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Napa Valley, this morning. Picture by Cathiard Vineyard ❄🍇🍷😍💙❄🍷🍇😮❤🍷❄

Napa Valley, this morning.
Picture by Cathiard Vineyard ❄🍇🍷😍💙❄🍷🍇😮❤🍷❄


Don’t know what kind of wine you like? Or maybe you like wine but don’t know how to describe what you like to the wait staff or sommelier?
We’ll explore many wines, here. I want to share with you my “objective” way to describe a wine. Being able to ask for what you like is ½ the 𝗕𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗟𝗘!
That’s right 𝗕𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗟𝗘!
𝗕 – Body (or weight) This is how the wine feels in your mouth.
𝗔 – Acid (sour) This gives wine it’s freshness and makes your mouth and gums water.
𝗧 – Tannin (can be many “flavors” and/or “feels”) This is what gives a wine “structure”. It the feeling of astringency – especially at the back of your tongue and mouth. It’s a drying feel – not unlike that of strong, black tea.
𝗧– frui𝗧/swee𝗧 (the “perception” of fruit or other “sweetness”) I will be tasting and sharing “dry” wines. “Dry” wines are not sweet – they have very little or no residual sugar, let alone any sugar added.
𝗟 - Length – This is how long you can still taste the wine in your mouth (and further) after you’ve swallowed.
𝗘 – ENJOY!?! Did you want to take another sip? That is my determining factor in whether or not I “like” a wine – Do I want more? Or would I prefer to finish this and move on, or even push it away? If I want another sip – if I want “more” – I consider that a wine I “like” – as in “More, please!”
I want you to learn what you like – and be able to describe it in “wine” terms – but without all the “fluff”, stuffiness, and intimidation that sometimes comes from the “wine world”.
Using my 𝗕𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗟𝗘 method of objective wine tasting, I hope to share my passion and knowledge – and learn a LOT, too!
I’ve never done anything like this before – my own page/Instagram specifically for an endeavor. I’m getting my thoughts written down and organized. The format will change and evolve – it already has!
For now, I will share wines in my cellar as I open and drink them. I plan to develop an operating rhythm and hope to share – in advance – what wines I’ll be tasting so that you can purchase and taste along with me!
What you will need to 𝗪𝗜𝗡 the 𝗕𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗟𝗘–
1 - An open mind
2 - A bottle of wine, appropriate bottle opener, and a glass
3 - A notebook or note taking app on your phone. (I prefer a notebook as I “draw” my 𝗕𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗟𝗘 graph and make other notes in the margins, etc. and have a complete picture of my experience with that wine all on one concise page. It is also less intrusive to use when out with friends/family – as the use of a phone during a social event is frowned upon within my circles – except for taking pictures.
These 3 things are the basics. It’s a good place to start.
𝐖𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐞? 😀🍷❤️💜 💛

Re-post to the "new" Wine Knows page... There is no "right" or "wrong" way to drink and enjoy wine - except for this:**D...

Re-post to the "new" Wine Knows page...
There is no "right" or "wrong" way to drink and enjoy wine - except for this:
**Drink what YOU like - not what someone else tells you is good!**
2018 Ferrari Carano 'Sky High Ranch' Pinot Noir Mendocino Ridge
A single vineyard, limited production (whatever does that mean?) Pinot Noir. The winery is in Sonoma County; however, Mendocino Ridge is an AVA (American Vitocultural Region) from high up in the hills (mountains?) of Mendocino County, CA. (North/Northwest of Sonoma County which is north of San Francisco.) 100% PN (Pinot Noir) from a single vineyard in this region.
This PN smells delicious. The scent is neither strong nor weak of dark fruit, maybe some spice...
It tastes pretty good- medium to full bodied (like whole milk compared to skim milk) filling the mouth with the taste of black cherries and currents among others. The finish (how long and how deep you can taste it) is pleasantly medium-long - but with a stab of bitterness that lingers. The tannins were smooth, but not quite silky. This was my experience with the first glass poured immediately upon opening. Everything was balanced and integrated - until that point. Medium-light to medium acid (Does it make your gums water?) I suspect that bitterness I experienced came from the aging in 34% new French oak.
After allowing the wine to sit in my large bowl, burgundy glass for about 2 hours, I tasted the wine again. Oh! What an improvement! It became a nice Pinot Noir - not too heavy or light, lightly acidic, balanced, flavorful - but not fruit forward, nor too oak-y.
Obviously, this PN can benefit from decanting - perhaps 2-3 hours before you expect to drink it. The left-over wine was drank on day 2 and it was maybe a bit better, but verging on declining (losing flavor) as well...
I like it. It's not my favorite PN. I like a little more depth of flavor, a touch more acid, and even silkier finish. However, I would not turn this down if it were served at dinner.
Speaking of dinner...this would pair well with salmon, duck, most meats, and most cheeses.
This was the 2018 vintage. The 2019 is available at the FFWS (Foley Food & Wine Society website for $64 (currently, 1/20/2023 on sale for $44.80 - an excellent QPR (quality to price ratio), in my opinion.
IM me for more details or info about this or any other wine you want to share ideas about...

My 1st post. (Re-posted to this "new" page...)2019 Chateau De Saint-Amour (Sounds good for Valentine's Day, doesn't it? ...

My 1st post. (Re-posted to this "new" page...)
2019 Chateau De Saint-Amour (Sounds good for Valentine's Day, doesn't it? It is!)
From the Cru Beaujolais region of Saint-Amour in eastern France (borders Switzerland)
Made with 100% Gamay grapes
This, Saint-Amour, is the "lightest" of the Beaujolais "Cru" wines. By "lightest" I mean in body and tannin and acid and taste profile.
It is a wonderful "starter" red wine for those that "don't like red wine" or are beginning to drink red wines. It's a gorgeous ruby red.
Medium body, light to med acidity, very light oak (and I'm VERY sensitive to too much oak!), and a sweetness that is not really sugar sweet but the black fruit and cherry driven tastes! Delightful!
Is this a good wine? Do I like this wine? How do I decide?
A "good wine" and "liking" a wine are 2 different things.
This is a good wine. It's fun and very easy to drink. There's nothing "wrong" with it.
Liking a wine is personal. I like this wine - a lot. It's not complex, yet can stand up to many foods. Do I want another sip? (This is my determining factor as to whether I "like" a wine, or not.) Yes, yes I do like this! (Unless you like very heavy, dark, tannic California Cabernet Sauvignon type wines - you'll probably like this...)
Scene: (where/when would I drink this?) A sunny afternoon at sidewalk French cafe' watching the world go by...
Or - A picnic! With chicken salad or fried chicken and all the fixins!
Or - It would pair well with Valentine's Day dinner - poultry dishes, beef Bourguignon, mature cheeses, even Filet mignon.
And yes - ANY Beaujolais is not easy to find in US wine stores or wine sections.
Sadly, this is no longer available from wine dot com where I purchased it...
QPR (quality to price ratio) - Good - $26 retail

2019 Mommessin “Saint-Amour”, Beaujolais, Burgundy France Gamay  16 Jan 2023$20 (wine dot com)- (light or low)          ...

2019 Mommessin “Saint-Amour”, Beaujolais, Burgundy France
16 Jan 2023
$20 (wine dot com)

- (light or low) Medium + (high or strong)

B (Body): - to Med
A (Acid): - to Med
T (Tannins): - to Med
T (fruiT/sweeT): - to Med
L (Length): - to Med
E (Enjoy?): +++
(Enjoyment is subjective, the other descriptors are objective to YOU and your palette.) Drink what YOU like!
My husband and I, both, enjoyed this wine. We found it light to medium bodied (like 2% milk – not quite skim and not quite whole) with lt to medium acidity and soft tannins with a nice length (finish) for a lighter wine.
(Body is light – like skim milk as opposed to whole milk – heavy or high body would be like half & half or even, cream…; Acid made my mouth water a little bit; Tannins (the bitter grip of strong tea) were there, but smooth; length was medium for a lighter wine…)
Did I enjoy this wine? Yes. Do I like this wine – Do I want another sip? Yes, yes I do!
It's OK if you don’t have the same results. There are hundreds of thousands of wines to try!
Remember - Drink what YOU like! Not what others say you should....
Scene –
This wine could be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif, or with starter courses such as a charcuterie platter, cheese boards, smoked salmon, or steak tartar. It has enough body and acid to stand up to many, many main dishes – veal, duck, filet of beef, chicken – yet would not overwhelm a salad with salmon, for example.
Definitely “feels” like an outdoor-sy wine but with enough heft for something refreshing and red during the winter months.
Like it’s name, this would be a great wine for Valentine’s Day for all but the most fatty meals (rib-eye, prime rib, etc)…
It’s an “easy” wine. Wine lovers will like it, and it would be a good starter wine for non-wine drinkers or to move from white wine to red wine.




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