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Uncle George Hawaii Kahumoku Farms offer the finest blends of Hawaiian Roasted Coffees and Hawaiian Herbal Teas.

Operating as usual

Some new friends on the farm today!

Some new friends on the farm today!

We did it, with your help we raised $30,000 to produce Uncle George Hawaii Season One. Click the link below to see Episo...
Uncle George Hawaii #1

We did it, with your help we raised $30,000 to produce Uncle George Hawaii Season One. Click the link below to see Episode One - Taro ( Kalo ) Part 1. 👇🏽🤙🏽

Check out MauiHub!

Check out MauiHub!

🤙🏽Snack attack, Made-on-Maui edition🤙🏽
Kahumoku Farm kalo chips and Stacey's Garden hummus dip, perfect for sunset picnic at the beach~~

You can get both of them on www.mauihub.org

store is open now, and you can add items to your shopping bag any time till 11pm Tuesday...for pick up on Saturday.


8 Billion Trees

8 Billion Trees

Erase 2 Tons Of Carbon Instantly...FREE

Self-Sufficient Backyard - by Ron and Johanna
Self-Sufficient Backyard - by Ron and Johanna

Self-Sufficient Backyard - by Ron and Johanna

75+ DIY Projects For a Self-Sufficient Backyard

Ron and his wife Johanna have been living off-the-grid for the past 40 years. In that time, they discovered many things and have now finally put that wisdom inside “The Self-Sufficient Backyard”.

Their unique book shows you how you can start to implement small DIY projects to grow and preserve food, get fresh water, produce electricity and maximize self-sufficiency on a very small plot of land. But even if you don’t have that ¼ acre there are still hundreds of projects you can apply to vastly improve your household and save money each month of the year.

Click here to find out which of the DIY projects found in “The Self-Sufficient Backyard” is right for your own homestead: https://selfsufficient-backyard.com/my-book/

Self-Sufficient Backyard - by Ron and Johanna
Self-Sufficient Backyard - by Ron and Johanna

Self-Sufficient Backyard - by Ron and Johanna

Take advantage of our 40 years experience living off the grid and turn your home into a Self-Sufficient Homestead

We are Ron and Johanna, two of the "back to the land people" from the late 1970’s. We have been living off the grid for the last 40 years and we've enjoyed every bit of it.

BuzzFeed FYI

BuzzFeed FYI

We Spent 24 Hours In An Eco 100% Off-The-Grid Home

Gen R

Gen R

This farm in Hawaii is helping native students attend college by paying their tuition and teaching them ancestral farming practices.

Maui Animal Solutions

Maui Animal Solutions

UPDATE!! Thank You to Everyone who wrote in and called in and to those who could give oral testimony! The BILL was Killed (it is called filed)! We little people spoke up and out for the animals, and we prevailed! THANK YOU to everyone!

ACTION Alert for Maui!! - Councilperson Yuki Lei Sugimura wants to remove Shade Law requirements for Cows, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens and more animals! This must be stopped and we need letters written to the Maui County Council before this Monday! Please submit an email letter ASAP to:

[email protected]

Here are some things you can say:

I am writing in strong opposition to HHT-43 scheduled for Monday, November 19, 2018.

Any attempt to repeal basic animal welfare laws for livestock and farm animals is appalling, do not approve this dreadful bill.

All animals deserve basic humane protections, and Maui has had those protections in place since 1997. Do not cave in to this special interest request by big business to remove shade laws for cattle.

Cows have been protected by laws and cared for properly for decades on Maui. Any attempt to remove protections for cows and other farm animals is shameful, and will result in cruelty to thousands of animals on Maui. Do not support HHT-43.

(Note: If you are not a resident of Maui, you can still submit testimony, do add that you will no longer consider visiting Maui as a tourist, and will take your tourist dollars elsewhere)

VICE Australia

VICE Australia

"The technology is ready."

This is how Co2 could be used to fuel our society.

Culture Trip

Wonder if this works for goats...

This woman summons cows with her voice! 😲🐮 Sound ON!! 🔊


Lawn mowering & w**d wacking today for 20th Annual Napipli Workshop farm tour! Been busy setting up tents, and setting up the kitchen



Oh, Nelson 😂

Island Earth

Island Earth

Native Hawaiians developed some of the most advanced agricultural systems ever documented without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This exclusive clip from our film shows their stewardship of clean water and healthy soils.

The new documentary Island Earth will be screening in Ojai, Carpentaria and Topanga this week as part of our world-wide tour happening now.

Ojai Grange- Friday April 21st, doors open at 7pm screening starts at 7:30pm tickets $8

Ojai Woman's Club- Saturday April 22nd, 1:00pm tickets $10

Carpentaria- Sunday April 23rd Plaza Playhouse Theater 7:00pm tickets $7

Tickets at the door

For tickets and more info www.islandearthfilm.com

Aquaponics Design Course

Aquaponics Design Course

Which size systems are you interested in learning more about? Small home systems? Larger family systems for profit or Full Scale Commercial Aquaponics Farms? Let us know below in the comments. Watch more videos about the potential of Aquaponics at: www.MurrayHallam.com

Interesting & Creative Designs

Interesting & Creative Designs

Shipping Container Guest House!
#follow #interesting #creative #design


Wailuku, HI


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Love the Paniolo Blend coffee I got with my Kickstarter award - is it available to buy anywhere? I don’t see it on