We are a small 6.5 acre farm located a few miles outside of Huntington, IN we want to bring you the best quality food from our family to your dinner plate.



Our pigs are not raised in crowded factory farms, where they cut their tail off to save 6 lbs of food, our pigs are raised in pastures and paddocks in the woods, closer to where their natural habitat would be. Our pigs are in the sun and outdoors in nature their entire lives, the pigs at the grocery store seen light maybe once as they were loaded onto the trucks going to the slaugter house. Our pigs run and play all day and wallow and dig like real pigs should, their pigs are confined to an area hardly large enough to even turn around. We believe in good animal husbandry practices and want to give our pigs good lives as they are giving back to us.

We usually have single piece pork on hand or we sell it by the 1/2 or whole pig.

Cuts include:

Pork Steaks
Ham Steaks
Smoked Chops
Picnic Roasts
Butt Roasts

Every butchering is a custom thing, so we like to talk to our customers to ask how they want their hog processed, and what cuts they want smoked. We don’t do our own processing but we have a small local licensed and usda inspected processor we work with that is within a few miles of our farm, or if you wanted you can buy the hog and use your own processor.

We currently are running a special for a whole hog to have processed and packed for $500, that is about $2.77 per pound hanging weight, this includes some of everything in the above list.

Give us a call today to reserve yours! 260-355-9705


So its been a long trip, we literally just got our new sheep unloaded into the barn. We purchased 2 ewes one pregnant and one with two little lambs, and a ram. Now we have a complete sheep breeding program. Pictures tomorrow!


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Huntington, IN


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