Zemi Farm

Zemi Farm Zemi Farm is a dressage training, showing, and lesson facility.Cody Moore, is a USDF Certified Instr We specialize in Dressage and teach basic seat lessons.

Cooperstown Equestrian Park DBA Zemi Farm offers Boarding, Lessons and Training. Our horses are sweet, gentle and well trained. ages 6 to 60+ welcome.

Operating as usual

Photos from Carpe Diem Equestrian's post

Photos from Carpe Diem Equestrian's post

Photos from Riders Core Training's post

Photos from Riders Core Training's post

Spring camp 2022!!! A gorgeous week with some amazing little people.  Kids from 3 counties who allbecame fast friends.  ...

Spring camp 2022!!! A gorgeous week with some amazing little people. Kids from 3 counties who all
became fast friends. Love
Job, ponies and families.
Thanks to my camp
Helpers too!!!


What has your horse taught you?


We were hoping to add this as part of our Family Fun Days, but instead were able to get it for the following weekend. We are super excited to be able to have this offering this year! Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and support this local business. Hope to see you there!




We wouldn’t want it any other way. 🐴

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

This week's Wise Words are from Rebecca Langwost-Barlow—a USDF gold medalist and Certified Instructor through Fourth Level. Langwost-Barlow trained in Germany with the late Olympian Dr. Reiner Klimke and Rolf Isselhorst.


DO YOU KNOW YOUR HORSE’S BCS (body condition score)?

Most horse owners understand the dangers of a horse dropping weight and becoming too thin; however, many of those same horse owners underestimate the fact that an overweight horse is just as unhealthy, and can be much more difficult to manage and rehabilitate than a thin animal. An overweight horse will not only have a compromised quality of life; it will also be at higher risk of a number of health problems — like laminitis, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, the formation of colic-causing lipomas (fat tumors in the abdomen), joint and bone problems, reduced reproduction efficiency and increased stress on their heart and lungs.

Being able to assess your equine friend's weight and body condition is a valuable skill. Because "fitness" is subjective, the Henneke Body Condition Scoring Chart provides a standard scoring system for you, the veterinarian, the nutritionist and other health care professionals involved in the care of your animal. The horse's physical condition is rated on visual appraisal and palpation (feel) of six key conformation points: the amount of flesh or fat covering along the neck; the withers; down the crease of the back; at the tailhead; ribs: and behind the shoulder at the girth. A body condition score of somewhere between 4 and 6 is ideal for most horses. However, keep in mind that in some disciplines (like racing, polo and eventing) and some life stages (like pregnancy) a higher or lower body score might be more appropriate.

If you think your horse is too fat or too thin (or even if you are unsure), have a chat with your veterinarian to discuss the appropriate condition and a feeding and exercise program for your animal!

Photos from The Dressage Foundation's post

Photos from The Dressage Foundation's post



Colic is not a disease; it is merely a symptom of disease. Specifically, colic indicates a painful problem in the horse's abdomen (belly), which can be caused by a number of different conditions. Less than 10% of all colic cases are severe enough to require surgery or cause the death of the horse; nevertheless, every case of colic should be taken seriously because it can be difficult to tell the mild ones from the potentially serious ones in the early stages.

Horses show signs of abdominal pain in a wide variety of ways, and usually a horse shows only a few of the signs during an episode of colic. The rule of thumb is — the more obvious the signs of pain, the more serious the problem.

If you suspect the horse is suffering from colic, we suggest that you:
• alert your veterinarian immediately;
• remove all hay and grain from the horse's surroundings;
• don't medicate without your veterinarian's approval, as pain medications can mask clinical signs;
• walk the horse around if it's continually rolling or in danger of hurting itself — but do not tire the horse with relentless walking and don't approach the animal if it's not safe;
• keep the horse under close observation until the signs of colic resolve or the veterinarian arrives.

The key to increasing the chances of a good outcome is to identify the problem early and get your veterinarian involved from the start. Consult your horse doctor for more information.

More information about minimizing the incidence and impact of colic is available on our website at


How your students feel when they try to do what you taught them in your last lesson... What do you do to help them remember? Have you tried asking more questions? Studies show that when we ask our students questions that they retain more. Of course, the trick is in asking the right questions.

Wishing our Zemi Family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wishing our Zemi Family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Photos from Dover Saddlery - Latham, NY's post

Photos from Dover Saddlery - Latham, NY's post

2022 marks our 9th summer at the farm; Can you believe it???? With the demand we had for camps this summer, I want all o...

2022 marks our 9th summer at the farm; Can you believe it????

With the demand we had for camps this summer, I want all of you to be prepared and keep an eye open for the 2022 dates. Reminder I only take 6 kids per week. Camps filled fast. These should
Be posted in February.

For the next two summers, we will NOT be having summer rentals in the farm house.

**The house is rented until further notice*

For all of you on the lesson wait list; and those who are dedicated and keep calling. .. keep it up!

Thank you all for your continued support. I love working with you all-near and far; young and young at heart.

💛 Cody and the Zemi Critters.

Photos from Cooperstown Equestrian Park Ltd's post

Photos from Cooperstown Equestrian Park Ltd's post

Photos from Zemi Farm Vaulters's post

Photos from Zemi Farm Vaulters's post

Photos from Zemi Farm Vaulters's post

Photos from Zemi Farm Vaulters's post

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Beth Baumert will be at Cooperstown Equestrian Park Ltd next Thursday and Friday (schedule TBA) All are welcome to comeA...
Beth Baumert

Beth Baumert will be at Cooperstown Equestrian Park Ltd next Thursday and Friday (schedule TBA)

All are welcome to come
Audit. She will bring some books to sell and can also sign books!!

Beth Baumert trains horses and riders at Cloverlea Dressage LLC in Columbia, Connecticut, the farm she and her husband Alan have owned since 1973. They have two sons in New York City and Colorado, and a daughter, Grand Prix rider Jennifer Baumert, who operates Cloverlea Dressage LLC in Waxhaw, North...


Our final lesson horse is Pippa.
Pippa is a 13 year old Oldenburg mare who is very forward and eager. She is a intermediate/ advanced lesson horse.


Maggie is our 18 year old Percheron cross mare who has been our vaulting horse for many years. Maggie is a intermediate horse and used in both the camp
and lesson program.


Rootbeer is a 18 year old Dutch warmblood. He is our intermediate/advanced horse. He’s trained thru second level. We do use Rootbeer in both the lesson and camp program.


Juju is a 13 year old German riding pony cross. She was bred. raised and trained by Cody. Oneida is actually jujus mother!
Juju is a wonderful beginner walk trot horse. And used for the intermediate and advanced riders as well.
Juju is used in our lesson and camp program.


Rosie is a 7 year old unmarked Appaloosa. Rosie joined our family last August to replace Oneida in the camp program.
Rosie is a sweetheart and super steady for both beginner and intermediate riders. Rosie is used in our lesson and camp program.


3444 County Highway 11
Hartwick, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 8pm
Tuesday 8am - 8pm
Wednesday 8am - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 8pm
Sunday 8am - 8pm


(585) 797-7256


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Wishing your best luck and success in this concern.
I emailed you Joan’s phone number.
Joan wants to bring Emma for lessons as soon as you can do it. 😊
A great day at the Open House at Cooperstown Equestrian Park. Enjoy the photo's of the days events. Thank you Cody for inviting me. It was fun to watch and photograph all your awesome students and horses. Feel free to browse the gallery by clicking the link (photo) below.

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