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Keep 'em Buzzin Apiaries & Honey Bee Farm I am a local beekeeper dealing in about 6different varieties of honey that is all locally sourced! A Locally raised queens are available in advanced orders!

KEEP 'EM BUZZIN APIARIES & HONEY BEE FARM is a local business in Charles County Maryland that specializes in local honey's and pollen! I have about 6 kinds of honey at any given time based on the seasonal flows! I also specialize in aromatherapy products which include honey soaps, lip & body balms and bees wax candles! I do stinging insect removals along with honey bee swarm removals and have an e

ducation program for schools, daycares and organizations wanting to learn about our amazing honey bees! I offer adopt a hive program as well as pollination contracts for your farm or home garden! I make and sell bee hives and hive components as well as the bees to go in them!


Haven't posted in awhile with everything going on but I just wanted all of my past customers from the Waldorf Farmers market too know that Tina Eaton the manager of the market for many years has passed.

Photos from Keep 'em Buzzin Apiaries & Honey Bee Farm's post

Photos from Keep 'em Buzzin Apiaries & Honey Bee Farm's post


Also have a limited amount of Goats Milk Honey Lavender soaps!


Body balm/lip balm is made n ready! Good for all types of skin problems! Dry hair also! Guess I'll be saving myself a jar or two for my soon to bee very bald head! Lol!


Just delivered some wild flower honey to my buddy George at Mama Stella's in Bryan's Road! Great authentic Italian cuisine! Best around if I do say so myself! Tell him I sent you!


Just delivered honey to my buddy George at Mama Stella's

Great to bee Back at the Baltimore Air Coil Market!

Great to bee Back at the Baltimore Air Coil Market!


Well the markets see to be slower than normal. Getting ready to do a private one tomorrow at Air Coil in Jessup,MD! They put one on twice a month for their employees n their families! Great time n people!


Trying to make it to my markets this weekend but looks like Saturday might bee a wash out. Flash flood warnings 2am-2pm. We will see what happens! Been prepping n taking it slow all week! Trying to get stronger day by day!


I almost forget to update everyone about the trees! They are doing great! All of the rain we have gotten was at the very least great for them! A lot of the ones in the tubes are almost ready to burst out the tops! The other untubed trees are doing great also! Haven't documented any loss! A little nibbling by the dear but nothing drastic! Can't wait for them all to bloom so the bees and all of the other pollinators have a bigger and healthier food supply! It's not about the honey it is about them! Please if you have a 3x3 area available plant some bee friendly flowers n plants! Just a small area like that can feed a lot of bees and pollinators! I will post some new pics of the growing trees! God Bless!


Hello Faithful Sykesville Customers & Friends! Sorry I wasn't able to make it to the market today. Still trying to build up my strength n still having some med issues. I have plenty of honey especially some tremendous comb honey! It sells quick so if you want some for next Sunday please leave me a message so I can hold some for you! Orders are already coming in! Pints are $24 & quarts are $45! You don't want to miss out on this tasty treat and different way of enjoying your honey! God Bless and I will definitely see you all next week!


Hello All! Finally out of the hospital after over a months stay! Not out of the woods yet. My doctor called this morning and was concerned that I missed my appointment. Didn't know I had one. Anyway I have to be tested to make sure the LPD virus stays in check. I was told once a month but she said someone miss informed me at that I have to bee tested every two weeks. She said transplant patients have died from it so that info put a damper on my day. I am gearing up for the markets now n doing as much as I can! Still very tired n get run down easy! Hope to see you all soon! God Bless!


Hello All! Was able to check trees before leaving for hospital! They ate doing great!

Hello! New update! The trees are in the ground! Planted today by a crew n the Forestry Service! 550 trees of various typ...

Hello! New update! The trees are in the ground! Planted today by a crew n the Forestry Service! 550 trees of various types for the bees and other pollinators and wildlife! Pictures in post! Every third tree has a tube for dear protection with a net over it! It seems the blue birds love getting in them so the nets help keep them out n save their lives! Sure is going to bee real pretty in the back field real soon! And can't beat the price! Free!! Thank You Arbor Day Foundation & To my Maryland State Forestry Service!

Hello! Update on the bees is not as well as I would have hoped to tell you! On my farm I lost a few hives and some of my...

Hello! Update on the bees is not as well as I would have hoped to tell you! On my farm I lost a few hives and some of my students have lost at least one but then some have a super strong hive n then a smaller hive/colony! Colony is the correct term because the hive is where they live! Lol! But I do have some exciting news to share! The Forestry Service came yesterday to brush hog the field in preparation for the tree planting! In about 2 weeks there will bee a big crew here planting 550 trees n bushes that I picked out especially for my bees and other pollinators! This place will bee jumping in the coming years! Also have 50 oak trees of 2 different species coming for the deer n turkey that are part of the count! All of this provided by the Arbor Day Foundation and my state Forestry Service! The program was called The Lawns to Woods Program! Great for the bees, pollinators, wild life and myself! Also might I say that it is all free! I am posting pics of the field n some hives for your enjoyment! The coming Springs should bee sweet smelling and with tasty honey! Lol! In

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads


I need to start working on this page and post photos n ways everyone can get involved to help the bees and other much needed pollinators! It is just not about the honey! Our food supply is in danger and with that our health! One way you can start to get involved is by sponsoring a hive each season/year! The cost is minimal compared to what you will receive in not only some honey but also helps me start up much needed bee hives! Contact me for adopt a hive fees n benefits! The Bees n I Thank You in advance for your consideration in this!


Thank You Kim! Enjoy the honey! The Bees n I Thank You!


5685 Bumpy Oak Road
La Plata, MD



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Are you still in business and selling honey?
Hi I am with the beekeepers of Northern VA FB group and have the following:

5-frame Medium NUC
Alexandria, VA
5-frame Medium NUC(s)
Going on vacation priced to sell
I will have (4) 5 frame-(state inspected) NUCs ready for sale this weekend for $130 with wax frame exchange or add $10. If you don't live too far from me, I can also install them for you. contact me if interested !!
Will you have jars of wildflower honey with the comb in them at the Sykesville Farmer's Market tomorrow? I'd love to get another one from you - it was absolutely delicious!!!
Roxelena Cefaratti
Sykesville's Farmers Market Movie featuring Beekeeper Lyle Bradford.

Watch it full screen.

Thats awesome!!! Wish it was possible to contract us