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Standlee Premium Western Forage Lexington KY Retail Location Equine based business offering premium forage 3 string and compressed bales, feed and bedding.

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Photos from Standlee Premium Western Forage's post

Photos from Standlee Premium Western Forage's post


Forage consumption is essential to provide proper nutrient levels to horses while maintaining gut function and supporting microbial health throughout the GI tract.

That's why we work hard to bring you quality forage you deserve. Always Grown For the Life We Love.

Fall Wellness Exams for Horses – The Horse
Fall Wellness Exams for Horses – The Horse

Fall Wellness Exams for Horses – The Horse

Fall is a great time of year to have your veterinarian perform a wellness check on your horse, including but not limited to a physical exam, an oral exam, vaccinations, and/or a lameness exam.



'Beyond the Barn' podcast Episode 21, "Nutritional Deficiencies in Horses and When You Need to Worry," will release this Tuesday, October 12th.

On this episode, co-hosts Dr. Tania Cubitt and Katy Starr chat about:

🌱 The 6 essential types of nutrients that are required for horses to survive and be healthy
🌱 What nutrients tie up others, preventing them from being utilized in the body
🌱 What happens when horses are deficient in specific nutrients

This episode is a WEALTH of information, so don't miss this one!

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Have you recently saved a starved or neglected horse? 🐴

Most horse owners mean well, but if not aware of the dangers of re-feeding syndrome, they can actually do more harm than good!

Dr. Duren shares some great feeding tips for safely bringing these horses back to a healthy condition.

*Pop quiz* What kind of hay is better for starved horses to start out on - grass or alfalfa? Tell us below before checking out the answer in the blog post ⬇️

Also available in our Lexington KY Retail Store at 1124 Russell Cave Road !

Also available in our Lexington KY Retail Store at 1124 Russell Cave Road !

Available NOW on our website!

Our Horse Pill Carriers assure medications and supplements are delivered to your horses, ponies and donkeys', and also contains cranberries to help support the immune system!

Purchase directly at!


As we head into fall, that means winter is just around the corner ❄️

If you have a horse that needs to gain weight, start that process now. Why so early? We haven't even officially hit the start of fall! Depending on how much weight your horse needs to gain, this must be done in a reasonable amount of time and should not be rushed.

Dr. Cubitt first shares how to accurately determine your horse's body condition, to know whether your horse is underweight, just right or overweight. She then share 3 ways to SAFELY help your horse gain weight in this blog post ⬇️


We provide a variety of forage types in a wide range of product formats including pellets, cubes, chopped, and bales. Quality is evident in our products and in the way we do business. After all, our family name is on every package!



'Beyond the Barn' podcast Episode 19, "Protecting National Lands with Certified Noxious W**d Free Forage and Straw," will release this Tuesday, September 14th.

On this episode, co-host Katy Starr chats with Dr. Stephen Duren, Ph.D., MS, PAS about:

🌱 What are noxious w**ds and why are they so bad for the environment?

🌱 How can certified noxious w**d free forage and straw help minimize the takeover of noxious w**ds?

🌱 How do horses and other livestock out on national lands unintentionally spread noxious w**ds?

And so much more! Dr. Duren has some first hand knowledge working in national lands back country and shares why they decided to implement a federal program to protect our national lands from noxious w**ds.

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Our store will be closed Monday 9/6/21 Labor Day


🌱 Did you know that oat grass grown as a forage crop and oats grown as a cereal grain crop have different management and completely different nutritional outcomes, with regards to feeding horses?

Dr. Stephen Duren, PhD, MS, PAS, shares some great insight into oat grass as a forage option for horses. Drop an image below of your animals who enjoy our Alfalfa/Oat Grass Cubes 🤗 ⬇️


Sometimes a horse just knows.




Most people will now be aware there is a severe heat wave in parts of Canada and the USA. This is leading to deaths of people and will also seriously compromise the health and welfare of many horses.

Here are some simple measures that can make horses more comfortable and reduce the risk of heat-related illness and heat stroke.

1) Keep horses in the shade during the day
2) Use fans to create airflow
3) Spray them down with water frequently
4) Cool drinking water to below ~80°F as horses will consume less warm water. Also avoid making it too cold as this may also reduce water intake
5) Consider providing some additional salt in the diet if they sweating heavily
6) For horses that have developed heat stroke
-bring their temperature down quickly using as cool water as possible (as long as its ~50°F cooler than the horse (~100°F) then it will help
-call your vet
-keep them cool in the shade by keeping them wet and using fans


Photos from Standlee Premium Western Forage's post

Photos from Standlee Premium Western Forage's post

Photos from USA Dressage's post

Photos from USA Dressage's post



We are nearing 5,000 podcast downloads (sitting at about 4,700 now) and we want to thank you by celebrating! A Standlee branded YETI and free product coupons are on the line.


✅ The winner will be selected from one of our new or current podcast email subscribers, so even if you're on our general list, head over to this link to select the "Beyond the Barn Podcast" checkbox:

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*This promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Facebook*

Just a friendly reminder, we're taking a mid-summer break on the Beyond the Barn Podcast for the month of July. We'll be back with our next episode Tuesday, August 3rd 🎙️

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Since Atlanta 1996 we have known that using continuous application of cold water without scraping is the most effective way to cool down horses that are moderately to severely hyperthermic (re**al temperature in excess of ~40°C/104°F), especially in hot or hot/humid conditions.

The sources for this evidence are:

1) Williamson, L.S., White, S., Maykuth, P., Andrews, F., Sommerdahl, C. and Green, E. Comparison between two post exercise cooling methods. Equine Vet J., 27(S18), 337-340.

2) Marlin, D. J., Scott, C. M., Roberts, C. A., Casas, I., Holah, G., & Schroter, R. C. (1998). Post exercise changes in compartmental body temperature accompanying intermittent cold water cooling in the hyperthermic horse. Equine veterinary journal, 30(1), 28–34.

3) Kohn, C.W., Hinchcliff, K.W. and McKeever, K.H. (1999) Evaluation of washing with cold water to facilitate heat dissipation in horses exercised in hot, humid conditions. American Journal of Veterinary Research, 01 Mar 1999, 60(3):299-305.

4) Takahashi, Y., Ohmura, H., Mukai, K., Shiose, T., & Takahashi, T. (2020). A Comparison of Five Cooling Methods in Hot and Humid Environments in Thoroughbred Horses. Journal of equine veterinary science, 91, 103130.

5) Kang, H., Zsoldos, R.R., Skinner, J.E., Gaughan, J.B. and Guitart, A.S. (2021) Comparison of post-exercise cooling methods in horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 100 (2021) 103485

a) Atlanta 1995 Olympic Test Event
b) Atlanta 1996 Olympics
c) Athens 2003 Olympic Test Event
d) Athens 2004 Olympics
e) Beijing 2007 Olympic Test Event
f) Beijing 2008 Olympics
g) Tryon 2018 World Equestrian Games
h) Tokyo 2019 Olympic Test Event

Cooling hot horses with cold water DOES NOT
1) cause muscle damage
2) cause laminitis
3) induce shock
4) give horses heart attacks
5) prevent them from cooling by constriction of skin blood flow

Water left on horses DOES NOT
1) insulate and prevent heat loss
2) cause them to overheat

1) start at the feet and work up
2) scrape water off whilst cooling (it causes them to warm up)
3) focus on large blood vessels
4) cover the horse with wet towels


Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Working hard all day to bring you the premium forage you deserve! 💚


Check out our latest infographic on grazing horses on cover crops. This infographic was developed by Jessica Prigge, MS, UMN. For more information on this research, visit


2021 First Cutting ✔️
Everyone asks us how we get our forage so green. We NEVER use dyes; it's that green off the field. That's what makes us Premium Western Forage!


🐎 Equine Gastric Ulcers 🐎

They are a significant problem in certain equine populations - an estimated 58% of show horses and 93% of racehorses are affected.

🎙️ We'll be recording a future episode on our podcast 'Beyond the Barn' on this topic soon, but we'd LOVE to hear your questions involving gastric ulcers and nutrition.

Drop your questions in the comments below or message us and we may feature you in this episode! ⬇️

Should you soak your horse’s pellets and cubes before feeding?
Should you soak your horse’s pellets and cubes before feeding?

Should you soak your horse’s pellets and cubes before feeding?

Have you ever found yourself at a feed store looking at pellets or cubes but didn’t purchase them because you were unsure of how to feed them, so back to the messy alfalfa bale you went? You are not alone! The most commonly asked question we get is, “Do I need to soak my horse’s pellets or cub...



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We offer Standlee Premium Western Forage products. We sell 3 string bales grown in Idaho. Purina Dealer. Excel Equine Dealer. Bedding. No minimum required to purchase in store. Convenient and easy loading. We offer limited delivery with some restrictions.

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