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Park & Willow Park & Willow is your online beverage center. The largest selection of drinks and coffee products in one site.Here you can buy in bulk for great savings

If you are paying more then a quarter for a bottle of Poland Spring Water YOU are paying too much !!! With us you will pay only $ 0.17 per bottle and we will deliver it to your door. Come on in to find out more .. Park & Willow is an online beverage center.We delivery all types of beverages via our own trucks and FedEx around the 48 states.We sell beverages at wholesale prices for home or office.


Is your Keurig machine is getting old? Do you think of replacing it ?

We are running special on Keurig OfficePro for $99 delivered to your door. Take advantage now !


If you're paying more than a quarter for bottled water, you’re paying too much!
Refreshing, crisp, clean. Every drop of Poland Spring water comes from carefully chosen spring sources that meet Poland Spring’s stringent quality and taste requirements.
This crystal clear water will refresh and invigorate you with each sip. Available in a wide variety of bottle sizes to suit every need.
Water delivery has never been easier, including water delivery for the office! Order Spring Water by the case and save big for your business. Saving on Poland Spring water never tasted so good!


Stuck with a Keurig Kold Machine? Park & Willow will Credit for it
The Keurig Kold machine seemed like such a fantastic idea! Imagine having one of these incredible machines at a party in your home, allowing all of the guests to select their favorite fizzy drink and enjoy!
But just 9 months after this seemingly incredible machine came into the market, it is being discontinued by Keurig.
So what went wrong? Why was the Keurig Kold machine such a flop? And if you are the not-so-proud owner of one of these machines and are looking for a way to get rid of it without losing money, what can you do?
What’s Wrong With the Keurig Kold?
- It’s Huge
This is not an exaggeration. This machine is an absolute beast that will swallow up your counter space without you even realizing it. It has been measured at about 19 inches deep, and in addition it is required to leave two inches more behind the machine for ventilation. That’s a total of 21 inches deep, besides 15 inches of height and almost 12 inches of width.

- It’s Expensive
The price of the Keurig Kold machine itself was $369. This was a very bold price, considering that its largest competitor, SodaStream, produces machine that does the same job for $79 (that being the cheapest model). But once the machine is purchased, the price continues to be high due to the pods. A pack of four pods could cost you $4 to $5 and gives you 32 oz. of delicious fizzy beverage. Wonderful. However, if you wanted to just run to the store, you could pick up a 12 pack of coke for $5, which is 144 oz. If you don’t want to go to the store, the average price per serving of a SodaStream a matter of cents. That’s a significant price difference.

- Reviews Paint a Horrid Picture
Customer reviews have compared the sound of a Keurig Kold to a freight train. One customer wrote that its constant humming was reminiscent of a soda vending machine. Another customer who was to do an unbiased review got the machine for free, but after using it decided he wasn’t even going to keep it!

- It Needs to Be Constantly Plugged In
Unless you enjoy waiting 2-5 hours for your soda. So, in addition to the fact that it takes up an incredible amount of space, it cannot be stored because it will then take hours to cool down and prepare to make you a drink.

What Can You Do?
Now that you’re stuck with this practically useless machine, what can you do?
Park and Willow, a soda delivery service, is here to save the day! We are offering to credit on most Keurig brewers especially for you! If you need to get rid of your clunky and expensive Keurig Kold, log on to and find a better solution!
If you are looking for beverages delivery in New York City, Park and Willow is a great option. We provide beverages, Keurig K-Cups and more to business and homes in the New York City area.

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