Bucca Homestead River Camping

Bucca Homestead River Camping Riverside Camping We are a fully functional cattle, horse and lucerne farm located right on the beautiful clear waters of the Kolan River just north of Bundaberg, off the beaten track.

It's easy access to the river campsites, suitable for campers or RV/vans. Toilets are available down at the River and next to the arean (about 1 km from river). Campfires are permitted. Firewood is free and will be stacked ready for you. Small companion dogs only. We look forward to sharing with you our private part of the Kolan River. It's perfect for kayaking so BYO kayak. You will find platypus

It's easy access to the river campsites, suitable for campers or RV/vans. Toilets are available down at the River and next to the arean (about 1 km from river). Campfires are permitted. Firewood is free and will be stacked ready for you. Small companion dogs only. We look forward to sharing with you our private part of the Kolan River. It's perfect for kayaking so BYO kayak. You will find platypus



Hello fans of Bucca Homestead :) Team penning nominations for Eidsvold Charity Cattle Drive are open. Please email [email protected] if you would like a form. Saturday 9th April starting at 10am at Eidsvold Showgrounds. There is great entertainment on offer all day and night, so why not stay on for a party. Thank you to Bucca Homestead for the lend of the collars - much appreciated.


Hi all, in conjunction with the end of the Eidsvold Charity Cattle Drive there will be a team penning held at the Eidsvold show grounds on Saturday the 9th of April, nom forms are below or contact the email on the form to have one sent directly to you. Plenty of entertainment for all the family hope to see you there!


Well,if you need rain just let us know and we will have a team penning weekend !! The heavens opened up for the second weekend in a row but we got through all the same. After 15 mm overnight the arena was spot on. A huge thank you to the team that travelled down from Rockhampton, and thank you to Doug for helping with the announcing,To our fantastic local support crew we thank you for your continued support through out the year,To our exceptional judge Sara, you rock. We couldnt do it without you. To all our yardmen who helped with the cattle, thanks heaps.The buckle series was taken out by the ever consistant team of Barry Shaw,Deb Chappel and Kirsty Woodall.Top job guys.Looking ahead to next year, we are looking for your input as to what events you would like to have us run here, so message us with your suggestions.Have a happy and safe silly season everyone.See you soon.


Morning All, just letting you know that we are still going ahead only had enough rain to settle the dust đź‘Ť


We would like to say a huge thankyou to everybody who supported our fundraising afternoon on Saturday.To Angie,who organised all the prizes,great job.A massive thank you to all the people and business's who donated.Well done to all who stayed and played on Sunday,it turned out to be a great day after all.Our last event for the year will be on the weekend of the 14/15 November,flyer will be out shortly.See you all for the finale.


A big thankyou to the people who braved the weather and made it out here on the weekend. After 15mm on Saturday night and into Sunday morning the arena held up pretty well and we managed to get a day of penning in. The weekend kicked off on Saturday arvo with Team Sorting and we followed it up in the late afternoon with an obstacle course. The sorting was taken out by Shane and Glen Ellem with a total of 17 head out of 20, Huge effort guys!! The obstacle course proved to be a big hit with lots of laughs .On Sunday,the ever consistent team of Kirsty Woodall, Barry Shaw and Debra Chappel took out first place, the fun Lowmead crew consisting of Missy Biggs, Jodie Healy and Simon took out second place(you guys always make our day) and Kirsty Woodall, Stewart Woodall and Debra Chappel where third. We ended the weekend with a fun wildcard event which was taken out by Ashleen Box and her two very young charges. Well done CODY LENTAS and LIZZIE PIPER. Ashleen you rock, Thank you. Our next weekend is planned for the 10/11th October. We have some fun ideas in mind so stay tuned, the flyer will be out shortly.


we have had 15 mm of rain overnight,at this stage we are going ahead but with a delayed start of 10 oclock.


TEAM PENNING 26 JULY POSTPONED. Due to the irrigator having a little malfunction and getting stuck and the showery weather this week the arena is a bit wet so for safety reasons we will be postponing until the 30 th AUGUST. For those that have already paid we can either offer a full refund or we can carry it over until the next day. Either phone me on 0407584937 or email me at [email protected] with your details. Sorry for any inconvenience caused but safety first. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AT THE NEXT ONE.


PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF. Congratulations and well done to Brian Mitchell,Jeff Grills and Greg Reidy for taking out the open team penning this weekend.The boys penned a total of 9 head. We would specifically like to mention the large number of juvenile and beginner riders that we had this weekend. We hope you had a great time and hope to see you at our next event. Juvenile competition was won by Dane and Ella Myer and Lucas Fitzpatrick. The beginner competition was won by Peter, Petra and Cody Lentas. Next event is scheduled for Sunday the 26th of July.


Young local Trio takes out the first round of the hotly contested buckle series. The team consisting of Dane Myers, Ethan Hammelswang and Beau Moore had two really good runs out of there three to pen a total of 6 head followed by a very close second team of Kirsty Woodall, Deb Chapel and Stew Woodall penning 5 head and Kirsty Woodall, Deb Chapel and Barry Shaw taking out third place with 5 head penned also. Well Done everybody.
Our Beginner and Juvenile competition on Saturday afternoon was well supported with many who had attended the pony club cattle clinics experiencing the benefits. Top Job Kids. With continued support this is a format that we are more than happy to continue with. Our next competition date will be in late June due to the large number of events scheduled with shows etc in the local area so keep and eye on our page for the next date.
Once again, a huge thanks to Sara Witcher for judging for us (never an easy job) and to Vicki Mcintye for our wonderful food. Also, a big thank you to our boys that turn up every time to help in the yards. Thanks to Dustin, Dane, Brandon and new comer Clayton. Once again, thanks everybody and see you at the next one.


Do you want to have a run at this weekends team penning but either don't have a team or need an extra rider? We have been contacted by a few people looking to make up a team, so if you would like to have a go please let us know and we will do our best to help you out.


As our next Team Penning day falls on ANZAC DAY (juvenile and beginners competition} it has been suggested to us that we honour our veterans and celebrate our Aussie way of life. We plan to do this by flying our Aussie flag and by serving true Australian food. So, we will have Anzac biscuits with billy tea through out the afternoon and for our evening meal we will have true blue Aussie tucker consisting of Damper, Lamb Roast and roast veggies and for dessert we will serve up golden syrup dumplings. If you plan to join us for the evening meal could you let me know for catering purposes. Thanks everybody and hope to see you here.


2015 Buckle Series update
Just a quick note to let everyone know of a few of the changes we have made for the upcoming buckle series commencing on the 25th April. Due to popular demand and no one being able to read the numbers we have purchased coloured collars which we will have by the next event a big thanks to Tim Dunne from Southern Son Saddlery for making them. We will also be adding a wing to the pen hopefully it helps a few people out. This season will see a beginner and juvenile team penning competition to be run in conjunction with our open buckle series, these teams will have 2 and a half minutes per run. Both events will be run at the same time but scored separately. These events are ribbon events only. To be eligible to ride in juveniles you must be 16yrs or under, if needed a rider appointed by the judge can be present in the arena for support with a nervous rider or team this rider cannot assist with the cattle, if you feel you may have a junior rider who may need a little help please let us know and we will do our best to ensure they enjoy themselves. To be eligible to ride in the beginner competition riders must not have won or placed in any open team penning event or won 3 or placed in 5 beginner events. We are relying on people's honesty to ensure it is fair for all. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the end of the month.


Buckle Series Open Team Penning Nom forms

(***Hint - If you have multiple entries to make, after submitting hit the back button in your browser, change the names accordingly and submit again)


Beginner and Juvenile Nom forms

Juvenile team penning is for riders 16 years and under, if nessasary a nominated adult rider can be present in the arena provided they are there for a support role only and do not interfere with the cattle or other riders.


Just an update to let everybody know that we are looking at the 25/26 th APRIL for our next team penning competition. We are going to change the format a little, incorporating a beginners competition to start on Saturday afternoon followed by our 5 Round Buckle Series kicking off on Sunday. Finer details to follow on our flyer shortly, so keep an eye on our page for updates.


Well it was a weekend of success for first timers and youngsters and young horses.Special mention to Ethan for placing third in his first time at penning on a mare he broke in himself and to Dane for placing in the second and third placed teams and for also placing second in the draft yesterday.His commitment to training and the presentation of his little mare is showing in his results.We would especially like to thank the teams that travelled quite a distance from the north this weekend(great to see new and old faces).We would also like to let everybody know that after the trial today with painted numbers we will be going back to coloured collars from now on.The encouagement draft was successful with Liza taking it out with two really good runs.Our horse ball competition is proving very popular(if we can keep the ball intact),a fun way to finish the the day.Once again Vicki and her fantastic food is outstanding and to Sara and Kylie,and Cam for judging and to Suzette for pencilling today.Keep an eye on the site for our next competition date,we will work this out and post it as soon as possible. Thanks again everybody for attending.


Hi everybody,due to the bridge works on boggy creek just on the north side of bucca pub you will have to use the alternate route on south bucca rd onto rosedale rd then turn into smiths crossing me if you have any queries 0407584937


Thank you for your patience. The nomination forms have now been fixed


Team Penning Nomination Form for the 15th MARCH 2015

(***Hint - If you have multiple entries to make, after submitting hit the back button in your browser, change the names accordingly and submit again)


Revised dates for the next team penning weekend are listed below


We have had 50mm so far and with much more predicted so therefor our competition this weekend will have to be postponed.
Hope everyone stays safe.We will reschedule as soon as possible.



Hope this is ok with you guys. If not hit delete. For sale due to illness. Merlin. Stockhorse, done penning, mustering, trails. $2,500 firm. 15.2 hh Beginner rider to advanced. Currently located in Coobulture. Pls ring Kirstie if interested. 0413925226


What a weekend!! !The heat was stifling but with a little help from the irrigator and a swim in the river, we managed to all survive.Thanks for everybody for there support,another great weekend was had by all. We will have next months program out very shortly( this will include the draft,horse ball and a ba****ck cutout under lights on Saturday and team penning on Sunday)Thanks to Sara and Kylie for judging for us again, to Vicki for our great food and to Dustin,Dane,Rod and Peter for there help in the yards.(Oh, and to Ella for taking the lead when putting the cattle back in the paddock)
RESULTS from today as follows 1st:GLENN COX,JENNA HINDS,and SAM JAMES
Well Done everyone.


For a bit of fun and a novelty event we will be having a ba****ck cutout under lights saturday evening.Everybody is welcome to come along and enjoy the entertainment.See you here.



Hi. Just wondering if anyone needs a rider for team penning? Its looking like I dont have a team.



1) All teams must consist of three riders. In the event of two or more rides, one or more riders must change.
2) Announcer to advise the collar colour as the first rider crosses the starting line.
3) A team must cut three or less head of their assigned colour cattle and pen them in 2 minutes. A warning bell will be given 30 seconds prior to the run finishing
4) The starting line will be across the centre of the arena. All cattle will be gathered and settled at the end of the arena prior to each run.
5) Time commences when the first riders’ horses’ nose crosses the centre line.
6) The yard will be located either in the centre or to one side of the bottom end of the arena.
7) 21 head of cattle will be in the arena at one time
8) Cattle used for Team Penning Competitions will be changed at the Judge’s discretion.
9) A team can call for time only once.
10) Time may be called by any team member any time after one or more cattle have been penned. To call for time, one team members’ horse must break the plane of the gate and that member must raise his/her hand. The judges’ flag will drop when the first horses’ nose breaks the plane of the gate and the rider calls for time. All unassigned cattle must be completely on the herd side of the cattle line or the team will be judged a no time. If a team calls for time with only one or two of their cattle in the pen, the remainder of their assigned cattle do not have to be on the herd side of the cattle line. All riders must be mounted on the pen side of the arena when time is called. A rider whose horse enters the pen while calling for time will be disqualified.
11) Sorting of cattle is not allowed in the pen at any time. Blocking the plane of the gate is not allowed at any time unless the riders are calling for time.
12) A team may call for time with one or two of the assigned cattle yarded, however teams penning three cattle will place higher than those penning two head and two head will place higher than one regardless of times.
13) A time cannot be given until the assigned cattle are in the pen/yard and all other cattle are behind the starting line. Calling for time whilst unassigned cattle are on the pen side of the centre line will result in disqualification.
14) No time will be given if incorrect cattle are in the yard when time is called.
15) Any more than five head of cattle over the centre line at any one time will result in disqualification.
16) No competitors are allowed to stand in the yards’ gateway and hold cattle whilst other members are gathering or chasing other cattle; this will result in disqualification.
17) Once any number of the assigned (or unassigned) cattle are on the pen side of the designated line and the three riders cross over the designated line to the pen side, they are no longer permitted to go back over the designated line. Once the three assigned cattle are on the pen side of the designated line, regardless of any unassigned cattle, the three riders must cross over to the pen side of the line. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
18) Once the team enters the arena, if in the event of a fall of horse or rider, or a horse becoming lame, will not result in elimination. It is up to the team to decide whether to continue or withdraw.
19) A rider, which has fallen from his or her horse, is not to attempt to block or hold cattle until they have remounted; any attempts to do so will result in disqualification.
20) Approved safety helmets must be worn by competitors 17 years and under.
21) No whips are to be carried into the arena and tie-downs are not permitted.
22) A team exhibiting unnecessary rough handling will result in disqualification at the judges discretion.
23) Unsportsmanlike conduct by a team or rider will result in disqualification. Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as abuse of ones’ team member, horse or cattle or excessive use of foul language.
24) At the discretion of the judge, a team may be awarded a rerun if one or more of their cattle are deemed unsuitable.


Mini Campdraft Nomination forms, Noms are now open for the 17th Jan starting at 2pm

Then gather round the roaring fire, for a great social evening ofmusic , drinks and laughter.Hot meals will be available!


Nominations are now open for Team Penning 18th Jan

(***Hint - If you have multiple entries to make, after submitting hit the back button in your browser, change the names accordingly and submit again)


Happy New Year to all thanks for supporting us last year, we are ready to go this year with our first event Mini campfraft and Team Penning being on the 17th & 18th Jan looking forward to seeing everyone. Nom forms will be avaliable in the next couple if days.

Jeff Seeney Kills Acland Stage three expansion
Jeff Seeney Kills Acland Stage three expansion

Jeff Seeney Kills Acland Stage three expansion

The L.N.P's backdoor man The Honorable Jeffrey Rastus Seeney M.P. declares the expansion of New Hopes Acland Stage Three dead and buried. New Hopes secret ag...


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