO!! and a quick note as to why you are or are not interested.
We will be using these events as a means to raise funds for future projects and expand our operations.
Share with all your friends please.


I wanted to take a moment and update everyone on the status of the farm. Our attempt to reach our goal for Barnraiser was not a success. I was initially bummed out but all is not lost. We are currently at a ground zero restart and will be working on seeking outside investors to allow for us to restart our farming operations. The investors will help us to capitalize and move forward on our plans to create a much more open and entertaining space on the farm for the community to come out explore what we are all about.
Our dream and passion has always been to grow our farm into a space where community can come out and enjoy the fruits of our labor. I am not giving up and I intend to create a farm and space for everyone to enjoy.
Yesterday the county passed a new zoning measure that will allow for us as a farm to expand our farming operations in a few ways that I know the community will love. Please stick with us through this rough patch and restart.
Farming is not easy and I am not giving up


Well this was fun. I managed to get the truck stick twice in the last two days. There are a few really nasty sink holes on my farm roads. Very thankful for my tractor and a helpful community folk who stop to help.


Prepping new beds for our first plantings of the 2017 New Year.


Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night for our .us campaign launch. Let's get this fundraiser rolling. The links are in our profile and the site is live. Please share your support and help us grow more food. #


Today is the day!! and I have been working hard and couldn't be more excited to share .us video with you tonight . Tonight is the big launch party and I'm calling everyone to action. We need your support. Please come out to tonight at 6:00 and be a part of this food revolution. Help keep farming alive in San Diego.


A clean slate, lots of rain and a new year! All the right ingredients for an amazing growing season. Can't wait to get planting. Just a few more steps. Please join us this Monday for our .us video launch party. We are so excited to expand our little farm this year. Come join us at 6:00 to hear our story and be apart of an .


Greetings from the farm and a very Happy New Year!!
This year is already proving to be an awesome one with all this rain and I cant wait to see how we grow. I am so very excited to finally announce that we are ready to launch our Barnraiser fundraising campaign. Please save the date for this coming Monday January 16th for our Barnraiser Launch Party at The Woodshed by Booze Bros.
We will be launching our Barnraiser campaign in a community fashion to draw everyone together in support of our little farm. Come on out and enjoy friends and some good local beer and please help us grow by donating to our Barnraiser. Tell everyone you know that loves to eat local and support small business.
More Details Very Soon!!!


The storm last week brought us a whopping 2 inches of rain. What a great start to the rainy season.


Just spent the morning hanging Saturday morning farm stand. What an amazing spread farmer Luke still has coming off the farm in December. was cooking of some delicious banana pancakes. What farmer Luke is doing is a form of community that everyone should pay attention too. If you haven't visited yet, please put it on your weekly todo. You can also find his goods at these local restaurants and I'm sure many more.


As we get ready to launch on this journey of expanding our little farm and creating something for the community to share with everyone I realized there are many of you who might not know the face behind the tractor. My name is Billy Woodson, I am the head farmer at Olive Crest Farm. I have spent the last 3 years developing and planting in hopes of creating a space where people can come to experience an intimate relationship with their food and the people who grow it.
Please join us on this exciting journey of growing more and more great local food (and beer?). I look forward to this year and the amazing things we will grow together. I could not do any of this without the support of my family and community of foodies. Thank you!!!


Fall is a really great time to start planning for your spring garden. Now is the best time to get a plan put together so that over the winter you can build up your soil as well as order any seeds that you will be needing for late winter/early spring sprouting.
I am currently offering Irrigation, garden and small farm consulting. Take advantage of a local farming resource. If anyone is interested in a quote please call 760 473-0032 or email me at [email protected]

I will be setting up appointments for the next few weeks.
Remember that your garden does not take shape over night



It is with great sadness and a heavy heart , I make another post of a local Farm passing. Blue Heron farms in Fallbrook, formerly Peterson Specialty Produce, was one of the last baby organic lettuce producers in the county. Andrea grew the best baby lettuces anywhere for the last 30 years. Her strawberries, Oh her strawberries , where the most flavorful strawberries in town. Her raspberries, Oh her raspberries , I don't know the words to describe them. She was a farmer who enhanced the land she grew on, rather than poison it.

She will be leaving San Diego in the truck she used to shlep her product around town in, the clothes on her back, and countless good friends whose life she has touched with her farming operation, and the bed-and-breakfast. She's heading north to be with family, where she will undoubtably continue to touch lives, and stay in touch with her environment.

I was fortunate enough to work for Andrea for a short time. She took me in like she does a homeless wounded possum or a wounded bird. She nursed me back to health, and encouraged me to fly. I will be ever in her debt.

She told me she couldn't afford to farm anymore. The increasing water cost , other production costs, and increasing regulations, have made things incredibly difficult for small farmers in California.
I don't think that is why she is closing. Her downfall was that her quality was too high, and she was too ethical in her business dealings. If she had only compromised. If she had lowered her standards like others in the industry have, and been less concerned with her social responsibilities as a business owner, she would have a few more years left growing in San Diego.

Now I'm sorry to say, I feel the hot Wind of Change blowing against my back as well. Market gardeners like me have gone from being a necessity, to a novelty. What's next? I'm off to search my soul, and mourn the losses of a dear friend.
God Bless Andrea Peterson


Olive Crest Family.
Georgia and I are currently in the process of creating a Barnraiser crowd funding campaign to raise funds for our farm to help us bridge the gap of much needed expansion. We are in a awkward spot and need your help to expand. We are putting together a very detailed email list and would love for all of you who love us and support us to please sign up so we can keep you all informed on the project.

We are very excited to reach our goal but we will need all the community support we can get to make this happen.
Our little farm cannot grow without the continued support of all our amazing families and restaurant partners.
Farming is by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but I love it with all my heart. I get such great joy from producing the freshest, most amazing hyper local produce that I can grow. I continue to strive to create a community based food system that all can enjoy.

Please share this with anyone and everyone you can think of that is in love with local food as well as supporting small local family owned business. This is truly the definition of community supported agriculture.
Stay tuned for more details and the official launch date of our fundraising campaign


Farm stand will be open again today till 3:00 pm. Come by and grab some melons, squash or onions.


I apologize to everyone but we will not be opening today for melons. I thank everyone for their amazing support yesterday.


Fresh picked watermelon. Just in time for afresh bbq holiday weekend. I will have the farm stand open for a very short two days.
Friday and Saturday from 11:00-3:00.
Watermelons galore as well as cantaloupe and Crenshaw melons.
Tell everyone you know. Help me sell out of these bad boys.

Chef James Montejano - Taking on the Next Big Thing!

Take note, Chef James Montejano is moving north. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready. Support your local chefs, farmers and creators. Eat Local, Shop Local.

Few in the restaurant scene in San Diego have been as ubiquitous as Chef James Montejano the last couple of years. Turn on the TV almost any time of day...


I am sure that many of you have been wondering what we are up to and where we have been. A quick spring update.
Olive Crest has been very busy planting for spring and summer on the farm and preparing to open the farm stand for summer hours. As well we have been very busy supplying some of your favorite restaurants in the North County area. You can now find many of our fresh items being used at these amazing locations. Belching Beaver Tavern and Grill, Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub, The Whet Noodle, 333 Pacific.
You can also find us at the Leucadia Farmers Market on Sundays from 10-2 Rain or Shine. Dont forget to follow us on Instagram


As I'm looking through all the great things we are planting, I'm wondering what is everyone's favorite vegetables to eat as well as grow in your home garden???


Huge shout out to The Whet Noodle and Wrench and Rodent in Oceanside, CA for your support in buying locally grown produce. Thanks Davin, Loren and Jessica for thinking close to home.


We are so excited to announce a new market. We will be at Leucadia Farmers Market on Sundays from 10-2 every Sunday. If you live on the coast or know someone who does please spread the word.


Olive Hill Rd
Fallbrook, CA

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