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Blue Fox Farms Blue Fox Farms is a full service boarding facliity operated by owner/ trainer, Teri Bludworth. Less

Blue Fox Farms was established in 1996 by owner and trainer Teri Bludworth. Teri has been training horses and riders of all ages and levels professionally for over 40 years out of the Houston, TX area. She has learned from infamous trainers such as Victor Hugo Vidal and George Morris. Teri specializes in bringing along young stock and breeding as well as teaching classic horsemanship. Blue Fox Far

ms strives to create and atmosphere where all levels of horses and riders can have a classic, positive learning experience. We teach classic, true horsemanship, which is important to all levels of riders from beginner to "A" Show riders. Our first goal is to educate riders in all aspects of horsemanship, not just riding. Handling, ground manners, and correct care are all part of becoming a true horse person and are so important to the "total package". We strive to have you understand your horses needs and care and to educate you to where you are self reliant in all aspects of horse training and management. Teri offers her years of expertise along with her excellent training facility just 15 minutes from downtown Houston, TX. Blue Fox Farms offers many services including training, riding instruction, boarding, show preparation and show day training as well as sales services. Blue Fox Farms is situated on over 40 acres near Beltway 8 and 288 on the south side of Houston.

Photos from City of Pearland - Animal Services's post

Photos from City of Pearland - Animal Services's post


These two cuties are stuck at the hip and ready to go home. Please let the fur-family know to contact AAAC at 281.388.4331. Found on Mustang Rd and CR 161

Photos from City of Pearland - Animal Services's post

Photos from City of Pearland - Animal Services's post


This sweet girl was found yesterday at the Pearland Town Center. Please share to find her family.


This handsome boy was found on 288 and Broadway on the grassy area. Please share to find his family.

Congratulations to all my IEA riders!!  Both high school and middle school teams are moving up to zone finals!  We are o...

Congratulations to all my IEA riders!! Both high school and middle school teams are moving up to zone finals! We are one (very tough) step away from National Finals!! Every rider is going either for team and/ or individual rides. Thanks to all riders, parents, schooling riders and my valentine Honey , Jack Harrison for all your help!

It’s official!  Carter Ragni is high point IEA zone 7 open rider so she will ride in the open championship class at Nati...

It’s official! Carter Ragni is high point IEA zone 7 open rider so she will ride in the open championship class at National Finals in Tryon, NC. So proud! Congratulations!


This girl was found near Pearland high school on main st and Bailey. Please share to help her find her home.


This boy was found at the doggie park off Country Place Blvd. Please share to find his home.


This good boy was found way back on January 3rd, but we missed posting him. He was wandering near Old Alvin and McHard. Help us get him home by sharing this post.

I’ve just got to brag about my IEA high school and middle school teams. Both teams and all 9 riders are qualified to mov...

I’ve just got to brag about my IEA high school and middle school teams. Both teams and all 9 riders are qualified to move on towards our goal of nationals. Every rider. In every class. My middle school team is young and green and struggled but never gave up!! Parents busted their tails off with running the horse show and concessions. High school riders helped middle school riders. Many of my clients volunteered time, organizing skills, p a system, and rides. My second family Caroline McCorvey and Morgan ODonnell were all in with their time. All of the other coaches brought lovely horses. We got 2 shows done in one day. Lots of love and gratitude for all!! ♥️Best of all… my graduated seniors came back to help. Kiana Damanik, Abby Norwood and Macey Medina. What a fun day!!

Photos from Sealy Police Department's post

Photos from Sealy Police Department's post


Once again, from our British correspondent

Cedar Lane 11/12/22

Yes it’s time for Frito Pie again. The monkey’s usual diet is vegetation and fruit but he will make an exception for the great Frito pie of Cedar Lane !
Now we do need a bit of a preamble here. As with any horse show and the social life that goes with it the Monkey flits around here and there picking up titbits of amusement etc. Not all of what is in this report will make sense to everyone but I reckon just about everyone I met is involved somehow.
I must also report an incident that happened to the Monkey on the prior Thursday. Now the Monkey celebrated his 65th (that’s 350 in Monkey years) birthday on 10/28/22 and one of his presents from She Who Must Be obeyed (SWMBO) was a wine tasting at Hotel Zsa Zsa in Houston.
Now the 11/10 is a special date for the Monkey as it’s the anniversary of his mothers’ death. She knew she was ill and therefore made a living will and as a proud Scot one of her wishes was that both of her sons (my twin brother and I) wear the kilt on this date as do all the male kids. So it was that my brother was out with his 2 sons and mine suitable dressed. The Monkey therefore made the effort and wore his kilt to the wine tasting. Now you may or may not know a true Scotsman never wears anything under the kilt. It’s just not the correct thing to do. What the Monkey did not realise was that the chairs we sat on were made of woven cane !! As I have younger readers I will spare you the details but as the Monkey rose to use the restroom not all of him left the seat, I believe there were comments regarding the sound of Velcro !!

So it was that the Monkey found himself at BFF by 3pm on Friday. SWMBO was in full swing and it was time to load the beasts. It’s the 4 horse with Louie, U Haul. Paddy the wonder horse and the Hootster going in. As with all 4 of these loading is a breeze and it was off to Cedar Lane and Frito Pie, yippee. Normal Houston traffic made it a longer journey than it should be but SWMBO kept the Monkey amused by running through his duties at a horse show, oh how the time flew.
Into Cedar Lane to be met by the redoubtable Barbara, a legend in the horse world and another lady trainer that scare the Monkey to death ! Usual unloading nonsense which is usually just consists of each of us shouting out what we have forgotten, this time however we have everything including a wheelbarrow which was just as well as Cedar Lane’s ids still in the evidence locker for the FBI investigation of the Great wheelbarrow heist of 2021.

So as usual we have to feed the little darlings, put them to beddie-byes and make sure they are comfortable. Now as you will all know from reading these an integral part of the horse show world (for BFF any way) is where to go to dinner. This can be rather fraught and SWMBO can be a trifle picky whereas the Monkey will eat anything and usually does. It’s decided that Cisco’s will be the place and SWMBO and the Monkey are joined , by Emily, Carter, Audrey and Caroline. Now if you have not tried them before can I recommend the Mason jar Magarita and excellent and refreshing beverage. Now the Monkey will never let a line that can be used for comic effect be left hanging in mid air. So imagine my delight when on returning to the table I hear the following “oh and when I wash her udders she nickers” !!! This immediately raised several questions for the Monkey and as I was about to dive in with what I though would be a string of amusing comments I got the laser of death look from not just SWMBO but Emily and Caroline as well ! I promise I will revisit !

Friday’s 3pm start turned into Saturdays 5.45 am alarm with the Monkey being turned out os his pit at that ungodly hour. Now SWMBO had warned the Monkey that the weather was going to be a tad on the chilly side. However as the Monkey suffers from Trouserphobia (a fear of being over trousered) shorts were the order of the day and I was duly mocked by all and sundry for this decision.

We have a large group of riders with us today so in alphabetical order here they are.

Maddie (Moving up for the first time)
Trent (very experienced Polo rider but new to this)
The comments are added because although I don’t tend to show individual results this was a very significant show for some of our riders.
With all the usual preparation going on it’s time for the Monkey to head for the concessions and Frito Pie ! With high anticipation the Monkey enters the concession and greets the ladies manning the food stall. “Frito Pie please” expounds the Monkey. “we don’t have it” is the reply from the concessionettes ! The Monkey is crushed beyond all recognition and it was only the promise of burgers and deer sausage that could bring the Monkey out of his fritoless coma.

As ever with Barbara and Cedar Lane the show is run with military precision and little time is wasted getting the rides done. It always astounds the monkey as to how the riders just get on with it when there must be nerves at play but everyone gave it their all. All was overseen by the attentive eyes of Kathy O’Connor of Bayview, who incidentally didn’t have a barrow either !
I know you can all check your results on some Horsey website but I will mention that the BFF junior high school team prevailed on this day. Well done to all. I must just mention the Burgers etc. All the Monkey can say is magnificent, especially the venison sausage which almost (almost)m made up for the lack of Frito pie !
Thus it is time for the dinner decision and a thumbs up is give to the Republic grille. SWMBO, and the Monkey are joined by Barbara, Rebecca and her husband John, Caroline, Morgan and the ever fragrant Rob Moyer. These dinners can sometimes get a little bit rowdy and perhaps we should not put Mr Moyer in charge of discipline but hey ho. Now generally the theme is lets humiliate the Monkey which in fairness is not difficult. However this occasion was worse than normal with Cedar Lane joining in as well. Most of it centred around the Monkey’s Kilt incident as described earlier and the Monkey being asked by Morgan to kill a pig that she was purchasing. As everyone knows that a slang mafia term for a hit is “to grease” someone. It was as the Monkey was stating the he “would grease the pig” that Mr Moyer arrived and interpreted that sentence as only he could. A great night and the Monkey fell asleep with dreams of greasy pigs eating Frito Pie!

It was not however the end of our night as a rather large an violent fight erupted outside of our hotel room at 2.45 am, police called, drama etc. Unbelievably the Monkey was not involved.
Sunday dawns bright and cold, so much so that the Monkey eschews the shorts and wears pants all the way to his paws, feels very strange to the monkey. As team captain (it says so on my BFF jacket) I always try and enthuse the team first thing in the morning. Just how much the kids have bought into the BFF ethic was demonstrated by the following exchange
Monkey – “good morning team, ready for a great day ?”
Team response - “Morning Grandpa !”

The Monkey is suitably outraged !
Sunday turns out to be a great day for BFF as individuals and a team. You will have seen previously that we have a couple of riders who have stepped up and they did great in what was new territory for them. Blue ribbons were flying every where and yet again I believe a team championship was won, well done all of you. Paddy the wonder horse was voted best horse in show as is only the due for an ex unicorn.
The nature of any competition is that there is only one first prize but I love the fact that our lot understand the team ethic and encourage each other even though they may be in the same class. The Monkey has come to understand as an outsider that Teri teaches so much more than how to ride a horse to these young riders and they will be better equipped in life because of it. You can see the same with the other trainers as well.

A huge thankyou as well to the BFF parents, we rely on your support and encouragement and you give it, Teri also appreciates that you bully the Monkey as well !

To Cedar Lane and all the others involved a heartfelt thanks for making this a great show and I am sure we will all see each other again at the up coming shows. Espescially the BFF extravaganza which I s=s incidentally being catered by the Monkey and various fathers. When I say catered this involves the various males of the group smoking briskets overnight and drinking.

So its loaded up (thanks everyone for helping) and with the sound of Barbara telling Teri “you are so beautiful (which she is) its back to BFF.

Yours in all things Horsey

Barn Monkey


Thoughts to share on this freezing morning. Yesterday I asked Miguel to give hot bran mashes for dinner. He answered that he had done that for breakfast and was planning on this morning as well. I’m still in my warm house as are most of you. If you have the opportunity please bring the guys warm drinks, food, tips. Let’s try to make their lives a little easier.


From our British correspondent: BREC

So, no respite for the Monkey and BFF and Teri who thought I had not been cold enough hauls me off to the great state of Louisiana for the BREC show in Baton Rouge! Only taking the two beasts so it’s Uhaul and the Hootster loaded up and ready for the 4-hour drive along the road to hell that is I10 with the temperature falling as we go.
We have prepared and SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) has very thoughtfully bought me a full-face mask with the word “Shrek” embroidered on the front. I am sure this mask has made a few appearances on “Americas most wanted” so I decide not to wear it. I am also deciding not to wear shorts!!! The Monkey has a high tolerance for cold, but I would rather not have frostbite on the appendages and therefore it’s long pants for the Monkey for the duration of Brec.
We get in around 2.30 and it’s horsey feeding, watering and exercise time as the team start to turn up. Big team here for this one, Abby,Kianna,Allysen (spelled right for once) Lisa, Audrey and the tiddlers Ella and Madelaine which also means a lot of parents and it is great to have so many here.
As usual SWMBO as scoped out the dining arrangements and we are off to Dragos for dinner. Some excitement caused by our young waiter called Paxton who despite having none of the wines I asked for does a great job anyway. Hard on the heels of the Monkey trying Frito pie last week I decide to go with another southern specialty GRITS!!! Now the Monkey is an adventurous eater, but something named after what you get in your eye did not immediately attract my culinary attention. I was however persuaded by Paxton and had slow cooked veal and grits, fantastic is all I have to say.
Saturday dawns and it’s bloody freezing, the monkey is dragged from his nest but SWMBO and forced into the truck for more horsey shenanigans. We have all the team riding today and it is a mixed bag of results but as usual with BFF blue is the predominant colour (Correct English spelling by the way, your welcome !). By now most of our team have qualified for the next level competition with I think just a couple short on the flat. So, work done it is time to head back to the hotel so the Monkey can defrost and prepare for the evening’s entertainment.
It's 19 of us for dinner at Parrains and although we had a fair wait the bar was open, so the Monkey made the best of it. Duly seated it was a fairly riotous occasion with some parents that were new to the Monkey socially, suffice to say they fitted right in, Good effort ! As usual the server (Cody 24 Kianna) managed to make an impression on our teenage team members and there was much sniggering etc at the bottom end of the table until the Monkey went down to sort it out. I think everyone will agree they were firmly put in their place. Now it turns out it was Madeline’s’ birthday. Fortunately, the Monkey remembered this and presented her with a very special spoon hand carved out of the precious element Craponium I am sure she will treasure this for the rest of her life even of she was the recipient of a pretty poor rendering of Happy Birthday. I mean how can 18 people sing, and no one hit the same note, come on people better effort next time.

So up on Sunday and out to the truck which to the Monkeys razor sharp vision appeared to have been modified. Sure enough some local residents having heard of the famous BFF team decided they needed a souvenir and helped themselves to the tow hitch in the night. Little tinkers! No worries with the help of “the Beard to be Feared” that’s Allysens dad Carlos by the way plus John and Mark a new on with a lock this time was sulky purchased and flitted. More success for BFF this day and the Hootster wins best horse fir the second week running, what a star he is. It was interesting to the Monkey to see how the tiddlers reacted to what were some “interesting” results and they were fantastic. The Monkey has learned that it’s what you learn and how you bounce back that counts and they did and will I am sure. I have appended a poem by Rudyard Kipling at the bottom of this piece which says all you need to know. Don’t worry about the males tense it was written at a different time just substitute the pronoun you want. As you know I don’t normally single out riders but having watched Kiannas’ ride over fences today even the monkey knew it was a nailed on blue ribbon ride and it duly proved so, well done K

I must come back the the Beard to be Feared and admit something a man never likes to do…Beard Envy! there I said id. I mean he stands in profile with the sun glistening off it and I want one. Oh and by the way the advice given by Allysens mum did not work, you will have to ask her what it was! I also found out that they have their own beard care room where Carlos spend up to 2 hours a day having the chin decoration cared for!

Again as I have said before it amazes the Monkey as a non-horsey bystander what a great team effort these things are. It is especially nice to see how the team all pulls together

Another great show and as usual thanks to all who helped pack up and get us on our way back to Housters. We must do this again.

Yours in all things Horsey

Barn Monkey

“If” by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!


From our British correspondent:

Cedar Lane

So, the BFF show has come and gone as has Christmas and the New Year.
I hope everyone had a great time with or without the dreaded COVID. My monkey DNA means I got it but had no symptoms, either that what used to be a pack a day and lots of scotch mean I am superior specimen of my species.
So last Friday finds the monkey slumbering in his leaf nest dreaming of swinging through the trees when he is awakened by “she who must be obeyed” with the loving words, “get your butt out of bed and get up to BFF we have a show”. A show! say it isn’t so, the temperature for the weekend is supposed to be low 30’s only getting up to 45 or so at best. Now I am a lowland Barn Monkey who does not take well to these temperatures apart from the hairy legs which feel nothing.
Off to BFF to load up Paddy the Wonder horse and the Hootster in the two horse and set off to Cedar Lane, home of the wonderful Barbara. I am sure I have mentioned before that the Monkey is afraid of Equus Lanista Feminata (female horse Trainers) especially the Texas sub species. It says something that even living with a perfect example of these creatures I still find Barbara one of the most terrifying.
The monkey’s shorts were again the subject of some frankly very personal abuse and I still have no idea why the sight of the monkey’s legs in sub-zero temperatures causes so much amusement.
We are there too late for riding out so it’s off the La Quinta (home of Rudygate as my readers may or may not remember) Fortunately I think they confused us with someone else and let us check in anyway. Off to dinner at Gianni a firm favourite of the BFF dinner crowd for years. Oh, Dear what a disappointment. It was really bad, I think the chef confused salt and sugar in the marinara recipe, I have never tasted and Italian sauce like it but Heigh Ho we made the best of it and obviously the Monkey had to have a few drinks to take the taste away. It was later pointed out to me by SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) that I didn’t have the Marinara and therefore the drinks were unnecessary, but I am nothing if not a team player.
So, Saturday dawned and yes it was bloody cold. No matter the show must go on and the BFF team duly demonstrated that whatever the conditions they were up to the task with some great results with Paddy the Wonder Horse and the Hootster excelling. In fact, Hootie won the horse of the day or some such award.
It would be remiss of me not to mention beside the great effort by Barbara and her team the efforts of the Cedar Lane restaurant facility. It was here that the Monkey was introduce to an apparently legendary Texas dish, yes, the Frito Pie! Those of you who have seen the Monkey know that his body is a temple, and I would not normally dine on this sort of food, but I am willing to make an exception forever!
So, the Monkey is confused as to where the pie name came from, however chilli and Fritos what could go wrong, it was magnificent and apart for my reservation for a table by the piano not happening it was a magnificent dining experience. Thank you, ladies, it’s my new favourite restaurant.
So off with the crew to the Bonfire grill which I have to say was so much better than the previous nigh and a great time was had by all. Back to Cedar Lane on Sunday and yet again it was freezing but there was no wind and it turned out a pretty good day. The BFF team was augmented by the little ones who were fantastic, well-done Ella and Madeline.

Thanks to everyone who helped load up which makes such a difference and although I don’t like to single anyone out thanks to Abby for helping at BFF before departure and also when leaving Cedar Lane.

So, it’s off to Baton Rouge next weekend which is apparently going to be even colder. See you there!
Yours I all things Horsey

Barn Monkey


And now…… your Monster Mash update from our British Correspondent

The Monster Mash Katy 10/23/21

So, it’s Monster Mash show in Katy and the Monkey has been instructed to find a costume. So as Halloween is not a big thing in the UK I am depending on the Queen of BFF yes the delightful Teri! Her first suggestion was the fitness guru Richard Simmons, however for some reason this costume was not available so I was on my own.
There seemed an obvious choice. yes Mrs Doubtfire! I am sure that is what you are all thinking. So having purchased an outfit from a store I realised that by visiting Goodwill and Walmart I could do better myself. Goodwill proved to be a winner with a gorgeous off-white sweater in xxl. Walmart next and I realised that in the movie Mrs Doubtfire was rather well built in the chest department. This would mean I would have to purchase an undergarment to support the chesticles. Now the Monkey does not suffer embarrassment easily (if you look like me you can’t afford that) but buying a 46dd bra was a step too far. I hatched a plan to accost an assistant to affect the purchase. All went well when I found what I thought was a very discreet lady who would help me out. Si while I skulked by the changing rooms, she went out on to the flow to find said item Everything was going swimmingly until I heard “which one do you prefer” from some 30ft away, yes she was stood in the middle of the nether garments section holding up two enormous boulder holders, one in shocking pink the other black. Of course, people looked to see who this question was directed and the Monkey was busted. Pink by the way if you are interested.
So, it’s the huge 7 horse trailer to be packed and driven to Katy. Even though we only took 4 animals we have to use the 7 because it’s the only one that Abby’s new horse (Ferrari)m will fit in. I am told he is 17.2 but I translate that as bloody huge. He is however (apart from the biting) a gentle creature and hopped on with no trouble. Thanks again as usual to Abigail for assisting with the packing. Everyone on board and it’s the Monkey driving the trailer with Teri, Rhonda and the three dogs pulling the golf cart. Yes, we have the dynamic due Rhonda and Rudy with us and of course there will be another Rudygate, you know there will.
We have Ferrari, Callie, Finn and Mannheim on board and it’s and easy trip up to Great Southwest. On arrival and unload Abby notices Mannheim has bashed his left eye in the trailer and looks like he has done 3 rounds with Mike Tyson. It is apparent that unless he miraculously cures himself over night he won’t be showing. The decision is made to get the vet there in the morning. Horses ridden, bedded down and it’s off to din dins, of course it’s Drix and even though they were short staffed all was well except for the Monkey breaking Teri’s dirty martini glass with full contents. I was duly punished in a manner befitting my Monkey status.
Usual 5.30 start except for the Monkey and its this weekend’s “Rudy Rhondagate” There are the Monkey and Teri enjoying the few hours of sleep you get at horseshows when Rhonda knocks at 4.00am to tell us that she is taking Rudy out because he is not well. We are obviously very concerned at this. I mean we wouldn’t want anything to befall the lovely little creature would we!
So off to feeding and watering the little darlings with Abby in attendance and the wonderful Julie expected shortly, we also had Carter and Emily arriving with Eric due later with WWD Cooper (worlds worst dog, although it is a close run thing with Rudy there as well) dressed in his Halloween outfit. Now it soon became obvious after a walk round that the BFF area was sadly lacking in Halloween decoration. Some barns had the most elaborate settings and were fantastic. Step into the breech, Julie, Tammy and Emily with pumpkins, lights, skeletons etc, great job ladies.
We have lots of classes on Saturday and again with mixed success, but every show is a learning process and improvement and consistency is Teri’s goal and we a getting there as the riders and horses understand each other more and more.

The Monkey is thrilled skinny to learn that there is another Brit with our old friends Needville.This is Kathryn who hails from Liverpool home of the Beatles and in UK slang she is a “Scouser” but she proved to be very nice despite that! Her husband Martin turned up in his Aston Martin with the plate “BOND” really!!! However, despite this momentary lack of taste he did tell me where the best fish and chip shop was and where to get a good pint of Guinness.
Mannheim is not better so the vet is duly called and he rules the boy out of showing Saturday and medicated him to wait and see how he is on the morrow.
There are lots of times that the Monkey is confused by the use of language in the USA none more so when whilst holding Ferrari for Rob Banks to braid him I hear the following announcement “There will be no gay dads at the gate today” Now I know men who are both gay and dads so my sense of outrage was immediate and I was duly heading to see Will when Rob informed me that what was actually said was “there will be no gate adds at the gate” confusion all round !
Excitement mounting, we are awaiting the moment for donning costumes and letting the show see the full range of BFF creativity. So Carter appears first as Super Mario with Finn dressed as well, fantastic effort. Teri up next with a worryingly (well for the Monkey at least) good portrayal of the character Maleficent. I have at this stage to apologise to Carter and her parents for the fact that Carter surprised the monkey mid change in the tack stall. I am sure the sight of the Monkey in underwear and a shocking pink bra will ensure therapy for many years to come. However, I get the kit on and duly sashay to the arena. Now I am pretty suer that a lot of the grooms have not seen Mrs Doubtfire and I proved shockingly popular during my walk! Cooper dressed in prison garb won second place in the animal fancy dress losing to a cat dressed as a pirate.

Parade over it was off to Antonio’s Italian restaurant for a rather liquid dinner and the fathers of daughters at the table (the Monkey and Eric) being outraged at the rather skimpy outfits being worn at the homecoming dinner going on inside. My plan for my daughter was study hard at school then join a nunnery for a life of contemplation and celibacy! Dads out there I am sure you are with me on this.
Sunday and it’s a lie in we don’t have to be there until 7, it’s like a holiday! Usual routine of feeding, watering etc. Check on Mannheim who looks a lot better but won’t be showing today either, so we just have the 3 going today. Better results today than on Saturday and again that longed for consistency showed in some great rides. It’s dawning on the Monkey that this horse showing is a tricky business. Day to day I see at the farm the work that Teri and the riders put in. I am sure this is the same at all the barns and the dedication this sport requires is phenomenal. However once in the ring a thousand things can go wrong and you just have to grin and bear it and go again.
So, it’s the dreaded loading of the trailer and tear down the extravaganza that is the BFF Halloween display. By the time we finish it’s only us and Needville left but they are always fun to be around and I congratulated the scouser Kathryn on Liverpool’s 5-0 win over Manchester Untied which will serve her husband the aforementioned “Bond” right as he supports Man U !

Creatures safely delivered back to the barn and its home time for Teri and the monkey after another great show and as always thanks to everyone for helping out and having a good laugh while doing it. There are pictures to come but I have to collect them from the various people who took them.

Yours in all things horsey.

Barn Monkey


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THE MONKEY MASH (because it’s nearly hallowewen)
I was working in the stable, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monkey from his shavings, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise
He did the monkey mash
(The monkeyr mash) It was a barnyard smash
(He did the mash) It caught on in a flash
(He did the mash) He did the monkey mash
From my stable in the beltway east
To the master paddock where the warmbloods feast
The trainers all came from their humble abodes
To get a jolt from my electrodes
They did the monkey mash
(The monkey mash) It was a barnyard smash
(They did the mash) It caught on in a flash
(They did the mash) They did the monkey mash
The riders were having fun (Wa hoo, tennis shoe)
The party had just begun (Wa hoo, tennis shoe)
The guests included Abigail, Emily and her mom
The scene was rockin', all were digging the sounds
Teri on chains, backed by her baying hounds
The horseshoe farriers were about to arrive
With their vocal group, 'The Blue Fox Five'
They played the monkey mash
(The monkey mash) It was a barnyard smash
(They played the mash) It caught on in a flash
(They played the mash) They played the monkey mash
Out from his coffin, Monkey’s voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
He opened the lid and shook his fist and said
"Whatever happened to my British Twist?
It's now the monkey mash
(The monkey mash) And it's a barnyard smash
(It's now the mash) It's caught on in a flash
(It's now the mash) It's now the monkey mash
Now everything's cool, Monkey's a part of the band
And my Monkey Mash is the hit of the land
For you, the living, this mash was meant too
When you get to my door, tell them Monkey sent you
Then you can monkey mash
(The monkey mash) And do my barnyard smash
(Then you can mash) You'll catch on in a flash
(Then you can mash) Then you can monkey mash
Easy Monkey, you impetuous young boy (Wa hoo, monster mash)
(Wa hoo, monkey mash)
(Wa hoo, monkey mash)
Hurrah for Haras

So if its early September then the Blue Fox team must be back on the road !
So with Abigail in charge of logistics the 4 horse trailer took Callie, Finn, the Hootster and Manneheim on board. As usual as well as full trailer 4 adults and 3 dogs embarked for the Haras show to lay waste to the ribbon collection. I am always reminded as the driver on these occasions how lucky I am to have a dual control vehicle with instruction readily available from my right at all times !

Horses unloaded and taken care of it was off to Gianna Italian restaurant for some hard earned R & R. I have stated previously that I hoped Mr Robert Moyer would act as a responsible adult on these occasions. This particular night we had to wait for his company so I thought there was no danger. Step up to the plate Carter’s dad Eric who did nothing to curb your correspondent’s excess and joy of joys I was already halfway there when the redoubtable Robert turned up. I was informed the following morning that my rendition of “Lukenbach Texas” in the parking lot was memorable !
The most perfect night was finished off by Dessie responding to a certain call of nature on yes you guessed it your correspondents side of the bed.

So Saturday dawned and it was down to the actual business of showing . Now there has been quite a break from showing and the horses and riders all needed a bit of catching up. The presence of Callie should have told the readers that the wonderful Julie Izzo was there. Julie suffered a nasty disagreement with a concrete wall a couple of years ago and neither she nor Callie have competed here since.. So there was a certain amount of trepidation in the air.

First up Kiana riding Mannheim in the Future Jumpers. For someone who has the sunniest of natures Kiana has a very serious face in competition, well it works she returned a 1,2 and 3. Considering the time off this was a great result.

Carter next up on Finn, also in Future Jumpers, there were a few pre ride nerves and a little bit of course confusion Carter overcame it to finish 4,4 and 6. It must be emphasised at this point that Carter and the Finnster are still getting to know each other so this was a good ride.

So now we have Julie and I can tell you BFF was holding its collective breath. Early in warm up it seemed as even Callie remembered “concrete corner” but started to settle. If Julie had nerves she was doing her best to hide it. Well the pair conquered their nerves to finish 3,3 and 3.
More success when Julie received 2nd overall in the warm up for that arena amongst all riders.

Last but by no means least was Alison on the tremendous Hootie in the crossrails. Watching them warm up is a great sight watched by her mother, brother and dad Carlos also known by me as “the beard to be feared”.
Hootie does his Arab thing of head up, tail up, look at me, look at me and Alison just has a big smile on her face. That changes during competition and she killed it with 1,2,3 and 3 plus reserve champion.

Dinner was a joint enterprise with everyone in attendance although your correspondent
Was a trifle under the weather due to his previous excess. We certainly had attentive service from a charming young man who I thought was extremely concerned that my dining experience was all it should be until I realised that every time he checked on me he was looking at Kiana ! My day had been somewhat lightened by fishing in the Haras pond. Well it was lighter until I had my ass kicked by a 9 year old hooking fish after fish while I caught nothing, should have pushed him in ! The only down side was “Rudygate” which I won’t go into here.

Sunday and it was Kiana and Carter back in the fray both riding in the limit hunters. Both riders were in good form with again some course confusion there were a couple of dodgy moments. Carter finished 5,5 and 4 with Kiana returning a fantastic 1,1 and 2 which also netted her reserve champion.
It’s a tribute to the riders, horses and of course the ever fragrant Teri that everyone did so well after a long break.

I may have some of the details slightly wrong but I will get better at this as time goes on and I promise to take pictures next time.

Thanks to Abby for logistics despite the absence of a pitchfork ! All the parents and children who helped load and unload which is a real boon especially at the end of the day.

To Teri for making it all happen and her calm and sublime manner never better illustrated by “not that left the other left” shouted at Kiana.

I could not let 9/11 pass without reference and I when I think of the sacrifice made by FDNY I think Churchill put it best when talking about the battle of Britain.

“Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed, by so many, to so few”

Yours in all things Horsey the “Barn Monkey”
From Your BBC equine correspondent !
This weekend found the Blue Fox Team at Haras in what will I am sure be labelled the Monsoon show and it did rain and some.
However out of the rain and mist the 5 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse triumphed.
Alison,Carter,Kianna,Mary and Morgan rode their boots off.
Morgan on High Calibre was first up in her first show for a while and proved that form may come and go but class is permanent and despite a lack of "corner shaving" (yes it's a thing) won an armful of ribbons.
Next up Alison riding the magnificent Hootie, a first and three 4th places giving her reserve champion.
Day 2 saw Kianna step up to the plate riding Mannheim and I believe that Rob and his elves were struggling to make ribbons fast enough for her. I think there were four 1st places, reserve champion and several 2nd places, one of the first places was warm up round overall champion of all the competitors taking part.
Carter next on the soon to be departed Brillo (sobs all round) and put in a great performance which apparently did not suffice, better luck next time they were good rides.
Mary on High Calibre rounded off the show with yet again an armful of ribbons.
Thanks to Haras for a great show and to all the Blue Fox team who stayed around to help load up.
Congrats Teri for a fantastic effort and no thanks to Rob for NOT being the voice of reason on Friday night which resulted in your correspondent being less than chipper on Saturday morning.
Caroline for driving the trailer up.
I may have the odd detail wrong but I am a new correspondent and promise to do better in the future and I am working on my lead change !
Yours in all things Horsey
Hootie! First photo October 2019 and the rest are from today October 2020! I love Blue Fox Farms Hootie and am so thankful they are such gracious hosts of Masterson Method clinics.
Our riders and three horses had so much fun at their third-ever IEA competition this past weekend. Thanks to Blue Fox Farms for hosting, thanks to our riders and their families for the support and camaraderie, and thanks to our fearless leaders Cathy and Rachel for their coaching.