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Chickens Are Us Supply House One stop local shop for all your chicken, duck, poultry products. Family owned and operated! Thanks f


Chicks (females) are in!
Sapphire Gems
Calico Princess
Cream Legbar
Sapphire Olive Egger

These go super fast!

The largest Chicken Supply in Pinellas County!

The largest Chicken Supply in Pinellas County!


Today we pay tribute to all six branches of the U.S. Military.

Take a moment and recognize and honor all who have served the country — past and present — in the U.S. military.

Today, on Armed Forces Day, we celebrate service members who, here at home and all over the world, defend our nation and protect our freedoms.

Thank you!

We have the best selections of chicks in Pinellas County! Why pay Amazons extra 5% fees, we have ALL your chicken and pi...

We have the best selections of chicks in Pinellas County! Why pay Amazons extra 5% fees, we have ALL your chicken and pigeon supplies locally! We will deliver or ship to your door! 727-547-8495


They’ll give it back


Check it out!

Olive Eggers
Rainbow Chickens
Imperial Chickens
Brown Egg Layers
Bantam Cochins

Plus more coming in!

Number one quality chicken supply in Pinellas County


We have in Barred Rocks, Pekin Ducks, Silkies, Turkeys, Rhode Island Reds…

Plus new stock of feeders and waters.


Family owned feed, farm and pet supply store. Urban farmers one stop shop for all their garden supplies, feed and all types of pet food and supplies. Yes we carry chicks all year. We our family owned, operated and Thank You for Supporting Local.


Chicks In stock all females!
Colored Egg Layers
Cinnamon Queens
Mystic Onyx
Salmon Faverolles

Bantams arrive on the 2/11/22

Olive Eggers females 2/12/22
Polish White Crested females 2/12/22
Turken females 2/12/22
Sapphire Splash 2/12/22

Pekin Ducks

Heritage Turkey variety

Pekin ducks
Easter Eggers
Olive Eggers
Prairie Bluebell egger

All dates are tentative and there will be some in March too.


The Bantam Silkies are here! We haystack a few colored egg layers left and a couple of Salmon Faverolle in house.


Did you know that first blue chicken eggshell was caused by a virus? Yep, a retrovirus which inserts a copy of its DNA into the host! Science is amazing. This retrovirus causes a mutation in the the chicken’s DNA, which activates a gene involved in the production of blue eggs. That gene oddly enough already existed in chickens and this mutation just activates it.

The gene that gets activated is SLCO1B3 and is located on the chickens first chromosome. Once activated by the retrovirus, the gene encodes a membrane transporter protein that allows for the uptake several compounds into the cell. The blue in the eggs shell is produced the uptake of biliverdin in the eggshell as it develops in her uterus. Due to cross breeding, we can also thank this virus for green eggs as well! Now you know. 💙



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Pinellas Park, FL





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