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Whole-istic Horses - The Natural Connection and Ms. Jean Jean French is owner/instructor for The Natural Connection riding program focused on natural care of For inquiries, use the message button on this page or contact Ms.

Jean directly at: [email protected]

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Morning Mantra: “The gap between what your soul loves and the amount of time you spend doing it, will be the size of your unhappiness.”

An amazing thing happens when you get honest with yourself and start doing what you love, what makes you happy.

You stop wishing for the weekend. You stop waiting for a special event to celebrate.

You begin to live in each moment and start to feel joy for the simple things. You feel inspired, not tired.

A veil is lifted, and a whole new perspective is born.

Find your passion, then do it.

🇺🇸Hello everyone!🇺🇸I’m competing for the title of Ms. Stars & Stripes, a national competition looking for a woman that e...
Vote for Jean French to be Ms. Stars & Stripes

🇺🇸Hello everyone!🇺🇸

I’m competing for the title of Ms. Stars & Stripes, a national competition looking for a woman that exemplifies rural living and encourages agricultural practices in her state. Today is the last day of the quarter finals, and may be my last day in the competition if I don’t make 1st place.

So, I need your FREE VOTES to give one more push to try to make it into semifinals and hopefully, lastly, finals. Here’s the link to cast a FREE VOTE (the grey box)! Please feel free to share the link with friends!!THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!🇺🇸

Let’s do this!!! 💪😁🇺🇸

Who will win $25,000, a spread in STAR Magazine, and VIP access to the hottest events in country? You decide!



Why Me ???

He spent his whole life pleasing & working hard but he never even questioned why. He carried a heavy saddle & rider, loped endless circles, worked cattle, rode in a trailer down the scary highway, & stood tied for hours in the sun. He let them catch him everyday, he let them use spurs & whips, he let them work him a little too long, he let them feed him late, he let them be a little heavy handed but he accepted every single chore. He let them because of love & trust, though they weren't perfect he loved them anyway. They were his people, so he took care of them in everyway he could. He sacrificed his body in so many ways that nobody will ever know the whole story. He kept pushing on because they praised him when he won & he loved the attention. He loved his job & he loved his people. On & on it went for years, hard dirt, loose dirt, slick & sloppy dirt & dangerous, career ending dirt. He gave it his all, his guts & glory, he even sold his soul just so they could hold a trophy. He knew it would end, he knew his injuries would start to show but he had no worries for he knew his people would return the favor & take care of him forever. He dreamed of his retirement in lush, green pastures where he could piddle all day & just do nothing. Of hanging out with the babies & napping under the trees. And so the next morning he hobbled into the trailer, figuring to go see the vet. But when he unloaded everything looked strange, the whole atmosphere & energy was out of place. With his head held high & his nostrils flared, he was searching for something familiar but it wasn't there. He hugged close to his human looking for reassurance but there was no petting or soothing tones. He was led down a rough, concrete alley, pens & starved horses were everywhere. The smell of fear & depression & high strung nickers filled the air. It was unlike anywhere he had ever been before & every fiber in his old body was screaming at him to run for the door! He wanted to but he fought the urges back for he knew to trust his people in times like these. Loud, abrupt strangers came & took his favorite, champion halter off & replaced it with a dingy, old one. They took him away & slapped glue tags on him & slammed the loud gates. He ran to corner, head held high, he was searching for his people but he could just barely see them as they were walking away. Something was terribly wrong for they had forgot him, he started neighing loudly to alert them before they reached the door. But with a fist full of dollars & betrayal in the air, they just drove away & left him there. Night was falling & shear panic had set in, he had waited for his family to come back all day but they never did. The sun came up & went down for over a week & his people, his family never came back to get him. Every time a trailer would pull up he would get his hopes up just to be let down. Confused, exhausted & scared to death for the first time in his life, his light began to go dim & his try escaped. His soft, bright eyes grew hollow & hard & his whole body was sore. He spent those last few days wondering what he had done wrong, how did he let them down, why didn't they love him anymore? He once was a champion & they treated him like a king but now they threw him away like yesterday's trash. He felt so guilty & foolish that he fell for their tricks & played in their games. His only flaw was that he was loyal to a fault. Then one day they were all chased up the loading ramps to a big truck. The whole rig smelled of death & broken promises. And by the torturous looks on their faces they all seemed to know their fate. And as the former champion, somebody's one & only shipped off to slaughter, he just kept thinking why me????

Amy Havens

❤️ wow ❤️

❤️ wow ❤️

Hey friends! Miss Jean is currently in 2nd place in the Ms Stars & Stripes competition (up from 6th, which is great) but we can't let up! She has to be 1st at the conclusion of this round or she's out. This quarter finals round ends 9/22, so the next few days will be critical. You can cast one free vote every 24 hours, and if you are able/so inclined, you can cast paid votes whenever you want.
Link to vote:

I have worked with Jean for several years now and I know no one who works harder to put her horses first every single day. Winning this national competition would make a huge difference for Jean’s small business, specifically the care and feeding of the horses she has worked so hard to rehabilitate and give a new lease on life.

Feel free to recruit your friends and significant others to vote, too! 🤠🤠🤠

On behalf of myself and the hard working crew who have the pleasure to work with Jean, thank you for your support!

“Hoo-RAY” 🙌 for OTTB Run Like a Raven AKA Ray-Ray!!I have been so blessed to have Ray-ray in my life for 8 wonderful yea...

“Hoo-RAY” 🙌 for OTTB
Run Like a Raven AKA Ray-Ray!!

I have been so blessed to have Ray-ray in my life for 8 wonderful years.

With an incredible lineage, Ray-ray was bred to be special, and he was!!! Just not in the high level performance ring.

Ray participated in tons of clinics, completed the Clinton Anderson Fundamentals and Intermediate training programs successfully and toted dozens of lesson riders around both in the arena and on the trails.

He retired a couple years ago due old track injuries that continued to worsen, making him too uncomfortable to carry a rider.

After 6 years of work and 2 years of retirement with me, he has finally found his retirement home out in Rappahannock County.

This beautiful kind hearted boy deserved a soft landing.

Enjoy retirement buddy, you deserve it!!!❤️🐎

Quarter Finals are here for the 🇺🇸Ms. Stars & Stripes Competition!!! 🇺🇸I know this has been a MARATHON for providing tho...

Quarter Finals are here for the 🇺🇸Ms. Stars & Stripes Competition!!! 🇺🇸

I know this has been a MARATHON for providing those votes, but team, I can only do this, I can only potentially WIN this, with YOUR FREE VOTES!

Please, jump in and provide a FREE VOTE every 24 hours.

Winning $25 grand and the title as Ms. Stars and Stripes truly could be life changing for the amazing horses and people I represent as the face of my business.

Below is the link to provide a FREE VOTE!!

I have to be 1st out of this group of 10 to move on to Semi Finals.

Can we do it team????


Late to the party, yet again!I’m thrilled to say that THANKS to YOUR INCREDIBLE DEDICATION TO VOTING, I’ve made it to th...

Late to the party, yet again!

I’m thrilled to say that THANKS to YOUR INCREDIBLE DEDICATION TO VOTING, I’ve made it to the quarter finals for the:

🇺🇸Ms. Stars & Stripes 🇺🇸Competition!

Monday VOTING opens up again, September 12-22nd. I will be put into yet another group and only the winner from that group will advance to Semi-Finals.

So guys, I need your help to put the pedal to the metal and get those FREE VOTES in every day! I need your help to get the word out to your friends and family! I need your help to share the posts!

I can’t do this without you guys, and now, more than ever, after seeing the incredible dedication, kindness and support that I’ve had from our community, I want to win this competition for ALL OF YOU!!

I will send out the link this Monday and I need you guys to help me get the word out to FREE VOTE!



A common mistake I see people make that can ultimately lead to a horse becoming cinchy is tying their horses when they saddle them. Whenever you tie a horse up, you take away his ability to move his feet or flee from danger. Then, if he gets scared or reactive, in his mind the only thing he can do to escape is to pull back and try to break free from the halter and lead rope. The extra pressure of being tied and getting cinched up can overwhelm more sensitive horses. If you tie up a cinchy or young green-broke horse when saddling, if he spooks or the saddle slips under his belly, you’re going to have a big problem where not only could the horse potentially hurt himself, but now getting saddled will become a major source of fear.

If you have a cinchy horse, saddle him out in an open area like a roundpen. That way he doesn’t feel trapped, and if he wants to move his feet, he can. Always set your horse up for success, not failure. - Clinton

Want more training tips? Check out the No Worries Club ➡

OMG!!! I felt like I was counting down for the new year watching this clock countdown!I believe I may have made it into ...

OMG!!! I felt like I was counting down for the new year watching this clock countdown!

I believe I may have made it into quarter finals for the🇺🇸 Ms. Stars & Stripes 🇺🇸 competition!!!


Thank you so much for the supporting votes to get to Quarter Finals!!!

Let’s see if they post the “official” results before we party from afar, but again, thank you, thank you, thank you…for everything, from the bottom of my ❤️

I’ll post in the morning!!!

Hello amazing people!I am competing for the title of 🇺🇸Ms. Stars and Stripes!🇺🇸I need your help by casting some FREE VOT...

Hello amazing people!

I am competing for the title of 🇺🇸Ms. Stars and Stripes!🇺🇸

I need your help by casting some FREE VOTES! If you have a moment, please go to the link below and press FREE VOTE, you can vote every 24 hours! Please forward this to your friends and family, I have less than an hour to accumulate 100's of votes and get back into 1st place!

Please help me make it to quarter finals! 🇺🇸❤️

~Jean French


I learned at a young age that the simpler you keep horsemanship, the easier it is for you and your horse to understand. If you don’t get it, he won’t get it and then nobody gets it. – Clinton

🇺🇸Holy smokes!!!🇺🇸Team awesomeness, we have done it again!❤️🐎❤️Because of your incredible dedication to voting, I have m...

🇺🇸Holy smokes!!!🇺🇸

Team awesomeness, we have done it again!❤️🐎❤️

Because of your incredible dedication to voting, I have made the top 5 for “my group!” for the

🇺🇸“Ms. Stars & Stripes” Competition!🇺🇸

One more group vote round starts today and ends September 8th. Save up some votes and strategies guys because if I make it as 1st in my group, then quarter finals start.

For quarter finals, all current tallied votes disappear and I have to accumulate a whole new batch of votes, going up against all of the girls that made #1 in their group and there’s definitely 50+ groups right now. In other words, competition is about to get real tough!!!


For our new followers, please go to this link:

and press the grey FREE VOTE box! Vote every 24 hours or every couple days, but every single vote counts!! PLEASE share with friends and family!

What does a contestant win??

⭐️ The title of 🇺🇸 Ms Stars and Stripes 🇺🇸 for one year, making appearances to support Agriculture and the Rural way of life.

⭐️ $25,000, which would go to my business Whole-istic Horses - The Natural Connection and Ms. Jean , to continue helping unwanted or repurposed horses of Virginia. My business already is a supporter of VA agriculture and rural life simply by it’s nature…but this could really boost that level of support.

⭐️ A 2 Page Spread in STAR MAGAZINE to schmooze with the famous and highlight the new title as 🇺🇸 Ms Stars and Stripes !🇺🇸

⭐️ Tickets to some amazing events including the PBR!!

Thank you TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for continuing to believe in my ability to potentially become:

🇺🇸 Ms Stars and Stripes !!🇺🇸


WOWZA!!!! WE did it again TEAM!Thanks to ALL of you, I’ve made it into the top 10 of “my group!” for the 🇺🇸“Ms. Stars an...

WOWZA!!!! WE did it again TEAM!

Thanks to ALL of you, I’ve made it into the top 10 of “my group!” for the 🇺🇸“Ms. Stars and Stripes” Competition!!🇺🇸 (FYI, My group alone had 72 contestants)

This is AWESOME!

Voting for Top 5 in “my group” goes from AUGUST 25th - SEPTEMBER 1st.

We are that much closer to making the “Group” Finals, and there’s over 40 groups. Yikes! But hey, let’s keep reaching for that bright light at the end of the tunnel!

For now, if you guys can keep those FREE votes coming, that would be AMAZING! 🤩.

For those just joining, PLEASE, I would love and appreciate your support on this unique endeavor to represent rural America as🇺🇸 Ms. Stars & Stripes🇺🇸.

Here’s the link to join in the DAILY or even OCCASIONAL FREE VOTES!

I’ll have another update in a week and let’s hope we stay at the top of the leaderboard!!

You guys are the best for believing in me, thank you from the bottom of my ❤️🐎!!

“An Adventure with Kitty and Kalli”A lesson in making the reactive side of the brain smaller, and the thinking side of t...

“An Adventure with Kitty and Kalli”

A lesson in making the reactive side of the brain smaller, and the thinking side of the brain bigger…(for both horse and rider)

The TNC team of Wranglers and a handful of select students and clients work with me specifically to learn the art of communication while training horses, horses that come from all walks of life.

Kalli, a dedicated student of three years, recently started working with our new little mare, Kitty, a former cutting horse that was turned out to pasture with 2 cows for 2 years, prior to her arrival here.

We restart ALL new arrivals using techniques from the Clinton Anderson Fundamentals program. Regardless of what we are told about the horses from the previous owner, this process is one key to having confidence in the horse’s education moving forward…we find the holes in the training (for our standards and needs) and we attempt to fix them.

Students learn the one rein stop early in their riding career here, a technique that will not only build a more confident rider, but could potentially save a rider’s life in certain situations.

Horses are naturally flight animals, making their flee response quick and often difficult to ride out for a rider. Remember, we, as humans, cannot take or train a horse’s natural flight instinct “out of it” but we can certainly make the responses “smaller.” This is done by teaching specific exercises and then repeating them so that the horse uses the thinking side of his brain more often than the reactive side.

This short clip shows Kitty in a moment where a vehicle startled her coming up on her left eye.

Kalli’s quick response to deepen her heels, sit back and ride it out for a couple strides enabled her to do a proper one rein stop.

If a rider and horse get through a spook like this and can return right back to work to end the last set positively, THIS WAS PROGRESS.

Remember, we are not looking for perfection, just progress.

I ❤️ the snapshot of a one rein stop being used in a REAL situation versus just a practice run.

P.S With sound on, you can here me repeat one rein stop 3 times, but if she hadn’t practiced it dozens of times on many different horses, she wouldn’t have been able to bring control back to that situation in those few seconds…


Great job Kalli!

More adventures from students to come!



4439 Fiery Run Road
Linden, VA




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A little wisdom from one of our ambassador riders Whole-istic Horses - The Natural Connection and Ms. Jean ⬇️
Meet ambassador rider Jean French with Whole-istic Horses - The Natural Connection and Ms. Jean ⬇️
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had a wonderful trail ride with Ms Jean this past weekend. had the best horse Chilly, who took good care of me (the unexperienced rider) cant wait to do it again.
We really enjoyed our ride and dinner at the Marriott Ranch yesterday.... Ms Jean, her husband and the wranglers were great, the food and entertainment were as well.
I had a wonderful trail ride at this fantastic barn. As someone who has worked among horses for decades, I don't often find a barn that does public trail rides in a way that is safe, comfortable, and fun for both humans and horses. Jean does and I highly recommend this experience.
If you’re looking to take a trail ride with a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly business, do yourself a favor and spend a couple of hours at the Natural Connection. I was fortunate enough to go out for a ride with Jean - she embodies professionalism and safety. I’ll be back for more riding!
My daughter and I enjoyed the great ride yesterday. Thank you!
You did such an amazing job teaching all us beginners Jean!! We all look great 😀
Another video taken of our riding class with you! Thanks so much 😀
James and I had such a great time at the Marriott Ranch with you. Thanks to you, Kai & Kristen 😀
James and I had such an amazing day today Jean! Excited for tomorrow!

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