Texas Birria Queen

Texas Birria Queen Adobe Sauce, Seasoning, Fried Birria Tacos, Menudo, Consomé, Birria Sándwich and much much more!


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Fried Cabbage & Sausage

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1. Identify
2. Resolve
3. Pray


Time to live and let go!


Stay tuned and cook with me December 30-31

New Year Menu


Staple Christmas Dish in my home. Red Pozole

Staple Christmas Dish in my home.

Red Pozole


Thank you all for your sweet and kind thought! God is good! I will be back Monday with you all!


Day #17 of healing. Boy am I so tired of this. I thought I knew my body enough. Healing at 20 is no way near healing at 52. Take care of yourself. Take your vitamins and MOST IMPORTANTLY DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Drinking water promotes cell growth therefore promotes healing. Eat well and don’t wait until your older thinking “well I feel great now so I just won’t worry”.

Pray for me, I will be back soon I promise. I miss you guys tremendously ❤️🌹


Quick update:

I am STILL recovering. The pain I have is beyond anything I have experienced. Thank you for the overwhelming responses and messages. I will be back with God’s help and healing.

Love y’all ❤️


Good morning! I pray you are having a great start of your day!

As for me still very very sore & continue the healing process with God’s help I will be back this week.


Good morning Good morning Good morning! I am getting better! Still not at 100% but God is getting me there. In lots of physical pain when walking but I still walk with God. I will check in later. HAVE AN INCREDIBLE AMAZING DAY!

Love y’all ❤️


Friends and family!!! I still need a food truck PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you know of someone trying to get out of theirs or can offer full financing please send me message. I feel it today is the day!

God is my provider and he has the perfect situation for me! I love y’all!


Quick Recovery Update:

I am resting all is well. Very very sore but well. ❤️

Love y’all


Quick update:

Thank you for all your prayers. Finally home resting. Hope you all had a great day! Will check-in soon!


Have blessed day! Getting ready for surgery please keep me in your prayers.

Love y’all!

Have a blessed day!

Have a blessed day!


You can UNDO what I am doing BUT you can not undue what GOD gave me!


You can’t wait for everything to be perfect. You can’t wait for everything to be convenient. You can’t wait for everybody to cheer you on. You can’t wait until it makes total sense. You can’t wait until you have more strength. You can’t wait until you have more wisdom.

Celebrate what God is doing right now. Obey what He's asking right now. You've got to have faith to walk into what God has for you.


For someone who has been worried about tomorrow.

Any special time! Valentines Day is Coming!

Any special time!
Valentines Day is Coming!

Coming soon to Houston Texas Texas Birria Queen Famous Birria Tacos

Coming soon to Houston Texas
Texas Birria Queen Famous Birria Tacos


Katy, TX


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