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BJ's Cowboarding The one and only organic dairy farm in Arenac county. Run by the Golimbieski's Joe, Brenda and Jon.




Hello everyone. I would just like to personally tell everyone that has supported us in the past, thank you. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances , our journey has ended and we no longer do herd shares. We will be closing down the page shortly. Thanks again for all your support.

03/23/17 AgDay Extended Edition

I never realized how bad these wildfires were until I seen this video. So sad. I hope that after you watch this video, it moves you to help in anyway you can. Thank you


FDA Milk Prohibition Is Dirty Dairy's Scheme
FDA Milk Prohibition Is Dirty Dairy's Scheme

FDA Milk Prohibition Is Dirty Dairy's Scheme

U.S. FDA bans the interstate sale or distribution of raw milk, a regulation that favors industrial mega-dairy farms while forcing small farmers out of business.

Proud to be a farmer! Insulted to be called "Uneducated "!!!
Far from “uneducated”

Proud to be a farmer! Insulted to be called "Uneducated "!!!

If you watched any of the recent presidential election results, you may have noticed a recurring theme.  As traditionally blue states turned red, a common phrase heard among reporters was that the …

Click here to support Moo View Farm - Pay the Fine by Helen Sampson
Click here to support Moo View Farm - Pay the Fine by Helen Sampson

Click here to support Moo View Farm - Pay the Fine by Helen Sampson

In May 2016, Mark and Helen Tyler were convicted of selling raw milk by the South Australian government. The prosecution maintained that running a cow share program was really a way to sell raw milk. The cow share scheme established by Mark and Helen in 2008 was set up so that consumers could pur...

Quote by Groucho Marx
Quote by Groucho Marx

Quote by Groucho Marx

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."


Thank you Jenny. Joe and I are very grateful to you and to all the raw milk drinkers that support us.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! It's been 4 yrs since you agreed to provide raw milk to myself and the raw milk drinkers. I can never say thank you enough! We been through a lot together the last two years with the State and we worked through it as a team. God has blessed me with a great farm and great people thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! To many many more peaceful and prosperity years together!


Some people have been requesting our website. Unfortunately, we do not have one but I'm going to try and post more pics of the farm and of the cows.

A message for Liberty from Media 33 in Rose City:We have suffered the insufferable takings of a Corrupted Governance far...

A message for Liberty from Media 33 in Rose City:

We have suffered the insufferable takings of a Corrupted Governance far too long, from within the “Lansing Bubble”, and their fellow enablers sitting inside the Beltway of Washington D.C. under our Federal Capitol Dome.

The known wrongs of the Public Actors moving outside the Rule of Law are never questioned, for their constitutional wrongs are never exposed across the broad spectrum of broadcast Television from coast to coast.

Media 33 has the solution, Liberty Town Hall's News Hour to be broadcast Coast to Coast on over 250 Television Stations in Forty Six States of the American Republic.

We will be sharing the stories that the Major Media Suppresses, the Factual Truth about public wrongs committed by rogue public actors.

To put this program on the Air at Prime Time, one hour a day, Five Days a week, we here at Media 33 need YOUR financial support to fund up the programming costs.

M33 Media needs YOUR financial support, for as little as five dollars a month, you may contribute to beaming Liberty from Coast to Coast on over 250 local television stations into the heartland of the American Republic.

Help Media 33’s Liberty Town Hall’s New Hour beam the Truth about Limited Constitutional Governance right between the eyes of the Corrupted Public Actors!

Sign up here at Liberty Town Hall to fund the Voice of Liberty!

Liberty Town Hall (LTH) is a new daily television series dedicated to allowing the voice of liberty to be heard in the great country of ours. It addresses real issues facing our nation that the main stream news media refuses to address. The 1-hour program appears each weekday on over 230 television…


Thank you all for your support in your words and prayers. We would like to clarify some misunderstandings on a few articles that we posted. The "Standoff" with Michael Schmidt is something that is happening in Ontario. The article on FDA with Raw Milk Cheese is a nationwide concern and the posts on My Family Coop was an incident that happened in 2014, which has been resolved. We are not a coop. We will continue to posts articles by David Gumpert. He is very informative and has a way on educating the public.


Hello everybody. I have great news!!! Uncle Bug's Creamery, from Detroit, is now making ice cream from our milk! He is just starting out so right now he is selling it at the farmer markets in Royal Oak and Birmingham.



Soon will be adding a Davidson location if interested contact me at [email protected] please share

Michigan Files Suit Against Raw Milk Producer
Michigan Files Suit Against Raw Milk Producer

Michigan Files Suit Against Raw Milk Producer

Michigan agriculture authorities signaled a new determination to restrict herdshares in the state to selling only fluid raw milk.



We have added another delivery location in Grand Blanc to obtain your raw milk. This starts September 7, 2015 for more information visit the website at please share


Sorry about the confusion on the name. I was trying to start another page or group for BJ's Cowboarding. I think I changed it back to Hill High Dairy LLC. Nope. I guess not. :(


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