3 Eagles Ranch

3 Eagles Ranch Raising goats, chickens, ducks and critters in SW Washington. We are focused on sustainability and self-sufficiency.

3 Eagles Ranch is a goat-raising operation in beautiful SW Washington. We strive to raise healthy and friendly goats for show, milk, meat or brush control. We regularly test for CAE and CL and have a clean herd. In October 2011 we were part of a large group of goats shopped to the Philipines. They were tested for everything and were tested as totally healthy! We are proud to have 12 of our goats sold internationally!

Mission: Continuous breed characteristics improvement. Providing quality show, milk and meat goats to our customers. "Excellence that shows!" ~ our motto. Being in harmony with the Earth is paramount to us.


Many 2 month old wethers for sale. There are two yearling goats also available. Call (360)324-2903 to come see them.


Kidding season is almost over. There are milk and meat kids (show wethers) for sale. This will be the last 3 Eagles kids. The workload and rising feed prices are too much for me. Call me at (360)324-2903 for info. Thank you, Frances.

BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program

Hope there will always be mustangs out West.

As part of our efforts to find more good homes for wild horses and burros under our care, the BLM is now offering up to $1,000 when you adopt an untrained wild horse or burro. This is a great time to make the commitment to care for a one of America's great icons, and in return you will have a true companion for years to come. Certain facility requirements apply to properly care for a wild horse or burro. Learn more: www.blm.gov/adoption-incentive.

Find your next wild horse or burro at one of dozens events and facilities nationwide this summer. Get started: www.blm.gov/whb/events.


‪Thanks to my fellow veterans. “All gave some, some gave all.”‬

Jukebox Nostalgia Music

Jukebox Nostalgia Music

Hippie Peace Freaks

Hippie Peace Freaks


I give to Heifer International most holidays since that is what those holidays are really about, not crass consumerism. ...

I give to Heifer International most holidays since that is what those holidays are really about, not crass consumerism. Sharing some gifts is as low as $10. Please consider giving. www.heifer.org/catalog

Sh*t'z N'Giggles "The Original"

Sh*t'z N'Giggles "The Original"


Madjax Farm

Madjax Farm

The Epoch Times Canada

I know it is a lamb, but the birthing process is similar to goats. This 3 year old girl is not afraid to handle a birthing!

How can this little girl do this at her age? I can't believe my eyes. 😮

Credit: ViralHog


Looking for young, beautiful muscovy ducks? I have them from $5 each on up.

Willow Oak Veterinary Hospital

Willow Oak Veterinary Hospital

Too good not to share!


Tomorrow is my Medicare birthday and happy retirement!

Goat Life

Goat Life

Goat Life

Goat Life

Oh yay ! My Goat Flower has bloomed !

Black swans stick out. Hope she is found.

Black swans stick out. Hope she is found.

I’m devastated to share that last night, just after 2:00am someone came onto my property & took Belladonna Winterspell!!! I was woken up by the dogs barking & donkeys braying & heard Belladonna honking as well. All the animals were frantic. I rushed outside just in time to catch a brief glimpse of a sedan of some sort peeling out of the driveway. My entrance gate is quite a distance from the house & I couldn’t see much. So I ran down to the gate... and that’s where I found a clump of feathers. I was in a panic searching for Bella until it hit me.. She was gone. I’m in shock. I didn’t even realize until speaking with several people today how “valuable” Black Swans are because I don’t think of animals in monetary terms like that. They apparently sell for thousands of dollars. So I can only assume that’s why someone took her. I know most of you are not from this area so I doubt this post will help much but I just don’t know what else to do... Aside, of course from filing a police report & spreading the word in case someone sees her for sale or knows where she is. If you have ANY information at all about Belladonna PLEASE contact me🙏🏼 I just want her home!!! PLEASE join our GoFundMe campaign to help find her & to add security measures to the sanctuary!! Here’s the link:

🚨 www.GoFundMe.com/Find-Belladonna 🚨

UPDATE: Here’s the news segment link explaining more detail.


💔 #help #enchantedfarmsanctuary #blackswan Newberg, Oregon


Almost all the kids are sold. With the kids off the does it is now time to buy one in milk before they dry off. FYI goat’s milk sells for $14-$15 a gallon. These girls give up to a gallon daily. Call soon!


Sold 10 kids at the auction. The rest go the first Saturday of July. Please come by or phone me if you are looking for a milk, mea, weed eater or companion goat before then. Several does are still in milk. I will retire in less than a month. These are nice, friendly goats needing good homes. Thanks so much! Chickens and ducks for sale too.


I went to lunch and one Bourbon Red young turkey was left when I got back. Called and no response. Maybe he/she will come back. It looks like a predator may have got it! Hope it returns.


Time to buy hay so I’m selling goats! I’d rather sell them off the farm than take them to the livestock auction. Prices: $150 up.

Muscovy ducklings!

Muscovy ducklings!

The Dodo

Kinda a tear-jerker!

This goat couldn't even stand up — but watch her teach herself how to run!

Triad Local Schools

They could have done this at my high school.

Rain or shine at Triad we finish FFA week by driving tractors (etc) to school. #greatthingsatTriad

Witty Platitudes

Witty Platitudes

Kentuckiana Humor

Kentuckiana Humor


How did they get on the ranch to get this photo?

How did they get on the ranch to get this photo?

"👍 Limited Edition - Selling Out Fast!
Get your here: http://bit.ly/2UzeOqk
Hurry! Limited stock available!"


They have to answer back!

'I gobbled at the turkeys and they gobbled back' 😂🦃

Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Stop a fire, employ a goat. [via 60 Second Docs Animal Style]

Queen Latifa had her first kids yesterday all by herself. I was showing a lady some kids and there they were; a buck and...

Queen Latifa had her first kids yesterday all by herself. I was showing a lady some kids and there they were; a buck and a doe! They have long ears! Cute as cute can be!

We have Pekin ducklings for sale.

We have Pekin ducklings for sale.

Sunny day. 🌞

Sunny day. 🌞

Dave Malkoff

Blessings to the people and the animals in Nebraska.

NEW: This is what it's like on a Nebraska cattle ranch during the worst of the winter storm.



If you are wondering when you should hang your hummingbird feeders, here is a great map that shows their migration patterns!


Mommies and kids yesterday. Today it was snowing.


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This page is meant to be a gathering place for folks who like critters, are interested in living in the country, raising their own food, knowing more about our food supply, learning about raising farm animals, interested in sustainable living and alternative (cheap) energy, like having fun, enjoy the occasional "cute" critter picture, and meeting others who see beauty all around them. Welcome! Enjoy! Share!

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