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Speckle Dreamz Ranch We raise Commercial and Purebred Speckle Park cattle along with a grain farm. This is a family run business with our daughter. We try to raise the best commercial and purebred(2016) that we can for our buyers and consumers.

Operating as usual

True story 🤣

True story 🤣



Sheets of paper with random notes are strewn across their dining room table.

Receipts from the local farm and ranch store, the grocery store, the parts store, the vet, the farrier, and a hundred other places sit piled up, a reminder of an entire year's worth of advances on their operating line and another year's worth of living.

He looks at all it, takes a deep breath, and opens the statement from the bank. The check from their calves sits next to his wife's computer, and he gently pulls it over in front of him.

A quiet sigh of relief rushes out of him. The calves didn't weigh up, but they still pulled his family through. Nothing much will be left as a cushion, but they will pay the bank to zero and renew the line for another year.

He gets up and hugs his wife, and wipes a stray tear from her cheek. "Do it again?" He asks, already knowing her answer. "Do it again, " she tells him, knowing full well that there is nothing else either of them would rather do, even if the stress of it all is too much to bear sometimes.

He sits back down and runs some numbers, because it helps him cope. She sits down and reconciles the online accounting system, making sure it matches the bank.

Together they make a plan for what next year might look like, and pray for better markets and better weather, and for the good Lord to carry them through one more season.

❤️ Richelle

{Repost from 2020}


To think about:

Farmers should use less antibiotics, but if your own kitten or dog is sick, go to the vet right away and give them antibiotics and medications.

Farmers should not import feed, but we regularly eat couscous, soy, avocado, bananas, which are for sale in our country by importing... 🍅🥥

Farmers spoil the drinking water with pesticides. But we shower daily with shampoo, rinse medicine down the sink and swim in the chlorine pool... 💧

The farmers should need less pesticides, but we buy strawberries and asparagus in the winter because we can't wait for the season to come... 🍓🥦

The farmers have to keep as much livestock as they can produce themselves, but we buy the cheaper piece of foreign meat from the store because the domestic one is too expensive. 🥩🥩

Farmers would need less or no pesticides and antibiotics if we buy a crazy shaped carrot or apple with brown spots, but we buy the cheaper and nicer product in the store..

Yes farmers should change everything... but we buy more foreign products and very cheaply. Nobody is interested in which and how many antibiotics or pesticides have been used and that we have no influence on that! It doesn't matter if you fly the plane over the superfood and literally drain any chemistry on it! Then that treated food comes to us by plane or ship.... but we are 'environmentally aware'! ❣️ ❣️

It is not just the farmers who have to change everything, but the consumer! ⬅️
Let's finally start with ourselves before we always lecture others! 👌 👌

One thing you should never forget, the farmers take care of your food, worldwide! 🧀🥚🍷 🧀🥚🍷

A healthier world is everyone's responsibility.
A little awareness won't hurt.

(Text copied, everyone should do that 😉)

True story 😂

True story 😂

Some of our 2021 babies, pretty happy with the babies this year ♥️

Some of our 2021 babies, pretty happy with the babies this year ♥️





So very true!

So very true!



We are pleased to support our local 4-H programming for the fall of 2020. As alumni, leaders and members, we saw the need to support local clubs as many of the traditional fundraising activities are not COVID friendly. We partnered with Cargill to donate $1 from each bag of Right Now Mineral sold from now until Dec 31 to local 4-H clubs.

How it works:
When a client purchases any Right Now Mineral product – Gold, Bronze, Onyx or Emerald, the funds will be allocated to the 4-H club of their choice.

There is no expectation for clubs to promote, we simply want to support local 4-H programming.

Give us a call with any questions Kelly 306 313 2129 or Julie-Anne 306 313 6863.

Whitewood Livestock Sales

Whitewood Livestock Sales

We are going to be having our first Speckled Park Influenced Presort, Tuesday October 6th.
Of course this sale is open to all breeds of cattle, and we are excited to add this special sale. We are starting to get a good number of cattle consigned to this sale, to book your cattle in or to discuss your marketing options, call 306-735-2822.
We are independent, locally owned, community minded and not that far from you!

Some fat and sassy mammas and babies, these pics were taken last month, love our speckled 😍

Some fat and sassy mammas and babies, these pics were taken last month, love our speckled 😍

Great news! 🎉🥳

Great news! 🎉🥳

We were joined this morning by McDonald's Canada CEO John Betts. He announced that as of September, they will once again be serving 100% #cdnbeef. Thanks to the resilience of producers, they were able to maintain 80% Canadian beef supply over the last few months.

In addition, McDonald's will add the Quarter Pounder to their certified sustainable offering!

John thanks the #cdnbeef industry for being great supporters and partners to McDonald's Canada.

We want to thank you, John, and everyone at McDonald's for being huge supporters of our industry and this conference.

Farmer Girl

Farmer Girl

Dihydrogen monoxide, also known as DHMO, can be pretty scary stuff. It corrodes metal, is a major component of acid rain, is found in cancerous tumors, is used in nuclear weapons, and contact with it can cause severe burns. It is found in all streams, rivers, and oceans. It is very addictive and a full withdrawal from it will kill a person. Every single person who comes in contact with it will die.

So why aren't people protesting the use of DHMO? Why isn't it banned?

Because dihydrogen (two hydrogen atoms) monoxide (one oxygen atom), aka DHMO, is the chemical makeup of water. Yes, water! Not so scary anymore, is it?

My point is that anything can be made to sound scary. Facts can be twisted in a way that can make something sound horrible. Unfortunately, it is typically easier to believe scary stories and twisted facts than it is to believe the truth.

I'll give activists one thing, they typically have the art of fear mongering and deception down. They can make agriculture sound just as bad as I made water sound. I know farmers were a bit late to the social media game, but please, if you have a question ask a farmer. There are so many farmers on social media who would love to explain to you what really happens on a farm and why we do what we do.

Water isn't trying to kill you and neither are farmers. And just like water, you need farmers to survive. Instead of biting the hand that feeds you, ask us your questions. Not Google.



Canadian Western Agribition

Canadian Western Agribition

To the Agribition Family #CWA50


It was spitting this morning then gentle rain on and off for an hour or so early afternoon and now it’s coming down, thank the Lord and Mother Nature, feeling pretty blessed as a farmer/rancher right now, let’s pray it keeps going 🙏♥️🙏

Speckle Dreamz Ranch

Speckle Dreamz Ranch


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