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Come enjoy a night of West Coast Swing dancing every Tuesday. Check for updates


Wow - I am so surprised and touched by all of the stories of how West Coast Swing and the dance have made such an impact on everyones lives. It is so easy to get caught-up in the week-to-week organization and sometimes I forget how much people really like the Tuesday dances. Thank you for sharing all of your stories - it is amazing what we all have gone through over the last 10 years and how dance has helped us.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone tonight and for those who can't be there - you'll be there in spirit. Lots of love.


Hello Everyone,

We hope you are doing well!
First we’d like to say Thank You to all of the people who come out and support the dance on Tuesday nights especially those who come each and every week - you are amazing and so dedicated! We ♥ the energy and love you have for this dance.

We’ve been thinking about the Tuesday night dances a lot lately - since the move from Connolly’s its been a crazy year. We were so happy to have Slate as our new Tuesday home as we felt it was a cool and fun spot. We’ll be honest its been a struggle to keep things going but we keep saying one more week - one more week. It was hard to come to the decision that November 3rd will be our last dance for 2015. We’re going to take the next few months to prioritize and see if starting back up in 2016 is something that we want and the community wants.

So come party like its the last night! Lets eat, drink, dance and have a great time!

We’ll be ready - hope to see you there!

Jen and Michael


There will not be a dance tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing everyone next week! Start thinking what you would like to wear to the annual halloween costume party!


Thank you to everyone who came out last night to dance! You rock!!


Thank you to everyone who came out and danced last night! We were so busy talking and dancing we didn't get a chance to take pictures! We had a great time! We'll see you next week!!


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Join us tonight for a fun night of acting performances and dancing at TAJ!

Let's bring the same energy we had last week into this week!!
Acting performances begin at 7:30
Dancing starts around 9pm with your DJ Jen Diener.
Admission is FREE! Come share West Coast Swing with new people!


Michael and I are not big on speeches but wanted to share with everyone (*warning it is a little sappy*) how grateful we are to have such a great group of people in our dance community. Last nights dance was epic and oh so special because of you. We have all gotten to this point because of the dancers who come out each week and make this special.

Thank you to:

The community organizers who constantly support each other and work to bring new people into the community. You tirelessly put in the hours that no one sees to host dances and strive to make NYC a great place to dance.

The people who travel from far - brave the traffic, pay the tolls, find the parking, organize the car pools, ride the train for 1.5 hours or more. You have great dedication and we love that you spend time with us each week.

The instructors & DJs who help grow, inspire and educate the community. You share your wisdom, shape and guide where this dance is going.

The NYC dancers. Oh so much to say but I’ll keep it short. You brave the elements and schlep through rain, snow and hot days. You dance on sticky and warped floors. Lack of AC? you don’t care! Hard on the outside with warm hearts and open arms - we love you!

All of you are such a vital part of who we are as a community. We need to come together and make it even better. It all starts with you. I heard so many times last night “Oh I wish every night was an anniversary night”. It can be and with your help it will be. Be the example you want to see in others. Make it a priority to attend every dance you can. Don’t say “Oh I’ll make it next week” because you never know if next week will be there. NYC is a very fickle place and dances can come and go so quickly. It is our responsibility not to let that happen.

Had bad day? Had a good day? Tired? Come as you are. Bring a friend, organize a car pool, or come by yourself. We don’t care as long as you dance!!!

Thank you for making this 10 years amazing. Let’s do it for another 10.

Love and Dancing,

Jen & Michael


Thank you to everyone who came out dancing last night! We

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann - Teachers presentation Budafest 2015

Congrats to all of those who competed at Liberty Swing!! You are rock stars!

Tonight we are looking forward to continuing the dance madness!

We are on week two of the leveled classes but it is not to late to join! We will be downstairs for the lessons and games from 7:30 -8:30 then we are returning upstairs for dancing until midnight!

Marlon and Brett will be your DJs to keep you dancing all night long!

Have you heard? Jordan and Tatiana are going to be in NYC in August. We are super excited - they are soooo amazing!! Be sure to register early - contact Chrissy Bridgeman for details!

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann - Teachers presentation Budafest 2015 Video Made By Jose Illanes


Special thank you to everyone who made it out last night! It was an amazing night!!! See you all again next week!


Hey everyone! Due to the NBA playoff game party scheduled at Slate the dance is cancelled for tomorrow. We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to seeing everyone next week!


Quick update: tomorrow's dance cancelled. See you all next week!


Special thank you to everyone who came out last night!!

We are putting some new things together for Tuesday nights! Stay tuned for details!


54 W 21st St
New York, NY

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Happy Hour from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Basic lesson from 7:30 - 8:30 Dance from 8:30pm-midnight

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Tuesday 18:30 - 11:59


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