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When you’re a little too short to ground mount, but you have an angel pony and are a creative problem solver… #eventerproblems #eventersolutions #teambascule #problemsolving #ftw #youmountedwithWHAT #doitagain



True Words:

Let’s talk about the lack of quality coaching and lack of standards in the equine industry. For example, kids learning with someone who claims to be an "coach" and all they learned is how to see-saw a horse's head down and chuck their body over a fence like a champion. All coaching is not equal.

But what happens when you have a good coach? One that opens their program to you, takes you under his/her wing? Becomes invested in your success? When you essentially become part of the "family"...

Eventually, something will happen...

Coach tells you that you are not Karen O'Connor 2.0, and not ready to make the move up to the next level.
Coach says you need to go back and fix some holes in your training.
Coach says you have developed a bad habit, and it needs to be fixed before you can accomplish your goals.
Coach says you need to make sure that your horse is being ridden (not just hanging out at the barn).
Coach says you need to dedicate more time to studying the sport, not just riding.
Coach says it isn't a "horse" problem, it is a "you" problem.

People have become increasingly more reactionary. More easily offended. In lieu of everyone getting a trophy, it is so hard to hear these words from people you admire. Some of the best coaches will be the toughest. Not ones that tear you apart constantly, but coaches that aren't afraid to have the tough conversations with you. Or conversations that you may not have wanted to have.

But remember, a good coach is in YOUR corner. They want YOU to achieve success. They dedicate so much more than an hour of time to your growth not only as a rider but as a horseman. Maybe you are burning the candle at both ends (and in the middle), and you need a reality check that this sport requires more of your time and focus.

These conversations can hurt, but while it may sting at first.... take a second. Think about why your coach is against you moving up right now, why your coach is saying to wait until the summer to be a working student, why your coach is saying that you should not enter the show until the homework and flat work is done.

Surround yourself with coaches that aren't afraid to have these tough conversations with you. You don't want or need a "cheerleader" coach. You are paying you for your coach’s expertise... the positives and the criticism. Let them help make the best decisions for your horse, and for your program. The lessons on the horse and the lessons off of the horse. Are you ready? Are you doing what is best by your horse? You owe it to yourself and your horse....

*** Copied and modified from Courtney Sendak

FADS @ Woodvale

Fun (although HOT 🔥) day at FADS @ Woodvale Farms! Sydney and R'Aisson improving their First Level skills and winning their class! Sophie and Bohemian Rhapsody in their FIRST OUTING as a pair! Keeping it soft and confident, and also winning their Beginner Novice class! Not pictured is Olivia and Pegacorn the Wonder Pony, winning their Training Level class as well! (Video did not come out...sorry Pegacorn fans, WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!) Trainer Carlie over the MOON with her students!!

Photos from Double Z Cowboy Corral's post

Photos from Double Z Cowboy Corral's post

The Hunt Races are ON this year!  Covid wil limit how many people per tailgate but we are allowed to mingle (social dist...
Potomac Hunt Races 2021

The Hunt Races are ON this year! Covid wil limit how many people per tailgate but we are allowed to mingle (social distancing and mask wearing mandatory).

To get in you MUST buy a railside pass (follow directions to Add On the second car) for 2 cars up to 6 people. (Under $59/per person for a whole afternoon of fun!)

Please help support our local Hunt and T.A.P.S., a wonderful organisation that supports those who’ve lost family/friends in the military.

ONLY 2 DAYS left to buy passes!

Racing horses, beautiful countryside & and socially-distanced time outdoors await you & your family at the Potomac Hunt Races!


She’s already sassy at 3 hours old! Matilda a great mother and everyone doing fine!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

‘I want to just ride’ - Say this to any seasoned professional in the game and they will look at you like ‘Oh honey’ 😂

You have to learn to be a rider, groom, horseman/women, business owner, lead a team, handle clients and alongside all this you’ve still got to muck out and pick a broom up until you can earn enough money to have someone help you do this whilst you are doing something else to earn this said money.

‘I want to just ride’ doesn’t exist and if you see someone doing that you have no idea how hard they worked to get in that position. So get sweeping my friend ♥️

#reality #horseworld #equestrianlife #horseriding #horserider #dressagerider #truth #equestrianstyle #equine #horsemanship

When you think your neighbor might be getting cookies and you don’t want to be forgotten...

When you think your neighbor might be getting cookies and you don’t want to be forgotten...

When you think your neighbor might be getting cookies and you don’t want to be forgotten...

From Sandy Waterman: if you see it posted call Montgomery County Police!Attention horse friends! It appears that my bran...

From Sandy Waterman: if you see it posted call Montgomery County Police!

Attention horse friends! It appears that my brand new custom CWD saddle has been taken/stolen from my barn in Poolesville (NFF Stables). We’ve narrowed it down to someone must’ve come in the barn after 9:30 PM on Wednesday night and before 7:30 AM on Thursday morning. This is a very valuable saddle that I had only owned for a few months. It is a custom saddle and it has gray/blue piping on it, which is very unique because it’s not a color that is typically offered. So if I see it at a horse show somewhere I will know it is mine! For any of my local horse friends, if you see or hear of any 2019 17" CWD full Buffalo leather saddles being available for sale with a blue/gray piping, please let me know! The serial number is 02069869. It is currently fitted with CWD leathers and MDC irons and a CWD cover. I can provide more details if you PM me. I appreciate people being on the lookout! Oh and yes this is already on file with the Montgomery county police. I hope whoever receives or buys this saddle realizes that receiving stolen property is also a crime. Thanks for helping me be on the lookout, I am really upset about this as I'm sure you can all understand! My first "serious" saddle!! Thanks everyone!


When your girls being a beast XC, you jump the Training last fence! Congrats Lilly for a great ride! #beastmare, #noopposition #girlpower #baymaresrock

FMF open for xc schooling!!

FMF open for xc schooling!!

Such a thoughtful new owner of one of our homebreds!  😂 Preschool graduation card!  ❤️❤️❤️this!  Kathryn and Reincarnati...

Such a thoughtful new owner of one of our homebreds! 😂 Preschool graduation card! ❤️❤️❤️this! Kathryn and Reincarnation ‘15 (Rotwing x Bold New Season, Par The Course) now known as Beamer! Thanks to Katie Petronelli for the match! Couldn’t be happier he’s in your barn!



March Starter Trial - 3/20-3/21 - IMPORTANT Horse Health Information

In light of the recent local outbreaks of EHV-1 in Cecil, Anne Arundel and Chester (PA) Counties, and the number of horses traveling from localities with other outbreaks now that the show season has begun, Loch Moy Farm is instituting the following requirements for the March 20-21 starter. This may extend to future events, including Twilight Eventing, depending on how these outbreaks progress.

EQUINE HEALTH CERTIFICATE: You MUST examine each horse for the conditions described, TAKE ITS TEMPERATURE to fulfill the OTHER condition check box, and fill out the certificate. Do so before putting your horse on the trailer for travel. It is recommended that you monitor temperature and other vitals over the course of several days prior to travel. HORSES WITHOUT HEALTH CERTIFICATES WILL BE BARRED FROM THE GROUNDS (as will any horse on the trailer with them, even if it has been examined). 30-day health certificates will not be accepted. We will accept a 72-hour (or shorter) veterinarian-issued health certificate in lieu of a self-certificate if your horse has been isolated from outside disease vectors since its exam.

PRINT and SIGN your horse's Health Self-Certificate. They will be collected at a checkpoint after the pond, before you drive up the hill. If the ground is not soggy due to the coming rain, you may park in the field below the hill if you would like to keep your horse at some distance from other trailers. Ask at the checkpoint if this option is available.

Again, HORSES WITHOUT HEALTH CERTIFICATES WILL BE BARRED FROM THE GROUNDS (as will any horse on the trailer with them, even if it has been examined). We will ask you to turn around and leave. No refunds will be issued.

Click here for the link to the Self Health Certificate:

REMINDER: Monday (March 15) is the last day to scratch with a refund (less $25 office fee), or change your entry without a change fee. No refunds will be issued after the 15th. All changes after the 15th (except dropping down a level) will incur a $25 change fee. We are no longer able to issue credits or schooling passes for future events. If you are unsure about riding this weekend, we encourage you to scratch now!

Here is a link to Compete Easy "How To" Videos:

ON-SITE PROTOCOLS: Please adhere to these strictly!
1) BRING YOUR OWN WATER! The wash stalls will be closed. You MUST provide your own water for your horse.
2) Do not let horses from different barns greet or touch each other.
3) Do not share buckets, towels, lead ropes, halters, etc. between horses.
4) Contain your horse! Do your absolute best to make sure your horse does not come loose from your trailer.
5) WASH YOUR HANDS! Wash your hands after handling a horse or its equipment. Bring a spare coat or shirt in case a strange horse gets saliva or nasal discharge on your clothes.
6) Do not linger on the grounds after your ride.

STABLING PROTOCOLS: Please adhere to these strictly!
1) Follow all the above protocols.
2) Water will be available on site for stablers ONLY. Do not let the hose touch the bucket when filling water buckets. If you have room to bring your own water, do so.
3) Stablers will be grouped by barn and isolated from each other as much as possible.
4) Do not handle or feed other people's horses. The volunteer stable manager (Friday afternoon and Saturday only) will NOT be permitted to hay or feed your horse.
5) Maintain distance from other people and horses (We've still got our covid pandemic, remember!) Use the door closest to your stall to enter and exit the barn. Do not walk down the whole length of an inside barn aisle if you don't need to.
6) Arrive as late as is feasible. Leave as promptly as possible.

Barn only Dressage Show day!  Wonderful comments from judge, Karyn Rainey!  Staff got a chance to ride and have some fun...

Barn only Dressage Show day! Wonderful comments from judge, Karyn Rainey! Staff got a chance to ride and have some fun! Andy and Carlies pups begging for cuddles! Except Columbia who’d rather photobomb and protect mom!
Thanks to all the outside entrants who understood our reason for cancelling outside horses. Everyone be safe and prayers no more horses are lost to EHV!

With an abundance of caution, we are cancelling this show due to the EHV cases now in Maryland.  We all know how to soci...
INDOOR Dressage Schooling Show at Bascule Farm

With an abundance of caution, we are cancelling this show due to the EHV cases now in Maryland. We all know how to social distance, now we are making sure our horses do as well!
Refunds being issued for all entrants.

Thank you all for your support of our shows and we will add more to the calendar later in the year!

Come in out of the cold! Both tests and warm-up are INDOORS! Intro A, B, and C & USEA tests that do not SPECIFY the large arena will be ridden in the small (20 x 40) arena. USEF Training Level and above and all FEI tests will be in the large (20 x 60) arena. REQUIRED UPLOADS: 1) Your SIGNED Bascule....

We can teach you the right way to make your horses mane manageable for braiding!  Horsemanship is more than learning to ...

We can teach you the right way to make your horses mane manageable for braiding! Horsemanship is more than learning to ride!

Show season is almost here... who’s excited?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ (brb, gonna go knock on some wood... )

If you’re thinking about reaching for the scissors or the solocomb to tame those winter manes...

🛑 STOP 🛑

Things that your braider will do or give consideration to doing will include and probably won’t be limited to...

▪️ Screaming
▪️ Crying
▪️ Pouting
▪️ Spontaneously combusting
▪️ Some combination of all of the above in no particular order

I kid, of course, BUT... those two gadgets make it difficult for us braiders to give you that beautiful finish that you deserve! They leave manes choppy, uneven, and harder to finish off nicely. Where am I going with this? 🤔 Well... if you’re thinking of reaching for either of the aforementioned no-nos, call me instead! Check out my page for before and after pictures of manes that I’ve tamed! 🦁

As a side note, other things to avoid in manes and tails if you’re planning to braid include...

▪️Show sheen (or any shine product)
▪️Excessive conditioner (please make sure it’s WELL rinsed if you do use conditioner)

Creating tight, quality braids that will stay in, hold up, and do right by you and your horse is so much harder when the hair is like a slip n’ slide, plus the residue stays on our hands for the rest of the night and makes us pout a little. Ok, maybe a lot. The more you know... 💡🤓

I hope this gave everyone a good Saturday giggle! Happy slightly-warmer temps, y’all! ☀️🎉

Based out of Laurel, MD. Will travel for groups! Happy showing! 🦄


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Foxchasing School. Beginning April 1, it's meant to be a gradual introduction to the sport for both horse and rider. Please check out our website and let us know if you, or another horse person you know, might be interested in participating.

Photos from The Horse Magazine's post

Photos from The Horse Magazine's post

Photos from Tamarack Hill Farm's post

Photos from Tamarack Hill Farm's post


For over 400 years, four major world schools have preserved the Art of Classical Dressage;

* The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria
* The Cadre Noir in Saumur, France
* The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain
* The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in Lisbon, Portugal

Each school is a guardian of the education, tradition, and artistic mastery of classical dressage.

Those who practice the ART of classical horsemanship understand it is a lifelong study. One where you are forever a student. Even at the highest of levels, or in the highest of schools, there is never an end. What is learned along the way is absorbed, recycled, and relearned again, at different levels of awareness and ability.

It is a study that requires constant reflection and internal transformation. For everything that externally challenges you, there is another humble reminder of reflection, requesting change from within.

If you have ever had the privilege to be in an arena where classical mastery is practiced, there is a distinct and almost sacred feeling. The training practiced in these arenas is done with incredible grace and a soft elegance. There is a palpable calm, tranquil, and energetic oneness. The quietness with which they work is almost as astonishing as the gymnastic movements themselves.

There is no yelling, whipping, or heavy exertion through adrenalin. There is power, but it lives in the seat of relaxation. It is truly a moving meditation between the horses and riders, on the ground or in the saddle.

“Build your indoor arena like a cathedral.” Nuno Oliveira said to Bettina Drummond... “his art was his song to god.” - (Eclectic Horseman)

When you truly practice the ART of the equestrian, you are in a meditative state. A state of presence, a state of awareness, a state of FEELING the present moment. Frustration, anger, determination, pushing for a goal, waiting for a result, is not the art.

The student studies the theory, continuously learns and absorbs the knowledge, but the practice itself is a state of presence and oneness, that the artist does without the thinking "monkey mind" or striving ego.

There is even a strong refrain in the classical world, by some masters, for competition. A lot for technical reasons, but also because competition in many ways is the antithesis of the art.

Competition adds comparison, validation, timelines and agendas. All of these cannot live inside the principles of the art. In some ways, it would be like competing to see who is better at meditating. It defeats the entire purpose.

Those who practice the ART are in it for the sole purpose of the craft itself, the connection to oneness, the beauty, the feeling, and teachings it offers.

Interesting how something borne from a place of purpose and war, is found to be a hidden treasure of beauty, connection with-in, and oneness with all.

“Equestrian art, perhaps more than any other, is closely related to the wisdom of life.”
– Alois Podhajsky: Chief of the Academy of Classical Horsemanship;
Director of the Spanish Riding School from 1939-1965.


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We are proud to be the family that cares for your horse, your riding success and meeting your equestrian goals. Our hand picked, experienced staff helps build the team that gives you and your horse the very best. All our resident horses are in a care and training program designed around their specific needs. We have built an amazing network of on site trainers, managers, caregivers, grooms, farriers, veterinarians, saddle maker/fitter, massage therapist, chiropractors, dentists and body work specialists. Making your horse feel their best is important to us! Come out and see how special Bascule is!

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This former working student waved from the highway as we passed by on the way to Virginia. Miss you guys, but we're Florida bound!
Hello Julie how are you?
LILLIAN HEARD here this Sunday for another clinic! So excited to have her see how much progress everyone has made since she was here last. ONE opening left for a Dressage lesson ($135) on Sunday! Message if you're interested!
ROLEX 06 is for sale! Quiet sensible 16+ hand Hanoverian/Swedish WB mare. Pretty much a Novice packer with some Training level miles. Would excel in a program! Great first horse, could be a show hunter or dressage horse exclusively! Healthy with perfect ground manners! $15k and contact Julia directly to try her! [email protected] or call 240-481-8693
June 24th SUNDAY Clinic with 4* rider and GREAT Clinician, Lillian Heard!
JUNE 24th: 2018
Finally selling our super amateur friendly Rocky! Rocket J Squirrel. 2011 16.3 hand chestnut Hanoverian/Trakehner gelding. (Rotwing x Sunrise Sonata (Stravinsky x Whats Up, Wendesohn)) Rocky is a homegrown we have steered to straight dressage, though he does jump. He's a quiet, sensible Adult Amateur friendly mount starting Second level movements. His gaits are smooth and easy to sit. He has shown a few times with an amateur and really needs to find his person who can take him out and compete him. He's easy around the barn, clips, loads, trailers, stands for farrier and is completely healthy. Easy keeper and has spent time living out.
Will any of you be coming to Colorado for USEA championships?
SUNDAY JAN 28th, 8:30am to 7pm
Graceful Marys 2010 Rotwing baby is for sale! Contact Mike Huber at [email protected]. She's in Ocala FL now.