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The crayon eaters unite!It was our pleasure to have Frank (The Crayon Eater King) from Crayons Ready-to-Eat stop by and ...

The crayon eaters unite!

It was our pleasure to have Frank (The Crayon Eater King) from Crayons Ready-to-Eat stop by and pay us a visit!

MilTreats Inc.

Huge thank you to Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 9242 out of Hollister, CA for providing the Colors and Honor Guard...

Huge thank you to Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 9242 out of Hollister, CA for providing the Colors and Honor Guard for the first annual Second Chance Bronc Bash!

What an honor and a privilege to visit with these local heroes and gain their support of our cause!

Huge thank you to VFW Post 9242, Hollister CA for providing the Colors and Honor Guard for the first annual Second Chanc...

Huge thank you to VFW Post 9242, Hollister CA for providing the Colors and Honor Guard for the first annual Second Chance Bronc Bash!

What an honor and a privilege to visit with these local heroes and gain their support of our cause! Keep doing great work in your local community!

Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW

Todays auction item: Autographed Football!Starting bid: $100This football is autographed by former NFL players Reggie Wa...

Todays auction item: Autographed Football!
Starting bid: $100

This football is autographed by former NFL players Reggie Walker and David Carter!

Bids close at 12pm TOMORROW!

Also, every donation of $50 gets you 1 entry in our raffle for our signed books!
Every $100 gets you 1 entry in our raffle for autographed hats and shirts signed by David and Reggie PLUS 2 entries in our book raffle!

All donations and auction proceeds go towards helping our veterans get out in nature and heal.


Help support our upcoming Veterans retreat in California!Check out some of the items we will be auctioning and raffling ...

Help support our upcoming Veterans retreat in California!

Check out some of the items we will be auctioning and raffling off LIVE!

Join us right here on Facebook from 5-9:30pm CST.

5-6pm: The event kicks off with Dorothyann Graham O'Dell interviewing our founder Michael Parker.

6-9:30pm: auction, raffle, and fundraising with some of our friends!


Come join us for a night of fun and show your support for our veterans!

Come join us for a night of fun and show your support for our veterans!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize my special buddy on this National Dog Day!Life is better with you brother!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize my special buddy on this National Dog Day!

Life is better with you brother!

We are happy to announce two of our special guests that will be joining us and helping facilitate the event!Retired NFL ...

We are happy to announce two of our special guests that will be joining us and helping facilitate the event!

Retired NFL Linebacker Reggie Walker


Retired NFL Defensive Lineman David Carter


Second Chance Podcast

Are you ready to be inspired by a story of resilience, the power of dreams, and an unyielding spirit? Buckle up for an in-depth dialogue with our guest, Nate Boyer. A Green Beret turned NFL player, Nate's path is anything but ordinary. From the trenches of Iraq and Afghanistan to the playfields of professional football, his story is a thrilling testament to overcoming adversity.

Our conversation takes you through the pivotal moments of his life. You'll learn about his service in the military, his deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, and his transition into the NFL. But it doesn't end there. Nate shares his experiences with regret, the journey from being the oldest rookie in the league, to co-founding, with Jay Glazer, a nonprofit organization, Merging Vets and Players.

Beyond the battlefield and gridiron, hear about Nate's aspiration to bridge the gap between the military and sports communities. Merging Vets and Players is expanding, and Nate shares the organization's plans, their mission, and expected partnerships. We also explore his advice on supporting veterans and athletes. So, if you're keen on understanding the strength of the human spirit, gaining insights into supporting veterans and athletes, or just a fantastic story, you won't want to miss this episode with Nate Boyer. Join us for a robust and moving conversation.


We are excited to announce for the first time in our history, we are bringing veterans and former professional athletes together in nature as we put on this groundbreaking retreat!

Uncover what matters most to you as we discover your mission and purpose in life, equip you with tools and resources to be successful, and open the door to the possibility of a fulfilling life on the other side of service.

We kick it off Thursday evening as we experience a staple of cowboy culture, a rodeo put on by our friends at Lone Oak Western Productions, LLC followed by two and a half days of camping, horses, hiking, mindfulness and meditation, UTV rides, s***t shooting, and more.


Second Chance Podcast

Imagine escaping a life that seemed destined for nowhere, only to lay the foundation for a rewarding and impactful career. Our special guest, Jeremy "Monte" Montgomery, did just that. Leveraging his 23 years of military service in the US Air Force, he's become an influential voice against underemployment and unemployment. His journey from a directionless youth to a distinguished Air Force veteran is nothing short of inspiring. In our candid conversation, Jeremy recalls his early life influences and his vital decision to join the Air Force.

After a fulfilling military career, transitioning to civilian life often poses daunting challenges, and Jeremy's story was no different. But, he turned these obstacles into opportunities, eventually becoming a career transitions expert. He opens up about the process of reverse engineering a job description, a method he advises veterans and others to translate their skills into civilian language. His inspiring story from taking a significant pay cut and starting a company to becoming a full-time recruiter with the Air National Guard is a testament to perseverance and tenacity.

Jeremy's passion for helping veterans find meaningful employment is infectious. He believes in finding a job that sparks joy, and his role, as he puts it, is to guide people in this endeavor. We also discuss MilCruit, Jeremy's brainchild, which serves as a nationwide community providing opportunities and assistance to veterans, military spouses, and transitioning service members. As we conclude our engaging conversation, Jeremy leaves us with his inspirational quote, a must-read book recommendation, and an invaluable resource for veterans and first responders. Get ready for an episode filled with pivotal life lessons and insightful career advice.

Check out the August lineup for the Second Chance Podcast!August 14th: Jeremy "Monte" Montgomery Retired US Air Force, D...

Check out the August lineup for the Second Chance Podcast!

August 14th: Jeremy "Monte" Montgomery
Retired US Air Force, Director of Business Development at Fusion Cell, and founder of Milcruit

August 21st: Nate Boyer
Green Beret veteran, former NFL Long Snapper for the Seattle Seahawks, and founder of Merging Vets and Players (MVP)

August 28th: Brittinay Lenhart
US Air Force veteran and founder of Work Culture Consultant LLC

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What if your struggles and trials could be turned into a blueprint leading to success and empowerment? Join us as we journey with Dr. Robert Garcia, a man who managed to break the cycle of family drug and alcohol abuse, and plunged headfirst into a world, determined to make a positive impact. Hear about his experience raising $3,000 to secure a homeless veteran a place to stay and how he used his influence to support others in need, showcasing the power of leveraging social media for good.

Dr. Garcia's resiliency doesn't end there. He opens up about his journey through academic struggles, demanding jobs, and the strife he faced in making his way to success. You'll be enthralled as he recounts his days as a tow truck driver, lugging around massive machines and the mental toll it took on him. But as he explains, it was these trials that led him to become the successful entrepreneur he is today.

He also shares insights on how to shift your mindset from being a victim to embracing a posture of empowerment. This episode will inspire you to reflect on your own decisions and how they can limit or foster your potential for success. By the end of this episode, you'll walk away with a new perspective on how to create a valuable network, learn from others, and overcome your fears to make meaningful connections. So, get ready to reimagine your struggles as stepping stones to success with Dr. Rob Garcia.

This Episode is brought to you by Naked Warrior Recovery. This CBD company is a SDVOB owned and operated by a former Navy SEAL with the aim of serving veterans and first responders. They have developed the highest quality CBD oil products on the market. Get 25% off Get Naked! merchandise when you use the code 2CRR.


Second Chance Podcast
Season 2, Episode 10

Picture the battlefield: the rush of adrenaline, the danger at every turn, and the unyielding courage of soldiers who risk their lives. Our guest today, Pasha Palanker, knows this all too well. A two-time Purple Heart recipient, Pasha has experienced the terror of confronting a su***de bomber and the gratification of saving 15 lives. But the battlefield isn't just physical—it's mental too. Pasha shares his raw, personal battle with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, illuminating the often overlooked mental health struggles faced by our brave veterans.

After surviving a war zone, Pasha found himself waging a new war: one against stigma and misunderstanding. He bravely recounts his time spent in a psych ward, struggling to reach out for help. But in the face of adversity, Pasha discovered the power of resilience and hope. With every piece of a puzzle, every mile ran, and every fast completed, Pasha began regaining control over his mental health. His inspiring journey serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the importance of mental health recovery. Join us as we explore the mind of a true hero and discover the power of courage, resilience, and mental health advocacy.

To listen to the full episode head over to our website or listen on your favorite streaming platform!


Get ready to step into the shoes of William Branum, a retired Navy SEAL who's braved more than just the stormy seas. Listen to an intriguing tale of resilience and courage, as he walks us through his inspiring journey that spans over 26 years of service, grueling SEAL training, and post-military life. He gives us a candid glimpse into the darker aspects of his life, revealing his struggles with alcoholism and rejection but also the hope and liberation he found in CBD, leading him to establish his own CBD company, Naked Warrior Recovery.

William's story doesn't stop at his military service. His transition to civilian life was fraught with adversity. His battles with alcohol, rejection, and the search for a new purpose makes for a heartwrenching tale. But there's light at the end of the tunnel. William discovered CBD, a molecule that helped him cope with his struggles, and this led him to build Naked Warrior Recovery, a CBD company focused on aiding veterans and first responders. He stresses the importance of removing our ego masks and exposing our true selves to find success. William also unveils how the acronym NAKED: Never Quit, Accept Failure, Kill Mediocrity, Exposure Fears, and Do the Work, became his personal growth mantra.

In the final part of this episode, we delve into William's transformational journey towards vulnerability and growth. Drawing from his experience, he's crafted a powerful presentation that revolves around an inspiring acronym that motivates him every day. As the founder of a successful CBD company, a coach, and a public speaker, he encourages us all to step out of our comfort zones and seize the opportunities for growth that lie beyond. Learn how Teddy Roosevelt's 'Man in the Arena' quote serves as a guiding light on his journey. So, join us on this life-changing ride and get inspired to conquer your own life battles.

Use discount code 2CRR to get a 25% discount on your Get Naked merchandise!


Strap yourselves in, listeners, as we embark on an unforgettable journey with TD Richardson, an Eagle Scout and Marine Corps veteran. Our conversation takes us from his time in the Marines, through the harrowing battles of Fallujah, and into the challenging transition to the SEALs. We delve into the gritty details of BUD/S training, the mental and physical toll it took, and the power of camaraderie that saw him through.

We also uncover TD's battle with brain surgery, a testament to his indomitable spirit and grit. He navigates us through his journey to recovery, underscoring the importance of the three pillars - body, mind, and soul - and their interdependency. But the journey does not stop there. We take an unexpected detour into the world of bull riding, an adrenaline-fueled sport that became a therapeutic outlet for our host, Michael, helping him regain control of his life.

As we draw to a close, we reflect on TD’s post-service life. His journey led him to found Divine Savagery, a consulting firm that draws on his experiences to help others. We chat about his upcoming podcast, his mission to build a garage-style gym for veterans, and his role as a motivational speaker. This episode serves as a tribute to the strength and resilience of our veterans. Be prepared to be moved, to be inspired, and to see life from an entirely new perspective.

Full episode available at


Second Chance Podcast
Season 2: Episode 7

Listen now at

When faced with unbearable loss, how do we find the strength to carry on? Gold Star mother Holly Higgins shares her powerful story of losing her son, Senior Airman Daniel J Johnson, in Afghanistan in 2010. Through her unwavering commitment to his memory, Holly has found solace and healing in storytelling and has dedicated her life to helping others navigate the aftermath of war and the loss of loved ones.

During this emotional conversation, Holly recounts pivotal moments leading up to and following Danny's tragic death, including the cherished red poppy-covered coffee cup he gifted her and how it became a symbol of his destiny. As the Gold Star ambassador for The Heroes Journey and a storytelling coach, Holly discusses the transformative power of storytelling and her mission to help others find hope and healing after loss.

Don't miss this deeply moving and inspiring episode with Holly Higgins as she offers insights on grief, healing, and the power of storytelling. Through her work with The Hero's Journey and the Senior Airman Daniel J Johnson Climbing Center, Holly is dedicated to carrying on her son's legacy and shining a light on the true cost of war. Whether you've experienced the loss of a loved one or seek a better understanding of the impact of war, this episode is sure to touch your heart and soul.


What would you do if you were given a second chance at life? For retired Navy SEAL Commander Jon Macaskill, this meant stepping into a new role as a leadership and mindfulness coach. In our powerful conversation, Jon shares his incredible journey from leaving apartheid South Africa to discovering the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Jon opens up about the highs and lows of his time as a Navy SEAL Commander, including deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and the Philippines. Rather than letting setbacks define him, Jon used them to fuel his drive for success and to help others become better versions of themselves through his leadership and mindfulness coaching. We dive into the complexities of leadership, the role of senior enlisted leaders in the Navy, and the challenges faced by a SEAL commander. Hear his insights on the importance of mental health and how it can impact not only military personnel but people in all walks of life.

Lastly, we explore Jon's transformative experience with mindfulness and meditation. From the trauma of a mission in Afghanistan to overcoming self-medication and feelings of cowardice, Jon's journey led him to professional counseling, mindfulness, and meditation. By embracing these practices, Jon not only improved his own performance and well-being, but also found his calling in helping others do the same. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with Jon Macaskill as we learn how he's guiding people to become the best versions of themselves and better leaders. Also, discover how Jon's passion for mindfulness and meditation led him to create his podcast, Men Talking Mindfulness, and the impact it has had on both his life and the lives of those who listen.

Listen to the full episode now


What does it take to go from a rural Ohio farm to an 18-year career in the Marine Corps? Join us as we chat with Lee Bowden, an active-duty chief warrant officer, about his incredible journey fueled by his dad's Navy career and his mom's work as a physical therapist. Lee's love for reading and science fiction also played a part in shaping his personal perspectives and beliefs.

In this candid conversation, Lee discusses the core values of the EOD community and how their motto "initial success or total failure" has resonated with him. We also delve into the crucial role he played in combat operations and humanitarian efforts, such as the evacuation of Afghanistan, and the challenges of maintaining force protection in high-stress situations. Lee offers a unique perspective on the difficulties of identifying and preventing these threats in high-traffic areas and provides valuable insights into the world of EOD. As one of the founders of the OAR Foundation, Lee is dedicated to better understanding moral injury, building camaraderie, and providing an outlet for sharing stories and healing.

Don't miss this insightful episode as we discuss the long-term goals of the OAR Foundation, which include research collaboration with other organizations in the nonprofit space. Lee shares his personal experience with moral injury and a thought-provoking quote from the book Ender's Game. Tune in to hear the captivating story of a dedicated Marine Corps officer who's passionate about making a difference both on and off the battlefield.

“I Died Today” by Michael ParkerDo I have your attention?are you listening now?I don’t really know if I’ll actually die ...

“I Died Today” by Michael Parker

Do I have your attention?
are you listening now?
I don’t really know if I’ll actually die today
But I do know there’s a few things I want to say…

I have traveled a journey long and hard
Body and mind riddled with many scars
I’ve stood on the pinnacle and the valley low
Battled for my life and for my soul

I’ve laughed and loved, wept and cried
There were even the times I almost died
I’ve done some good and also bad
I’ve taken and I’ve given all that I had

Life is a journey of highs and lows
It’s victorious roars and knock out blows
With that said, one thing rings true
What happens next is only up to you

life isn’t measured in defeat
it’s measured by how many times you get back to your feet.
Leave no stone unturned, nothing to chance
You never know if today is your last dance

So be kind to those you meet
Smile at a stranger in the street
Hold your loved one near and dear
Let your friends know you are there

Your life is made of two dates and a dash
So live each one as if it’s your last



Second Chance Podcast S2:E4

What happens when you trade your badge and uniform for the world of entrepreneurship? Join us as we sit down with Rob Hollingsworth, a decorated Navy and law enforcement veteran, who shares his incredible journey from being a bomb dog handler in the Persian Gulf to serving in canine and SWAT units. In this heartfelt conversation, Rob opens up about the impact of his career on his family, the physical and mental toll of policing, and the importance of fighting complacency in your career and personal life.

As we dive deeper into our discussion, Rob shares experiences from his time in law enforcement in Las Vegas and Washington state, including responding to a shooting and an officer involved shooting. Throughout our conversation, Rob opens up about the emotional challenges that come with working in high-stress situations, especially when personal circumstances shift. We discuss the impact of these experiences on his mental health and family life, and how seeking therapy and finding new goals helped him navigate his way through these tough times. You'll also hear about Rob's pioneering platform, Plant Your Flag, designed to guide other veterans and law enforcement officers through their own transitions into entrepreneurship.

Don't miss this inspiring and insightful episode that delves into the importance of expanding your vision, seeking mentorship, and overcoming imposter syndrome. Learn from Rob's experiences and wisdom as he equips others with the tools they need to make the leap from military and law enforcement careers into the world of entrepreneurship. This is one conversation you won't want to miss!


“When I got the call to meet a group of veterans for a weekend camping trip my immediate response was YES.  After being ...

“When I got the call to meet a group of veterans for a weekend camping trip my immediate response was YES. After being out of the Army for over 6 years I've missed that sense of brotherhood in my daily civilian life.
�I cannot express how much I would recommend getting out and going to one of these events with other veterans! Going on the group horseback ride was a huge highlight of the weekend. The smiles on everyone's face, when they got introduced to their horse for the day was priceless.

Michael is the lifeblood behind all of it. His ability to bring veterans together to help bridge the gap after our service is a gift I hope he never stops using. You can tell that he truly cares about helping veterans.

I am so grateful for this weekend, It has shown me how much we still all need each other even after our time in the service has ended. Thank you for planning this awesome event and I hope we can do it again soon with more veterans in the Austin area!”

This is a review from one of the 7 veterans who joined us on our adventure down in Texas.

Are you ready to be transformed? Book your adventure now!


Second Chance Podcast S2:E3 is now available!

“From Tragedy to Triumph: An Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Service” with Col. Gregory Gadson

Don’t miss this deep and inspiring interview with Army Col. (Ret.) Gregory Gadson as he recounts the day that forever changed his life and how he found healing on the other side of tragedy. We also discuss the healing power of horses and lessons learned from playing football at West Point.

Col. Gadson is a graduate of West Point, retired Army Colonel (after 26 years of service), motivational speaker, and actor.
His life is a portrait of courage in the face of great adversity. His greatest challenge came in Iraq in May 2007. While serving as commander of the 2nd Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery, Col. Gadson lost both his legs above the knee and normal use of his right arm and hand. He remained on active duty serving as the Garrison Commander at Ft. Belvoir and Director of Army Wounded Warrior Program in Alexandria, VA. He continues to inspire many with his message of courage, perseverance, determination, and teamwork.


Second Chance Podcast S2:E2 Now Available!

Make sure you check out this incredible interview with Marine Corps veteran and The Zen Veteran, Carson Honeycutt.

Listen as Michael and Carson dive into subjects plaguing our veteran community such as the misconceptions about veterans and transitioning away from awareness campaigns and towards ACTION steps.

Also discussed are the difference between Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Growth and the five stages of each.

This is a MUST listen to episode for all veterans and those who want to support our heroes.

Also, if you haven't already, listen to last weeks interview with Lane Belone as we dive into self-mastery and the impacts of su***de.

16.1 miles complete.Someone asked me along the way(somewhere around mile 14):Them: “Aren’t you tired?”Me: “he is” (refer...

16.1 miles complete.

Someone asked me along the way(somewhere around mile 14):

Them: “Aren’t you tired?”

Me: “he is” (referring to my service dog)

Them: “yeah but aren’t YOU tired?”

Me: “the pain that I feel is temporary, the sacrifice that they made is eternal. I can bear the pain, as long as their memory isn’t forgotten”

I think that I reminded a lot of people (even if for only a brief moment) what the true reason for today is.

A couple of the things I love about my hikes, I’m often given the opportunity to share the stories of the names I care, and I ALWAYS run into veterans who often share with me the stories of the friends they lost.

Never Forget!


Second Chance Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 is now available on all major streaming platforms!

Listen as we interview former Green Beret Lane Belone and dive into self-mastery and combating veteran su***de!

Show summary:

"How can self-mastery help us navigate the unknown and reach our full potential? Join me, Michael Parker, as I chat with Lane Belone, a harmonious creator, curious explorer, and storyteller who draws upon his experiences as a former Green Beret to help others. Lane's journey of self-exploration and growth has led him to develop and share his insights on mindset, resilience, and true care for ourselves and others.

Together, we'll uncover the power of breaking down goals into small, manageable steps, and how our mindset can lead us to accomplish great things. Lane and I also delve into the critical issue of veteran su***de, sharing our personal experiences and insights on reaching out to those in need and recognizing the signs of someone who may be struggling. Learn how connection and awareness can play a significant role in preventing such tragedies.

In this powerful conversation, we discuss the importance of vulnerability, honesty, and asking for help when needed. Lane shares how his journey of self-mastery has helped him manage his mental health and enjoy the full spectrum of life. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Lane Belone as we explore the path to self-mastery, resilience, and true care for ourselves and others.

The alarming reality of veteran su***de numbers in the United States is a topic that needs urgent attention, and we tackle it head-on with Lane in this compelling conversation. Together, we discuss the importance of not only taking care of ourselves but also reaching out to those around us, shedding light on how a small act of kindness or a simple rule of reaching out when someone is on your mind can make a world of difference. We also touch on the double-edged sword that is social media and how it can often mask the true struggles people are going through.

Lastly, we explore the process of navigating life's challenges and fostering self-mastery through being honest with ourselves and asking for help when needed. We emphasize the importance of building a history of reaching out for support, as it becomes easier during the most difficult times. This episode serves as a powerful reminder that it's okay to admit when we're feeling down and that others genuinely want to help in any way they can. Don't miss this enlightening and inspiring conversation with Lane Belone, and be sure to share it with someone you know who needs to hear this message today."



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Please take a minute to watch our interview with Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC last month. Please reach out to them, or us, for more information. 🤠🐎
Check out the new video of the podcast with Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC founder and Marine Vet Michael Parker.
Every day is a second chance!

Wake up each morning and aim to be slightly better each and everyday.

Check out our new episode of the podcast with Marine Vet Michael Parker of the Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC and hear how he the pandemic accelerated his journey to helping others through their struggle.

Our partner, Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC, and us made it happen this weekend! We went all out for Officer Rose and her brother Billy in Louisiana.

Help support our efforts by becoming a monthly donor today by clicking the link
We were able to get a bunch of veterans out to help a police officer. There’s over 4,000 miles of travel in this photo!

This would not have happened without Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC.

Become a monthly donor today by visiting

We drove from NJ to Louisiana to help a police officer in need. Why? Because WE SHOW UP!

We were interviewed by a local Fox News station in Louisiana, which happened with Swordfish Communications help!

Shout out to Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC for coming from Arkansas to help! Thanks to Woods n water for sending two volunteers Day 1.

Become a monthly donor today by visiting

🚨🗣👂🗣👂Listen up🗣👂🗣👂🚨
We need volunteers in Louisiana! Please message us. This is Bridge City, Louisiana we need help in.

Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC is helping coordinate volunteers, also! Reach out.

We will even pick people up along the way.
We are coming from Jersey. Second Chance is coming from Arkansas!

🚨Update: $7,240.36 raised so far!!🚨

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been assisting a Police Officer in Louisiana. She has gone through A LOT recently and it only got worse.

Help us in achieving our goal as soon as possible. Her roof is in imminent danger of collapsing!

Please share this around and let's raise this money.

Contact Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC for volunteering

Thank you Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC and all of the participants in this video for helping us to honor our fallen service. May we never forget.

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Founded in 2019, Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of all persons who visit our ranch. We want to make an impact in a world set on personal gain. We believe that your future is greater than your past.

“In a take take take world, we want to focus on giving back. We have the opportunity to make a huge impact in the lives of those in need. Many of the people we will help will never be able to repay us, but that’s okay! It’s not about how much money, rather how much of a difference we make.”

-Michael Parker, Founder/CEO of Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch LLC