Wanstead Park Road Allotments

Wanstead Park Road Allotments Redbridge's first experimental water free allotment specialising in the growth of brambles, thistle, nettles & bindw**d!

Operating as usual





The council & the police are currently investigating the damage to the barrier that occurred earlier this week. The allotments remain unaffected.
I had a meeting with Simon Litt from Redbridge this week about the 3rd year of no water supply. He assured that he is actively pursuing a mains water supply and has agreed that if this has not been installed by May 2021 the next invoices will be discounted ( unfortunately as some of this years have been paid already I was unable to secure one for now).
I also learned that the 5 supervisors have discounted plots. Why do I continue to maintain communication on this site and why / what is being done & communicated by this team? How about using this platform to build a community ?

Please don’t use slug pellets! They kill 🦔 💔

Please don’t use slug pellets! They kill 🦔 💔

Not sure why this wasn’t posted here but from Wanstead FB page it turns out the allotments were broken into last night a...

Not sure why this wasn’t posted here but from Wanstead FB page it turns out the allotments were broken into last night and tools etc taken. Hope “ committee” have reported to police

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Dennis gave the site a bit of a pummelling. My boys and I gathered up some flotsam and jetsam and piled by first water trough. Sorry to say who ever owns shed closest to gates will need to refelt ☹️

The Dodo

This video just brightens your day 🥰

Guy catches adorable groundhog eating his veggie garden — and lets him have whatever he wants 💚


Reported fly tipping/ dumped cars yesterday


Hi Violeta/ Russell. Can you please let Redbridge team know that car barrier needs rehanging as needs to be lifted to open & close which might be too much for some. The padlock on it needs attention/ replacing too as took a lot of wiggling and a hefty swipe to open today. Thanks


Anyone found a pair of orange handled wilkinson sword shears on site? Left them cutting back w**ds at water tank


Delighted to announce that Violeta on behalf of our allotment committee has agreed to take on admin role of this page. Many thanks to her for agreeing to this and a very happy & productive 2020 to you all. Cheers Oliver


Hope everyone had a fruitful summer of growing (despite another year of water shortage: well at least for those of us without big water tanks)?

I recently queried the substantial increase in annual rent and the lack of notice ; below is a copy of the response from Vision Redbridge.

A local firm had offered me / us more free wood chips apparently according to this email it is not needed. Who ever is liaising over current deliveries, can you some get deposited at the bore tank end so at least the main drive can get covered before it gets overgrown? ( I no longer have time to keep strimming common areas & the bridle path).

I / we had also been offered a limitless supply of wooden pallets. Mr Litt is unenthusiastic about this as he believes they will be used to create unsightly structures.

Please make contact with Vision if you like me think they are useful. Same goes with water supply and the general upkeep of the entire area from Roysten Gardens to the end of the bridle path.

Is there a forum that I am not aware of that the committee communicates to?

How are the bees? Do we all get a pot of the delicious honey again this year?

I speak only for myself btw & this page has been set up so everyone can go somewhere to communicate with each other so feel free to post!

Dear Oliver

Thank you for your call last week and I can confirm the following,
Increases are only notified at the time the Invoice is sent out to keep costs down and were late out this year as we were awaiting confirmation from the Council as to the costs for this year. This increase has been taken as a saving, so no one is making any money.
Plot holders at Wanstead Park road are paying less than the other sites due to the on-going issue with the Bore hole water supply which is not supplying the quantities required but still requires serving twice a year at a cost. At the present moment in time we are looking into the cost of providing a mains feed supply to help supplement the Bore hole supply.
You mentioned about woodchip which if asked for can be supplied like the FYM if the Tree section are working in the area and one of the site supervisors lets me know as with the skip.

Kind Regards,


Simon Litt Dip Hort (Kew)
Valentines Park & Allotments Manager,
Vision – Redbridge, Culture & Leisure,
210 Wash Lodge,
Valentines Park,
Email : [email protected]


A local has contacted me offering soil from her garden. I did say we had quite a lot already.
Anyway let me know if you want some more!


Did you know the more you keep vegetation short on the paths to and around your plots the more likely they will become grassy and more manageable ( not only is it considerate but part of your contract!)


Water appears to be running low again. Russell who voluntarily keeps an eye on these things informs that a fault on the pump was reported months ago whilst the tanks were full but an engineer response has only just started. Fingers crossed it will be fixed but still a worry for those of us who remember previous years water droughts just when we needed it.
Apparently we have a new Allotment Officer called Simon (a replacement for Mariella?) If anyone knows more please post!


In case you are not on the mailing list here is latest email from Russ & team who continue to do an amazing job maintaining the site:

Dear Wanstead park Allotment plot holders,

There has been some activity down the allotment, some ground preparation and tidying up. Would love to see more of you down there!

We are having a delivery of Horse Manure on the 12th of April, so grab that when you can (there will be 15 tonnes).
Plans have been made for a pond and we have 250 trees to plant (given to us by woodland trust) and we have wide flower seeds to make the place more attractive for the bees. On that note we have bee hives arriving next month, in the woods, but it will help with pollination.

A second well has been agreed, but plans are still to be submitted, at the top near the container. This was part funded by Aviva and should help along with the second 10,000L storage tank that was added earlier this year.

We plan to do a sead swop soon, possibly this weekend. Please bring and exchange with neighbours and hopefully we will have a table next to the toilet.

We would like helpers for work parties to help with mantancne, after you have worked on your own plots and paths. Please let me know if you can help out and we should set a date.

There is now a ride on Mower, but needs some maintenance (I broke the steering!) so she will help alot with paths and big spaces. Please dont leave thing on the paths for her to find (glass and rubbish).

We hope to hold more fund raising activities throughout the year to help keep our site running smoothly.

Slugs are being very visible this year and there are way to combat them other than the pellets.
Beer traps work well at the moment, coffee is a deterrent (ask your local coffee shop for their waste coffee!), egg shells and wool are both surfaces they do not like as copper is a great deterrent.

Well that is about it from me

Anything else please email or see me one site

Kind regards
One of the site supervisors
[email protected]


Thanks Russell for saving a pane from my greenhouse! Hope everyone else survived gales ok


Thanks to all involved in keeping pathways clear, site tidy and planting of saplings at entrance!

I continued the so far solo mission to establish and maintain paths on the site today. Because of the clay base to the s...
Wanstead Park Road Allotments

I continued the so far solo mission to establish and maintain paths on the site today. Because of the clay base to the soil access to plots in winter is horrible.
May I ask if nothing else you help with a pathway on just one side of your plot please?

In case you missed it latest from Mariela:

Good morning

Just to let you know that I will visit again Wanstead Park Allotments at the end of November to carry out the autumn/winter inspection.

Particular attention will be paid to:

On my last inspection I have noticed some of the pathways are kept in very poor condition. Blocked, obstructed and overgrown pathways present a serious health and safety hazard.

Our tenancy agreement states:

6.4 The Tenant shall not obstruct or encroach upon any path or roadway set out by the Borough for the use of occupiers of allotment gardens.

7. Pathways

7.1 Paths between plots shall be maintained at the minimum width of 18” (500mm). The tenants at each side of the path shall be jointly responsible for maintaining this minimum width.

7.2 The Tenant shall keep adjacent footpaths clean and free from w**ds. All w**ds shall be destroyed and nothing shall be done or omitted by the Tenant so as to damage adjacent allotment gardens.

7.3 The Tenant shall remove any manure or refuse placed by him or her or on his or her behalf on the paths or roads bordering any allotment garden within seven days of deposit.

2) Plot number:

4.9 The Tenant shall, at all times, display the number by which the allotment garden is addressed in a visible position on the allotment garden.

3) Waste and rubbish:
- Please note the council does not remove waste from allotments.

- It is up to the tenant to remove any unwanted waste.

- Items such as double-glazing, pallets, timber, doors, tires and building or landscaping materials are of particular concern if left neglected and unused.

- Any household furniture, as well as materials that may break down and pollute the soil, or pose a health and safety hazard can lead to a neglected plot notice being issued.


-Particular attention will be paid to seeding w**d plants within beds and large areas of w**ds within the plot. I will also look at uncontrolled areas of perennial w**ds such as brambles, nettles and unmanaged grass.

On Saturday 9th of September at 12:00 pm we celebrated our first AGM.

And the attendees elected 5 members for Wanstead Park Committee:

Russell Peters: plot 18
Hazel Podmore : plot 26
Abdul Qayyum: plot 50
Abdul Qureshi: plot 51
Violeta Latviene: plot 53

The running committee would like to create an email group.


Oliver Williamson plot 33 has created a page -Wanstead Park Road Allotments –It is a closed group for members


Kind regards
Mariela Diaz
Allotments Officer
Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure
210 The Lodge
Valentines Park
Cranbrook Road
[email protected]
Office:0208 7083091

Welcome to our message board. Feel free to chat, trade etc

404 - Not found

From Mariela:
Dear plot holders

Just a quick email to let you know that we have received reports of an unauthorised encampment in the Royston Gardens Area.

A member of our park team has gone to check the area and I will visit the allotments tomorrow morning.

Please make sure to keep the gates locked at all times.

Redbridge Council has installed a CCTV camera next to the main gate. It will certainly help to identify any trespassers.

If you witness any illegal activity, please report it to : Metropolitan Police Cranbrook Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) – who will address any criminal activity in the area.

https://www.met.police.uk/yourarea/redbridge/cranbrook/ 020 8721 2558

Kind regards

Mariela Diaz


I had a pleasant meeting last week with Ian & Mariela who are at least more aware of some of our concerns, and willing to improve communication. They also mentioned that for special deliveries etc they are happy for plot holders to sign a day release for keys to the vehicle gate if needed (this will require going to the Valentines Park office). I have copied below latest email from Mariela for those of you who might not be seeing them (it is helpful if not good manners if you could acknowledge these as it encourages Vision to continue talking with us).

More wood chippings arrived this week. I took a couple of hours to start putting some down on the communal paths near my plot. I also removed all the w**ds that were growing on these and also through the gravel at the main entrance. For any of you who have yet to experience a winter down here the ground becomes very waterlogged and is full of clay, and without cover very difficult to walk through.

An allotment site is a communal effort. The council will not come and w**d it for you or clear your paths (there are some beautifully tended plots who continue to leave their pathways overgrown like its someone elses job). Please can you dedicate a small part of your visit doing something for the benefit of others. If nothing else its good Karma!

Marielas email:

Dear plot holders

Hope you are all well.

With reference to the illegal raves, the subject has been brought up at the weekly tasking meeting, CCTV footage shows vehicles parked at the entrance, on the days of the raves.

The footage is good enough to pick out individual number plates.

A dedicated member of the relevant Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT, Metropolitan Police) and a Redbridge Enforcement Officer, will be systematically viewing the footage with the purpose of prosecutions.
They will also contact the owners of the vehicles regarding the rave.

Redbridge Enforcement Team and Redbridge Community Police Team, formerly the Parks Police, will patrol the area.

If you witness any illegal activity, please report it to : Metropolitan Police Cranbrook Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) – who will address any criminal activity in the area. https://www.met.police.uk/your-area/redbridge/cranbrook/ 020 8721 2558


The Dip Tank at Wanstead was installed on Friday 7th of July. We are considering to add a second dip tank to the system.

We have solved the problem of the hand pump . Robinsons have now refurbished the pump and replaced the handle so that it is now in perfect working order. Our contractor will refit the pump above the dip tank by Friday (14.07.2017).


You are all invited to Wanstead Park Allotments AGM on Saturday 9th of September from 12:00 pm to 13:30.

We could use this opportunity to elect Wanstead Site Supervisor. Please find attached the Volunteer Site Supervisor agreement which explains the supervisor’s duties.

And what about an annual allotment BBQ? From 13:30 to 15:30?

Please bring something to share - for instance, I will make a Spanish potato omelette (Tortilla) . I will get some chorizo burgers. If you plan to BBQ something extra to this, you may need to bring your own BBQ. Vegetarian /Vegan option?

Please also bring drinks, cutlery, plates, chairs if you will require them.

Kind regards

Mariela Diaz
Allotments Officer
Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure
210 The Lodge
Valentines Park
Cranbrook Road
[email protected]
Office:0208 7083091
Mob: 07950563579

Redbridge, Cranbrook. Your Safer Neighbourhood Team is a group of officers


Roysten Gardens
IG 1 3


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Well Spring is here, believe it or not. There has been plenty of things happering inc. Planting trees and ground preperation. Still some plots will be playing catchup. Hope to see you all down there in the next few weeks!
Please could you support us, by voting for out solar water project on Aviva community fund site https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/17-5241 Thanks in advance
Please vote for our water project on Aviva's community funding site,
Guys we need more votes! Please participate! Thank you kindly 😊