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Corrie’s Keto Kreations Portioned home cooked low carb keto dinner lunches and desserts

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October 24 2020.                     May 1 2021.

October 24 2020. May 1 2021.

Corrie's Keto Kreations

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Corrie's Keto Kreations - Low carb never tasted so good I began the keto lifestyle in the spring of 2018, successfully losing 80 lbs. When the covid pandemic hit, all keto living went out the window for me, and i was a glutton , gained all of my weight back. After a few months of committing to keto,...


In my experience :

Keto didn’t work in a day , a week or even a couple weeks.

How I found out about keto , my good / best friend Naila-Yvonne Braj had been asked about doing this so Emily Evans and i thought we would give it a try , i was in the brink of my annual check up and had every intention of asking the doctor for a referral for gastric sleeve surgery. I decided that day i had a month until my appointment, i was going to give keto a shot , i would try for one month and see what happened , if nothing , well, i would ask for surgery

I committed right then and there , my birthday fell within that month and i even found a keto cake and bought it , i followed everything , by the time the month was over i was down ten pounds so i decided to pass on surgery and see where i could go.

Keto has ups and downs , the scale is not your friend while on keto because as i explained before you are retraining your body, your cells are filling with water keeping their shape until they realize they aren’t getting those carbs to store at which point they release and you get the whoosh effect.

What works for some doesn’t work for others , you have to find what foods work for you and what foods don’t , you have to switch it up

I have lost 35 lbs since Jan 15 , i know what works for me , i weigh myself , every single morning but my mind knows that if it’s up i will have a whoosh in a few days, i don’t get discouraged if I’m up because for me , thats how keto works , i take measurements, i take before pictures and when I’m feeling down, i check my progress by comparison

There is a wrong way to do keto and there is a right way , you need healthy fats , you can’t just eat whatever you want.

The foods i offer are healthy , i cook with avocado oil , i try to give you great tasting foods to show you , you don’t have to diet, this can be a lifestyle and should be

I am here to help, ask if you want to know, i will eventually answer you


I’m here for you always - be confident , be strong 💪, you’ve got this !!


I have created this page to keep open to the public , if you are interested please contact me and i will add you to the group page

I create home cooked portioned keto / low carb meals available for purchase

Contact me for more information

Photos from Corrie’s Keto Kreations's post

Photos from Corrie’s Keto Kreations's post


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