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Meadow Brook Farms LLC Meadow Brook Farms is a producer/dealer of high quality hay and straw for all types of horses, lives

Back in stock!

Back in stock!


Do you know what happens to your manure that gets hauled away?
We are certified manure haulers and bring the manure back to our farm or to surrounding farms that need manure to compost. Once it is composted; we spread it on our fields to help enrich the soil to make more hay, grains, and straw. Nothing goes to waste on our farm, not even manure!


We have two 30 yard dumpsters available for long term rental for minimum 15 horse barns

Gorgeous western alfalfa available 50lb two string bales. Pm for price and availability.

Gorgeous western alfalfa available 50lb two string bales. Pm for price and availability.


With the new order of businesses temporarily closing to help stop the spread of COVID-19;
we want to let our customers know that we ARE considered a Life Sustaining business like all farms and will continue to serve you.

There will be some changes to protect our family and yours:
Hay deliveries will remain the same for those who use containers and get hay pushed into barns with the truck.
Dumpster exchanges remain the same.

Most of you get invoiced and pay online and we strongly encourage all of our customers to do this.

For smaller barns that usually need full service stacking of hay inside the barn - we will be sliding the hay off close to the barn for you to stack yourself. This is mostly due to the fact that we are trying to keep our team at their homes as much as possible so only one member will be available to deliver.

You can pick up hay. Call or text Jaclyn @ 215-768-1353 with your order and we will place the hay out for you and you can put it in your own vehicle/trailer. New customers must pay at the time of pickup.


Happy National Horse Day! Where would we be without them?! Grateful for the horses and our customers 💕


We will be closed 12/24 through 1/1! If you think you will need hay that week, please order now. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Winter is here! Do your horses need quality forage to keep weight on in the winter?Just in from our friend in COLORADO G...

Winter is here! Do your horses need quality forage to keep weight on in the winter?
Just in from our friend in COLORADO
Gorgeous AlfalfaGrass mixes.
Call 215-768-1353 to schedule pickup or delivery


We are looking to add a member to our team! Must be available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Part time to start, hardworking, fun, strong (must be able to lift up to 60lbs) Experience Driving and running equipment would be great but we are willing to train the right individual. Please give us a call at 610-346-8400

We are already getting calls from potential new customers that have said their regular supplier won’t have enough hay. W...

We are already getting calls from potential new customers that have said their regular supplier won’t have enough hay. We make and sell our own hay AND buy hay from all over the country to make sure you are covered!

Here are some tips on preventing wasted hay (link below)
If you do have to feed poor quality hay due to potential rising costs; there are supplements and ways to keep your horse looking great throughout winter. Don’t panic, but don’t wait to talk to your suppliers and stock up your barns when you find hay that you like!

Wild weather in the Midwest has left livestock producers on the hunt for hay early in the year. As a result, horse owners might have a difficult time finding it when they need it later this year.

We have Timothy, Alfalfa (up to 23% protein RFV 182), Orchardgrass, mixed hay, 1st cutting, 2nd cutting, 3rd cutting. We...

We have Timothy, Alfalfa (up to 23% protein RFV 182), Orchardgrass, mixed hay, 1st cutting, 2nd cutting, 3rd cutting. We have 45lb bales up to 1300lb bales. We sell by weight and prices range from $0.12/lb up to $0.25/lb. We have hay from PA, NY, OH, MI, SD and MT. We can accommodate barn with 1-100+ horses. We personally deliver to PA, NJ, DE and MD. We can arrange for trucking to other states. Please call for current pricing, 215-768-1353 or 610-656-1230.


Attention customers!!!!!
We will not be making any deliveries December 24th through January 1st unless it is a dropped container. Please get your orders in beforehand if you think you'll need that week. Thank you,


Do you need hay for winter? We have stock all year round including NY timothy, MI Timothy, OH 3rd cutting Alfalfa Mixes, large and small bales.


We have a busy month this month and are asking our customers to get their orders in early if you think you will need the last two weeks of September- we will be short on staff with the baby coming and a wedding.
So please order and get your hay before September 15th! Next big delivery dates will be beginning of October!


It's Hay Season!!!! Please give us ample notice, at least 10 days (not including weekends) to schedule your deliveries so we can do our best to serve you!

PA Spirits Convention on March 23rd at Citizens Bank Park

We will be at the Pennsylvania Spirits Convention!
Join us for all the fun! There will be over 60 other PA Distilleries, artisan craft vendors and more. The event is March 23rd at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. We will be sharing information about the Rye and Corn we grow and sell to distilleries to make spirits! It all starts with the local farmers!


We have clean pine shavings in stock. Add them to your hay orders, pick up or delivery available!

2016 Video Recap |

DId you know that we do more than just make and sell hay? We also grow Corn, Soybeans, and Rye! Check us out in this video at the Whiskey Convention last year with our partners; Mountain Laurel Spirits (who use our rye for their infamous Dad's Hat whiskey) and Castle Valley Mills (who use our non-gmo corn and red butcher corn at their mill). We will be setting up a table again this year. If you like Whiskey, sign up! It is a great time!

2016 Video Recap on American Whiskey Convention


We are updating our website! Please be kind enough to send us a testimonial. We would love to include a picture and you and your horse! If you have a high resolution photo that you own, please send it with your testimonial to [email protected].


Meadow Brook Farms LLC


Happy Holidays!


Jaclyn and Nevada will be away for two weeks but you can count on our team to deliver your hay and bedding! Jaclyn's cell phone will stay at the farm and Jeff and Dave will be available to suit your needs! Remember you can call text 215-768-1353 or leave a message on the office phone 610-346-8400.
Thanks all and stay warm and keep your ponies warm by feeding our quality hay and alfalfa!


Stocking up one of our customers for the winter. All crew on deck!


Stock up for winter with consistent quality hay, alfalfa, straw, shavings, pelleted bedding!

No touch delivery available!

We have hay and alfalfa analysis's available to help you find the best hay for your horse's needs.


Are you looking for a reliable hay source this winter? We can help! With hundreds of tons available, we can provide you with consistent quality hay. Hay tests are available with a variety of flavors to suit your horses needs.
Contact Jaclyn for samples! 215-768-1353
Now Available in Large Square bales or 50lb compressed bales:
-Beautiful 1st cutting New York Timothy
-1st cutting NY Timothy/grass (2 varieties)
Now Available in 50lb compressed bales:
-Western 2nd cutting Alfalfa and Alfalfa/grass mix
Now Available in Large Square bales:
-1st cutting Orchard Grass

Hayfest 2016

First cutting in New York is all in the barn! Click below to see the video :)

Thanks BIG to John for the opportunity, and my team! Linnell (mower/raker), Serita & Ernie (raker), Alan ( mower, raker, baler), Jaclyn (raker, trucker), Frog (mower, trucker), Jeff (loader, trucker), Brian (loader, raker), Mike (baler), Jared (baler).


My New York buddies hammer down on some corn :)


Corn harvest is well under way on this beautiful fall day!!


Meadow Brook Farms LLC's cover photo


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“So THAT’s what they do with it!” 😀

Baby Kate was fascinated with the much appreciated manure removal work of Meadow Brook Farms LLC this morning!
Two good things about it being SO cold and windy this morning: all their blankets can stay on!!! And, Meadow Brook Farms LLC was able to come early this morning and take away the rest of our manure pile before the predicted snow! It was great donkey entertainment as you can see in the photos! Always the supervisors! How can you not see the bright side when these cute faces greet you every morning?! ❤️ Thanks again to everyone who donated to our blanket fundraiser! The donkeys appreciate it!