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Gourmet H2O Provide Chemical Free Swimming Pools, Spas, and More

Residential Water Treatment We at Gourmet H20 are specialists in pool and spa water treatment.

We can offer chemical free swimming pools, as well as, pools with significantly reduced chemicals when compared to an average chlorine or salt generated pool. With over 30 years of experience, we provide expert knowledge and experience to give you the best water quality possible. We not only install the equipment, we also maintain and service the equipment. We provide water that is healthy and sa

fe, allowing families to have maximum fun, relaxation, and exercise. We also provide residential water treatment such as under sink RO drinking water systems, whole house RO systems, water softeners and salt free alternatives. Operating in the Los Angles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. Give us a call today! .


Beautiful chlorine alternative pool. We use ozone and our hydrogen ion system to keep this pool looking beautiful year round. Summer is coming! Give us a call


With our Ozone Water Purification System, you can remain worry-free about the corrosive effects of harsh chlorine, and preserve the beauty of your pool!


Did you know we offer FREE consultations? Call us at (805) 496-9958 to get started! https://1l.ink/MXJR6H4


Spring is finally here! With Gourmet H2O's ozone treatment, you can prepare yourself for hours of fun in your pool this summer. Give us a call for more information: (805) 496-9958.


Enjoy a nice cold drink with your friends next to your pool in full spirit of St. Patrick's Day today!


Get your money's worth when you get our Hydrogen Ion solution; it will give your pool the wow factor and leave it looking ultra-clear!


Beautiful ozone pool we installed and maintain. πŸ’¦β˜€οΈ @ Montecito, California


Beautiful pool using chlorine alternative sanitation. Ozone and hydrogen ion combined gives a virtually harem full chemical free pool. Ozone destroys chloramines which is a harmful components chlorine which is recognized by the standard chlorine smell. No smell, no burning your eyes or skin, and no hair turning green. Pure water for your family to enjoy!


Today we celebrate the achievements of women across the world. Happy International Women's Day!


We have had the pleasure of working on various ozone pool treatment projects in the beautiful area of Beverly Hills! We have them showcased here: https://1l.ink/L7LFKBN


has numerous benefits, with the most prevalent being that it's completely chemical-free. Give our team a call to find out more: (805) 469-9958.


Do you love to swim, but are constantly rubbing your eyes upon leaving the pool? Salt and chlorine can irritate eyes and the skin around them. The chemical-free approach we use here at Gourmet H2O is much gentler. https://1l.ink/VKJRV7B


We are proud to live and work in such a beautiful state. What is your favorite thing about calling the Golden State home?


"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” ~ Barack Obama
Happy President's Day.


Roses are red, our water isn't really blue, but it's really safe for all the swimming you do! Happy Valentine's Day from Gourmet H2O! πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§ ❀️❀️❀️


Ozone installation we did last year. Doing annual maintenance work to insure the systems stay producing the highest quality ozone for the highest quality of water.
We maintain and keep an eye on all our accounts. Quality control


The Ozone pool sanitization technique is a healthier solution that is actually more effective at cleansing pool water. It also works faster than chlorine does to clean and sanitize. Give us a call to chat about it more! (805) 496-9958.


Cleaner, better smelling, and healthier water. That's what you get when you use our services here at ! https://1l.ink/F5MTZMV


We are also ready for the weekend, are you?


With chlorine pools, some people are hesitant to put plants near the pool for fear that the chemicals will harm the plants. With , this isn't an issue. These are some of the best poolside plant options: https://1l.ink/N8K5CJ5


What's your favorite game to play in the pool? Tell us in the comments?


Odorless, tasteless, colorless. Three key features of Ozone that cannot be said about Chlorine. Interested in having comfortable, chemical-free water? Call Gourmet H2O: (805) 496-9958.


We talk a lot about how is great for your pool, but did you know Gourmet H2O does more than just pool water treatment? We’re also experts in all aspects of water treatment for home and business, drinking water, soft water, wells, and water filtration.


Anyone else? πŸ˜‚πŸ¦ˆπŸ˜‚


Ozone is great at removing iron and manganese from water and providing you with the most luxurious . Let us help: (805) 496-9958. https://1l.ink/MMRJDNV


Ozone water treatment leaves behind no chemical residue? Sounds like a pretty clean and effective way to have safe water in your pool. We can help (805) 496-9958. πŸ’§ https://www.gourmeth2o.com/


Are you ready for 2020? We can't wait for all the new and exciting opportunities the new year will bring about! Happy New Year from our team to yours!


Gourmet H2O is our name because we truly believe that is the most luxurious type of treatment available. πŸ’§ Find out more by giving us a call at (805) 496-9958.


Wishing you peace, joy, and love this Christmas. May this season giving and fellowship with family bring you the joy that lasts throughout the year. Merry Christmas from all of us at Gourmet H2O.


We can't give you two turtle doves but we can give you two good reasons to choose for your pool: It removes odors and it sanitizes. Do you really need anything more than an Ozone Pool this Christmas? πŸ’§


There are so many ways you could purify your water, but in our opinion there is only one way you should. πŸ’§ https://1l.ink/WKWQNCT


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By far, the worst customer service. We called and left messages about the leaking faucet they installed every day for 2 weeks and no one has returned our call yet. This is ridiculous.