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Grange and Grub Grange and Grub is a chef owned and operated, family run farm and market. Come buy fresh meats, eggs and various "To Go" grub. Made fresh daily!

Operating as usual


Happy Summer Grubbers!

Good news! We have officially caught up with back orders and have availability once again! The butcher is still tight, so we are still only doing 1/4, 1/2 and whole orders for beef and pig; we don't have a lot of slots, but we are able to take current orders without having to wait 6 months or longer anymore! (The store is still not being re-opened as of yet.)

We recently had a customer back out of their Half B order. If someone out there would like a Half B steer or we can split it into 2 Quarter B steer orders, please email us ASAP. We have been turning more of the roasts into ground beef, per customer plenty of burgers for grilling weather! Again, right now we only have B available, but July orders are now open!


Hello All and Happy 2021!

Just wanted to check in with our Grubber family and let everyone know where we are at with beef and pork orders. Currently we have ¾ of a steer left of our delicious dry-aged, no hormone, no antibiotic, grass fed Black Angus beef for April pre-order…so we have either 3 quarter steer orders or 1 half steer order and 1 quarter steer order (Choice A: Bone-In), and that will close out April. We are now taking pre-orders for both beef (quarter, half and whole) and whole hog for May - December. Please visit our website, to place your orders and ignore the dates.

Meanwhile, there is an opportunity for someone who needs meat ASAP! Unfortunately, one of our customers had to suddenly relocate out of state, due to the pandemic, and cannot come to pick up his steer order that we just received back from the butcher. Therefore, we are putting it out there for anyone that wanted to buy meat but missed their window of pre-ordering. We can sell it as a whole (best price for you), or as 2 halves.

If you are interested in one half or the whole steer, please email us at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Stay happy and healthy!


Miles and Justine Cowan
Grange and Grub


Hello Grange and Grub Friends and Family,

A partner/friend farm that raises their Berkshire Hogs in the same manner we do (chemical free pasture, nonGMO feed), has had a few cancellations and is offering their hogs and butcher dates at their butcher to us. There would be a few differences in how the meat is cut, for those of you that are used to our butchering. A couple of unique bonuses are that their butcher has the capability of leaving the skin on if you so choose, as well as providing the trotters, ears and tail. Skin on pork belly is beyond delicious with its crispy skin and juicy meat!! They of course have the classic cuts; chops, hams (both fresh and cured), bacon, Boston Butts, picnic roasts, loin roasts, ribs, various sausages, etc…We have up to 5 hogs available and were wondering if anyone would like to jump on this opportunity! We can accommodate ½ or whole hog and the butcher date is toward the end of August. If you are interested in these hogs, please give us a call at (703) 713-5143 or email us at [email protected]


Hello Grange and Grub Friends and Family,

Happy almost 4th of July! We know we’re cutting it close, but the butcher called and was able to squeeze in a hog for us, due to a cancellation on their end. We now have a NEW item for sale perfect for the 4th of July celebration… 100% PORK, CHEESE HOT DOGS AND CHEESE/JALAPENO HOT DOGS! (OUTSTANDING!) These items will be ready to be picked up on Friday or Saturday morning. Please email or call us to schedule a time.

We also have traditional bacon and Irish bacon available. For those of you that don’t know, Irish bacon is a cut of bacon that includes the pork loin from the back of the pig. It also includes a portion of the pork belly in the same cut. (PHENOMINAL!)

Also, we will be having a 10% off sale for the 4th of July on the following items:

Old Fashioned Frankfurters
Teriyaki Snack Sticks
¼ lb patties
Beef Brats
Cube Steak
Korean Short Rib
Beef Bacon
Various Roasts

Breakfast links
Andouille Grillers & Bulk
Fresh Hams (not cured)
Tuscan Grillers
Boneless Pork Chops
Ground Pork
Baby Backs
Cubed Pork Loin
Fresh Kielbasa (Cheese & Jalapeno)
Sweet Italian Bulk

P.S. We do have 5 Picnic Roasts (Can you say Pulled Pork?)

P.S.S. As always ¼, ½ and whole steers as well as whole hog… always booking. Next available is January.

Stay well.


Miles, Justine, Hunter, Quade and Daxton Cowan
Grange and Grub
(730) 713-5143


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Due to an overwhelming amount of calls about beef, we are adding dates at the butcher to try and accommodate everyone's needs.

If you are interested in purchasing a 1/4, 1/2 or whole steer, please email us at [email protected] or go to our website and place your order (don't worry about the date). We are working with our butcher for more dates, so we need to get a count for how many steer we need to put in.


Miles and Justine


We are now serving our Tex-Mex menu at the Lovettsville Elementary school. We'll be here until 7pm.


Thank you everyone for coming out in the beautiful snow to have some tacos with us! We had a wonderful time and thank Hillsboro for inviting us to their Christmas Market!


Tacos anyone?! The Grub Trailer will be at the Hillsboro Christmas Market this Saturday from 11am-6pm! Come work up an appetite shopping and then down some brisket or pork Tacos! See you there! 🌮


Well, we just wrapped up turkeys for 2017. These breeds turned out to be smaller than last year's breeds. We did everything the same, but the birds are half the size! We apologize to everyone...we know it's frustrating! I guess you just never know with pasture raised birds! We do have various beef and pork available for purchase as well, i.e. prime rib roasts and pork roasts, etc... These turkeys may be on the smaller size, but they will be delicious! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃


Hello There Fellow Grubbers!

We want to thank you all for supporting our new Grub trailer and loving us so much by booking us for both private and public events! The response has been amazing and exciting! We are, however, so busy that we will be unable to serve breakfast this week. Please forgive us and hang in there! Growing pains hurt, but will eventually work out. I am trying to hire a culinary crew so that we can accomodate both breakfasts and events, but until then, we will begin posting our public events in the Events section of Facebook and on our calendar page on our website so that you can find us! Hope to see you all this Sunday for Kegs & Eggs at The Old 690 Brewery from 11am - 3pm! Our breakfast menu will be available as well as some new items!

The G&G Crew


14809 Purcellville Rd
Purcellville, VA


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