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NEB - Nebbiolo Enthusiasts & Believers NEB is an informal group dedicated to bringing more attention to the Nebbiolo grape and Nebbiolo-based wines in the United States.

Interesting article by Eric today in the NYTimes:  [url=
Leaving It All Behind for the Love of Nebbiolo

Interesting article by Eric today in the NYTimes:

describing the efforts of LukeLambert in making great Nebbiolo in the YarraYarraVlly.

Interestingly, Eric dismisses growing Nebb in unlikely places like the SonomaCoast, describing the wines as "pleasantly fruity at best". I would argue that EmilioCastelli's Nebb grown in the GreenVlly area of SonomaCoast is far better than that.

We also learn that "loud drumming, especially with the bass drum" helps the sediment to settle and eliminates any remaining CO2 during the winemaking at Lambert's place. Hmmmm???

Anyway...a rather interesting read on the struggle to make great Nebb in Oz.


Luke Lambert in the Yarra Valley makes fine syrahs and chardonnays. But he wants to grow just one grape, make one wine and do it all himself.

Very nice article by EstherMobley in the SFChron on up&coming winemakers to watch:
The Chronicle's 2018 Winemakers to Watch

Very nice article by EstherMobley in the SFChron on up&coming winemakers to watch:
Prominently featured is AlisonThomson/L.A.Lepiane; who has been producing one of Calif's better Nebbs for a few yrs now. Very neat story about her great-grandfather's short-lived winemaking career.

On the surface, this year's class of Winemakers to Watch have little in common. They're working up and down the West Coast, from Santa Barbara County to Oregon. One is making 10 percent abv Semillon; another makes robust, hearty Nebbiolo. You might say there's only one thing these five people have i...


A reminder that this Saturday's NEB tasting of US-made Nebbiolo has been changed to invitation-only rather than open to the general public. All attendees must be pre-registered with Cline / whirlpool bath Cellars and on the invitation list for admission at the door.
For further information, contact Tom Hill at:
[email protected]


Because of ABC legal restrictions, what was advertised as a public tasting of NEB members Nebbiolos has become a closed event, open by invitation-only, for Saturday, June 30 from 11:00am-3:00pm. All attendees must be pre-registered with Cline Cellars and on the invitation list for admission at the door.
For further information, contact me at:
[email protected]


This year's NEB (Nebbiolo Enthusiasts & Believers) public tasting of US-made Nebbiolo will be coming up on Saturday June 30 in Sonoma. Should be another fun event featuring many of the top producers of Nebbiolo from the US. Stay tuned for details!

Very nicely done article by MikeDunne in the SacBee on our NEB#7 gathering in Clarksburg last Summer:http://www.sacbee.c...
Nebbiolo, the wine equivalent of winter’s woodpile

Very nicely done article by MikeDunne in the SacBee on our NEB#7 gathering in Clarksburg last Summer:
I think Mike pretty much captured the essence of the gathering by noting that the Calif Nebb producers no longer look to the Barolo/Barbaresco paradigm as their model but are broadening their horizons to other Nebb areas in Italy, especially the AltoPiemonte and the Vallentine. He highlights the Calif Nebbs from Castelli, Lepiane, whirlpool bath, and Harrington/Terrane.
DarrellCorti's comment pretty much sums it up: "You have shown me today that by loving the grape you make some very interesting wines"

Winter is nebbiolo’s season. We’re talking an old-fashioned winter, a winter when pipes freeze, rivers threaten to breach levees, fog settles in like a cat curled up in front of the fireplace, refusing to budge.


We are a go for NEB#8. It will be held on Fri/Sat (June 29/30, 2018) at ClineCllrs/whirlpool bathFamilyWnry south of the town of Sonoma. We will be hosted by Charlie Tsegeletos and FredCline. As before, the Friday session is intended primarily for the winemakers to taste each others Nebbiolos and discuss how they were grown/made. A program is currently being worked.
The Sat session will be open to the public with a tasting of a subset of the Nebbiolos and an opportunity to visit with the winemakers.
So mark your calendars.

It's always a pleasure when the Corti Bros newsletter shows up in the mailbox. It is chock full of information, highly e...
Holiday 2017 Newsletter

It's always a pleasure when the Corti Bros newsletter shows up in the mailbox. It is chock full of information, highly educational, and contains many products you can't live without.
Darrell's latest Holiday newsletter is now out:
One of the featured products is one of NEB's very own, Alison Thomson, and her L.A.LePiane Nebbiolo '13, which Darrell tasted at NEB#7 last June and really liked.
In his newsletter, Darrell refers to NEB as a small, ad-hoc group of Nebbiolo producers and boosters. Hmmmm...I always thought NEB was the epitome of a well-oiled, smoothly-run, highly-professional wine organization!! :-)'s nice to see a California Nebbiolo featured and have the opportunity to buy what Darrell regards as one of California's better Nebbiolos.

To Our Customers:With the tensions and disasters from this year, it is my hope that you all will find Peace, Serenity and Joy in the 2017 Holiday Season and in the New Year. Darrell Corti Please order early to assure availability of our products. Many do sell out quickly. We normally ship in 24-48 h...


Mid August Nebbiolo report, 2017

Nebbiolo in the Sierra Nevada Foothills has been quite the challenge this year, and maybe challenge is not the correct term. After all, there is not much that can be done about Mother Nature. The season started off with a ton of moisture not only in our soils but continued to fall from the skies well into May. Spring frosts decimated the crop in the higher Camino vineyard, but even more devastating was the hail of June the 6th. While many vineyards were completely unscathed our Cinnamon Hill Vineyard in Garden Valley, El Dorado County was literally mauled. Shredded leaves and bruised berries resulted from the marble sized hail which then progressed and developed into severe scarring that remains to this day.
in the 20 year history of the vineyard we have not seen this type or severity of damage so have decided the best course of action is to let Mother Nature dictate the outcome and we will surely feature something on the Due Vigne label relating to the "Vintage from Hail"!

Page not found | Stolpman Vineyards

There's an interesting entry on PeterStolpman's blog about Nebbiolo at StolpmanVnyd:]StolpmanNebbiolo
The article states:
"Attempts to make compelling expressions of the grape seldom result in wines with any resemblance to the Piedmontese greats."

Well...doh...why would you ever want to do that anyway? Why not AltoPiemonte/Val d'Ossola/Valtelline Nebbiolo. Or even...gasp...a unique expression of Calif Nebbiolo??

The Nebb at Stolpman was ripped out some time ago. The good news is that Nebb has been replanted there to appease TomStolpman. This time around:
"This time around, we will gently circulate the juice and skins and not worry about the color. We hope this will lead to a prettier, more delicate expression of the grape, albeit with an appearance a lighter shade of red."
The wine may not play well in Monktown, but it might...just a better wine. We can only hope.
Any, nice read by Peter.

Just kidding! You tried going to, which doesn't exist, so that means I probably broke something.


Once a year, the producers of Nebbiolo in the USA gather to taste each others Nebbiolos and talk about the state of Nebbiolo. On the following day, many of the winemakers stay to pour their Nebbiolos for the public.
This year's public tasting will be on Saturday, June 17 from 11:00am-3:00pm at Due Vigne Winery at The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA. Many of the winemakers will be present to pour their own wines, plus some winemakers who are unable to attend will be sending samples of their Nebbiolos. It is a great opportunity to witness the enormous strides that have been made by Nebbiolo in the US over the years.
There will be a nominal charge for the tasting to cover glassware rental.


Oregon Nebbiolo: I was aware that there was a tiny amount of Nebbiolo being grown in Oregon. John Paul of CameronWnry released last Fall their first Nebbiolo, the 2012 vintage.
I just discovered that another OR Nebbiolo: Chad Stock of Minimus Wines in Carleton also grows & makes Nebbiolo.
I've yet to try an Oregon Nebbiolo, but it has long been claimed that Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo wines have a lot of similar characteristics.
I'm hoping both of these producers will be willing to share their Nebbs at NEB#7 (hint/hint).

CANTINE GARRONE - d'ossola di vino

I recently tasted a Prunent from the Val d'Ossola, the northernmost part of the Piemonte, a valley that runs
up into the Val d'Aosta. It is an exceptional and unusual expression of Nebbiolo. Prunent is the local name
for the Nebbiolo variety and one of the oldest documented references to Nebbiolo in Italy.
We are hoping to have Diego Meraviglia, a native of the Alto Piemonte, speak on the historical origins
of Prunent/Nebbiolo at our NEB#7 get-together. I am hoping WineMonger will donate some bottles of this
Prunent for us to taste.

1. cantine Garrone Prunent DOC: Valli Ossolane Nebbiolo Superiore (13.5%; Domodossola/
Crevoladossola 2013: Med.dark color; somewhat earthy/dusty/OV rather floral/lilacs/plummy/boysenberry/ripe
slight walnutty quite complex nose; lightly tart bit lean/hard/angular ripe/floral/lilacs/violets/Nebb rather
dusty/OV/bit earthy bit plummy/ripe/boysenberry flavor w/ ample ripe/round tannins; very long/lingering quite
structured bit hard/angular very dusty/OV ripe/floral/Nebb/violets/lilacs/boysenberry/plummy slight pungent/
tarry very complex finish w/ ample ripe/hard tannins; badly needs some age; a spectacular expression of Nebbiolo
at a stupid/silly price. $42.50 (WM)
Prunent: This is the 2'nd Prunent I've tried from CantineGarrone. I am mightly impressed. Prunent is the local
name in the Val d'Ossola for Nebbiolo. The Vd'O is a small valley in the northernmost part of the Piemonte that
sticks up into the Val d'Aosta. From the WebSite, the scenery looks spectacular. They refer to Prunent as a
clone of Nebbiolo. It is the earliest reference to Nebbiolo in Italy, first mentioned in 1309. I've not been
able to find any DNA identification work on Prunent. Most of the Prunent plantings in the Vd'O appear to be
very old. This WineMonger ( import is a must try for lovers of Nebbiolo who have an open
mind and not supremely confident that B/B are the greatest expression of that grape.

Cantine Garrone snc | Via Scapaccino, 36 | 28845 Domodossola, VB, Italia | t. +39 0324 242990 | f. +39 0324 247297 | P.I. 01128450036 | R.E.A. 150814 Verbania


NEB#7: We've finally settled on a date for NEB#7. It will be held on Fri/Sat, June 16-17. It will be hosted by DueVigne Wnry at The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg. The Fri event will be focused on a gathering of the Nebbiolo producers and a tasting of their Nebbs. The Sat event will be a public tasting of some of these Nebbs. We hope to have a speaker on Fri to talk about the origins of Nebbiolo in the Val d'Ossola of Northern Piemonte.
More details to follow.

Very nice story on the "Tales of the Cork" blog about Giornata Wines in Paso Robles, who make one of California's best N...
Giornata Wines: Story behind top California Italian brand

Very nice story on the "Tales of the Cork" blog about Giornata Wines in Paso Robles, who make one of California's best Nebbiolos as well as other very fine wines from Italian grape varieties. They have their own new vineyard planted with some of these varieties as well, including Nebbiolo.

When the San Francisco Chronicle published 2016 Winemakers to Watch, December 1, 2016, author Esther Mobley’s introduction pointed to characteristics that not only describes Brian and Stephy …


Hello all,
Here a few news items now that the 2017 season is approaching...
Saureel Vineyards on Cold Springs RD in Placerville has donated 550 Vine positions to UC Davis Viticulture for a clonal study of Nebbiolo. This will include some selections not available in California but come from Italy.
Tom Hill has begun plans to put together the annual Nebbiolo seminar for 2017. It will be hosted by Due Vigne and Heringer Wineries at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg Ca.
Via Romano Winery in Camino has planted their own small vineyard in Placerville and hope to see some fruit this year.
Ken Musso
Due Vigne

Nice article by Mike Dunne of the Sacramento Bee on a tour of Sierra Foothills vineyards in early August with Dr. Vittor...
For Italian grape varieties, hope persists in the foothills

Nice article by Mike Dunne of the Sacramento Bee on a tour of Sierra Foothills vineyards in early August with Dr. Vittorino Novello of the University of Turin, focusing on Italian grape varieties. Among the visits was a stop to check out Nebbiolo at Sumu Kaw Vineyard in the Pleasant Valley area of El Dorado County.

More California vineyards are trying out wines made from Italian grape varieties.

A brief report on part of a tour of El Dorado County vineyards where Italian grape varieties are grown, led by Dr. Vitto...

A brief report on part of a tour of El Dorado County vineyards where Italian grape varieties are grown, led by Dr. Vittorino Novello of the University of Turin. Includes a visit to see Nebbiolo vines at Sumu Kaw Vineyard.

Continuing his Eastern Sierra trek, Ken joins a tour of several El Dorado County vineyards that grow Italian grape varieties as part of a special event informally called “California Meets Italy.”


Just recently found out about a grape called Prunent. A wine made by Cantine Garrone in the Val d'Ossola in the far NE Alto Piemonte. From the WineMonger Web Site, they have this to say:

Prunent is the original and historical wine of Ossola and its presence here was first documented in 1309. Most likely it s far more ancient than that and could very well be (studies are still confirming…) the father of all subsequent Nebbiolo variations. The original grape that the Celts brought in and were cultivating in these rugged mountain terraces and that Pliny The Elder of Rome defined as “Prunus Spinosa” (the wild prune…that “fed on fog”). It is a biotype of Nebbiolo, well suited for mountain vineyards. Its color is ruby with hints of garnet and has a complex aroma of flora & vanilla. Its good structure and dry savory tannins leave a pleasant, slightly persistent aftertaste in the mouth. 12 months in small oak barrels, where it also performs malolactic fermentation. Then at least one year in bottle.

The implication is that Prunent is an ancient variety of Nebbiolo and that the origins of Nebbiolo are Celtic. DarrellCorti seems to doubt this and suggests that Prunent is a local synonym for Nebbiolo. Jancis has nothing to say about this grape being an original Nebbiolo, nor does d'Agata. There seems to be no DNA work done on this grape. It's sort of a mystery.



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