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Galcantray Clydesdales Built up from just 1 horse to around 30+! We have a mixture of Home bred and bought in from UK, American and Canada. Check out our page for photos and upd

We like to promote the Clydesdale breed for all it can do, we love working with Clydesdale's and learning about their vast versatility. We show in hand, we drive in the Ladies Cart Classes, as well as Pairs, Unicorn and aiming on larger teams! If you would like anymore information on what we do or would just like a chat or to arrange a visit, we would love to hear from you!

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Newest addition here at Galcantray!Stevie was born sometime during the night into early hours of yesterday morning!Isn't...

Newest addition here at Galcantray!

Stevie was born sometime during the night into early hours of yesterday morning!

Isn't she just the cutest 😍💕

Clyde says "my best friend is back" 😍

Clyde says "my best friend is back" 😍

Clyde says "my best friend is back" 😍

Monday blues got us feeling like...

Monday blues got us feeling like...

Monday blues got us feeling like...

Spring is definitely the best time of year! Sun is shining, bright clear blue skies and lush green grass finally coming ...

Spring is definitely the best time of year! Sun is shining, bright clear blue skies and lush green grass finally coming through 👌🏻 oh and foals of course!! *with a special appearance from Finnigan* 😉


I’m sure some of our members could help with this adventure? Please contact Coldcroft Shires directly we are just sharing the information we are not involved in any way

From Coldcroft Shires
I live down in Gloucestershire where I work my Shire horses on my farm.
This summer I am driving two of my Shires with a double carriage behind from my farm up to Garmouth, where the river Spey reaches the North Sea. The whole rig is about 30 feet long.

The reason for this is that I lost my brother whilst on duty as a Police Officer serving with Grampian Police (as it was at the time) and I want to raise money for Police Care UK and The Fire Fighters Charity.
It's time to try to help them after all the help my brother and his family received during a dreadful episode. Journey's end is my brother's grave but this is not through sadness or morbidity.

The whole journey is 600 miles, give or take due to my awful sense of direction, and I am struggling to get good local knowledge for the Scottish part of the journey.

If anyone could offer advice or contacts that would help me get from crossing the border north of Newcastle-upon-Tyne up to Perth, I would be most grateful.
I'm looking for local knowledge about routes to avoid, places I can graze the horses overnight etc etc.

I can give full info about the intended route etc if this is something you would like to know more about.

Gloucestershire Constabulary, including the Chief Constable, will be there at journey's start as well as Fire & Rescue personnel. We are hoping for similar at journey's end and the BBC are very interested in covering the journey both by local radio and local TV area. We do have media stops planned along route.

I'm not asking for charitable donations from you but I wouldn't say no to that either. The fundraising goes live early May and the journey is planned to start early June, subject to final horse doctor go ahead.

I have family in Lanarkshire, Aberdeenshire and near Edinburgh but, I suspect, they would only know one end of a horse from the other depending upon whether they were kicked or bitten 😄

Thank you to all who read this post.
Coldcroft Shires


How's that for multi purpose...

🐴 Clydesdale mare and foal

🐐 2x pygmy goats

🦃 6x turkeys

Everyone outside enjoying a fresh spring afternoon!

Spring has finally sprung here at Galcantray! 🐴🌼This lovely filly made an appearance on Easter Sunday marking not only t...

Spring has finally sprung here at Galcantray! 🐴🌼

This lovely filly made an appearance on Easter Sunday marking not only the beginning of foaling 2021 but a new era here at Galcantray...

She is the first foal from our new stallion Willow Way Quest, we are very excited about what the rest of the season will bring!


Happy Easter everyone! Here's something to make you all smile on this fine spring morning 😁

Finally some good news for show season 🤞🏻

Finally some good news for show season 🤞🏻

UPDATE 🔈 We can today announce our plans to hold the Great Yorkshire Show over 4 days for the first time in our history.

If the Covid-19 roadmap remains unchanged, the Show will take place on Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th July 2021, 8am-5pm each day.

Tickets, which will only be available in advance, will go on sale 1st June. Full details will be available on the Great Yorkshire Show website in due course.



We often see riders slapping their horse on the neck enthusiastically at the end of a showjumping round or dressage test. Patting is considered by many to be a way of telling the horse that they have performed well – but is this the reward we think it is, or could it cause them discomfort?

Horses are extremely sensitive to touch and many riders use different pressures ranging from a light pat to a slap. To find out more about how horses feel about this, a team of equine scientists at Nottingham Trent University set out to investigate the effects of patting and wither scratching horses when ridden or being handled.

For the first part of the study, footage of 16 competitors in the dressage Grand Prix at the 2012 London Olympics was analysed to see how and when the riders patted their horses, and how they reacted.

Fifteen riders patted their horses, with 12 continuing to do so for over a minute. A significant percentage of these pats resulted in the horse reacting. Most commonly, the horses accelerated – sometimes they changed gait from walk to trot. This could indicate that the horses found the patting unpleasant, or that they took the opportunity to accelerate because the rider dropped the rein contact and/or leant forward.

In a second part to the study, a group of five well-handled riding school ponies and five relatively un-touched rescue horses were patted or scratched four times, for 30 seconds at a time. The study was filmed and the horses’ behavioural responses were noted.

Patting resulted in little behavioural reaction. However, wither scratching seemed to be much more effective as a reward to the horse. Some lowered their heads, moved their upper lips and tried to mutually groom the handler – all responses similar to those seen in positive horse-to-horse interaction.

The researchers concluded that riders and handlers should be encouraged to scratch rather than pat their horse as a reward.

Previous research has shown that scratching the withers consistently lowers the horse's heart rate and can therefore be a useful aid to calm them in anxious situations. Wither scratching may also improve the horse/human relationship as mutual grooming does between horses.

Research team: Emily Hancock, Sarah Redgate and Carol Hall of Nottingham Trent University. 2014.

Image by lhourahane 2012 Olympics - Team Dressage Final, CC by 2.0.

Big Davie

Only been driven 3 times as a single.... loving this boy 😍

Star in the making... 🌟

Driving as a single for only the 2nd time... this boy is going great. Mind you he's got big shoes to fill. My hero will always be my Storm 😍
We have high hopes for this boy 🤞🏻💙



We are in urgent need of a foster mare for a 3-day old shire foal.

Preferably local to Cheshire.

Please only contact us if you have or know of a suitable mare as we need to keep our phone lines and email clear.

01829 760506

Please share with anyone that may be able to help.

Thank you.

Little and Large ❤

Little and Large ❤

Little and Large ❤

Photos from Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society's post

Photos from Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society's post

Photos from Anne MacPherson Photography's post

Photos from Anne MacPherson Photography's post

We start them young here at Galcantray Clydesdales!!!

We start them young here at Galcantray Clydesdales!!!

We start them young here at Galcantray Clydesdales!!!

The white stuff is back! 🌨❄

The white stuff is back! 🌨❄

The white stuff is back! 🌨❄

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our herd to yours! Not quite the year any of us had planned however, we hope t...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our herd to yours!

Not quite the year any of us had planned however, we hope to make up for some of that in 2021!

Hope you all enjoy a very happy and healthy festive season from all at Galcantray Clydesdales 🎄

Some good news for Thursday!
Royal Highland Show 2021 will go ahead

Some good news for Thursday!

It has been the question on many people’s lips in recent months but this week Royal Highland Show organisers announced the event will go ahead in 2021.

⭐ Winter Sale ⭐Galcantray Clydesdales are having a sale on the US Nibble Nets!For a limited time we will be selling thes...

⭐ Winter Sale ⭐

Galcantray Clydesdales are having a sale on the US Nibble Nets!

For a limited time we will be selling these VAT free which is an awesome 20% off!

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that horsey person who has everything then look no further! 🎁

PM for further details

Pegasus Jewellery Ltd

Pegasus Jewellery Ltd

Brilliant! 🎄

Equine Veterinary & Dental Services Pty. Ltd. (EVDS)

Equine Veterinary & Dental Services Pty. Ltd. (EVDS)

For the second time in a fortnight this week, our gastroscopy service at EVDS has proved that not every horse with symptoms of gastric ulcers should simply be treated without evidence through scoping.

This horse an 8 yo stock horse gelding , had a dull rough coat, 9 ribs showing , would seem hungry but then stand for 5 hours without eating grass.
He also didn’t want to eat his carrots and was girthy.

The option to just treat him properly for gastric ulcers was considered and would cost upwards of $600 for 4-8 weeks of treatment.

But the better option of scoping him was chosen and revealed that he did not have ANY ulcers - in the pylorus or non glandular stomach - but he had a gastric impaction !

Gastric impaction is diagnosed as a hard ball of feed that should have passed after a suitable period of fasting. This horse had the standard pre-scoping protocol of fasting for 18 hrs and no water for 6 hrs. His stomach should have been close to empty!

Gastric impactions can last weeks to months and cause symptoms similar to stomach ulcers.

Causative factors include gulping/rushing of feed, feeds that swell, teeth problems, and stalky hay/straw being fed.

This horse had 3 of those factors, plus was only been fed once daily in a paddock with little grass.

Treatment of these involves administering large volumes of diet coke and water , over several hours to days, and rescoping until the hard ball has dissolved and passed.

This horse received 4.75 ltrs of diet coke over 3 tubings and 4 hours and that did the trick.

He was scoped again yesterday to check his pylorus and non glandular stomach and all was good. No impaction.

The reason diet coke works is that is has a pH of 2.6 from the phosphoric and carbonic acid, so the acid, along with the bubbles, help to pe*****te and break up the cellulose fibre impaction.

Regular coke has far too much sugar and could cause the horse to get laminitis.

There were NO ill effects from the diet coke or the scoping and fasting procedure.

Even within a week, this horse’s coat, body condition and energy levels have improved a lot. 👍
He has continued to gain weight and be very healthy in the 3 wks following the treatment.

If you have found this post interesting and would like to see more like it, PLEASE LIKE our page. 🙏


Galcantray Farm
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Dust, Soft Soap, Clyde Oil, Clyde Oil and Sulphur, and coming soon NIBBLE NETS


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I've been watching BBC's Clydesdale - Saving the Great Horse. Not sure if you liked this documentary but as one who loves seeing your Clydesdales but knows very little about this beautiful breed; I found it most informative and made me realise the importance of your horses. Take care all. :) x
I had a lovely journey along the local lanes yesterday; and all thanks to you! Firstly I viewed the four donkeys - always a favourite animal of mine - in the field on the bend ascending the hillside from the Farmhouse; then near to the farm, one of your vehicles was slowly guiding some 9 Clydesdales’ through the gate, from one field to another, their large size almost completely obliterating the small vehicle! So ‘Thanks’ to one and all; I’m just glad to be there at the right time to see these sights. Lizzie - Admin Sparrow's Rest at Our Stone Farmhouse in the Highlands.
COUNTDOWN - 1 Week Today! We’d like to say a big thank you to the following people & businesses who are helping us to provide an event for the benefit of the townsfolk as well as our residents: Galcantray Clydesdales Neil Jeronim Nairn museum Highland Museum of Childhood Giftpearls Ashers Graham’s Dairy Funny Faces Scotland Little Theatre Once in a While Those who have volunteered to help with setting up & assisting at the event If you’d like to add your name to this list and give us your support then please contact Sarah, Activities Coordinator on 07427 604472 or at [email protected]
Thought you might like this blast from the past. I think it is from Angus Show 2012
Galcantray Standsure aka Boris having a hoolie today 😍
Around 1952 I was acquainted with a Clydesdale stallion which was in seaonal residence at the Myles Farm , Tranent. The travelling groom was Harry Henderson. The owner of the stallion was a Mr Hugh McGregor from Balinton in Stirlingshire. In the publicity leaflet there was, of course, a photo of the horse but what was so memorable about it was the caption which read "I hae a brute o' gallant mettle As ever drew upon a petal". Such an apt description. Its name was CAWDORDENE.
Fantastic opportunity for someone looking for a new project! great addition to any team 😁
Dalmally show.xx
Managed to capture these beauties at Dalmally Show.xx
Managed to capture these beauties at Dalmally Show on Saturday.xx
Galcantray Clydesdales with some of the all lady judging team and lady president Marjorie Walker take a minute to have their picture taken Dalmallly Show Ring picture kevin mcglynn
Galcantray Aberdeen Angus are back at it with the winning ways!! 2 shows in a trot😁🏆