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Hunter Hill Stable Welcome to Hunter Hill Stable's new page! Check back frequently for updates about barn events, shows, and other fun we're having. Feel free to stop by the barn and visit in person, too!

Hunter Hill Stable is a full care horseback riding facility which specializes in hunters and jumpers, and offers public lessons, training, showing, horse sales and boarding. Established in 1974, it is the longest existing business of its type in the area, and can attribute the success to excellent service, attention to detail and total commitment to horses, and those who love them. Beginner throug

Hunter Hill Stable is a full care horseback riding facility which specializes in hunters and jumpers, and offers public lessons, training, showing, horse sales and boarding. Established in 1974, it is the longest existing business of its type in the area, and can attribute the success to excellent service, attention to detail and total commitment to horses, and those who love them. Beginner throug

Operating as usual


Are you looking for a place to ride your horse this winter? We have stalls for lease. Leased stalls include the use of a climate controlled tack room, indoor wash rack, and 200' by 70' indoor ring. The footing is excellent, dust controlled, and dragged daily. If you are interested, you may schedule a tour or contact Robin @ 260-438-0537 or Ed @ 260-433-0634.


We are looking forward to seeing all of our competitors this Sunday. Just a reminder the show starts at 9:30. Spectators are welcome! We'll be having a concession stand with yummy treats for riders and spectators, and if by chance mother nature is not friendly we will be moving the show indoors :) Good luck riders!


We're proud to have Joey Brown from Niles, MI as our judge for our 2015 horse show. We are looking forward to seeing all of you a week from Sunday for good fun and friendly competition! All experience levels welcome :)


Hunter Hill Horse Show Update: Again it will be taking place Sunday, August, 23rd at 9:30AM. Limited stalls available, but plenty of room to trailer in. Anyone interested in a stall, prize list, or entry form can contact us at 625-3286 or Robin at [email protected]. Hope to see you all there!

I'm a nine and a half left footed tall handsome boot looking for my "sole"mate..... or a rider with no right leg.

I'm a nine and a half left footed tall handsome boot looking for my "sole"mate..... or a rider with no right leg.


It's that time of year again folks! Sunday, August 23rd, we will be having our annual schooling show. For more information feel free to give us a call at 625-3286. More information and updates to come :)

The Hunter Hill Donation Closet is cleaned and organized!"A clean barn is a happy barn." :)

The Hunter Hill Donation Closet is cleaned and organized!
"A clean barn is a happy barn." :)

It's finally nice enough for the horses to play outside, and they couldn't be more happy!

It's finally nice enough for the horses to play outside, and they couldn't be more happy!

Hunter Hill Stable's newest staff member!

Hunter Hill Stable's newest staff member!


Happy New Year and burrrrrr! Now is the time to polish your boots, clean your tack and tack trunk, pet your pony and stay warm,.........or just pack up everything and go south; way south! In the old days, we finished Indoors, turned our show horses out for the winter, and those who could afford it, went skiing. In the spring, we pulled our horses out of the pastures, all of us refreshed and started the show season all over again. The moral to the story; if you're stuck up in the cold, relax, take a break, and know everything will be fine when the weather breaks. Until we talk again, happy trails to you all!


Tis the season to be jolly! Happy holidays to you all. Hug the ones you can, and send your love to all who are far away;then make a note to send the love through out the year.


I hope you all are as stuffed as me and the delicious turkey I had this afternoon. I've nothing to do but finish my story and take a nap. Stay warm and enjoy the rest of the day.
"The Ride of My Life" ...........

With the sun behind him, like Christ rising from the tomb, I saw Ed's silhouette enter the ring. Once he realized I was out of control and Timmy and I were both frantic, he began to give me instructions. He sounded like an air traffic controller talking down an out-of-control 747. "Sit up and circle." he called. His calm voice convinced me I could negotiate the circle, but now without stirrups I couldn't sit up. I pulled hard on the right rein, and we began to make a small circle. This however sent Timmy toward a five foot jump. As he focused on the obstacle and readied himself for the jump, I knew I must make him continue the circle or my life would be in jeopardy. I yanked hard on my right rein. Timmy turned sharply, nearing tossing me off the left side, but my action succeeded in slowing him down. At that moment, Ed reached up, grabbed the rein and pulled Timmy to a halt.
It was over! I slid down the left side and touched the reassuring ground. After gathering my composure, I looked at Ed and said, "I think that's enough for Timmy today."
The End
Happy trails to you!


"The Ride of My Life" continued:
This portion of my story is dedicated to my dear friend Julie who lost her beloved dog Slyder this morning. When I asked her if there was anything I could do, she requested more of Timmy. I hope this makes you smile Julie. Love you Ms. Kinzie!

He lunged into a canter. Did I miscue him? Was Timmy dyslexic? It didn't matter. We were cantering. At first I thought I had control. Sit up. Say whoa. Pull on the reins. That's what I had learned. Those commands didn't work. "Think", I said to myself as I felt the speed increase with every stride. My heart was pounding, I couldn't breathe and the wind pushed tears from my eyes. As we rounded the first turn, I realized what it felt like to ride in the Kentucky Derby. Timmy was at a forty-five degree angle with the ground, and I could feel the dirt hitting my boot. Obviously, "Whoa" wasn't working. Pulling on the reins wasn't either, and sitting deep in the saddle only made Timmy buck. I choked down the desire to scream, knowing it would only scare the horse more. "Come on think! Where is help?" I asked myself. Katie then appeared in the corner of my eye and I called back to her, "Please get help!". The ring posts whizzed by like a picket fence and again I passed the little girl standing in the exact same place with a big smile on her face. "Is she deaf?" I asked myself. Faster and faster I galloped past her. "Get Ed!" I pleaded. Finally, Katie realized I wasn't having fun, and scurried off for help. I passed the gate once, twice, three times; "Where is someone?" I thought. Five, six, seven passes; "Please slow down Timmy!" I prayed.
Suddenly, Mary Jo appeared and I could hear her telling me to circle. "Make small circles. this will slow him down." "Yeah right." I said to myself. If I made small circles at the speed of light, we would crash into the fence. "Please get Ed!" I begged.

Well that's it for today. Stay warm, have a great Thanks Giving and happy trails to you all.


Wind chill is in the twenties so I'm still looking for indoor activities. "The Ride of My Life" continued.....
With my left foot in the stirrup, I gracefully swung aboard. The saddle fit perfectly. As Timmy walked off toward the ring, I could feel the power of this wonderful animal. In fact, the energy made me a little nervous. I reviewed everything I had learned in my lessons. I knew I could ride this horse as long as I handled him correctly. Right? Why else would they ask me to ride him?
Once in the ring, I mustered up enough courage to ask for the trot. His trot was one I had never experienced. I felt his strong hind leg step beneath my body. The capability of this animal was thrilling, almost frightening, but I was doing it! I was riding Timmy; responsive but harnessed, sensitive but well schooled. Feeling more confident, I pulled on the reins, signaling him to walk. It was time for both of us to take a breather. He stopped politely and I patted him on his neck. This was not so difficult. Ready to trot again, I pressed my legs ever so gently into his sides and Timmy, ready to obey my slightest command was..........OFF!

Until next time, Happy Trails to you all and stay warm.


Hello Friends and Fellow Horse Lovers,
I don't know how you all feel, but I think winter has arrived way too soon. I'm just not ready for all this cold and snow. I still have jumps set in the outdoor ring! Hopefully, we will get one more break before winter really starts. In the mean time, I'm looking for inside work......catching up on face book. I'm going to relate a short story I wrote about one of our lesson students. Let me know if you want to hear more.
"Timmy you say? Sure!" I had been paid the ultimate compliment; asked to ride the stable owner's personal show horse and above all prize pet. I was floating on cloud nine. Dressed in my brand new paddock boots, chaps and velvet hunt cap, I caught my gleaming reflection in the window. "Yes, I am a rider!" I knew looking the part was only superficial, but I had been working extremely hard during my lessons, and I felt ready for the challenge.
Halter in hand, I marched towards the horse's stall, and as people asked which horse I was going to ride, I answered proudly (much to their surprise) "Timmy." I didn't tell them I had been instructed only to walk and trot him. I savored their envious looks as I methodically groomed him and felt extra special as I smiled back at their jealous glares. Finally, polished to a gleam and tacked to perfection, I led Timmy to the mounting block, ready for the ride of my life! .........To be continued if you want to hear more.
Until next time, Happy trails to you all. Have a great Thanks Giving!


Thank you to all you exhibitors who attended our schooling show June 8th. Despite a bit of a rainy and sloppy start, the footing was good and the weather became beautiful. Hopefully, it was a productive schooling for the upcoming summer shows, and most importantly.....nobody got muddy or hurt! Congrats to Ellie Ball and Colby; morning Champion, Jocelyn Aguilar and Ginger; morning reserve champion, Olivia Caffray and Brutus; afternoon champion, and Caitlin Heyerly and Jack; afternoon reserve champion. Until we meet again, happy trails to you all.


Hello to all our Horsey Friends,
Due to circumstances beyond our control (Mother's Day and bad weather), we are postponing our schooling show to June 8th. Hopefully by then, all of us who stayed up north during the winter will have a chance to ride outside before our horses enter the show ring. If you want any info about the show, you can email me at [email protected] or call me at 260-438-0537. Until later, happy trails to you!


Spring has sprung; well sort of, if you can ignore the last snow storm. Normally, we have a schooling show once the weather breaks. We're a little behind schedule, but have finally set a date, and hopefully, it won't snow. Our show will be held on Sunday May 11th. If Mother Nature is kind, the show will be outdoors. Everyone is welcome to come and practice for the upcoming show season. Please contact us if you plan to participate. Meanwhile, keep your horse between yourself and the ground. Happy trails to you all!

Too cold to ride, too cold to teach so I decided to embrace the snow.  Only 30 more days to Spring!

Too cold to ride, too cold to teach so I decided to embrace the snow. Only 30 more days to Spring!


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year,
I had the slightest thought about making a resolution to stay in touch on a weekly basis, but then reality kicked in so here is my (at best) quarterly note.
For all of you headed south or have arrived already, enjoy the sunshine and the warmth. However, please don't send me any gloating messages about the wonderful weather; it will only make me sad.
For the rest of us stuck up here in the cold, let's suit up in our insulated clothes and take a vow to be positive, productive and hope for a short winter. The days are getting longer and spring is just a mere 57 days away.
I vow to only ride or teach if the temp is 20 or above; horses get stupider with each degree lower. I will clean and condition all my tack, polish all the metal, dump the trunks and get rid of the junk; including the rotten or crumbled treats. I will go to the gym to work out on the days I can't work in the barn and appreciate the fact the gym is warm. And finally I will credit myself for all the calories I burn in this adverse weather. A body burns per hour 563 calories cleaning a stall, 281 calories briskly hand walking, 246 calories carrying 15 lbs., 422 calories grooming, and 457 calories posting the trot when your horse is to wild to do anything else.
So my friends, until we meet again, stay warm and healthy, and happy trails to you!


Thank you all who attended our show on the 6th. You made a wet dreary day fun and at times, very exciting. The big saves for the day went to Laura Cesar, Melissa Scott and Alyssa Carten who decided, on the spur of the moment, to display their rodeo skills. Not only was it exciting and entertaining, but best of all, nobody fell off.
Sydny Grace Richmond made her showing debut in the lead line class. It was no big deal for the less than two year old as she has been sitting on a horse since before she was born. Sydny chose the pink ribbon over the blue. Pink is her favorite color.
Congratulations to the champions; Ellie Ball and Kristine Paton and reserve champions; Kelly Davis and Erin Richmond.
Until later, happy trails to all.


Hello to all our horsey friends. If you haven't figured this out by now, I sort of suck at Facebook. However, I'm going to really try to stick to a regular schedule. From now on expect a quarterly comment. Hooray!; I'm ahead of schedule for Fall. I Can't believe summer is almost over and kids are back to school. Hope you all had a great summer and successful show season. We have a few more shows on our schedule before our H.H.S. schooling show Oct. 6. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate and we can have it outdoors. Let us know if you can come. In the mean time, enjoy the good weather and keep your horse between yourself and the ground. Happy trails!


Hello all you horsey friends. Spring has sprung; that is if you think we should have snow showers in late April! Normally, we try to have a schooling show in May, but just to be on the safe side, we will have our first show of the year in June. Hopefully, the ring will be dry and the temperature above 50 degrees. Our show date is Sunday June 2nd and start time is 9:30. Please contact us if you'd like to participate or want any information. Meanwhile, keep your horse between yourself and the ground. Happy trails!


Happy holidays to all our friends. All you students can finally relax. Exams are over and no homework until next year! Kelly Davis can at last, spend some time with her new horse (still searching for the right name). Enjoy this special time of the year and don't stress about all the activities. Know the best gift of all is the love we share with our friends and family. The other great news is that the world didn't end and we also survived the shortest day of the year. We can all celebrate the sun rising earlier each morning and setting later each night. Bundle up and ride your ponies everyday you can, and before you know it, spring will be here.

Hunter Hill Stable's cover photo

Hunter Hill Stable's cover photo

Hunter Hill Stable's cover photo

Hunter Hill Stable's cover photo


Congratulations to Ellie Ball and the purchase of her new horse, Colby; a Dutch warm blood. We're wishing her much success in her showing career.


We had a great schooling show. The weather was a little chilly to start, but no rain, sunny and we could school outside over the same course set inside. Many thanks to our judge Laura Steenrod who did a terrifically efficient job. Congratulations to Erin Kuker, the morning champion and the two tied reserve champions, Deb Lapham and Regan Chivers. The afternoon championship was earned by Laura Cesar with the reserve going to Ben Huggins.....only one fall and nobody got hurt! Thank you all for your participation.


My facebook author,Molly, has been busy with her 5th and 6th grade students at Cantabury, hence the no new news on our page. I'll try to be better. Hope you all can participate in our up coming schooling show Oct. 21. It will be either indoors or out depending on the weather.


Congratulations to Bob and Ellie Ball and Nicole Ivanovic for two wonderful shows in Traverse City. Nicole and Ellie both earned a championship and reserve championship and Bob won several large classes. All three riders advanced to the second round in the Hunter Classic. Ellie and Nicole placed and participated in the victory gallop.
The next show coming up will be at Windsong in Battle Creek. Here's hoping for good weather and a successful show!


Congratulations to all our riders who competed at Country Heir in Lexington. They all got great prizes at our first big horse show of the season. We leave for the Waterloo Hunt Club shows on Monday. We're hoping for great Michigan weather and another successful show!


Thank you to everyone who attended our schooling show. Hope you had as much fun as we did! In the morning, Sandra Appenzeller was champion and Ellie Ball was reserve champion. In the afternoon, Laura Cesar was champion and Jessie Leiter was reserve champion. We're going to try to plan another show in the fall. Stay tuned!

Summer is starting to get busy around here. We're leaving for Country Heir for two weeks (June 6-17). Then we're on to Fox Brush Farm's LEHS show, Waterloo Hunt shows and then on to Horse Shows by the Bay. In addition we have two summer camps, one for beginner-to-intermediate riders and one for advanced riders. We're looking forward to watching all our hard work pay off in the show ring this summer!


We'd also like to congratulate our riders who recently competed at the Country Heir show in Wilmington, OH. Everyone brought home great ribbons. We're especially proud of Brahm and Bob Ball for their championship in the Intermediate Adult Hunter division and "Fun Size" (Toby) and Peyton Stewart for their reserve championship in the Short Stirrup/Limit Hunter division. What a great start to the season!!


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