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BB Farms Hello and welcome to BB Farms!! We are a unique, family farm in Bergen just minutes from the Åsane We hope to see you soon!!

We are two cousins who decided to take over our old family farm. Here are some of the exciting things you can expect to see happening at the farm this year!!

- A working farm with some small animals including rabbits, chickens, ducks and possibly pigs and sheep.

- A farm store and cafe where you can buy products from Hardanger, fresh fruits and enjoy Norwegian and American treats!

- A Hen Spo

nsorship program. Your family can sponsor a hen to help support healthy and happy egg production. Kids can learn about farming and even be a part of it!

- Gnomeville!! Gnomes (små nisse) live at our farm, working on the gardens and making treats for kids at night. Look around and see their houses or listen closely and you may be able to hear them snoring.

- Events and activities for kids!!


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Vær den første som vet og la oss sende deg en e-post når BB Farms legger inn nyheter og kampanjer. Din e-postadresse vil ikke bli brukt til noe annet formål, og du kan når som helst melde deg av.

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