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J&D Logging LLC

We are still being blessed with excellent prices on walnut and oak timber. Give me a call if you would like us to come give you an estimate.
Dan 417.259.1121

We have references available upon request.


J&D Logging LLC


Donco 3 Construction LLC

We are looking for help in the recovery of our job trailer tools and information leading to the arrest/conviction in this incident. We are offering a reward of $1000 for information that leads to the arrest of the individual responsible for our tools that were stolen from South Springfield on April 8, 2017. An additional $1000 reward is offered for the successful prosecution of this incident. PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE AT 417-859-0560 with information. We will have a drawing for everyone who shares this post and will give away a pink Donco 3 hoodie and a pink Donco 3 t-shirt Monday, May 1, 2017. Please print and post the flyer also. Thank you for helping us stop crime against small businesses.


Thank you to each person who has served!

Today, and every day, we thank you.


Corn chopping season is here! If you still need yours chopped get a hold of Gregg Hicks he has a hard working crew that will get it done!


We are chopping corn!! Message us if you need someone to chop your corn or contact Gregg! We will also be available to combine this fall!!

Photo Credit đź“· Gregg Hicks


Sidetracked Powered by DHD

Slow down, give them some space and patience.


Peterson Farm Bros




Too funny not to share. Happy !


Being on a farm


Farmer Charlie

Sounds about right.


Corn Chopping Sunset Fall 2015

** If you are needing someone to chop your corn let us know!


Potential Ag

A little more for you. The is at $800m. I know what most would do...



Farmers aren't in it for the income...


Cowsmopolitan, Inc.

Can you relate to this?


Thank you everyone who has served and Thank you to those who are still serving fighting for our freedoms!

Thank you to all who have served our Great Country!

Women Who Hunt : Carbon Culture

This is a good one take a minute to watch. Locals let's support them!

HuntCo - Fueled by Sqwincher

Women Who Hunt captures the inspiration and motivation of female hunters who share a passion for hunting. The hunt is in their blood and they have no apologies. It’s an inspiring glimpse into the minds of female hunters and rare opportunity to hear their stories.


Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist

TVN Photo of the Day: Gorgeous mammatus show during sunset over Dinxperlo, Netherlands. Photo taken in September 2015 by Carina Lichtenberg.


Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist

TVN Photo of the Day: Beautiful Northern Lights show captured by Tanisha Parker southwest of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta on 10/7/15!
Follow Alberta Storm Chaser Tanisha Parker on Twitter:


Congrats Dan!

Congratulations to Dan Dudley who bagged this 10 point buck last week with his Victory arrows!


Way to go Dan & Cody!

Dan delivers!

Last night, another buck fell on Phoenix Farms. Dan and Cody work really hard at finding deer for us, so they deserve the first one of the year.


Another one for the HuntCo - Fueled by Sqwincher!

Tony Weldele and Scott Heminger have a story to tell...


Peterson Farm Bros

We doctored a few cattle this morning that were sick. Yes, we used antibiotics to treat the sickness! A typical dose of antibiotics for one animal is 5-10 ml. This 500 ml bottle of Draxxin (one of the antibiotics we sometimes use) costs almost $2,000. That's right, $2,000! (You don't want to drop the bottle!) There is a lot misinformation out there that states that farmers "pump their animals full of antibiotics." That is simply not true. It would never make sense for any farmer (even so-called "factory farmers") to overuse antibiotics, they are too expensive!

In most cases antibiotics are used only when needed to revive a sick animal. If they are not given, there is a significant chance the animal will die. If antibiotics are ever given, there is a strict withdrawal time that must be observed before slaughter. Which means there are never antibiotics in your meat! So, when restaurants like Subway promote that they are going to have "antibiotic free meat" it is very misleading. Not only because all meat is antibiotic free, but also because antibiotics are an important tool farmers and ranchers use in small doses to keep their animals healthy. Yes, many small operations (less than 50 head) can get away without using antibiotics if they are lucky, and that is perfectly okay, but that just isn't an option for large scale farms.

Consumer choice is a good thing, a variety of products is a good thing, a variety of production methods is a good thing, and the free market system is a good thing. But false, misleading advertising is not! We shouldn't demonize farm operations who are simply doing their best to make the right decisions to raise healthy animals.



What not to do when chasing grain



This is why we hunt an incoming cold front! Good friend of the HuntCo, Garrett Verheyen, took this monster Southwest Missouri deer this morning. Congratulations Garrett!

A Loss Beyond Words

Praying for this farm family.

Last night our quiet little agricultural community (and the western Canadian agricultural community as a whole) was rocked by the tragic death of 2 sisters and the hospitalization of a third as the...

What Farmers Wish You Knew About Farmers

What Farmers Wish You Knew About Farmers

From 'farming is easy' to 'farmers are rich,' there are a million things consumers think they know about farmers. Here's what farmers wish you knew!


Missouri Department of Transportation

Missouri’s 33,895 miles of state roadway pass alongside the fields of more than 100,000 farms throughout the state. Slow down when approaching farm vehicles and be patient. Wait until it is safe and pass at a safe distance and speed.


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