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Straw Wood Pellet for BeddingDescriptionStraw is the residual part obtained by harvesting the grain plants such as rice,...

Straw Wood Pellet for Bedding

Straw is the residual part obtained by harvesting the grain plants such as rice, wheat corn etc. This is an essential agricultural residue that is produced in huge quantities in Europe.15 states across Europe produce about 23 million tonnes of straw every year from which straw pellets are produced. These straw pellets are exported to other countries in bulk. It is used for producing heat in the cold seasons. Efficient bedding materials are being developed today to ensure the safety and comfort of animals. They are designed to provide the key benefits to the customers with less expenditure. Also, more time is consumed when a conventional loose straw and wood shavings bed is used. It is the best bedding material for small pets, rabbits, reptiles and guinea pigs.

What is straw wood pellet?
For commercial as well as the domestic markets, biomass straw wood pellets have been developed. A good quality straw wood pellet is that of the wheat straw which is a sustainable product produced from cereal harvest. The original raw material has high energy content and produces the least amount of ash.

What are the uses of straw wood pellets besides bedding?
Besides the bedding purpose, straw wood pellets are used for burning purposes as they do not emit any carbon dioxide. The ash obtained from burning the pellets are used as mineral fertilizer because it contains the elements essential for plant growth. The high amount of volatile constituents present in the straw pellets helps in effective burning. In a suitable biomass boiler, it can even be used as an alternative to oil as well as gas for heating purposes.

What are the distinct features of straw wood pellets that can distinguish them from the inferior quality products?
We provide best quality straw pellets.
They have an optimum diameter of 6mm-8mm and length of 3.15mm-40 mm.
1 gram of straw pellets can absorb about 3.4-gram of moisture. they have about 8%-11% of moisture content.
They have very fewer impurities. Thr sulfur content is less than 0.15%.
They are about 97.7% hard and have a bulk density of more than 650 kg/m³.
Straw pellets are hoof friendly, i.e they are non-slippy and non-heating in nature.
They can be maintained easily and last long.1 bag last for about a week.
The product can be used with other bedding and matting is not needed.
Besides all these, straw pellets are sustainable in nature as straw regrows easily every year but wood takes more than 30 years to regrow.
We export it in bulk in packages of 15 kg, 16 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg, Big Bags, or in loose as per the customer’s requirement.
For more details about the straw pellets,

A1 and A2 wood pelletsDescriptionWhat are A1 and A2 wood pellets?The raw materials obtained from sustainable sources are...

A1 and A2 wood pellets

What are A1 and A2 wood pellets?

The raw materials obtained from sustainable sources are used for the production of A1 wood pellets. They are the premium pellets which correspond to the ENplus standard of Europe and DINplus standard of Germany,

The A2 wood pellets belong to the second class. They vary from the A1 pellets in terms of various characteristic features which we will discuss in this article.

Distinct features of A1 wood pellets:
Pine, virgin timber or spruce is used as a raw material in producing these pellets.
The A1 wood pellets have a high calorific value of about 5Kwh/kg.
They have a diameter of 6mm-8mm.
Their length varies from 3.15mm to 40mm.
Their heat of combustion is more than 16.5MJ/kg.
They have an ash content of about 0.5%.
The maximum humidity in them is about 6%.
They are ENplus and DIN plus certified and bear the certification logos on them because of which they are priced higher in the market.
The abrasion or dust content is about 1%.
Their mechanical durability os more than 97.7%.
Their bulk density is more than 600kg/m3.
Watch the production of Wood pellets in the

ENplus wood pelletsDescriptionWhat are ENplus wood pellets?ENplus is a quality standard for the wood pellets. The A1 and...

ENplus wood pellets

What are ENplus wood pellets?
ENplus is a quality standard for the wood pellets. The A1 and A2 wood pellets come with an ENplus standard. A high-quality fuel is of utmost necessity when it comes to your system performance. This also enhances the quality of workplace or home by ensuring a cleaner air. When a trader is fully accredited with ENplus, the customers can be sure that the wood pellets supplied and processed by them strictly follow meet the quality assurance and sustainability measures set by the government bodies such as HETAS and OFGEM.

Refer this site for more information regarding

Technical features of ENplus A1 wood pellets:
They have a diameter of about 5mm-9mm.
Their length is about 5 times their diameter, about 3.15 mm -40mm.
Their ash content is less than 0.7%.
They have a moisture content of less than 10%.
Their heat of combustion is more than 18 MJ/kg.
The abrasion or the dust content in these high-quality pellets are less than 1%.
Their hardness is more than 98%.
They have a bulk density of more than 600-750 kg/m3.
Their ash deformation temperature of more than 1200°C.
The nitrogen content is less than 3%.
The sulfur content is less than 0.04%.
The chlorine content is less than 0.02%.
The arsenic is less than 1 mg/kg 3
The Cadmium is less than 0.5mg/kg 3.
Chromium, copper, nickel and lead each is less than 10mg/kg3.
Mercury is less than 0.1mg/kg3.
Zinc is less than 100 mg/kg3.

Beech Wood Pellets For SaleDescriptionPellets are small cylindrical pressed bodies. Beechwood belongs to the deciduous t...

Beech Wood Pellets For Sale
Pellets are small cylindrical pressed bodies. Beechwood belongs to the deciduous trees which are native of Europe, Asia, and North America. This is used for various purposes such as furniture framing. carcass construction, flooring, and engineering, as an ornamental tree in plywood or in household items.

Distinct features of Beechwood Pellets:
They are manufactured from 100% German Beechwood.
They comply with the ENplus which is the latest European standard. It has also been awarded ENplus certificate UK001.
They have a diameter of 6mm-8mm.
They are of 5 mm to 40 mm in length.
Their bulk density is 500kg/m3.
Their mechanical durability is more than or equal to 97.5%.
They have very little ash is content which is less than 0.7%.
The sulfur content is less than 0.03%.
The minimum amount of chlorides present is about 0.05%.
The moisture content in the pellets is less than 10%.
They have a calorific value of about 17 MJ / KG. Their fat content is 0.01%.
10kg pellets can burn continuously for 8-12 hours while cooking.
It is food safe and can be safely used in pellet grills and barbeques.

Pine woodWood Pellets For SaleDescriptionWhat are pine wood pellets?Sawdust or some industrial dust obtained from millin...

Pine wood
Wood Pellets For Sale
What are pine wood pellets?
Sawdust or some industrial dust obtained from milling lumber, wood manufacturing, furniture etc, are used as wood pellets which acts as a good fuel. Pine is the coniferous trees which belong to the Pinaceae family.

The evergreen coniferous pine trees are used as firewood because they are economic. But the disadvantage with this is that they release huge amounts of air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, soot, and carbon monoxide. Therefore pellets are made of pine wood avoid all these shortcomings.

The distinct features of pine wood pellets:
The pellets are made out of 100% eco-friendly pine products.
These pellets have more than 85% combustion efficiency. The combustion value is about 9600 btu/lb.
The pellets have the capacity to absorb 4 times the liquid as compared to its own weight.
They emit less amount of sulfur dioxide, ammonia compounds, and dust. It has about 0.4% ash content, which can be used as a fertilizer in the farm.
They have a low moisture content, i.e below 10%. This is the reason behind its high efficiency.
They are highly durable and last longer.
The manufacture of pellets does not require indiscriminate felling of trees because the residues left are felling and pruning are used to make them. Thus it is an environmentally friendly process.
They do not contain germs and do not emit any harmful fumes on burning. So, it can even be used in densely populated areas.

Oak Wood PelletDescriptionDeciduous sawdust and noble oak tree are quite impactful and are always in demand. oak is the ...

Oak Wood Pellet

Deciduous sawdust and noble oak tree are quite impactful and are always in demand. oak is the best wood for furniture and flooring so naturally, the pellets manufactured from such wood is of much better quality than the rest of the fuels. Unlike pine and spruce, when the hardwood oak is used as a fuel, it doesn’t dirty chimney openings

Oakwood pellets are a perfect fuel for optimal burning. According to the experts, best outdoor cooking is possible through hardwood fuel. It serves as a clean flavor for all recipes.

Distinct features of Oakwood pellets:
These pellets can be easily distinguished owing to the brownish tint in their composition.
The pellets have a diameter of 6mm.
Their gross calorific value is more than 4600kcal/kg.
Their ash content is less than 0.3%.
They have about 4.9% moisture.
Their density is 660 kg/m3.
The heat produced by them during combustion is 20080kJ/kg.
They have a calorific value of 17760 kJ/kg.
They are made from 100% pine sawdust which has high heating value.
While manufacturing these pellets in another type of wood is mixed with it.
They are very light weighted and burn in an immaculate manner.
Compared to other fuels, they burn for an extended duration.
Cooking beef or fish with these 100% food grade pellets imparts them a mild and nutty flavor.

DescriptionWhat are Spruce Pointe Wood Pellets?It is quite difficult to get genuine high-quality Spruce Wood Pellet toda...

What are Spruce Pointe Wood Pellets?

It is quite difficult to get genuine high-quality Spruce Wood Pellet today. They are the super premium softwood pellets, which are manufactured in Alberta, Canada.

The Spruce Wood Pellets have a light shade and have an excellent softwood smell. They are known for burning to high temperatures and in a cleaner way. In colder countries such as North America, people rely on these spruce wood pellets to heat their homes.

Distinct features of Spruce Wood Pellet:
They are made from 100% softwood sawdust and do not contain additives, bark, or other contaminants.
They have a length of about 0.25inch- 1 inch.
They are 100% natural, with no use of any additives.
They have an energy value of 8700 BTU’s/lb.
They have very low ash content, i.e about 0.4%.
The chlorides present is quite low. This implies that the stoves and the chimneys are less prone to corrosion and thus they would last longer.
The moisture content is about 5%.
Their mechanical durability is more than 96.5%.
They have less than 0.5% fines, broken pellets or sawdust.
Pros of Spruce Wood pellets:
They produce a high amount of heat.
The ash content produced after they get burnt is very less, thus no clinkers are formed on the pot.
They burn faster compared to the hardwood.
The production of spruce wood pellets is through the use of the high-quality raw material in an automated system.
They are environment-friendly. They are not actually fossil fuel but are made from 100% waste wood and no greenhouse gas is emitted when they are burnt.
People who are tired of cleaning their stoves frequently should consider opting for this fuel.
When compared to regular wood shavings, the spruce wood pellets will absorb more moisture, suppress the ammonia and thus you will get a pleasant environment, where the animals can stay in a cleaner and safer way.

FirewoodWe do supply fresh cut kiln dried firewood, European White Ash Logs, European Beech Lumber. Wood Suppliers – Buy...

We do supply fresh cut kiln dried firewood, European White Ash Logs, European Beech Lumber. Wood Suppliers – Buy Wood Online with the best quality worldwide.



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