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  and a     to celebrate. Very easy to make and counts as one of your five a day 😉. Eggs from my girls   and raspberries...

and a to celebrate. Very easy to make and counts as one of your five a day 😉. Eggs from my girls and raspberries from a friend's garden

Famine and then feast!  Insider tips for alternate day fasting, which is a little too hard core for me! 😨  Interested in...

Famine and then feast! Insider tips for alternate day fasting, which is a little too hard core for me! 😨 Interested in finding out more? Links to blogs below (in french and english 😃 )



Nifty infographic (designed by my daughter ) attached which explains the different types of intermittant fasting.

A practical article on the 5 2 diet ( aka Regime 5 2).  Ever wondered why you are meant to reduce your calories to 500 c...

A practical article on the 5 2 diet ( aka Regime 5 2). Ever wondered why you are meant to reduce your calories to 500 calories a day, 2 days a week? It's simply because studies show this is as effective as 'dieting every day' 🙃 And the best news? It does not have to be as hard core as 500 calories a day - 800 calories, 2 days a week is just as effective😃

👉 (eng)

👉 (fr)

The 5 2 diet is a type of calorie restricted intermittent fasting and this article answers some of the common questions people ask when beginning this diet!

Fancy trying intermittent fasting? Is it really more effective than other diets for weight control? Can it improve our h...

Fancy trying intermittent fasting? Is it really more effective than other diets for weight control? Can it improve our health? What's the difference between 16/8 and 5/2? ! Here's an introductory guide to the different types of intermittent fasting (in french and english bien sur!)



An introduction to intermittent fasting to boost weight loss and health by Charlotte Debeugny, a Registered Nutritionist and co-author of LE REGIME 5:2

'Confinement Cuisine' recipe booklet (in English and French) 😃  18 easy recipes based on store cupboard ingredients. Tas...

'Confinement Cuisine' recipe booklet (in English and French) 😃 18 easy recipes based on store cupboard ingredients.
Tasty? I hope so! Fun? As always 😉 The links are attached below and don't hesitate to share.

Confinement Cuisine Recipes (eng)
Cuisine Confinement Recettes (fr)

  and  !  It's a good time to get a routine in place if you have not done so already:  - work - meals - relaxation - sle...

and ! It's a good time to get a routine in place if you have not done so already: - work - meals - relaxation - sleep with a generous sprinkling of physical activity and fun!

It's certainly not the time to diet, though you can and should be aiming to keep your weight stable! 😉

If you are feeling (like yours truly!) that you are constantly cooking and struggling for inspiration. Fear not! A booklet of recipes will be winging its way to you as soon as possible (en francais et anglais!) 😃

Stay well, stay safe during these difficult time.  I will be posting ideas for store cupboard menus (en anglais et franc...

Stay well, stay safe during these difficult time.
I will be posting ideas for store cupboard menus (en anglais et francais) over the next few days!

Nutritionist Charlotte Debeugny reflects on uncertain times and the silver lining that could emerge from the stormclouds ahead.


Delighted to give this talk and would also be delighted to see you if you can make it! 🥑

Read more about Charlotte Debeugny on her website


The 'good sense' guide to helping children enjoy a healthy and balanced diet!

Since it is back to school time I’ve had a few questions about how to approach feeding kids.
As with parenting in general, there isn’t one ‘perfect’ way to feed kids, but these are the main principles which I feel are most important for encouraging a positive food environment at home & a healthy relationship with food in little ones ⬆️👧👦


Thank you for this summary! Scientists need to be while standing up for and calling out

This evening, we were asked to take part in a media ‘Thinkin’ event, discussing the murky topic of ‘pseudoscience’ and adding our thoughts on what this looks like in the world of nutriton.
📌As a group, we agreed that ‘pseudoscience’ was a difficult thing to define, but that in general, this referred to binary ideas, which had little room for nuance and uncertainty - and could often be based on poor/sham science or no science at all.
🚨The harmful effects of pseudoscience occur across a spectrum - and we should be aware of wild claims which can cause harm, and call them out where we see them.
🧐However, we also reflected that perhaps (at least in part), we as ‘evidence based’ professionals may have contributed to the mistrust of professionals, by also taking binary (sometimes bossy) stances, and not trusting the public with more nuanced information.
🔎Science is rife with uncertainty. It’s about limiting doubt and we need to be better at communicating this, as well as helping people navigate difficult information environments - rather than shaming people or just telling them what to do.
🤝Non-sciency people in the room felt it’s important for health professionals to express doubt and uncertainty (e.g to disclose potential risks or gaps in knowledge). This increases the credibility of the practitioner in their eyes.
💡We all agreed you don’t need to be an expert in something to challenge something and it’s important to ask questions and ask for evidence. Whether this is on social media or in a health appointment. The burden of proof is on the person making the claim and any ‘expert’ worth their salt should be able to tell you how they came to form their opinions and why they are offering you that advice.

Thank you for having us 🤓

This Berlin Company Is Turning Coffee Grounds Into Recycled Reusable Cups

Fabulous idea! . Now my mind is boggling with opportunities for having my coffee cup dissolve into my coffee as I drink it. Start off gently, finish strong!

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory We all know how our oceans are choking from plastic. This is a menace which seems to have no end! …

The Food Programme - The Big Carb Debate - BBC Sounds

The Big debate . Well worth a listen! Would a better approach be to discuss ?

What's good for the planet tends to be good for us! We should possibly be less fanatical about fat v carb and focus on variety, food quality and sustainability.

Please do have a listen and let me know what you think!

Catch up on your favourite BBC radio show from your favourite DJ right here, whenever you like. Listen without limits with BBC Sounds.


La Vente privée de Noel

Yours truly will be there giving a workshop at 6.30 pm on 'How to avoid Christmas weight gain' (while enjoying the champagne, chocolates and baked goodies from all the exhibitors!). Definitely a case of 'Do as I say and not as I do'!😉

[Jeudi 22 Novembre 14h30 à 22h]
Chouchoutez-vous, c'est Noël !
La Vente privée de Ouest2paris
Toute la journée des "Christmas Boxes" à gagner !
👉 ici :

Ouest2paris remercie ses marques partenaires :
👉 Apprendre Autrement (L'Etang-la-Ville)
👉 Assiette de Paris (Orgeval)
👉 Atelier Pièce Unique (Fourqueux)
👉 Blue Jain (Paris)
👉 Carrot Cake Club (Saint-Germain-en-Laye)
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👉 Cooking With Rachel (Maisons-Laffitte)
👉 Fino Hats (Le Pecq)
👉 Floral Attitude (Mareil-Marly)
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👉 Tellement Bon Par Eva (Noisy-le-Roi)
👉 Terre De Tendresse (Nanterre)
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👉 Time 4 U Now (Chavenay)
👉 Une Parenthèse Bougie (Marly-le-Roi)
👉 Valescence (Feucherolles)

10 tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays

Can we avoid ? 10 tips for while having fun in the sun!

Is it possible to avoid weight gain while on holiday?! The research clearly highlights that holiday weight gain is an issue for most of us, with 61% of adults gaining weight while on holiday. This weight gain also varies widely, from 0.5 kg to 3 kg. It then takes us anything from 2-8 weeks to lose t...


le retour du article pour

Delighted to have been asked to contribute to this article. A balanced (bien sur!) on fats and nutrition!

Dietetically Speaking

Hear hear! Focus on as opposed to . Avoid stigmatising .

I love this open letter to Jamie Oliver by Laura Thomas (PhD, RNutr), Sarah Dempster (RNutr), Helen West (RD) and Rosie Saunt (RD) 🙌

It discusses the damaging effects of weight stigma, and the importance of reframing public health messages so that they are positive, helpful and inclusive - especially when it comes to a vulnerable group like children ❤️

As mentioned in the letter, 'call to action' type messages about obesity and health usually come from people with good intentions. But this can have a lot of unintended negative consequences such as: damaging self esteem, damaging mental health, increasing the risk of disordered eating and actually reducing motivation to make healthy choices ☹️

In the past I have used phrases such as 'obesity epidemic', but from learning about the harm that these type of messages can cause, I now try to be more considerate and less stigmatising with the language I use to discuss weight and health 🗣

The key points advised in this letter are a good reminder for all of us about how we can promote health messages in a positive and helpful way:

1️⃣ Focus on health improvement rather than weight management – frame your message in a weight inclusive manner that promotes wellbeing for all

2️⃣ Promote body acceptance and diversity which will lead to people feeling better about themselves and may make it more likely that they will engage in health promoting behaviour whilst also supporting their mental health

3️⃣ Advocate more strongly for reductions in underlying socioeconomic disparities that limit people’s lifestyle choices and lead to health inequality (access to adequate income, jobs, education, housing and food)

For the week that's in it, this is also a good example of how Dietitians (and Registered Nutritionists) Do Prevention by influencing public health messages 👌

💻 Read more at:

Charlotte de Beugny - Nutrition Ouest de Paris

24 mai

Yours truly (aka the No Nonsense Nutritionist who makes you smile) as part of Ouest2Paris « Chouchoutez-vous, les mamans » day will be presenting an atelier on creating a balanced, colourful and delicious salad on Thursday 24 May at 19h30.

If you are in the area, it would be lovely to see you!

Charlotte Debeugny est une nutritionniste anglaise qui exerce son activité à Paris et en région parisienne. Passionnée du Goût et de la cuisine Charlotte croit fermement en l’influence des habitudes alimentaires sur la santé et le bien- être. Ouest de Paris | Ouest2paris


Definition of . It's crystal clear!

See Table 1 on page 2. As to why fruit juice counts as free sugar? It's related to the amount of sugar per volume and its satiety effect. Quite simply. Whole fruit fills up you. Fruit juice does not fill you up!

'The basis for including all the sugars in drinks in the definition is that drinks have the potential to deliver large amounts of sugar and they have lower satiety effects than do solid foods'

An Insider's Guide to Calories and Weight Loss - Menopause Health Matters

An insider's guide to understanding !

A Calorie is simply a measure of energy. So please don't be scared by calories!

If you are watching your weight, it is helpful to have a rough understanding of the calories in your food, but you certainly should not be counting them obsessively or weighing your food.

Healthier foods tend to be lower in calories and better for your health - a win win, but as always it's about balance. Try not to think of foods as 'good' or 'bad' as this can lead to an disordered attitude to food and eating. Think colorful, fun, varied and tasty!

An Insider's Guide to Calories and Weight Loss. Nutritionist, Charlotte Debeugney discusses why we shouldn't be scared of calories and shares her weight loss plans. Available for download.

EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides

EU agrees ban on bee-harming pesticides. I am humming with joy!!

The world’s most widely used insecticides will be banned from all fields within six months, to protect both wild and honeybees that are vital to crop pollination

If sugar is so bad for us, why is the sugar in fruit OK?

Repeat after me: Enjoy your whole fruit. It does not count as

So many 'diets' scare people into avoiding fruit. Please don't!

While some fruits are high in sugar the perfect blend of fibre, vitamins and minerals found in whole fruit, means that the sugar is released s l o w l y!

If you fancy something sweet, a portion of fruit is a perfect choice! Nourish not punish!

We often hear that we need to reduce our sugar intake. But don't skimp on the fruit – eating whole fruit (not juice) is much healthier.

Structured Sugar: Nestlé's newest innovation

30% less sugar!

Hot off the press! Nestle have created a new form of sugar called structured sugar. It combines sugar, milk powder, water and warm air to produce an 'aerated sugar' which tastes sweeter than normal sugar.

We therefore can use less of it! Nestle are going to use this in their confectionary going forward. Quelle bonne innovation.

In 2016 Nestlé announced its scientists had found a way to make less sugar taste just as good: Today...


Spring into spring! Asparagus and salad

An easy, tasty and healthy recipe! For 2 people/400 calories per serving

200g cooked weight of quinoa (100g uncooked weight)
1 bunch of asparagus, cooked and sliced lengthwise
200g shelled broad beans, cooked
1 handful of peas, defrosted if frozen
1 handful of toasted pumpkin seeds
60g of feta cheese, crumbled
Chopped fresh parsley and chives

Dressing: 1 tbsp olive oil+1/2 tsp honey+juice of 1 lemon

Place all ingredients in a bowl. Drizzle over the dressing and enjoy.


Low carb: replace the quinoa with 200g finely chopped cauliflower (180 calories per serving)
Vegan: replace the cheese with 100g cooked weight of chickpeas

Calorie counting or Diet Quality?! - Charlotte Debeugny

or ? A perspective for and

The honest truth is that most diets work in the short term as they involve energy restriction even if they don't explicitly state 'calorie counting'. The issue is that long term energy restriction is difficult and people struggle to keep off any weight they might have lost.

The good news is that a healthy diet, even in the absence of weight loss can improve health (hurrah!). We should therefore possibly be focusing on diet quality as opposed to energy restriction - a kinder, more achievable and less stressful way to support our health.

It's also likely that a diet which is based around vegetables, wholegrains etc is likely to naturally be lower in calories and/or help to provide a better sensation of satiety so you eat smaller portions.

It's also true that if I see a large slice of carrot cake (my all time favourite dessert) which has 650 calories tattooed on it, that it might make me think twice about eating it!

My conclusion? Be aware of calories, but focus on selecting foods based on their nutrient profile.

Should you focus on counting calories or dietary quality? A nutritionist's perspective on calorie counting for weight management and optimal health!


Astuces pro! Workshop at

Delighted to be leading a workshop at Pilates Ouest this Saturday on the hot topic of added sugar (!) We will be discussing the definitions of added sugar and the current recommendations of the WHO regarding sugar There will also be tips and advice for moderating your sugar intake, and I promise to make it fun!! You can sign up for the workshop by sending an email to:

[email protected]

It would be lovely to see you if you can make it!

Losing weight is a journey. But do you ever reach the end? | Eva Wiseman

No more before and after photos. Hurrah! Can we put the focus on healthy habits without the pressure of being ?

Interesting article which highlights that being healthy/strong/fit are all ultimately linked to being thin. The research supports focusing on healthy habits as opposed to weight loss but we need to find innovative ways to make cultivating healthy habits easier.....

I'd love to hear your comments!

Weight Watchers may be scrapping its ‘before and after’ photographs but there never was an after, there’s always only now, says Eva Wiseman

Eating slowly may help prevent obesity, say researchers

Eating speed associated with

Not exactly rocket science and I'm going to underline that it's an associative link, not causal - ie we can't claim conclusively that eating faster causes obesity, only that eating quickly is linked to a greater risk of obesity.

As for why?

The main reason is satiety signalling which tends to kick in around 25-30 minutes. Therefore, if you eat quickly, the risk is
that you are more likely to overeat because you are not allowing significant time for your gut hormones to tell your brain you have eaten enough!

What to do?

A) Slow down the speed at which you eat

B) If it is impossible for you to slow down, you might have to accept that you will have 10-15 minutes after finishing your meal where you might still feel hungry. Don't reach for second helpings! Wait calmly (!) for the satiety signalling to creep in and you will then start to feel full.

Study suggests link between eating slowly and lower waist circumference and BMI, though some experts are sceptical


Boost! Menu plan and recipes to help you bounce into 2018!

As for the key themes for 2018? Resilience, strength, compassion and authenticity. Bring it on!

With this in mind, I've created a 5 day programme of recipes, videos and podcasts to nourish your body and soul (!) in english et francais (bien sur!)

Tasty, delicious, balanced and not complicated, which is truly what a healthy eating approach is all about 😁

Don't hesitate to share!

To download the pdf in english:

Cliquer sur le lien pour la version francaise:


Confused about sugar? The sugar found naturally in grains, whole fruits and vegetables and does not count as free or added sugar.

Great post from The Rooted Project Thank you!

There’s been a bit of confusion about fruit since the BBCs this week.

The programme looked at the sugar content of fruit and highlighted that 2 apples can contain as much sugar as a can of soft drink (8 teaspoons).

This implies that if you eat fruit, you risk eating too much sugar and developing serious health problems.


🔬If we looked under a microscope, it’s true that the sugar molecules in fruit are the same as those found in a sugary drink. BUT what the show failed to highlight was that the sugar in whole fruit vs added to fizzy drinks ARE characterised differently to each other in nutritional science.


🍭The added sugar in a soft drink or food like confectionary is what’s called a ‘free sugar’. It’s a sugar molecule no longer intact in the cell wall of a food.

Research has shown that ‘free sugars’ can significantly contribute to excess calories in the diet (especially when consumed in liquid form, like fizzy drinks) and tooth decay.

🍌The sugar in whole fruit, although still a sugar molecule, is not a ‘free sugar’. It is contained naturally within the cell structure of the food along with many beneficial nutrients and fibre.


🙌🏻No. This is bad science. The sugar in whole fruit does not count towards our daily ‘free sugars’ limit. When you take the sum of its parts and look at fruit as a whole, it’s not something to be vilified. Research suggests fruit intake is a key part of a healthy diet, associated with limiting disease risk and supporting all round health.


🙄Comparing the sugar in whole fruit to a can of fizzy drink is the reductionist thinking we’re trying to move away from in nutrition aka single nutrient blaming.

🥄We don’t eat the sugar in fruit on its own, so what’s the point in calling it out? The result has inevitably caused public confusion.

📱One viewer on social media declared they will now seriously consider reducing their fruit intake.

Another was concerned she’d now ‘overdose’ on sugar when meeting her 5-7 portions of fruit and veg/day.

🔬Although chemically the same, the sugar in whole fruit *is* thought of differently to the sugar in fizzy drinks.

🍓What the show didn’t highlight is that the sugar in fruit is naturally intact in the cell wall of its whole food. This sugar therefore does not contribute to our ‘free sugars’ daily limit (unless in a juice form), so you won’t be ‘overdosing’ on free sugars when aiming for your minimum 5-A-DAY of fruit and veg.

👍We’ve created an infographic to help explain this distinction.

❌Additionally, in Observational studies, fruit consumption has not been linked to health problems like cardiovascular disease or cancer.

🙄You don’t need to choose your fruits based on their sugar content like the show recommended. The key is variety and to actually eat them!

A Threat to the Social Order of Body Image in France - ConscienHealth

Size discrimination in France. A real issue
Why should style and fashion always focus on thin?! Thank you ConscienHealth for this post!

Paris has long led the world in style and fashion. Can it lead in reshaping the social order of body image? The city is aiming to fight size discrimination.


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| Bon à savoir | L’alimentation bio avec Charlotte DEBEUGNY
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🍅 🍏 🍇🍆
Charlotte, nutritionniste à Fourqueux (78) et auteur de nombreux livres sur la nutrition, partage avec nous son regard sur l’alimentation biologique.

🍴 Qu’est-ce que l’alimentation biologique ?
🍏 Quels sont les critères d’un produit alimentaire biologique ?
🍴 Où peut-on trouver des aliments biologiques ?
🍏 Est-il préférable de faire ses achats dans un magasin bio spécialisé ?
🍴 Le bio est-il plus sain ?
🍏 Trouver l’équilibre !

Réponses 😏 ici :

Charlotte Debeugny Registered Nutritionist and Author
Thanks to nutritionist Charlotte Debeugny Registered Nutritionist and Author for her advice and reminder that this challenging time will pass :
Hi, you’d know.

Why does tea dry out my mouth please?
Hi Charlotte! Thank you for talking to us about mood food yesterday! I especially found what you said about carbs and sleep intersting! I can't wait to try out your recipes! Have a nice day!