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Caw Hollow Farm Eggs from pasture raised hens fed a gmo free feed.


Good morning! I haven’t posted on this page in a long time. I thought an update was in order. Last September we sold our farmette and moved to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately we were unable to take our flock and I either gave them away to family or sold them. I sure do miss having a flock. I can’t tell who I miss more the chickens, turkeys or the pea c***s. I can tell you I don’t miss the guinea fowl! Our new home has more property that we had in Md but is zoned for no Chickens 😞. There is a huge chicken coop on the property that I might try to raise a couple of hens for eggs. I think as long as it’s hens and I don’t let chicken math win, I’ll be ok. Since I am no longer in the business of hatching and selling I will be taking this page down. On a positive note, our property has an orchard with apples pears and peaches, grape arbors and numerous flower beds from which we are excited to reap the bounty. Give your chickens and turkeys a hug for me!


I now have silkie chicks!!! Lots of them. Most are paint, some black, and a partridge. Quite a few seem to be show quality but I'm not an expert! We are moving so I need to rehome them asap. I am asking $5 a chick, which is 50% off of what I usually ask! First come first served and you can choose which ones you want!! I'll post pics soon!


I know many of you are patiently waiting on silkie chicks! The hens are sitting on 30 eggs! According to my calculations Chicks should have started hatching in full force by now! I keep you posted!


The silkie hens are busy sitting on eggs! Chicks should be available in 9 days!

If you have purchased our eggs, chicken or turkeys this is the high quality feed we use.  We drive over an hour each way...
Ernst Grain & Livestock

If you have purchased our eggs, chicken or turkeys this is the high quality feed we use. We drive over an hour each way to ensure our birds get this amazing feed!

If you missed the episode of Maryland Farm & Harvest on which we were featured you can check it out at the link below. (We are the first farm discussed in this episode.) The guys in charge of the show did a great job and we are proud of the way it turned out!


Too funny!

Wow, just wow.

We do love our bourbon reds
How Eight Heritage Turkeys Kicked a Butterball’s Butt

We do love our bourbon reds

In the past few years, several taste tests have indicated that heritage turkeys taste better than industrial breeds. This new study involved about 70 people in a blind taste test. But this test involved more than just flavor. Texture, tenderness, aroma and appearance were also rated.


Raccoon in the coop, Koda didn't care, Duke disposed of it promptly! Hopefully he taught Koda a lesson!

Backyard Poultry Magazine
Backyard Poultry Magazine

Backyard Poultry Magazine

Have you ever found blood in your chicken egg and wondered what caused this oddity? Lisa Steele at Fresh Eggs Daily shares fascinating egg facts so you can rest assured your birds are healthy.


We just dropped off 70 turkey poults to P.A. Bowen farmstead in Brandywine Md. What a great farm run by great people!


Mystery solved....we had 5 roosters disappear a couple of weeks ago. All in one night. Today Kelsey went outside and found a fox standing in the chicken run. She and Koda chased it away. I went exploring and it got two more. One of our buff orphingtons and a mix. I guess we need to let Koda have free run of the chicken pasture so he can teach the fox a lesson!


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