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Tiffany Loves Toffee The best toffee ever ... seriously! Choose your chocolate and nut (if any), and I do the rest! My Toffee Is ... simply put, the best toffee you will ever eat.


Are you looking for the perfect gift? Toffee! Any chocolate, any nut (if any)... this is truly the best toffee you will find.


Happy fall! It is still in the 80's in Vegas and the 10 day forecast isn't showing much of a change, so no toffee for the time being, sorry!!


Toffee fans! It is heating up here in Las Vegas and I am going to spend this weekend making toffee to bring to the Mutts in Motion Flyball Tournament in Fresno next weekend. I can only make a certain amount each day so please message me or post here, I estimate only 30 pounds will be available! No more toffee will be made until the fall so this is your last chance for your fix! $13/pound, macadamia $3 extra.

Are you ready for Christmas? I can help! I am also making peppermint marshmallows... perfect for eating, smores or best ...

Are you ready for Christmas? I can help! I am also making peppermint marshmallows... perfect for eating, smores or best of all in hot chocolate!


Jumps N Jackpots folks, last chance to pre-order for this weekend! VERY limited items will be available for sale first come first served.


Jumps N Jackpots competitors! It is still warmer than ideal and I am struggling a bit to get the toffee to set right, so at this point I will be filling the preorders that I have received FIRST, and will then move on to making extras to sell on site, which may mean NO on site sales rather than wasting ingredients on toffee that is not perfect. So if you are wanting toffee you should preorder now to pick up at the tournament, you can pay when you pick up or paypal now. I am very sorry but the weather dictates what I can do, THANK YOU for your support!


Pick your chocolate and type of nut (if any), and I do the rest! The two most popular types are the traditional milk chocolate with salted almonds, and white chocolate peppermint. But I can use any type of chocolate, chip or bark, and any type of nut/legume, and trust me, they are all very good! $13 per pound, add $2 for macadamia nuts.


I will be setting up my toffee for sale at Touch N Go's Jumps N Jackpots tournament in Hurricane Utah over the Halloween weekend. If you know what you would like, please preorder my messaging me so that you are sure to get the specific toffee that you want. Thanks!


big news! This weekend we are hitting a "cold" snap here (dropping from highs in the 88-89 range down to highs of 78 on Sunday) so I WILL be making toffee starting Saturday! If you are wanting to place an order for delivery before Halloween please message me as soon as possible as I have a large event on Halloween weekend to prepare for. Thank you so much!


Okay folks ... the forecast is still showing temps above 80 for the next 10 days, and it really needs to be sub 80's for it to set properly ... I am predicting Halloween time to be THE TIME! Stay tuned!


The arrival of Autumn and cooler weather means toffee making weather is approaching! It is not quite time yet, but it is getting there!




Flyball folks I am sending some toffee up with the ladies of Touch N Go to the seminar in Washington next week, and also will have orders available for pick up at a tournament in a couple of weeks, so please place your orders if you are needing any toffee. Only a few months left of toffee making weather so don't miss out. And YES I still have peppermint available :)


Locals it is not too late to order for Christmas! I have Christmas gift boxes, gift tins, gift baggies ... you name it and I probably have it or can get it to hold your toffee in! And non locals, I just shipped some boxes today priority USPS and regular 3 day fed ex guaranteed delivery on the 23'd, so if I have it made, and you message me within the next 12 hours, I can probably get it to you easy peasy!

How CUTE are these little gift boxes?  Christmas sheep!  Perfect for the border collie or sheep lover in your life!!  Th...

How CUTE are these little gift boxes? Christmas sheep! Perfect for the border collie or sheep lover in your life!! They will hold one pound of toffee and I can ship direct as a gift.

Just a bit of toffee being boxed up to send out to a few customers and to a bunch of lucky auction bidders!  Thanks to a...

Just a bit of toffee being boxed up to send out to a few customers and to a bunch of lucky auction bidders! Thanks to all who bid to help fund Mary Kline's medical bills for her fight against cancer. I hope that you all enjoy the toffee, and I will be offering more for the next auction !!! And I am still donating 20% of all purchases, so you can still help her now if you order in November for delivery in December.


made a test batch of peanut butter toffee ... big thumbs up from my 21 year old son and two different friends ... so that makes three new flavors this week! The fourth test was a cinnamon one that I wasn't crazy about so I am going to be doing some tweaking to refine that one before I decide for sure.


Mary Kline ; Lisa Kronz


My friend Mary Kline has been in the hospital for several days and is currently in surgery, and they expect her to be in the hospital for the forseeable future. Her medical costs are already in the thousands so I wanted to do my own small part to help her and her partner Lisa Kronz out. I will be at Jumps N Jackpots Flyball Tournament in Hurricane Utah this weekend and will donate $2.00 from each pound to help Mary and Lisa, and of course will pass on any additional donations that folks may like to offer. I will also offer this same deal to folks who want to mail order toffee, just mention Mary's name and I will do the rest! Thank you to everyone for your support and best wishes for Mary's speedy recovery!


my "toffee elbow" (also known as tennis elbow to you sporty people) is in full swing ... good thing I can stir with my left hand too :D


Reminder! There is just one more day left to preorder for discounted delivery next weekend!


Took my first few preorders for toffee today for the Touch N Go Tournament ... I am going to be busy the next couple of weeks!


Jump N Jackpots competitors! Tournament is October 26-27! I am offering a $1 per pound discount for orders placed prior to October 20. Prices after that date or at the tournament will be my regular $10 per pound, so please order before October 20 to take advantage of this discount. As always, you pay at time of delivery. Thank you!


how sad am I that summer is drawing to a close (sniff sniff insert frownie face wrapped in a scarf here!) BUT... that does mean toffee making weather is here! Cheer!!!


Alrighty folks! Cooler temps this weekend and an upcoming Flyball tournament means .... drumroll please .... toffee time! Please message me your orders for pick up at Guardians of the Underworld THIS weekend (Aug 31-Sept 1), I am still not shipping though (sorry, still too warm during the day here, give me another couple of weeks for a downturn.) I will have a limited number of pounds available for purchase at the tournament, but it normally doesn't last long, so if you know that you want toffee, please pre order. Thank you!


I have a toffee order request this weekend from a past customer traveling to Vegas ... which shouldn't sound like a big deal, until you know that I have to turn down the AC in the kitchen from 78 down to 72 to help the chocolate set properly. So that being said, if you want to place an order, it will be ready Sunday, and it will not be likely to have another ordering opportunity until fall. You can't really refrigerate my toffee because it compromises the texture of the toffee and the stability of the chocolate. I will be making some to bring to Santa Barbara for Fiesta, but that amount will depend on orders placed. Thanks folks!


Anyone coming to the Touch n Go tournament this weekend who wants toffee, please make sure to preorder because I will not be bringing any extras :)


Warm weather is here in much of the country so all boxes of toffee now must be shipped with ice packs which unfortunately increases the shipping cost anywhere from $2 to $5 depending on the size of the order. The positive side of this minor issue is that you then have ice packs for keeping your drinks and food cool when you go on a picnic or camping :)

Springtime Toffee tins! Sooooo cute!

Springtime Toffee tins! Sooooo cute!


Las Vegas, NV




The main toffee base is always the same, you decide what type of chocolate (milk, dark or white), what type of nut (almond, pecan, cashew) or no nut at all.
Special seasonal flavors are peanut butter (with or without added peanuts), white or dark chocolate peppermint (with or without almond) and dark chocolate cremedementhe (no nut).
Each pound costs $10, variety box of 1 1/4 pound is $15, and I only charge actual shipping. Special seasonal flavors cost $1 per pound more.
The classic, basic recipe (milk chocolate and almond) has been affectionately renamed "Crack" because of it's addictive properties.
I only use raw sugar, butter, nuts, chocolate and sea salt in my toffee. If any of my standard ingredients don't fit your dietary needs, I can create my toffee for you with organic, kosher or no soy ingredients ... and it is ALWAYS naturally gluten free!


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