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Gower's Feed At Gower's Feed, you will find all your your pet and livestock needs.If we don't have it, we will do our best to get it for you.we also offer pet grooming.

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MLPD - Fetal Programming

What you feed your cows will impact not only her ability to perform, but also impacts the calf's development. Learn more about the nutritional needs of your cows today! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Fly Control

Keep flies ­č¬░ under control while providing the necessary nutrients to your herd. Now is the time to start your fly control program! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Feeding Growing Chicks

There are 6´ŞĆÔâú important stages in your growing chicks ­čÉą that you need to remember! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Foal Feeding

It is important to supply your weaned foals with high quality nutrition. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Producer Lifestyle

Providing the right nutrition is the key to success. This is your legacy, fuel your passion with Purina. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Fly Control

Now is the time to start a fly control mineral plan. Let us help! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Hobby Farm

No matter what animals you own, we are here to help. Come and see us today. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

We still have a few Peking Ducklings on sale for $4.99ea

We still have a few Peking Ducklings on sale for $4.99ea

MLPD - Weaned Calves Starters RX3

Get your weaned calves set up for success with Purina RX3Ôäó Immune Support Technology! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Horse Feed Trial

Not happy with your horse feed? Let us help you find the right feed for your horse! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Lifestyle

We fuel your lifestyle. We are your local Purina dealer. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

NEW: Purina® Gray Magic Supplement!

After extensive research in the field, weÔÇÖve confirmed itÔÇÖs true: Gray horses are 10x more likely to find mud holes, grassy patches, and piles of manure to roll in compared to horses of any other color.

ThatÔÇÖs why we developed a new supplement to take those gray horse grooming blues away! Purina┬« Gray Magic Supplement prevents stains from settling into hair coats.

Gone are the days when you wake up for a show at 3 a.m. only to find a green spot the size of Texas on your gray horseÔÇÖs rump.

Available today only! #AprilFools

MLPD - Accuration Sheep & Goat

Support body condition and reproduction in your herd with the Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - EquiTub with ClariFly

You can count on us for research backed equine nutrition! The Purina® EquiTub with ClariFly® is no different. For more information, come see us! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Mineral Trial

Looking to start a new mineral plan for your cattle herd? Come see us! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Show Life

Fuel your show animals with greatness! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Age Is Just a Number

We can help your horse age gracefully with Purina® Strategy Healthy Edge Horse Feed with Outlast! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Hen Treats

Spoil your girls, not their diet! Purina® Farm to Flock Treats are a fun and easy way to treat your hens. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

Check out our new arrival of Telescopic Panda goldfish

Check out our new arrival of Telescopic Panda goldfish

MLPD - Prebreeding Care with Mineral

Prepare for the upcoming breeding season. Let us help you find the right mineral plan for your herd. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Starting Your Flock

Are you ready to start a backyard flock? We can help you find everything you need! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

Baby Chicks are arriving soon!!  Check out our full chick list and reserve yours today!
Chick Schedule

Baby Chicks are arriving soon!! Check out our full chick list and reserve yours today!

Gower's Feed 2022 Chick Schedule All dates are subject to change due to shipping. If you are looking for something not available on our list please message us or call us the store. To Reserve any chicks please call us at 304-728-7777 or message us with your request! Arriving 2/17 This is the largest...

MLPD - Purina® Wind and Rain®

As winter shifts to spring, it is time to take a look at cattle management. Let us help you find the best mineral program for your herd. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Show Lamb Lifestyle

We fuel your passion for your show lambs. Start your lambs on Purina® Honor® Show feeds today so they can reach their full potential. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness


We have many varieties of baby chicks scheduled to arrive every week in March and April, plus an order arriving this week (on the 17th) that has 17 different breeds available in very limited amounts. Call to reserve yours asap! Just like everything, chick prices have gone up a little bit. Remember that your price at Gower's includes vaccination for Mareks Disease, and our chicks are sexed female pullets whenever available. We have about 2000 total chicks on order for the season, stop by the store and pick up the list. It will also be posted on Facebook. "Spring Peepers" are on the way!

MLPD - Outlast Horse Treats

Show your horses (and their bellies!) some love with Purina® Outlast® Horse Treats. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Horse Lifestyle

WeÔÇÖre passionate about helping horses reach their fullest potential. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - What is IM Technology?

Proper rumen environment is critical to your cattle's development. Learn more about how Purina's Intake Modifying Technology® can help! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness


1208 N Mildred St
Ranson, WV

General information

We have one of the largest selections of pet food in the area including such brands as Orijen, Acana, Nutrisource, Elevate, and Taste of the Wild, to name a few. We also carry several brands of frozen raw foods for dogs and cats. In addition to all your pet needs we sell Purina and BlueSeal feeds for horses and all types of livestock needs. Enjoy feeding the wild birds? We have lots of birdseed varieties in stock, plus high quality feeders.

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 4pm


(304) 728-7777


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Earlier this year, Charles Town horses faced a crisis. Certain companies and individuals stepped up to help them through, and we will not forget. Thank you Blue Seal Feeds, Triple Crown Feed, Southern States of Ranson, Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA), and Gower's Feed. Racing was shut down and these folks lent their helping hands.
We'll be at Chickenstock tomorrow with Farm-Themed Posters by Stony Ridge Farm - Lorrie Schoettler and Robert Shelley. They are adorable and affordable. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow 9am to 1 pm!
I have a young Black Australorp rooster looking for a non-eating home. He is very polite and a good roo. I just already have two.
Can you still get ducklings> ?
It's hay season, and of course we have to face the fact that Mother Nature can play havoc with the process. It is important for all hay consumers and producers to understand the impact of extra wet weather on hay production. This post is intended to educate producers and consumers. If the hay looks funny or smells funny, don't purchase it no matter how good a price it is. Hay affected by flood waters contains high amounts of dangerous elements. Please find the message below from our experts at WVU: This is a message for producers that have been affected by the recent floods. This is for hay and/or pasture ground that has had sediment dropped on their fields. We have sent this article to the local paper, hoping for them to post it soon. But if you would like to spread the word as well, that would be great! Thanks, Nancy Lutz EPCD Forage and Livestock Management Post-Flooding Kevin Shaffer and Ed Rayburn, WVU Extension Specialists, and Margaret Minch, Clinical Veterinarian, WVU Division of Animal and Nutritional Science When forages have been impacted by flood water, they become contaminated by soil, bacteria, and flood debris. As such, precautions should be taken so that livestock health is not adversely impacted. Standing Forage: Remove livestock from flood damaged pastures and provide access to clean water and forage. Cut flooded standing forage (pasture and hay) to a 2 to 4-inch stubble height to allow the damaged forage to decompose. Hay fields that have not recently been harvested (within 2-3 weeks) should be cut as well. Do not make hay from or graze impacted fields until the damaged forage has decomposed. Once grass has regrown to a height of 8-10 inches, livestock may be allowed to graze the pasture. Harvested Forage: Feeding hay impacted by flood water can be very risky and dangerous to livestock. Do not feed dry hay that has been soaked by flood water. Inline wrapped baleage that was not sealed on both ends is contaminated and should not be fed; however, some individually plastic wrapped baleage may be useable. Closely inspect bales for punctures or separation of the plastic layers. If there is no visible damage, the hay may be safe to feed; however, continue monitoring the baleage for separation of plastic layers prior to feeding. If the plastic separates, the forage will spoil and should be discarded. If the plastic remains intact until feeding, closely inspect bales for abnormal smells or colors and the presence of molds or excess moisture at feeding. If any of these conditions exist, the bales should be discarded and not fed. Damaged hay should be unrolled to allow it to decompose; however, producers should be careful not to breathe the dust from flood damaged hay. A ton of dry hay (2 to 4 large round bales depending on size) contains about $30 to $60 worth of fertilizer nutrients, so priority should be placed on areas with the greatest need for soil amendments. Do not unroll hay in areas where livestock are currently or will be before the hay decomposes. As an alternative, damaged hay can sometimes be sold to mining operations for reclamation efforts. If damaged hay can be sold for more than the fertilizer value, this may be the best option for disposal. Animal Health: Animal health is both a short and long-term concern in areas impacted by flood waters. Closely inspect all livestock that were exposed to flooded areas for injuries. Flood debris can also be consumed by livestock causing hardware disease, so every effort should be made to remove flood debris from grazed areas as soon as possible. Because soil and sediment is moved along with debris, livestock will have been exposed to a multitude of water and soil borne pathogens. Livestock that were exposed to flooded areas during or immediately after the flood event should be vaccinated for clostridial diseases including tetanus. Livestock that were not exposed to flooded areas during the flood event but will be placed on a pasture that was flooded at a later date should also be vaccinated prior to being placed on the impacted pasture. All age classes of livestock should be vaccinated. If livestock have not been vaccinated for clostridial diseases previously, vaccination protocols should include both a primary and a booster vaccination according to label directions. A single vaccination should be sufficient for animals that have been vaccinated previously for clostridial diseases. A 7 or 8-way clostridial vaccine is recommended for cattle and sheep and can be found in combination with tetanus (Covexin® 8, Merck Animal Health). A tetanus toxoid vaccine is necessary for horses and other equids and will require a booster. If there is an observed injury, tetanus antitoxin should be administered as well. Consultation with your local veterinarian is recommended should further questions arise regarding animal health.
I was just browsing and found this list of 20 BEST dog foods for 2017. Gowers carries 2 of the top 10. Taste of the Wild was # 6, and a Diamond product was #4. I used Diamond products for many years, so there may be a reason to go back. Thanks to the staff for many years of good service, and many laughs.
Check out CHICKENSTOCK at Gower's Feed today.
BNC Fort Apache Rabbits will be at Chickenfest this Saturday with: mini rex, netherland dwarf, holland lops, velvet lops, new Zealand and Californian rabbits. We'll also have an assortment of chicken hats and bunny beannies.
Can I get you all to add me on a rooster in this order please since they have not shipped yet I need a wellsummer rooster thanks in advance and contact me back in regards to this
Visit our friends at Gower's Feed for your chicken needs! Our honey can be found there too! Chickens & bees get along great together! The chickens eat the small hive beetle larvae which fall on the ground...yeeess!!
Will you get Leghorn?
Can you order any "Blue Laced Red Wyandottes?