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Wolfgang's Treats Wolfgang's Treats was founded in 2013 by Ulric Wolfgang von Schnetlage. Our goal is to create delicious and healthy treats for all dogs.

Operating as usual

The Animal Rescue Site

The Animal Rescue Site


Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Senior dogs make amazing pets. They are calm, usually trained and just want to be loved and snuggle. Consider adopting a senior, you won't regret it



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http://www.holisticandorganixpetshoppe.com/top-12-worst-dog-food-brands.html Wolfgang's Treats are made from ingredients...
Top 12 Worst Dog Food Brands

http://www.holisticandorganixpetshoppe.com/top-12-worst-dog-food-brands.html Wolfgang's Treats are made from ingredients used in human food. Ulric does indeed eat the banana flavored snacks when he makes them... it cuts into his profit margins but hey... if it's fit for Ulric, it's fit for your fur baby.

Top Worst DRY Dog Food Brands-Alpo, Purina Dog Chow, Iams, Eukanuba, Purina Moist and Meaty, Hills Science Diet, Ol Roy, Beneful, KibblesNBits, Pedigree, Kal Kan, Gravy Train, Retriever, Royal Canin, Abady, & Diamond.

Keep your doggies cool this summer!

Keep your doggies cool this summer!

WhistleGPS Dog Monitor
WhistleGPS Dog Monitor

WhistleGPS Dog Monitor

WhistleGPS syncs automatically with your phone and alerts you to changes in activity levels and location. Pre-Order Now!


Now that summer is here, Ulric wolfgang is ready to start baking again. He was pretty busy with school over the last few months.

RSPCA Tasmania

RSPCA Tasmania

A timely reminder given the latest very hot weather and a great site created by RSPCA NSW. Click here to go to the site www.justsixminutes.com.au



Dogs on Deployment

Dogs on Deployment

Military member is deployed from Virginia and needs help from a DoD Boarder as her current boarding situation for Leia has fallen through. Leia is a young, playful puppy who is create and potty trained. Can you help? #DoDmilpet

LIKE and SHARE Dogs on Deployment. More info below.

Location: #Norfolk, VA
Jan 24,2014 - Feb 05,2014
Pet Name: Leia
Breed: #Siberian #Husky
Gender: Unaltered Female*
Size: Small (under 20lbs)
Age: Young (under 1 year)
*Please speak to owner about spaying prior to boarding.

Visit www.dogsondeployment.org to learn more about this pet, register and contact the owner!

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Northwest Boxer Rescue

Northwest Boxer Rescue

Spay and neuter your pets please and never buy, always adopt. Thank you!


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Keep your babies safe!!!

Keep your babies safe!!!


K so another major decision. We have decided to give all proceeds of Wolfgang's Treats to various animal charities throughout the area and prepare to set the company up as a non-profit. Ulric Wolfgang is a lucky kid and wants to help people and dogs as much as possible


After trying a few different hobbies, Ulric has decided not to pursue acting or modelling. He was totally turned off after how he saw a woman treated a mother with a toddler last night by humiliating her in front of a couple of hundred people and a woman who screamed at him for needing to go to the bathroom at his last audition. He wants to be around nice people and help dogs in need, so he will be giving 10% of all proceeds to local animal rescue groups. I'll admit it, we're too good for that brainless nonsense. It doesn't help anyone, we can do more good and have more fun without mean people. Good decision Ulric!!!


Hitting up the Reston Dog Park Today!!! We'll be there from 1:30 - 2:00


Ulric now has enough profits to buy more irons for baking dog treats. He's still getting the hang of this whole "Must work in order to make money" thing


I've been teaching Ulric about market segmentation and we're working on breed specific treats.


So yesterday we were on the way to the dog park to hand out samples and I was teaching Ulric about different pricing models and said the bakery would be a good way to figure out what the product is worth depending on who is selling it. We could do split testing and tell the potential customers to name their price and then we go back and see who made the most money. (Okay, so maybe Ulric is getting a 5 year old version of an MBA). I also told him we could do it later. So we arrived at the dog park, and Ulric went up to a guy, "Hi I've got organic dog treats. Name your price..." Guy: "uhh..." Me: "They're free samples. I was teaching him about pricing models." Guy: "ohhhh okay, cool! Sure I'll take a sample." Ulric: "How much are you going to give me for it? $5? $6? $100? Name your price." Me: "Ulric... it's a free sample..."

Ulric learned a valuable lesson about inventory ratios for accounting when he and Ronin ate half a batch of banana bones...

Ulric learned a valuable lesson about inventory ratios for accounting when he and Ronin ate half a batch of banana bones because "they taste like banana waffles".


Ulric's sales pitch so far: "Hi.. I'm starting a dog bakery.. I want money to buy Dungeons and Dragons board games. My mummy and daddy told me to get a job if I want toys. I have Banana and Peanut Butter & Jelly dog treats."


Ulric is coming up with treat ideas. He just made a couple of batches of PB&J. Turkey and sweet potato coming up for Thanksgiving. He got his first order today too!!!

Me and my BFF when we were babies

Me and my BFF when we were babies


First batch of treats has officially been made! We're about to go around the neighborhood and give out samples of our Organic Chicken with whole grain wheat, and our Banana and Oatmeal breakfast snack.

Wolfgang's Treats's cover photo

Wolfgang's Treats's cover photo


Lake Forest Drive
Reston, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday 10:00 - 16:00


(703) 485-6934


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