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Cimarron Katahdins Welcome to Cimarron Katahdins. We breed registered Katahdin sheep and offer grass-fed lamb.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Save a turkey - eat LAMB :). We'll be having a leg of our own grass fed lamb at our table tomorrow.


A busy afternoon today - vaccinated ewe lambs, separated them in 2 breeding groups and moved them with their rams, dewormed a couple of older ewes that will lamb soon. Next busy period coming up soon as we start our first fall lambing.


And all of the sudden the girls are looking very pregnant :). When you see them everyday, it's hard to see small changes, but there are no doubts now that we'll have some lambs on the ground in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!


CD&T boosters administered to the group of adult ewes and yearlings bread for fall lambing. This is the first time trying for fall lambing - it'll be interesting to see how many settled and how many lambs per ewe we will get.


We have a few grass fed lambs available - a few ram lambs $240 and a couple of smaller ewe lambs at $180. No added hormones and no antibiotics. Pick up on the farm. Might be able to deliver to the processor for an additional fee (you have to make arrangements).


Very happy - just received Codon 171 test results (Scrapie resistance check) from the Gene Check and both ram lambs out of Hound River ram that was the winner of the 2012 SWAREC ram test and Buckeye Acres Genetics ewes are QR! That's very good news to me as these ram lambs are a product of QR to QR breeding, so there was a chance that they could have been not resistant (QQ). Luckely, all is well, and this fall one of them will be bred to a group of RR ewes. Both boys are growing well, one is a twin another a single (but out of a normally good producing ewe), I will keep them both to make my breeding decision in the fall. All 4 ram lambs out of our Pipestone ram were RRs.


Next week-end will be a busy one - will take 90 days weights on all lambs (except the youngest surprise ewe lamb - she is a full month younger than everyone else, so hers will be a 60 day weight) and administer the second round of the CD&T vaccine. In addition, have to arrange with the vet to have the blood drawn for the Codon 171 gene test from the lambs that do not come from RR to RR breeding. After that I can submit my data to the NSIP ( National Sheep Improvement Program) for the first time. I am very excited to see how my lambs stack against other flocks in the katahdin NSIP program. Granted, the statistics do not take the management style into the account, but still, it is a great tool.


Had a busy morning today - all lambs received the first round of their CD&T vaccination and were weighed for their 60 day weights. We can see a great improvement in growth rates that came with using better sires while the management stayed the same - we still do not creep feed and don't feed ewes any grain. Ewes and lambs are on high quality alfalfa hay, the ewes that cannot keep reasonable condition under this management will be culled.


The ram's (Titanium's) pen was moved inside the ewe pen on Sunday. Since I do not have a teaser ram, having a ram share the fence line with ewes is the next best thing to get them cycling. He will stay there for a few weeks and then join them to breed for the fall lambing.


This lambing season is officially over with a nice ram and ewe twin set sired by the Hound River ram NWT347 that was 2012 SWAREC Ram Test winner. We now have 3 ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs by him. The ewes lambs will be kept as replacements and the rams will be allowed to grow out so we can keep on of them for our flock. No pictures today - way to sick to do anything beyond the basic dip/tag/weigh with my son's help.


Just came back from the barn - we have another set of twin ewes. All doing great. Will post a picture tomorrow. That's the ewe that was trying to steal a lamb earlier today.

USDA Grass Fed Lamb Certification

USDA Grass Fed Lamb Certification

Today we obtained our USDA Grass Fed Lamb certification through their Small and Very Small Producers program.


One more set of twin ewe lambs tonight! Too dark for pictures, will post some tomorrow.


Very impatiently waiting for the first lambs of the season. Several ewes have been looking ready for some time now, yet are still holding on to the babies. They did not lamb in the record high temperatures, they did not lamb in this miserable rainy day. Well, the temperatures are plummeting to low teens tomorrow night, and I bet that's when the lambs will arrive.


Our new web-page is under construction - stay tuned!


Having lived in the Northeast up until last fall this is a new situation for me: it's 75F out and my girls are hot as they just started shedding their winter coats that kept them warm in 9F weather. They are all close to lambing, look absolutely miserable, chasing one another to hide their heads in another's shadow. Mind you, they do have a shelter that provides plenty of shade for everyone, they do visit the run-in regularly (their minerals are in there), yet choose not to stay there. I guess if the alternative is getting buried in a few feet of snow, I'll take the heat situation.


Guthrie, OK


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