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Curley R J & Sons Plumbing & Heating Plumbing & Heating Contractors in Metro West, Massachusetts Come to us with all of your plumbing problems, and we will be more than happy to provide you with professional solutions, using only the finest products and materials.

Our plumbing services are reinforced by more than 90 years of industry experience. Also Ensure the optimum condition of your heating systems with the help of our heating services. We use all of our ample expertise when meeting your heating system installation and repair needs. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

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Although the plumbing for most residential homes is fairly straightforward, the layout of a commercial plumbing system can require more expertise to effectively manage. Rest assured that we’re always up to the challenge of helping with all your commercial plumbing needs.


While it really isn’t a big surprise, the most commonly dropped item down a sink is jewelry. The soapy water you’re using to wash your dishes is probably going to slide your rings right off your fingers, so remember to either take off all your jewelry, or use a mesh guard in the sink while washing your dishes.


One way to reduce your water bill for your commercial facility is to install waterless urinals. These units make use of a special drain insert that traps waste below a blue liquid and forms a barrier against sewer v***r escape.


You may think the first plumbing pipes were made of lead or some other type of metal, but that's not the case. In fact, many experts now believe some of the first plumbing systems were outfitted with "pipes" made from hollowed out logs.


Do you ever worry that your medical gas lines could leak if they aren’t installed properly? When you need to ensure that your gas lines aren't putting your business at risk for fires or explosions, we’re always ready to ensure things are safely installed.


Most people don’t call a plumber unless there is an emergency. But there are a number of ways a plumber can help you to save money in your home, including repairing any leaks from faucets or the shower. Fixing a running toilet can save about $10 a month on your water bill, for example.


Did you know that PEX plumbing pipes have quickly become a favorite in commercial applications due to their high level of durability and minimal maintenance requirements? In fact, more than 2 billion feet of PEX have been installed in North America along.


Care to guess which culture is responsible for the invention of the shower? If you guessed the Romans, guess again. Although the Romans were responsible for the seminal ideas behind a number of plumbing innovations, we have the Greeks to thank for the invention of the shower.


When the overall productivity of your business depends on an efficient and successful building renovation, you can’t afford to work with a general contractor who doesn’t understand the nuances of commercial plumbing. Rest assured that we’re ready to step up and lend a hand when necessary.


A steady drip or leak may seem like it’s not wasting a lot of water, but it can certainly add up before you can realize it. While you’re waiting for a repair, it’s a good idea to shut off the water valve connected to the leak to prevent any excessive water waste.


It’s important to remember that the lines for medical gases may not always be able to be installed safely in certain areas of your building. Let’s talk about their optimal placement to ensure the access and safety you need for your patients and employees.


Did you know that the floating mechanism in your toilet’s water tank is called a ballcock and it controls the flow of water? This may come in handy next time you're seeking help from a plumber or for a random trivia question.


While the typical clean bathroom won’t do much to impress visitors to your building, a bathroom with upgraded plumbing fixtures will. Let’s talk about the simply changes we can help you make to further improve the impression your office makes on clients.


Does it ever feel as though you can tackle any type of repair around the house as long as it doesn’t involve the plumbing? Don’t feel bad. Dealing with your plumbing system can require the expertise of a professional plumber in most cases.


Did you know that, by upgrading your commercial plumbing system with low-flow components and fixtures, your investment will likely pay for itself within a year? This is one of the best ways to reduce the overall water consumption within your facility.


We've all come to recognize the round manhole cover, but did you know there's a specific reason they're not square? A square cover could be turned and fall through, but there's no way a round cover could accidentally fall through the opening.


Did you know that, on average, the return on investment for electronic sensor water taps is about 30 percent, with a payback period between three and six months? Generally, the higher your original water costs, the higher the return will be.


Running water waiting for the tap to heat up can lead to some pretty big energy bills. In fact, the amount of water wasted annually just waiting for hot water is more than 9,000 gallons. Unless you’re ok with throwing money down the drain, make sure your water heater is in good working condition.


There are several reasons why regular preventative maintenance and regular inspections are recommended for plumbing systems in commercial buildings. Not only do they cut down on costly repairs, but they can also eliminate the disruption to your business that an unexpected plumbing failure can cause.


Hard water can leave deposits in the siphon jet hole or the swirl holes of bowl rims, causing a weak flush. Fortunately, we can clean these out for you and restore the flushing power you expect.


Although some plumbing system repairs can easily wait until your cash flows are stronger, others will be more immediate in nature. When you need someone to help you understand exactly what kind of expense you’re looking at, we may be able to help.


What is the cartridge in the drain of a water-less urinal? The cartridge draws the urine into the drain and also has a liquid sealant that is a barrier between the sewer lines and stops odors from backing up into the bathroom through the urinal.


Unfortunately, not all residential plumbing companies will have the experience necessary to assist with the installation of complex plumbing systems. When you need a company used to working with commercial buildings, we’re always here for you.


Did you know that it’s recommended that you have your home’s plumbing and sewer system inspected every two to three years? This simple maintenance step can help catch issues early and save you from more expensive repairs down the road.


When your plumbing is clogged and goes down, it often means your business does, too, and that means a lot of costly downtime. A commercial plumbing pro understands this, and will work hard to fix your plumbing as fast as possible.


One of the biggest causes of lower than normal hot water service in the average home is a faulty water heater element. Elements are installed inside the water heater, so expert advice is needed to identify and fix this type of problem.


CPVC pipe is an excellent option for many commercial installations. Not only is it more affordable than copper, but it is also immune to corrosion, resistant to mineral scale build up, lighter to transport, easier to install, lasts longer, and is less likely to fail.


Having automatic faucet controls or flow restrictors/aerators installed is a great way to upgrade your commercial plumbing system. A metered faucet will either deliver a pre-set amount of water and then shut off automatically or is electronic and shuts off when the user moves away.


It’s important to remember that the average person will lose about 250 stands of hair each time they shampoo. While totally normal, 250 long stands of hair can wreak havoc on your shower’s ability to properly drain.


When it comes to sinks, stainless steel is a superior material for commercial applications, as it does not crack, chip, or discolor like other materials do. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and sanitize, making it ideal for use in kitchens.


If your toilet runs constantly, it's wasting water. A repair doesn't have to cost that much, either. Care to guess how much water you may be wasting daily due to a leaky toilet? That would be around 200 gallons.


Did you know that electronic controls can be retrofitted or installed as new fixtures in your commercial building to produce water savings of as much as 70 percent? They also produce savings in terms of water heating energy and water treatment.


It’s important to remember that even relatively simple plumbing fixture replacements can go sideways at a moment’s notice. Let’s talk about how we can help you keep your plumbing change outs moving smoothly even when the unexpected occurs.


Unfortunately, most of our plumbing is behind walls, under floors, or inside cabinets, so it can be hard to know something’s wrong until it becomes a huge problem. When a commercial plumber checks your system regularly, his or her experienced eye can spot issues before they become problems.


One of the services offered by a plumbing contractor is a pressure test. A plumbing pressure test can assess the efficiency of your water pressure and how it affects the performance of your appliances. A shower with too much pressure, for example, can put your joints and valves at risk.


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